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    nninr-ir TTTT T" .
Published In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
WAYNESVILLE,' N. C, THURSDAY. AUGUST 2, 1913 (One Day Nearer Victory)
$2.00 in Advance in Haywood and Jackson Counties
niiiiii i mil ""JW
lith Re-Elected For
l,lh As Assistant
nr Ai:nit I1 or
i.ui' rt'unty firm
n if appointed for
the county board
Mr Clapp has
i i n in agent for
ii. .
past three and
He came here
Miinty, where he
iiiuii in Febru-
ilic vacancy caus-
I., 1.11!
ihr ir.i;:iMiHn ot wav ne
nj- Uil IM I till' VI - v -
L in ilic armed forces.
M,in Margaret Smith.
ii,,iiir iicmonstration agent,
itiiinicil to serve another
llhs SiiiiUi will have com-
(mi h as county home
I;,,. in si i.( September.
Inul i.raliain lias resign-
ii..i a-- assistant county inn agent to ac
iMiimi u illi I he TVA with
ruins in lliincninbe couniy.
!cn Smith, of Forest. City,
turned tn fill the vacancy
mini Iter duties this week.
kt of assistant home dem-
uenl is appointed by
lie intrusion service and
"1 In the county board of
C.ildwcll, county lire war-
rcapiHiiiiied for another
ilic hoard. Mr. Caldwell
M' Hie co. inly in this
fur Ilic past year
Jeptod For Red
s Service
11 1 '"ii c Leather" ood,
"I Mr and Mrs. Troy
i'f .lonathau Creek.
i M.i
liter of Mr. and
K"vd, reported to the
I cross hoadtiuarters
"th'ii on Monday of this
" If' she u i enter an
i"ll pencil ,,,jor 0 as.
b"r duties as a staff aid
R'-d Cross
UiM..r, ls a gi-aduaip
Jimmr Collcgr ,P
"y f North Carolina. She
r rnr-rnHv rnmnlptpri toad.
rilk m sotitilngv at the
,m"r-i At (he lime she
'PM t"i service with thp
'"sv shp
"as a case worker
If Ma'unnH rniintv uselfro
enl I'pon completion of
; rmnd in Washington
! -H-.-'?ned to a naval or
Ft!al in the Southeastern
jWaynesville Men
' BronC Arrow-
fvnr-.,-,!p mei, ,,,th ,hp
1 'Ulllv 1....
- .'o-r just oeen
Z hr"'" arrowhead to
h"'r Kuropean theatre
'on, rihhnns grrow
oH.erno and Riviera
"hen ii. , ..
Inh.k "laae tne u
Fhoi"Us assault.
zr;,s n C.
Mrs V, n W- Duckett.
Nh .Vre tnelt. route
Wrs "'r'"""s of the
Company Is
ew Location
Mr AH,., ,
h the'J S. an"OUIlcing
Plan f hU tin
"S-rv,, ",e Park-
f.,r ,. H use ' elec-
r- iK-on lapp,n- and the
,n operation for a
tt In .... 4
fai nl""n 25
iOl B
uard Clapp And Miss
krwood Farm Projects
.onos Also ne-Elccted Agent
lll'lf'll -
HOWARD CLAPI was recently
re-elected by the county commis
sioners as county agent for an
other year. Mr. Clapp has been
here 3' a years.
Thirty Men Report
For Pre-Induction
Thirty men left here on Tues
day morning for Fort Jackson,
making up the prc-induction group
under the selective service system
going from this area for physical
examinations during the month ot
Hugh Turner Francis was named
leader of the group and Hurke C
Still well served as assistant lead
er. In the group were two trans
fers as follows: Hoy Vaughn Buch
anan, from lliawassee. tin . and
Jack .lames Ferguson from New
port News. Va.
