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' rP Q "TiaviMiss Jessie Herren
hVIl 1 V -w6 w-iwj (Dies Suddenly At
rive To Kill Rats
Published In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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NO. 34 16 Pages
WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1944 (One Day Nearer Victory) $1.75 In Advance 1b Haywood and Jackson Countk.
U Coming Here To
. rm.wnrhntlt
Lrf Waynesviue.
s Hav rat killing
3lJL in Way-
riine Monday morning,
'r.. The
if1' 10 " -n,,- with the
"ft C Whitehead, a
irill be here to direct
lift W. . hnit.
t-.jii fish ana imi.iiic ..
bait. The street de-
y 0rce of eignt "
Lin placing me un.
letown. . .
rW0"" .T
L..m as well as tesmcuv
&ed during the cam
r l. Ttm in tt a vine all
and there will be no cost
Car campaign was staged
Ural years ago, and proved
bait that will be used is
Inufnl to pets or humans, it
lilted out.
Going To Durham
n l La.
re irowas ai
jtion Sale; To
More Land
of the largest crowds ever
A an auction; sale, was on
Monday at the John Allen
near Canton, when Penny
en sold everyxning mat won
i for sale.
ing the day 81 tracts, and
machinery and equipment
sold. Some estimated the
it 1.500 people.
L buying property included :
L Clark, Joe Browning, J.
Smathers, G. M. Parris,
Smathers, M. J. Trull, W. R.
rd, R. F. Swanger, Gudger
Guy Medford, R. L. Prerost,
Crum, Henry Francis, Her-
feogers, J. H. Myers, W. T.
Lb, Forrest Wright, Robert
It, W. C. Trantham, C. r.
and Earl Henson.
tther land sale is being ad
d this week, and will be
Monday, September 11. The
t Francis farm, and the Belle
Center. Details are sriven
It advertisement in this edi-
Iny Brothers also announce
r large sale would be held
in October here.
Announce Schedule
Of Home Clubs
For September
The Havwood Countv Home
Demonstration Clubs will have as
their subject of study for their
September meetings, "Save the
Food You Store," according to an
announcement this week by the
county home agent, Miss Mary
Margaret Smith, and her assistant,
Miss Jewel Graham.
The schedule of meetings will be
as follows: Jonathan Club will
meet at 7:00 o'clock with Mrs. W.
T. Rainer on Thursday, August 81 ;
Beaverdam Club at 2:00 o'clock on
Tuesday, September 5, with Mrs.
J. F. Whitted; Allen's Creek Club
with Mrs. Orville Farmer on Wed
nesday afternoon, 6th, at 2:00
The Dellwood Club will meet at
the school house on Thursday aft
ernoon, 7th, at 2:00 o'clock; Iron
Duff Club with Mrs. J. R. Cald
well, on Friday afternoon, Sept.
8th, at 2:00 o'clock; Morning Star
Club with Mrs. Noah Rhodarmer
at 10:30 o'clock on Monday, Sept.
11th; Maple Grove Club with Mrs.
C. R. Palmer at 2:00 o'clock on
Tuesday, Sept. 12. ,
The Francis Cove Club with Mrs.
W. K. Boone at 2:30 o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 13;
Cecil Club with Mrs. Lyman Achen
bach at 2:00 o'clock Wednesday
afternoon, 13th; Fines Creek Club
with Mrs. Curtis Rogers at 10:30
o'clock Thursday morning, 14th;
Hvder Mountain Club with Mrs.
M. M. Kirkpatrick, at 2:00 o'clock
on Friday afternoon, 15th.
Rate! iff Cove Club with Mrs.
Woody Jones at 2:00 o'clock on
Monday afternoon, 18th; Rock
Spring Club will meet on Tues
day, 19th, with place to be an
nounced later: Bethel Club will
meet at 2:00 o'clock on Wednesday
afternoon," 20th, with Mrs. Faul
Hyatt; Maggie Club with Mrs.
