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Published In The County Scat Of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
No. 6 8 Pages
(One Day Nearer Victory)
$1.75 in Advance in Haywood and Jackson Counties
ivilian Air Patrol
D. Watkins Heads
yj Program; Several
" ...... nit
asses Will be new
,s a,e underway here to or
Civil Air Patrol. Of
f the district have named
Watkins to organize the or
,tion and start functioning.
.....i.: c!H vesterdav that
I Will'113 ' - ,
Lterials for organization are
kill anil mat u" ...
Ld in studying all pnases oi
,n i L'ht here at nume, wmi
11 " i. nnnlv for
itrshiP immediately.
e are no cnarges iui
, and all officers will be
jssioned by tne Army
This brancn oi cm"
is the only unit recognized
,. in thp extent of per-
lK the use of a uniform, and
es under military duijci-
i ...... nl'irinn( At all times.
ih men and women will be
,1in fact anyone aoove iu,
. (-hnrai'ter is eligible
take application for the
Watkins said that each
fe would require nuvui
time, and woula inciuae
f radio, weather reports,
(fundamentals of aviation,
t flights, physical litness ami
1 preHight training in ero-
flights will be made as
tannnats pan dh
IBS BUM"'1- ."-- ----
Id, Mr. Watkins pointed out.
i w.tL no hQQ rtppn in aviu-
work for the past twenty
i. ij:.
and owns a piane, aim um
leiable flying until the out-
of the war.
A. nf annnnrw-p where the
Its would be given, and had
tceived the names oi tne m
ois who would teach the
nhii-p on the Droerram and
led information can be had
Mr. Watkins at his place of
fcss on Main Street.
rning Permits
miired By Law
Ire Warden Announces
lies Governing Born-
g of Leaves, Trash
r Woodlands
ning permits are required
prsons burning leaves, brush,
ti trash on or near woodlands
under the protection of the
Carolina State Forest Ser
effective from February 1,
lling to R. E. Caldwell, Hay-
county fire warden.
Caldwell pointed out that
ts are required so as to let
orest Service know when the
are heine started. He also
H out that the proper time
liming trash was following a
or late afternoon or night
the air is damp.
mits mav be obtained from
following in the county:
m Alexander, Cataloochee
r; M. L. McRahn. Maccie:
Green. Mae-trie: Robert
11. Waynesville, H.F.D. No. 2 ;
Mcwroy, Waynesville, R.F.
2; C. N. Franklin and H. F.
M. Cove Creek
fiord Brown, Hemphill; Burn
erwooa, Mt. Sterling: H. U
pone, Fines Creek; Grant
p. Rush Fork; L. A. Tran-
waDtree; Lane Allen, Can
Claud Jones, Clyde: R. C.
n, Stamey Cove: Mark
fpson and J. W. Holcombe,
t-ast Fork: W. C. Poston.
T. C. DflvlB Irnn Fluff!
g Davis, Iron Duff; Clem Fitz
p. waynesville citv fire de-
Jn A. Plott, Plotfs Creek; J.
wrap Branch; A. E.
"ell, Barbtrs Orchard; Short
Kton, Panther Creek;. and the
Carolina Forest Service of-
" me thud floor of the court
Cfll.ltt-oll l.J
. runner puuneu
nat the iunit a
"t permittee of responsi
ior complying with all other
and Federal Forest Fire
SlCh aS trip mnniromonf tn-r
P'lg adioinino- JanHnwnsr
keeping a competent watrh
the fire.
Permit does not relieve the
ilui ' "possibility under
iv i Laws for any damage the
"ay cause to other parties or
"'"wwy. rhe permit does
,uLr?,e a"y Pen to burn,
".Mun me period specified
rebruarv 1 t T,. i i
"ctober 1 to November 30,
.u "Kn wina mowing
ine woods are dangerously
!tfle n?rd.e? ' "tated that
dnti. "f "Ul more tnan
ao"ars. or imu .
n than 30 day,.