Others included: Fred Mance
McDonald, Floyd Kdward Hat h
bone, Kdward Kussell Messer, Cole
man Edwards. Ferguson Marshall
Duckett, James Duncan Hrad
shaw, William Theodore Deweese,
Vivian Ward, James Dennie Dee
Crawford, Charles Franklin Dor
rick. Hubert Fliijt Smith. Willie
Claude Allison, Hugh A. Hill
Lloyd Furnian Holen. Arthui
Sinilb. Jr., Wilhiirn Virgle Massie,
John Wesley Murphy, William
Orion Davis. Jr., Charles Coolidge
Haney, James Gettis Kathboue,
Glenn Hardy Davis, Judge Edgar
Hall, Charles Rav Conard, James
AKin Sutton. James Ellis McMa
han, and Carroll Lee Smathers.
Mrs. Osborne
Is Superintendent
i Mission Hospital
Mrs. Evelyn A. Osborne assum
ed her duties as superintendent of
the Mission Hospital. Asheville.
yesterday. Mrs Osborne was for
mer superintendent of the Hay
wood County Hospital, which posi
tion she held for two years, re
signing on June 1st of this year.
Mrs. Osborne, a graduate of the
nursing school of Johns Hopkins,
was a member of the nursing staff
of the Orange General Hospital of
Orlanda at the time she accepted
the post here in Waynesville.
Mrs. Osborne's family will re
main here and she plans to spend
the week-ends in Waynesville.
Kerr Scott Sees Great
Future For Turkish
Tobacco In This Area
"I see great possibilities in this
area for the development of a
profitable crop in Turkish tobac
co," Kerr Scott, state commissioner
of agriculture, said here last
Thursday night, as the agricultural
committee of the Chamber of
Commerce was host at the Park
way Knoll to Mr. Scott and the
State Agriculture Board.
"Turkish tobacco is especialTy
suited for small farms and on land
such as is found in this area. It
requires lots of hand work, and
must be planted clos together in
order to keep the leaves and stalks
small," he said.
Mr. Scott also pointed out the
distinct advantages of this area in
First traders
Must Have 3
For School
New S f;te Law Is
KfTcrtive Ptpinnini;
With This School
'IVi m.
The I'M,' Croerl As.poililv
made it e.iiiipolsoi v for all chil
dren entering school this fall for
the fust linio hp immiiniod
against whooin(' cough and
smallpox, .iccnrdinn to Dr C. N
Sisk, (tiiiuty hciillh otVicer
For some e,ns il has been op with the counties as to
whether or nut smallpox vacci
nation was compulsory, but the
last legislature made the law state
wide and applicable to all counties.
Heretofore il h,)r not been com
pulsory in H.n wood county, though
the majority of students have been
This brings the total of compul
sory ininiuni7al ions for school en
trance to include three communic
able diseases, namely: diphtheria,
which has hern compulsory for
many years; whooping cough and
Ccrtilicales of inimunizat ion or
of immunity arc now required by
law fur all children entering the
first grade of school fur I he three
diseases named
The new law requires that all
children in North Carolina be im;
munixed against whooping cough
before I hey reach one year of
age. The parents, guardians or
person in loco parentis of any
such child not previously immuniz
ed, shall he taken to a licensed
phvsician and have administered
a sufficient dosage ol a phophy
lactic whooping cough agent, it
was pointed .nit by Dr Sisk
M 11 Howies, county siiperin
tendeol of ethical ion. is urging that
all parents with children not yel
immuni.ed against these diseases,
who are mailing their Initial en
trance in school either go to their
physician or visit the county health
department and have Mip children
Thi' willul nm (if any pail
of the law is considered a mis
demeanor punishable by a fine of
not more than fifty dollars or im
prisonment lor not niuie than 'M)
days, it was pointed out hy the
health otl'uer and the county su
perintendent Hyatt Family To
Hold Annual Reunion On
Shoal Creek, Whittier
I The annua! Hyatt reunion will
be held ' Sunday, August the Mb,
j at the home of Kev. John L. Hyatt
I on Shoal Creek, near Whittier. ac-
, cording to an announcement this
! week All relatives and friends
! of the family, which is a large
i connection in this section of (hp
! state, are invited to attend and
bring a basket lunch An interest
ing program has been arranged
Col. Wm, I. Lee Goes
To Veterans Hospital
j For Treatment
! Cnl. William I Lee. of Gatlin
hurg. chief engineer with the Great
! Smoky Mountains Park Service, is
I a patient at the Veterans Hospital
I in Chicago. He was accompanied
i In Mrs Lee. the former Miss Mil
j di ed Crawford, of Waynesville.
combining agriculture and indus
try. "In such a community as this,
where the employes of manufac
turing plants can have small farms,
or at least extra large gardens, it
takes a long time for a depression
to set in."