Jim Plott, on Thursday afternoon,
21st, at 2:00 o'clock.
The Junaluska Club will meet
at Long's Chapel Methodist church
on Friday afternoon, 22nd, at 2:00
o'clock; Clyde Club with Mrs. J.
T. Anider at 10:30 o'clock on Tues
day morning, 26th; the West Can
ton Club with Mrs. W. S. Mc
Elrath at 2:00 o'clock on Thursday
afternoon, Sept. 28th.
Home Yesterday
Miss Jessie Herren, 72, died sud
denly from a heart attack at her
home here on Wednesday morning.
Funeral arrangements are incom
plete, pending the arrival of a
brother, Duncan Herren, from
Washington, D. C.
Miss Herren, who was well
known in this section, was born
August 17, 1872, at Turnpike, Bun
combe county. She was the daugh
ter of the late James Pinkney and
Mary Jane Smathers Herren, and
has a wide family connection in
this area.
Miss Herren was a member of
the First Baptist church and had
been active in the work of the
church for many years. She for
merly taught in the Waynesville
Miss Herren is survived by one
sister. Mrs. T.urile Fov. with whom
she resided; one brother, Duncan
Herren, of Washington, V. C;
three nephews and four nieces.
Garrett Funeral Home is in
charge of the arrangements.
W x 1 1
J. N f !
1 0, C. James
s Been Awarded
e Purple Heart
0. C, .lamp, finn nf Mr.
N". W. L, James, of Wavnes-
i R.F.D. No. 1. whn wan -ornnrtri.
July 30. lift; ViPAn aura r-AaA
hrple Heart for pallant.rv in
j. according to information re
Iby his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James, of Waynesville R.F.D.
Y James is now confined to a
overseas, but is reported
1 recuperating satisfactorily,
"wed the service in 1940 and
ith the local unit of the
" Guard. He was first
7 1 at Fort Jackson, then
Fort R0;., tt.
liH ---"""us, via. r roiu
Pw he was trantW n
liner. Fla.. anH thpTi to
est, Tenn., and later to
!ry. before being sent
Teen-Age Group
Showing Interest
In Weekly Club
Much interest is being shown in
the Teen-age Club at the weekly
meetings at the armory every
Thursday night at eight o'clock.
E. W. Tenney, recreational dir
ector, announced that more young
people are participating in tne
various games that are available
at the armory and under the recrea
tional program.
Any young person interested in
attending can do so and there are
no charges.
estone Store
m Friday
K" Home
F". for business here Fri
P'fiinr. .1. r ni v.
1 umubd, owner,
ffofc. ' m 18 dxrs from
jj-'. on Main Street The
ail nm i
h in "mres, ana 18
t i cuau- com
T auto supplies, honse
i . Paints, tools, books,
Nf- associated witn
Hzm assistant
s- j new
15 Men Report For
Fifteen men left here Monday
morning at 8:45 by special bus for
pre - induction examinations at
Camp Croft Homer Cathey Jus
tice, Jr., was named leader of the
group and James Jackson Edwards
served as assistant leader.
There were five volunteers in the
e-roun as follows. Charles Edward
McMahan, Homer Cathey Justice,
Jr., Floyd Dean Fullbright, James
Jackson Edwards, and James Allen
Hartsell. There were two trans
fers, James Jackson Edwards,
from Yorktown, Va., and James
Kirkpatrick from Marshall.
Others were: Grover Franklin.
Donald Aster Rathbone, Floyd Ru-
fus ie, Joe Andrew ward, Al
fred Wayne Price, Noble Jonas
Wyatt, and Arthur Smith, Jr.
Masons To Hold
Oxford Orphanage
Night Friday
The local Masonic Lodge will
sponsor Oxford Orphanage night
on Friday evening, September 1,
in their assembly rooms in the
Masonic Temple. A musical pro
gram will be rendered by the high
school orchestra, directed by Chas.