"fan Legion
Auxiliary To
Friday Night ,
t fn, Ea ffices on Main
affair. S ltS of
liary, Brown- President of the
Draft Board
123 Men Here
Largest Number of Men
To Be Passed On In One
Week In Sometime
One hundred and twenty-three
men were reclassified during the
past week by the local draft board.
Fifteen of the group were placed
in class 1-A as follows:
Joe Silas Davis, Lemuel Wilson
Leopard, Joe Kay, John Pressley,
Jr., Troy Lee Wilson, Frank Ben
jamin James, Lloyd Alnie Blan
ton, Leet Garnet Coley, Hillard
McLnin Sheehan, Koy Edwards,
Cleve Wilson Caldwell, Earl Heno
Franklin, Spencer Walker, Orville
Fish and Howard Lee Sutton.
Placed in class 2-A were: James
Calvin Sutton, Franklin Thomas
Rogers, Thomas Robert Killian,
and Charles Edgar Underwood.
( 'nut ih iio.l in cln '-A wprP!
Harry Lee Liner, Jr., and Ed
ward Ford Sharp.
Continued in class 2-A (F)
were: Ralph Charles Sisk, Law
son Van Haney, Jerry E. Gaddy,
Thomas Howard Kicker, Wilburn
Ray Belt, Paul Lomax Bryson,
Roy Hightower, Frank Phillips,
Hard y Price, Robert Emmett
Bradley, Robert Floyd Rish,
James Rufus Gibbs, Samuel Avery
Potts, James Logan Frady, and
Burke C. Stillwell.
Placed in class 2-B was Guy
Herbert Gunter.
Continued in class 2-B were:
Hubert John Hoglen, William Er
vin Lowe, William Ray Wright,
Davis Moore, Frank Brown, John
Avery Messer, Amos Hardy My
ers, Zimery Hoglen, George Hal
liburton Arthur, Joe Turner
Gaddy, Jack Felmet, Edward Earl
Messer, Hamilton Meehan Akers,
Oscar Teaster, Herman Lee Kel
lett. PVio.-lip "' Holl WnnrlrAw Wilson
.Rowland. William Claymer Carv-
er, Oliver William Kathbone, isen
neth Phillip Lowe, Virgil 01lve
Sizemore, Willard Lenoir Moody,
Woodrow Wilson Beasley, Carl
Vernon Hill, William Dacue Pitts,
Virgil Cecil Lue, Harry Kerr
Bradley, Gay Wilson Manus,
Joseph Frank Martin, James Allen
Gaddis, Albeit Moore Robinson,
Charles Jackson McDaniel, and
Rufus Mont Wright.
Continued in class 2-B (F)
were: Ed Nichols, Lloyd Ceci'.
Green, Thomas Edward Lenoir,
Rufus Allen Reeves, James Jack
son Clark, and Lloyd Mull and j
Billy James Howell.
Placed in class 1-C were: Rob
ert Lee Bradley, Norman Edgar
Messer, Roy Chester Ruff, Claude
Rhinehart Crawford, Charles
Workman Balentine, Robert Lee
Brown, Robert Richard Cope,
George William Swanger, William
Rau Coleman Dean Swang
er, Jacob Albert Rich, Jack Led-
ford, James Junior Arrington.
Ralph Robert Mathis, Thomas
Andrew Sutton, Joseph Charles
Cunningham, Theodore Vance
Davis, William Lee Howell, Nor
man Ben Price, William Troy
Smith Lvnuel Robert Phillips,
Clyde Thomas Roberts, Thomas
Eugene Moody, Ernest Paul War
ren, Kenneth Earl Turner, Joseph
Thomas Wilson, and Walter Lee
Placed in class 1-C (discharg
ed) was Dewey Smith.
Placed in class 2-U were: oieve
Allison and Davis Boone Rogers.
pIuppH in rlass 2-C (F) were:
James Troy Carver, Carmen Way
Arrington, Gaither nacnoone, anu
Edgar Ernest Seot.