Richard Barber, chairman of
the committee, told the group how
Korth Carolina had come from
TTtlf place in the nation, to 3rd
in the value of farm products in
the past ten years. He praised
the board and Mr. Scott and as
sociates for their work throughout
the state, and told how much their
services had meant to farmers.
Mr. Scott was warm in his
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Claimed By Death
J f
' '
ritien of Wa nsville, died tlii:.
week at" Dolham 'Cut courtesy
St. John's SchooL.
Dr. J. F. Baxter,
Former Resident,
Buried Yesterday
Fuller. il service, were condiKlod
yesterday in Dolhan. Ala. for Dr.
Joseph Find llaxter. X!, tornicr
Waynesville veterinary surgeon
who tlieil at his home in Dolhan on
Monday night, act online, to inloi
mat ion received here by his wile's
aunt Mrs T L Uramlell
Dr Baxter came here in Febru
ary, UI44 from Kinsttin. where be
hail practiced lur Iwu and a half
years, prior to which he had been
connected with the Stale Depart
ment of A gl iclill in e at Jackson
ville. Dr. Baxler was a graduale ol
Auburn School ol Velei inary Medi
cine, ol Alabama He was active
in civic and religious ullairs here,
iieiny a member of the Wayiicsi'dlw
Hotnry Club, and the I 'i csliylerian
Church, and served as athletic
coach at SI John's He was also
a high tanking Mason
III Master gave up hr. piatlice
here mi account ul ill health Prior
lu hi. ii'tiiriiiim lu Ins Ik in ii' in
Dolhan a few weeks ago he had
been a patient in Duke Hospital
for lour months
Surviving are his widow, Mrs.
Sarah Mullin llaxter. and two dau
ghters. Jean and Fli?abeth llaxter:
his mother, two sisters and several
hi ol hers
Frank Davis Is
Developing Dairy
Farm In Iron Duff
Frank Davis 1m:, Mar ti d d"vel
npment of h modern dairv farm
on a :'S0-aere tract in lion Duff.
Mr Davis has acquired the J
S Davis latin, which was his
father's, and is going foiwanl with
plans to develop it into a leading
dairy farm He now has a herd
of 2Ti cows, and plans ta'1 for
eoitsiderJihle niuie
Ml Davis is foi i or i oninti
coinmissioiiei , anil faimci ! this
county, and for the past four
years has held a position with the
North Carolina Ship Building Com
pany at Wilmington H and fam
ilv moved hack here several
months ago
F, B, I, Arrest Haywood Man For
Deserting From Army 18 Years Ago
Clem Cabe, of the Oellnoori
Road, who had lived the Hfr of
a freeman for 18 years, was
placed iindT federal arrest on
a charge of being a deserter
from the I'. S. Army late Tues
day afternoon.
Cahe, who will be 3fi years
old Saturday, 4th. is reported
in have told the officers who
arrested him that he had not
minded serving the sentence,
that the unbearable thing had
been the dishonorable dis
charge from the army. lie
told them that his wife had
been told nothing: about his
Cabe was in the regular
army, and since his escape
from confinement at Fort Ben
ning, Ga., May 2, 1927, he had
married and had become the
father of three children.
The arrest was announced by
Edward Scheldt, special agent
in Charlotte of the federal bu
reau of investigation. Two
FBI agents, along with Deputy
Sheriff Wade McDaniel, of the
Sheriffs department, found
Cabe on a painting job bere.