Snpakers on the protrram will
include John B. Phelps, grand mas
ter of the Grand Council of Royal
and Select Masons, and past grand
commander of the Grand Com-
mandry of Florida. Dr. J. R. Mc
Cracken will speak on the Oxford
Ornhanaee. David Stine. of St.
Petersburg, a guest in town, will
give a vocal selection.
Joe Davis, master of the Way
nesville Lodge, will serve as mas
ter of ceremonies. The public is
invited to attend.
REV. H. G. HAMMETT resign
ed as pastor of the First Baptist
church here last Sunday, and will
assume pastorate of the Temple
Bactist church, Durham, the week
of September 17th.
H. G. Hammett To
Become Pastor
of Durham Church
Pastor of First Baptist
Resigns As Pastor Here;
Came Four Years Ago.
Kenneth Palmer
Reoorted Missing
In Action August 9
Sgt. Kenneth Palmer, son of
Mrs. Ada Palmer, and the late
James Palmer, of Waynesville, has
been reported missing in action
since August 9, according to in
formation received by his mother
who is now residing in New Jersey.
Sgt. Palmer, who was serving
. tt o a :
as a waist gunner in u. o. mi
Forces, volunteered in July, 194.
chnrtiv aftor heinir accepted for
service he was seriously injured
and sent to the Fort George Meaae
Hospital, where he was confined for
several months. He took his basic
t-oininn. tn t)lA Blr COrDS at St
w ..... a -
Petersburg and from there he was
sent to The Citadel, Charleston,
for special training. He was next
transferred to the University of
Illinois, where he took a course
in engineering.
Later he was sent to Jefferson
Barracks, Mo., and then to Las
Vegas, Nev., and then to Plant
Park, Tampa, Fla. in Avon rarn,
Fla., he was classified for service
with heavy bombardment group
and was serving on a Flying Fort
ress, before being seni uvfrww
he was stationed in Savannah.
Prior to entering the service he
was employed in Baltimore.
Sgt. Palmer has a brother in the
service, Fred Palmer, mator ma
chinist mate, who is serving in the
South Pacific.
All Business Firms To
Close On Labor Day
Rev. H. G. Hammett tendered
his resignation to the congrega
tion of the First Baptist church
here Sunday morning. He has
accepted the call to become pastor
of the Temple Baptist church in
Durham. He nlans to leave here
immediately after September 17th,
which will be his last Sunday in
the local pulpit
Mr. Hammett and family came
here from Great Falls, S. C, in
November, 1940. The church has
shown a gain in membership of al
most 200 during his four years
here, and the feddgut is' about three
times what it was when he came
The Temple Baptist church has
a resident membership ot about
1,200, and is one of the largest
Baptist churches in Piedmont Car
J. C. Patrick is chairman of the
pulpit committee. Other members
are: E. H. Balentine. W. Curtis
Russ, W. H. Burgin, Miss Mamie
Clayton, Mrs. Zack Massey, and
Marion T. Bridees. A supply com
mittee is composed of J. R. Mor
gan. T. L. Green, and W. C. Allen.
Pf c. F. A. Wyatt
Reoorted Wounded
In France July 26
Private First Class Fred Allen
Wvott son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
E." Wyatt, of the Allen's Creek sec
tion, was wounded in action in
France on July 2G, accordinBto a
message received by his )HTnts.
Pfc. Wyatt entered th trvice
Amimiut- I W IMfl H till w M r 111
ducted at Fort Bragg. FMjr", nleU,
Rib co- he was sent to
whprp hp whs stationeu-
two years. Later he was transier
red to the States fend was sent to
Fort George Meade, Md., and then
The last information received
stated that fiis condition was sat
isfactory, and that he was improving.
Draw Jury For
September Court
A civil term of Superior court
will convene here on September 18,
with Judge Zeb V. Nettles, of
Asheville, presiding.
The Haywood county board of
commissioners drew the jury for
the term at their regular meeting
which was held on Monday.