Continued in class 2-C (F)
were: Doyl Calvin Kathbone,
Floyd Thadas Caldwell and Wiley
Richard Woodard.
Pinooi in flnss 4-F were: Rufus
Earl Cochran. Clifford Brown and
Arthur Lane Chapman.
Lt. P. A. Smith
Listed Wounded
In Germany
T.f Pq..1 A Smith, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Dick Smith, of Hazel
wood, who was recently promoted
to his present rank from TSgt,
has been reported wounded in
action on January 12 in Germany,
according to a message to his
mother from the War Department.
Lt. Smith is reported to be hi
a hospital in Belgium. He was
inducted in the service August
17, 1942, t. Camp Croft, and
from there was sent to Camp Jack
son, Fort McClellan, Ala., Camp
Butner, and Camp Pickett, Va.,
prior to being sent overseas.
lie was first stati&ned in Eng
land, then France, Belgium and
later Germany. Before entering
the service he was employed by
the Unagnsta Manufacturing Cor
poration. t
Mr. and' Mrs. Hardy.Liner have
retnrned rrom Clearwater. .Fla-,
.wpeWtjwy spent, two weeks with
their, son and daughter-in-law, Pf c.
and Mrs. James ,B. Liner. . Pfc.
Liner is stationed at Drew Field.
County Bar Assocition
Honors A Former As
sociate With Tributes
The February term of Super'or
court, in session here this week
i suspended for an hour's period
Tuesday afternoon at which time
the Haywood County Bar Asso
ciation conducted memorial ser
vices in honor of Lt. (jg) James
Shook Quppn. IIS.N'R, a former
member of the county bar.
T. L. Green, president of the
Association, presided. A number
of tributes were paid Lt. Queen
by the members, including talks
by Judge Felix E. Alley, Grover
C. Davis and M. G. Stamey. Rev.
M. R. Williamson, pastor of the
Waynesville Presbyterian church
offered a prayer.
W. Roy Francis served as chair
man of the resolutions committee
with W. T. Crawford and A. T.
Ward as members.
The following resolutions were
adopted by the Bar Association
and at .the request of Mr. Green
were also endorsed by the hun
dreds attending the services:
WHEREAS, the Bar of this
Court has with profound sorrow
learned that James Shook Queen,
late an honored member of the
Haywood County Bar Association,
on the 15 day of September, 194.'?,
an officer in the United States
Navy assigned to foreign service,
departed this life by reason of
enemy fire while landing United
States soldiers on the beeches of
Salerno, Italv, and
WHEREAS, the members of
this Bar feel deeply and keenly
the loss sustained by the Bar, the
community and the State, and wish
to give formal expression of our
respect to his memory, and of our
appreciation of his life and ser
RESOLVED by the Haywood
County Bar, In special memorial
Ression assembled during the Feb
ruary Term, 1945, of the Superior
Court of Haywood County, His
Honor Judge Felix. E. Alley pre
siding, that the many virtues which
adorned the character of James
Shook Queen fctf and during hi
practice at this Bar for live years,
shone conspicuously in his devo
tion to the highest ideals of his
profession, his high conception of
its code of ethics, his broad know
ledge f the principles of law, and
particularly his unfailing loyalty
to his clients and his friends, his
devotion to his conutry in times
of war and peace, have endeared
his memory to us, and made for
him a lasting place in our respect
of him and an able and learned
young lawyer, a courteous and ac
complished gentleman, and a sin
cere and loval friend.
that his death is a great loss to his
profession in which our Bar has
been deprived of his learning and
ability, and his country has lost a
HisiincriiishpH. able and patriotic
young officer, who offered his life
that others might enjoy life, lib
erty and freedom.
that in testimony of our grief for
the public and private bereave
ment of his untimely death, these
resolutions be presented to the
Court now in session, with the re
quest that they be made a perma
nent record of the Court; that a
copy be transmitted to his family
under the seal of said Court, and
a copy delivered to the press for
Lt. Queen, who was posthum
ously awarded the Purple Heart,
entered the service in July, 1942
as a volunteer with the rank of
vvinr, At thp time he was re
ported missing in action, Sept. 15,1
1943, and later declared Kineu m
action on that date, he was in
command of an LCT.