He made no effort to resist ar
rest, according to the officers.
fL!n.. til:..!... I III
Says World Charter Better
Than League
Over 3 Inches
Of Rain Falls
Here In 3 Days
Some of the heaviest rjin.
in veais fell here during the
fn st ot the w eek, flooding many
basements, and causing some
roofs to Ipjik thai never leaked
bet ot e
The official weather oh.erver
at the Stale Test Farm lime
reported a fall ol 1 .Vi inches
Sunday night with ;Ui ot ,m
inch liefore the downpour that
night, making almost two in
(lies fur Sunday alone
A hard rain fell Monday after
noon during an electrical
storm, anil on Tuesday after
noon 1 02 inches fell during a
cloudburst a n d electrical
storm Storm sewers and
drams proved inadequate to
take care of the sudden flow
nf water as it swept here and
t here
Lightning Starts
Six Blazes At
Tapestry Mill
Holt Jumps Fuse Plugs
During Storm, and
Huns Into Royle-I'ilk-ington
Six fires were slartcd fn the
plant rif lln.v le-l'ilkiiigtoii Company
in Haelwtiod about five o'clock
Mondav. when lightning struck
power lines in the vicinity anil
ran into the plant
Two outside transformers were
set. on (ire and started in
six ditleri'til places throughout the
plant, as the bolt lumped all fuse
plugs and safety devices.
Ben F. Colkilt. general manager
of the plant, praised the employes
who went to work with extinguish
ers and put out the "Our
employes had the (ires under con
trol in a very lew minutes. They
went about the task like veteran
firemen," Mr Colkilt said
No estimate has been made ol
tl'e extent of property damage.
Cp). H, C. Meccc
Wounded In Action
On Philippines
Corporal Hubert ('
son of Mr and Mrs G
of Canton, was wound
Meere. ? .
H Meece.
ed on May
28. while serving in
pines, according to a i e
ly received from the
his parents
Cpl Meece is
the Philip
port recent
hospital by
lied to the
I' S Marines and has
seas sinrp last Septe
had previously served
in the Marines
been over
niher He
two years
He was placrd In the Hay
wood rounty jail Tuesday night
and on Wednesday morning
was moved to the Buncombe
rounty jail in Asheville, where
he was put in the rustody of
Major Leo S. Jobe, provost
marshal for Western North
Major Jobe is waiting orders
from the fourth service com
mand as to further steps In the
Cabe C ase, and the officers
here had received no further
information as to the final
He will fare eourtmartial at
either Asheville or Fort Ben
ning, it was learned, and the
opinion expressed by the offi
cers was that at least two
charges will be made against
the Haywood man, breaking
confinement and desertion.
Cabe had been sentenced to
a year of hard labor and had
been ordered dishonorably dis
charged from the army at the
time he escaped from Fort
Bennlng. He had been court
martialed after giving himself
up in March, 1927, following an
earlier escape from army service.
01 Nations
! Dr. Y. C. Yang Was
Member of Chinese
Delegation To San
Francisco Conference.
, LAKE JUNALl'SKA. Declared
by many who heard it to be the
most i.eholarly. careful and accu
rate analysis of the I'nlted Nations'
Charter yet made public, the ad
dress of Dr Y. C. YaiiR. interna-
: tionally known Chinese scholar and
: former diplomat, featured the
opening meeting of a South-wide
I missions! v conference here Tues
day night
Dr Yang, who is president of
Soochow University In China and
is for the lime being head of
the Chinese News Service in New
j York City, was a member of the
Chinese delegation at the United
i Nations Conference at San Frnn-
cIsco. Here he was secretary of
the Security Council, an Import
ant section of the proposed World
After commenting upon I be his-
torlc and moral significance of the
j World Security Conference, Dr
I Yang summarized the various pro
visions of the charier. The six
, basic organizations to I he charter
j were discussed as follows, the Gen
! eral Assembly, the Security Coun
cil, (ho Economic and Social Coun
cil: Hie Trusteeship Council, the
International Court of Justice and
the Secretariat. He spoke at some
length on the Security Council,
around which, he said, most of the
controversial questions centered
He also ' rf-usw and explained
Uie vat. ..., ..