Drawn for the first week were:
L. H. Baldwin, Beaverdam; Van
Toy, Waynesville; W. R. Rhine
hart, Pigeon; L. M. Killian, Way
nesville; R. F. Rogers, Crabtree;
Fred H. Caldwell, Waynesville; C.
R. P. Cash, Beaverdam; Fred
Thompson, Waynesville; Quince V.
Poteat, Waynesville; J. N. Cabc,
Beaverdam; Fred H. Hannah,
R. H. Ferguson, Fines Creek;
Cathev. Pis-eon: John
Vance, Pigeon; John B. Campbell,
Ivy Hill; Albert Siler, Ivy Mill ;
J. H. James, Fines Creek; B. E.
Pless, East Fork; Elmer C. Cham
bers, Clyde; James B. Medford,
Clyde; Troy Leatherwood, Jona
than Creek; John Howell, Jona
than Creek; J. B. Bradshaw, Iron
Duff; and Allen Davis. White Oak.
Drawn for the second week were:
Boone Medford, Waynesville; C. C.
Henson, East Fork; L. B. Holte
claw, Beaverdam; Ben James,
Crabtree; T. S. Roton, Ivy Hill;
George H. Jones, Beaverdam;
Grady H. Messer, Crabtree; C. B.
Crawford, Iron Duff; Horace King,
Isey Masse, Cecil; Henry Cad
dy, Waynesville; George Justice,
Pigeon; W. L. Messer, wnite uan;
Ray I Pless, East Fork; Charlie
Messer, Fines Creek; Medford
Luatherwood. Jonathan Creek: Lee
Waynesville; Monroe
Entertainment Program
Annually Sponsored By
Chamber of Commerce
While there will be no formal
community-wide program this year
on Labor Day, as in former years,
practically all business firms ana
offices will be closed for the day,
it was learned yesterday in a sur
vey by The Mountaineer.
All places of business will be
Hosed, according to Francis Mas-
sie, head of the Merchants Division
of the Chamber of Commerce. The
annual C. of C. day of entertain
ment usually held on Labor Day
has been postponed to a later date.
The annual event in Canton haa
also been postponed, it was learned.
With the exception of the Day
ton Rubber Company, the manufac
ting plants, including the Una
jrusta, A. C. Lawrence Leather
Company, Royle and Pilkington,
Inc., and the Wellco Shoe Corpora
tion will be closed for the day.
Other business and offices to be
closed are the post office, the First
National Bank and all offices In
the courthouse with the exception
of the sheriff's department.
The Wellco Shoe Corporation 18
staging their annual picnic, which
will be held at tht armory, the
employees assembling at 3 o'clock.
The gvoup will have as special
guests 50 patients from Moore
General Hospital. Following the
serving of supper, entertainment
features including square dancing
will compose the program of the
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers, of
Hazelwood, announce the birth of
a son on August 28th.
, Vmty'W' Waynesvill. .
Baptist Church
At Hazelwood
Elects Teachers
hy, Sept 10th
T r?.union of the Rot-
d on Sunday, Sep
wcording to an n
hl week by those in
fi!!?.and ends are cor-
,kftloieh "nd brin
r iuth,
Miss Betsy Quinlan, Red
Cross Worker, Here On
Visit With Mother
Miss Betsy Lane Quinlan, Red
Cross Recreational worker, who has
had two years overseas service in
army hospitals, one in Iceland, and
another year in Australia, has ar
rived from Washington, where she
has been stationed since her return
to the states several months ago.
She will spend ten days with her
mother, Mrs. Chs. E. Quinlan.
Miss Quinlan has been assigned
a new post in Staunton, Va., at
the Woodrow Wilson General Hos
pital. Owners of Local Bakery
Attending Conference
Mr. and Mrs R. B. Pearce are at
tending the Carolina Baker s Con
ference at Blue Ridge. Mr. Pearce
is owner of Pearce's Bakery here.
The conference will be in session
twd days.
Mrs. Joe Gill left yesterday for
xt v,i, wh.r she will spend
ntw - .