In August, 1943 he was com
mended for "outstanding bravery
beyond the call of duty in action
on the North coast of Sicily."
Lt. Queen, held a degree in law
and an B. A. from the University
of North Carolina. At the time
he entered the service he was as
sociated with his father, John M.
Queen. He was active in the
Young Democrats, a member of
the Waynesville Lions Club and
the local unit of the State Guard.
He is survived by his wife, the
former Miss Marion McCleneghan,
of Raleigh, his parents, one broth
er, John M. Queen, Jr., and one
sister. Miss Katheryn viueen.
Berlin Home Guards On Parad
... my
According to the caption ticcoiripanyinjr I h is Corman
picture, Derlin Home Guards are shown parading dur
ing the ceremonies of oath taking. The man in the fore
ground is carrying what is described a;' the latest Ger
man anti-tank weapon the Tank Horror.-
Annual Event Sponsored
By Home Economics De
partment With DAR
Dress Contest Included
The annual Fashion Show stag
ed by the home economics depart
ment of the Waynesville Township
high school will be shown in the
school auditorium on Thursday,
the 15th, accrding to an announce
ment this week by Mrs. Herbert
Buchanan, Jr., head of the de
partment. Seventy-five entrants have been
made to date. Fifty of the girls
are the regular students in the
home economics classes. They will
show a variety of garments rang
ing from house coats, pajamas, to
dresses, and beach clothes. The
garments will be fashioned of
both woolen and cotton materials.
The dresses will be shown with
backgrounds appropriate to thei'
style. The settings are being
worked out in detail, including
a country club scene, a high school
girl's room, and other back
grounds. One feature will he the annual
dress contest, in which all entries
are cotton dresses, sponsored by
the Home Makers Committee of
the Dorcas Bell Love Chapter,
Daughter;! of the American Revo
lution, with Mrs. W. A. Hyatt
serving as chairman. Prizes will
lie given for the best entries.
The public is invited to attend
tlie show.
Rev. J. C.Madison
To Take Special
Work In Chicago
Services Have Been Ar-
ranged At the Church
During His Leave of
Rev. J. Clay Madison, pastor
of the First Methodist church, left
here on Tuesday for Chicago,
where he will spend the next throe"!
weeks. He will take some special
work at the University of Chi
cago, where he formerly tool; his
theological I'o.irsps.
Mr. Madison, who wns given n
leave of absence from his church,
arranged for the services during
his stay out of town.
On Sunday, Feb. 1 1, Rev. W.
B. West, superintendent of the
Waynesville district, will (ill the
pulpit at the 1 1 o'clock morning
hour and in the evening a special
program on Race Relations, in
keeping with the nation-wide pro
gram of the church will he pre
On Feb. 18, Dr. V. S. Love,
superintendent of the Assembly
at Lake Junaluska, will preach at
the morning service and Rev.
Miles McLean, pastor of Long's
Chapel, will have charge of the
evening service at 7 :.'!().
On Feb. 25, Rev. Robert Tuttle,
pastor of the Sylva Methodist
church, will preach at the 1 1
o'clock morning service and Rev.
M.' R. Williamson, pastor of the
Waynesville Presbyterian church,
will conduct the evening service.
The Black Panther, a heavy field
artillery piece, weighs :i4 tons
when in firing position.
Wellco Club
To Sponsor
Dance On 14th
Affair Being Staged As
r : A Benefit For Cancer ,
The highlight of the Valentine
season in the community will be
the dance which the Wellco Em
ployees' Club will sponsor at' the
Waynesville armory on Wednes
day evening the 14th, with hours
from K :.'!() to I2::S).