Declaring his belief the
charter will work and that lu his
opinion il is superior to the League
of Nations Covenant of Woodrow
Wilson's time, the speaker enumer
ated several outstanding impres
sions he gained al the San Fran
cisco meeting, among Ihcin the
following: "There was decidedly
an effort by the five major nations
ttbe Big Fivel to present a united
front that argues well for the fu
ture of the world
"The influence of the Small
I'oweis was not 'small'.
" The universial desire lor peace
and security was keen and real and
made possible necessary compro
mises and accommodations in for
mulating the charter.
The charter Is the first lotei
national document ever drawn up
in the name of We, the Fcople
Fur the first time we had the
thought and respect for human
rights and fundamental rights of
individuals as well as of nations
put in an international document
"The emergence of woman as a
factor in world politics was en
couraging and prominence was
culture as a factor in world se
curity "
The speaker closed with the
thought What has the Church to I
contribute Can the charter sin i
ceed without the church and what j
is the task of the church now and I
in Hie future'.' Questions which he
answered partly as follows:
"II was due largely to the ef
forts of Christian churches that
the cause of peace is receiving r
serious consideration: breaking
down isolationism and contribut
ing to the spirit of world fellow
ship "Can the church now rest Not
entirely, because good and import
ant as the United Nations' Charter
is. il cannot be substituted for
Christian fellowship out of which
world peace must be built "
- 'Continued on page 3
Twenty Notches On Gun
Of Sgt. Willie Rathbone
Means He Killed 20 Japs
With the 32d Infantry Division
In Northern Luzon. P. I. Twenty
notches on a rifle stock can mean
twenty squirrels or twenty rab
bits. In the case of Staff Sergeant
Willie A. Rathbone, a soft-speaking
soldier from Haywood county,
the twenty notches equal twenty
Japs. Sgt Rathbone, employed as
a tanner at the A. C. Lawrence
Leather Company before entering
the service, is now skinning the
Nips on Luzon.
Serving as a platoon guide in
"E" Company of the 32d (Red
Arrow) Division's 126th Infantry
Regiment, Rathbone has seen more
than two and a half years of ac
Board Likes Work
;x.s v-v r
DEAN COLVARD. nrector in
charge ol the Stile T.-sl Farm
hole anil in slic county, was high
ly praised last week for his accom
plishments by the coinmis.siolier of
agrieulliire .mil the slate hoard as
they inspected the l.iiin, on an
official loin o tins aie.i
35 Caught For
Parking Qvcv
Time On Main St.
Tllll l V fn e moliil ;, p. lit!
fines don id.; ,1 u I v lot ov pi-tinie
parking m resli u letl ones, ac
cording In ( hii'l ui Police O
II. liuhci Is veslcrtlay I il check
lllg I he list ul v nilaloi s it w as
shown I!,, per i enl weie
local people
All were lined one dollar for
the lirst olleiise, and on any
second charges, they will he
baled into mavor s court.
A lotal nf (Hi arrests were
inade by II-' lopar.i, oil dur
ing the nmn'li. 1 1 1 drunks
leading the h i
Pfc. Sumrnerrow
Gets Bronze Star,
Oak Leaf Cluster
Private Fust Class John C.
Sumrnerrow. sun ol Mr and Mrs.
G- C Siininiei i.e.' . ut Haelwnod.
has been aw, oiled the Bimie Stai
and )ak I i lusi. i .e coi ding to
word received . In, l.niulv
f'fe Si nil"': inleieil the
service in Fehruai v I '.) I.i. and ha.',
been mctse. is suite September,
11144. serving with the 'llh Army.
Al present lie is .ili.iched to (lie
Aroiv of Occijpaiioii iii la'inntiv
The nm v in. ii . ompanied
the a- ai-tf. r .ri 1 1 1 p.i, i fr,.