.l n Sontember. after
which she will return to her farm
on Jonathan Creek for a stay of
several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Rogers, of
Hampton, Va., spent the past -week
in the county as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Coin and oiner ro
Haywood U. D. C Chapter
To Hold Initial Meeting
Friday At 3:30 O'clock
The Haywood Chapter of the
United Daughters of the Confed
eracy will hold their initial meet
ing of their organization year of
1944-1945 on Friday afternoon,
Sept. 1 at 3:30 o'clock at the home
of Mrs. Nrble Garrett. Mrs. W.
A. Hyatt will have charge of the
program and Mrs. Jimmy Boyd, Jr.,
president, will preside. All members
are urged to be present.
Haywood REA Has
Outstanding Record
Decoration Day Will Be
Observed On Sept. 2nd At
The Redmond Cemetery
Decoration Day will be observed
at the Redmond cemetery on Fines
Creek Saturday, September 2nd, at
two o'clock. All those who have
relatives and friends buried in the
cemetery are invited to attend the
State Recreational Man
Coming for Conference
Dr. Harold Meyers, state recrea
tional director of North Carolina,
will confer with the directors Of the
community council next Wednesday
Dr. Meyers has consulted with
the local groups on previous occa
sions on the work here.
Mrs. CcClain Rogers arrived sev
eral days ago and will spend
month with her mother, Mrs. F.
A. Burgin.
Carter Osborne Again
Heads Haywood Electric
Membership Corporation.
Gwynn B. Price, chairman of the
Rural Electrification Administra
tion for the State of North Caro
lina, 'was the speaker at the fifth
annual meeting of the Haywod
Electric Membership Corporation
held on Saturday afternoon in the
courthouse. He was introduced by
James C. Moore, manager of the
Haywood Corporation.
Mr. Price spoke on the increase
in farm production made possible
through electrification, and the
vast improvements in rural stand
ards of living. He also spoke of
the labor saving devices brought
about by rural electric service.
In his annual report presented
to the members, Mr. Moore point
ed out that the corporation had
completed five years of supplying
electricity to rural consumers in
Haywood and parts of Buncombe
counties. Since 1939 when the
lines were first energiaed, it has
brought electricity to 1,075 con
sumers. Farms serviced by the
cooperative have increased from
840 to 938 during the past year,
it was reported.
Mr. Moore stated that the cor
poration is meeting its obligations
on its construction loans after put
ting adequate funds in a reserve
for maintenance of its facilities.
REA had advanced the co-opera
tive $224,480 on its construction al
lotments as of Jane SO, 144.
Prinrinal and interest repaid by
tti virnoratinn on its construction
loans amounted to $19451, which
is 52 per cent more than the 26-
year amortization schedule de
Following the reports of the
manager and the secretary -treasurer
Chas. B. McCrarv. the an
nual election of the board of direc
tors was held, with the following
elected: T. W. Cathey, Pigeon;
Reported Missing
pM w , I
Iff -'""A
A II hi j mm i -win r
of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Holt, of the
Hyder Mountain section, who has
been reported missing in action
over France since August 8. He
was serving in the U. o. Air
Forces, and had been in the ser
vice since Julv. 1942. He had serv
ed in North Africa and later in
Carter Osborne, Clyde; W. A.
Peeples, Upper Hominy; A. W.
Ferguson, Crabtree.
Charles B. McCrary. Fines
Creek; Roy B. Medford, Iron Duff;
W. P. Harris, Beaverdam; Ira H.
Cogburn, East Fork; L. N. Da
vis, Cecil; C. M. Moody, Jonathan
Folio wine the election of the
board the officers for the coming
year were chosen from the group
of directors. Carter Osborne, pres
ident L. N. Davis, vice president,
and Chas. B. McCrary, secretary-
Frank Underwood has been re
elected superintendent of the Sun
day school of the Hazelwood Bap
tist church and Miss Eloise
Knight secretary.