I lie affair is being given as a
benefit for the funds for the
American Society for the Control
of Cancer, and everyone whether
they pla.i to attend the dance or
not are urged to buy a ticket to
support the cause.
In l'J.'i7 Congress passed a bill
setting aside one month of the
year in which the Field Army of
Cancer Control conducts an in
tensive drive to make the public
aware of the curability of cancer
when diagnosed in its early stages.
Funds raised through the State
organization will be used to assist
in establishing and maintaining
section clinics under the approval
of local organized medical groups.
Mrs. Myra Ilarrell is chairman
of the dance and serving with her
will be Miss Edna Ferguson, Miss
Velma McClure, Miss Georgia Mull
and Miss Velma Ann Jones. Music
for the event will be furnished by
the Buccaneers of Ashevilie and
the affair will be formal.
A canvas will be made of the
community during the week-end
to sell tickets. Tickets are also
being placed on sale in Canton,
Sylva and a number of guests from
(Continued on page four)
Baptist Ministers
Hold Revival
Sixth Annual Preachers
Revival To Be Conduct
ed Next Week In County
The Haywood Baptist ministers
will hold their sixth Preachers Re
vival next week, starting on Mdn
day, February 12, and lasting
through Friday, 17th. The re
vival will be held in a different
church each day. In this way
the people from all sections of the
county will have mi opportunity
to attend at least one of the
A weli balanced program has
been planned for each day, which
will be of interest to all church
members as well as those who
are in the ministry, it was point
ed out by those in charge.
l here will he two sessions
daily, the fust at 3:00 p. m. and
ending at li:00 p. m. Supper will
be served between six and seven
each evening by the church where
the meeting is being held. The
night session will begin at 7:00
and close at !:00.
The theme of the meetings wiil
be on "The Needed Revival In
Our Churches." The meeting on
j Monday will be held at the Rock
Springs church, with the following
on the program: Rev. I.. G. El
liott, Rev. C. H. Greene, Doyle
Miller, Rev. T. K. Krwin, Rev
H. K. Bentiold, Rev. Robert Gad
dis, and Rev. Gay Chambers.
The Tuesday meeting will be
held at the Ratcliff Cove church
with the following taking part:
Rev. Nando Stevens, Rev, Jaryis
Underwood, Rev. Kverett Murray,
Rev. Doyle Miller, Rev. Joe Wil
liams, Rev, Avery Peek,. Rev., T. E.
Erwin and Rev. L. Rogers. '
On Wednesday the meeting will
take place at the Pleasant Balsam
church with the following on the
program; Rev. Richard A. Kellcy,
Rev. T. H. Parris. Rev. H. Hall.
soil cpnseryatiion..,, practices by I Ke W. U on";,.
rjiuruirry io,Mio,'is oeing maa
C. Francis,' chairman, Kay
February Superior
Court In Session
1,500 Farmers
Have Not Filed
AAA Reports
Final Appeal Is Made
So That Farm Operators
May Not Lose Payments.
A final appeal to encourage all
eligible farm operators in Hay
wood county to file their 1944
r a cpnseryation..,, practices by
pJh-aferTTS346Vis being made;
wood county AA committee, said
here yesterday.
"There arc approximately 1,500
farmers in the county who have
not yet riled these reports and
unless they are received by the
above date no payments will be
made," he said.
He pointed out that practcie
reports will determine whether
the farmers are eligible to re
ceive payments and if they are,
applications for payments may be
signed at the time practice re
ports are filed.
As a final warning, the AAA
leader said, "It is sincerely hoped
that these 1,500 farmers will call
by the Haywood county AAA of
fice between now and February
15, and file their practice reports.
We are proud of the conservation
records made by the farmers in
this county and we want them
to receive the payments that they
have earned."
"Don't let failure to turn in
your practice reports by the dead
line keep you from getting your
payment. Call by the office to
day," he urged.
County Plans To Buy
Iron Lung To Be Placed
In County Hospital
local work,
served as
Cpl. Ralph L Lowe
Returns From Pacific
Cpl. Ralph L. Lowe, U. S. Ma
rines, son of Mrs. J. H. Lowe, of
Portsmouth, Va., ha returned to
the States from Central America
where he was an aviation me
chanic with a Fourth Marine Air
Wing squadrsn. He was station
ed on Guam and in New Hebrides
and Hawaii. , ,
Cpl. Lowe attended the Clyde
high school, where he was cap
tain of the basketball team. Prior
to enlisting in October, 1942, he
was employed by the Newport
News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock
Company. He was promoted to
his present rank in March, 1944.
He has" brother, ' SgV Clarence
Lowe, "who is serving "wtth the
Marines in the Pacific, j '
Haywood county was assigned
. .sa
a quota ot $3,H!J0 in the mtantile
paralysis campaign, with the
amount to be divided between the
Waynesville and Canton areas of
the county. The results of the
drive Tuesday night showed a
total of 6,03.75, according to
W. R. Francis, who served as coun
ty chairman. The Rotary Club
sponsored the drive in the Way
nesville section of the county.
Waynesville was in the lead
with a total of $4,034.06, and
Canton had to their credit $2,
369.69. The county board of
commissioners donated $250 and
the County Hospital Board a
similar amount.
The county committee plans to
purchased an iron lung, to be
placed in the Haywood County
Hospital to b; used in the county
and in cases of emergency to be
loaned to other sections, it was
learned from. Mr. Francis, who
stated the cost would be between
$1,400 and...$l,500. This is, to
be taken out of. the contributions
after which one half of the re
maining will . be sent - to . the na-
I kept in the county for
I C. J. McCracken
(chairman in the Canton area with
Mrs. W. R. Palmer as co-chairman.
C. N. Allen- was chairman in
Waynesville area with Mrs. Chas.
E. Ray as co-chairman.
Mr. Francis praised all those
working in the campaign and
stated that he would like to es
pecially commend Mrs. Ray and
the teachers and the young wo
men of the county who worked
so hard to raise the funds.
Funds collected in the Waynes
ville area were as follows: Rock
Hill school, $28.53; Dellwood
school, $17.05; East W7aynesville,
$171.50; Crabtree school, $186.27;
Saunook school. $32.00; Dayton
Rubber and Dance Fund. $256.65;
Maggie school, $32.05; Cataloo
chee school, $6.00; Pigeon Street
school (colored), $6.30; Rotary
dime board, $1,042.99.
Singing convention, $63.08;
Allen's Creek, $67.00; Mt. Ster
ling school, $30.00; Colored people
$15.00; Hazelwood school $140.67
Waynesville high school. $350;
Lake Junaluska school, $39.71;
St, John's school, $130.00; Grace
Lumber Mills, $125.00; Unagusta
Manufacturing company, $150.00;
Wellco Shoe Corporation, $160.00;
Rotary club, Girl Scouts and young
women, $628.26; A. C. Lawrence
tional headquarters and the other. Leather Company, $170,
Haywood Baptists
To Hold Crusade
Day On 14th
The Baptists of Haywood coun
ty have designated February 14th
as "Centennial Evangelistic Cru
sade Day." All the Baptist
churches in the Haywood Associa
tion are urged to send a large
delegation. This meeting is a
part of the far-reaching South
wide program of Southern Bap
tists in an effort to win and en
list a million souls to Christ , dur
ing 1945.
This meeting will be held at
the Pleasant Balsam Baptist
church on February 14th, at 1:00
p. m. All pastors and leaders of
the various organizations of the
local churches are urged to attend.
An interesting, inspiring, and
instructive program has been ar
ranged by the special committee.
Rev. R. A. Kelley, pastor of the
First Baptist church of Canton,
will be the main speaker. Rev.
L. G. Elliott, pastor of the First
Baptist church of Waynesville,
will lead a general discussion on
the Centennial Crusade of South
ern Baptists.