Teachers named as follows to
serve during the coming year are:
Beginners: Mrs. Earl Robinson;
Primary Girls: Miss Edith Owen;
Primary Boys: Mrs. Louie Clark;
Junior Girls: Mrs. John Blalock;
Junior Boys: Mrs. Spurgeon Davis
and Sam Knight; Intermediate
Girls: Mrs. Pink Compton and
Mrs. Oscar Knight; Intermediate
Bovs: Louis Clark: Young Ladies:
Mrs. Sam Knight; Adult Ladies:
Mrs. Henry Hyatt, and Adult Men:
J. V. Blalock.
Attendance In
Surgical Dressings
Rooms Falling Ull
"The attendance at the Red Cross
surgical dressings rooms has fallen
off during the last two weeks,"
MrslBen Colkitt, chairman
of the" "committee.
"One afternoon during the weeK
we had only one worker present.
We are behind one month in our
production quota and if there was
ever a time when tne oanaages
and sponges were needed it is
right now," said Mrs. Colkitt.
"Even after peace comes the
very sponges we make here will
be needed, I regret to say. For
the wounded will haev to be cared
for, and it is urgent that our local
workers do their part if these
supplies are to be kept moving to
the war combat theatres where our
men are serving," continued Mrs.
Local Rotarians
To Observe
Florida Day
The local Rotary club is observ
ing "Florida Day" in appreciation
of the many Florida Rotarians,
who have been in Waynesville dur
ing the summer months. The pro
gram will be held at the regular
meeting at The Maples, at 1:00
o'clock tomorrow.
The committee in charge of the
program is composed of Harry
Turnburke, of Clearwater, Fla.,
Earl Williamson, of Jacksonville,
Fla., and Ken Guernsey, of Jack
sonville. All three of the men are
active in Florida Rotary work and
Mr. Guernsey is a past vice presi
dent of Rotary International.
Work Started On
New Buildings At
State Test Farm
Fred E. Miller, director of the
Test Farms division of the State
Department of Agriculture, report
ed that work has begun on new
buildings at the Mountain Ex
periment Station, at Waynesville.
At the Waynesville experiment
station, one of the large tenant
houses has been reconditioned"
throughout. Work on the dairy
plant will begin on September 15-
Dean W. Colvard, assistant di
rector, is in charge of the Moun
tain Test Farm.
Dr. Elmer T Clark
To Fill Pulpit At Long's
Dr. Elmer T. Clark will be guest
preacher at Long's Chapel, Lake
Junaluska, Sunday, September 3.
Dr. Clark is editor of World Out
look, missionary organ of the
Methodist church, with offices in
New York City. He is a world
traveler and author of many books.
The Clarks have a summer home
at Lake Junaluska. The hour for
services is at 11:00 a. m. and the
nuhlic ir cordially invited. His
topic will be "What Will Happen
In the Church After the War."
Mrs. Kermit Murray spent last
week in Phoebus, Va., where she
visited her husband's family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brown have
had as their guest for the past
week, their eousin Miss Mary Har-
Cpl. Leon Morrow
Wounded In France
Cpl. Leon Morrow. 32, son of
Mrs. Hester Cwirk, and the late
Hardy Morrow, of Hazelwood, was
slightly wounded in France on Au
eust 6. according to m messacre
received by his mother from the
War Department
Cpl. Morrow left here with the
National finard in Sentember. 1940.
and has been stationed at the fol
lowing camps in the order named:
Fort Jackson, Camp Forrest, Tenn.,
Camp Blanding, Fla., Camp Atter
bury, Ind., and from the latter
was sent to an embarkation port
and overseas. He has been out
ef the States since February of
this year.
His wife, the former Miss Nell
Nelson, of Blackstone, Va., is re
siding in Hazelwood with his
Hayes Alley Reopens
His Law Offices Here
J. Hayes Alley, son of Judge
and Mrs. Felix E. Alley, who haa
been in the army and essential
war work for more than two years,
has returned to Waynesville and
has reopened his law office over
Massie Hardware Store.

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