Rev,' -Paul Shwopa Bvrm-
ett Murray, Itind Rev. Whitlock.
On Thuxstlay the group will
meet at the Bethel church with
the following in charge: Rev. T
H. Parris. Rev. Avery Peek, Rev,
Kelley, Miss Madge Lewis, mis
sionary worker, Rev. Clarence 1
Taylor, Rev. F. M. Barnes, Rev.
L. G. Elliott, and Rev. O. F. Uur-
On Friday the meeting will
take place at North Canton church
with the following on tne pro
gram : Rev. Manual Wyatt, Rev
Hobert Rogers, Rev. Pink Mc
Cracken. Rev. H. Rogers, Rev.
Dave Wiggins, Uev. Clarence T.
Taylor, Rev. H. C. Greene, and
Rev. Richard A. Kelley.
Sarah E. Ferguson
Finishes Course
Sarah E. Ferguson, daughter
of Mrs. Fannie J. Ferguson, Soco
Gap road, was graduated recently
from the Naval Training School
(Yeoman-W) on the Iowa State
Teachers College campus, Cedar
Falls, Iowa.
She was selected for her spe
ciality training on the basis of
her recruit training aptitude tests
and past civilian experience. The
completed course of study includ
ed, shorthand, typing, naval cor
respondence, records ana jorms,
and current events, .
Death Claims
Mrs. Maxwell;
Funeral Today
Funeral services will be conduct
ed at the First Baptist Church at
."1:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon
for Mrs. Fannie Bridges Maxwell,
85, widow of the late Mark Max
well, of Waynesville, who died
Tuesday afternoon at the home of
her daughter. Mrs. Will Miller-
sham in Durham.
The body will be brought here
for burial and will be taken to the
church about an hour before the
service, so that friends may visit
the church.
Rev. L. G. Elliott, pastor, and
Rev. H. W. Baucom, former pas
tor of the church will officiate.
Burial will be in Green Hill ceme
tery. Pallbearers will be: J. C. Brown,
J. R. Morgan, R. T. Messer, Theo
dore McCracken. Hurst Burgin,
R. N. Barbev, Jr.
Mrs. Maxwell, a native of An
derson county, S. C, was the
daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs.
T. Y. Bridges, ghe had been a
member of the First Baptist
Church for sixty years and had
been an active worker until a few
years ago. .
Surviving are two daughters,
Mrs. Will Millersham and Mrs.
filmer Green, of Durham; five
sons, E. A. Maxwell, Atlanta, Tom
Maxwell, Legrand, Ore, and Ben
and Paul Maxwell, both of Los
Angeles, Calif.; two sisters, Mrs.
Boling Rurres, of Hazelwood, and
Mrs. John Underwood, of Waynes
ville: two brothers, J. T. Bridges,
of Waynesville, and Jerome Bridg?
es, of Jackson Springs.
Garrett Funeral Home is in
charge of arrangements.
12 Beer anf Wine Shops
Ordered To Discontinue
Sale Aft' Part pf County
Wide Campaign
Twelve place selling beer and
wine against - which true bills of
indictment were found by the
grand jury on the grounds of op
eration of public nuisances were
ordered to discontinue the sale of
these intoxicants by order of the
February Superior court, criminal
term which convened, here on Mon
day morning with Judge F. K.
Alley. presidjngv .
These cases' wfre recorded
through i Wednesday noon, tend , a
number ot other places of busi
ness operating as wine and beer
shops ,wer 'scheduled fov trial
later in the week.
"I intend to see that every
place in Haywood county selling
beer and wine which is considered
a public nuisance stop the sale
of these intoxicants," said John
M. Queen, solicitor, who, pointed
out that this was a follow -up of
the campaign started last No
vember when beer and wine li
censes were taken from : seven
dealers in the county.
Places forbidden to sell wines
and beer with licenses re
voked were: "Myrtle's Place",
operated by Millard DeBord and
Myrtle Hemphill, Canton, Belle
Meade, Hazelwood, operated by H.
B. Mflner and Bob Henry, "Har
din's Place", operated by Bill and
Hardy Gable, Hazelwood, shop in
colored town," Waynesville, oper
ated by Henry and Charlie Foster
and Allen Melton, "The Spider",
operated by Robert and Henry
Cullens in colored town, Waynes
ville, "Euricka Tap Room", oper
ated . by 'Cromer' Rathbone, Can
ton, "Tap Room" operated by
Joe Gald, Canton, "North Main
Smoke ' Shop," Canton, operated
by Leopard DeWeesee, Jewelry
store 'and". beer barlbrj operated
by Dewey Leenby, Canton, "Town
Tavern'yCanton, operated by Don
Parris, "Ber Bar", 'operated by
Carl Clark, CntM 'Salty Dog'',
Jckifi plrto to Canton ,
KUyWiyon, M tanton, was
lMiPl0ifM& prtta 2gr naJuisfc . .;
nhdi following nneSrTr'1- I
HUNTINGTON. Indiana. The
war ballot of Pfc. John R. Barnes
went through everything and took
five months to do it. At first it
was marked "missing" and ordered
returned to the sender, but some
one sent it to the prisoner of war
division and through it, the ballot
round its owner.' Even the Nazis
couldix't keep an.1 American' from,
voting: even though his ballet ar-'
rived too late to be counted.
Lawrence ' Winchester, Claude
Keece,'Way Meases, P. C, Clark,
Carl Kdwgr'tfs,';, Lester Smathers,
R. W. Green, Haywood Chapman,
Ray Byers, Taylor Hardin, Bennie
Patton, Glen Fincher, Guy Full
bright, Frank Wells, Gay Brad-
shaw, and Medford Leatherwood.
Other judgments handed down.
were as follows:
The - heaviest -sentence given
during the two and one half days
of court was to Mack Grooms,
charged with assault on a female
with intent to commit rape, who
was given the maximum of fif
teen years inthe county jail and
assigned to hard labor.
rive divorces were granted on
Monday and one on Tuesday.
Arnold Reeves Bridges, charged
with driving while drunk, was
fined $50 and the costs, with li
censes revoked.
Clifford E. Hallaway, charged
with driving drunk, was fined $50
and the costs, with licenses revoked.
Carroll M. Powell, charged with
driving drunk, was fined $50 and
the costs, with licenses revoked.
Lester Vinson, charged with
reckless driving was lined $l.r
and the costs of the court. .
Howard Jasper Jones, charged
with driving drunk, was fined $50
and the costs with licenses revoked.
Oma Brown, charged with car
rying" concealed weapons, was
fined ?50 and the costs.
Ray Wines, charged with two
counts. : one. for driving drunk
and a second for driving after
licenses had , been revoked, was
fined $60 and the costs, and a
suspended sentence of !0 days.
and licenses revoked.
Dewey Whittaker, charged with
driving drunk, ordered to pay $50
hne and cost ol tne court witn
suspended sentence.
William E. Walker, charged
with, driving drunk was ordered
to pay (50-Hne and .-costs "of the
court ad a sum of $400, to be
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PvfrLL! Hill
Slightly Wounded
In Germany
Pvt. Leo E. Hill, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter B. Hill, of Way-
nesville, has been reported slightly
injured in action in Germany on
January 11, according to informa
tion received by his wife trom
the. War Department.
Pvt. Hill entered the service
in June, . 1944, and was inducted
at Fort Bragg. From Bragg he
was transferred to Camp Blend
ing. Fla., for his training, where
he was, joined by his wife, the
former Miss Mildred Gaddy, of
Hazelwood. and two children. His
family remained with him until
he was sent to Fort George Meade,
Md., and then overseas. v ' " .
" At the time he entered th set
vice he was an assistant foreman
at ,-the 1 Unagusta' Mnufacturi?
Company. :--H-.,''l,''-l-'
1 '
"'J .-
I': ;
;. i

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