Inn s ' I o In ion i. Ill, i in. .n' in
Get mam fiom '; I rn nil- I'lITi,
to March I'M onnrftion
with riolilai '. "" i il ions against
(lie roeni', liinmc tt, 'tossing
ol a dancei mi . I r . i oid the sub
sequent i.i.i i,,.. ,,(' , ).,. Private
First ('I.e. ' .muni. 1 1 tendered
invaluable m i m !,, In nt gant
.'itinn as an a nun 1 1 tut u n In irei
" When suil .ihle In. ul.o hi idgrs
rtc not .. .iM.I, I,.- , ,J j,,,
unused ,, ..., 1 1, , if in, despite
Hie inlen in in' file ui i c .sflll-
ly delivei it il al m.,, hm, gtm
and nioilai an, ii iii nil ion In front
line tioops 1 1 v he. ih I ' i tn mat ion
and out ii in,': i iir';;-. lie insured
an ewi red 1 1 1 . f I -. ot ammuni
tion, tin i i.v i ..nt i d.'ii nm mater
ially to I he in , , . ,, t i,e ,,,' ,-,
Mrs Willi. on I Mill. in. the
former Mi.s ib n Senlclle,
daughti i of m, .n, .( Mr. f) fs
Sentolle, will U.iw as soon as
she is assigned pue o) a plane
for Trinidad . In will loin her
husband, , ( HI M n Millan. who
is Stationed tot ..err .pei duty
tion in the I'.h 'die He made the
initial landing with the 1-2-6 at
SaiHor. New Guinea, and Morotai.
in the Dutch East Indies Now on
Northern Liuon. lip has also been
in combat at Adape. New Guinea,
and Leyte. in the Philippines.
A graduate of Waynesville high
school. Sgt Falhbone entered the
army in August. IS42. He left for
overseas in January. 1943. to join
the veteran 32d Division in Aus
tralia. A crack shot, he has been
personally credited with 20 kills
during five operations against the
Japanese. His father. Alien Rath
bone. lives on Route 1.
Only Slight
Changes Are
Sade !n Hew
1946 Budget
Hudget Requirements
For Coming Fiscal
Year Almost $100,000
For Haywood. '
There will be no increase in the
county tax rate for the coming
year, according to George A.
Brown. Jr . county manager and
of commissioners.
The rate will remain $130 per
$100 property valuation, which was
the rate of last year. The esti
mate of property valuation in the
county has been set at $23,500,000
for the current year, according to
Mr, Brown, who also announced
the budget as adopted and approv
ed for couniy expenditures for
the year
When the requests of the various
rounty agencies were submitted t;o
the board of commissioners, "... 4t ,
was found that the county wel
fare department asked for an ad
ditional $7.onn over the alloted
amount in the budget of the past
year. '
A vote was taken on the propos
ed amount, with D. J. Noland vot
ing " or of the increase, and
.1 11 il.,ps opposing. To break
the lie. the chairman was required
to vote, with the result that the
appropriation will remain as of liiat
year. It was pointed out by Mr.
Blown that in view of the fact
that there was more money than
usual in circulation, the board felt
that it should not raise the appro . ibis time... . . 'hf
The total budget Cairs ' for . a "
ckpendittire of $31)3.764 .13. and
will be alloted to the following
county agency requirements:
Genera! Fund $ 42 535 00
Special Fund 11.750.00
Foor Fund 16.000 00
Debt Service Fund 71,731.25
Hospital Fund ti5.000.00
Capital Outlay Fund 7.650.00
School Fund 134.097.88
Penalty Fund 2.000 00
Old Age Assist Fund 21,420.00
Aid To Dep. Children 6.000.00
Welfare Fund 12,580.00
Lt, H. M. Jennings
Now In States
Wounded In Action
LI Howard. M Jennings, of
Sumter, S C . husband of the
former Miss May Crawford, daugh
ter of Mrs. W T. Crawford, who
was wounded in the Okinawa
campaign in May. is now a patient
at the Naval Hospital in Charles
ton .it was learned this week.
Lt Jennings who is serving with
the t: S Marines, took his train
ing at Parris Island. Quanhco, and
San Diego, Calif . prior to beinjj
spot to the South Pacific where
he served for the past fifteen
j After he was wounded Lt Jen
' nings was cent to a naval hospital
! at Guam, and later to Oakland.
Calif . and was recently brought to
Charleston, where he has been
joined by Mrs Jennings
Turkish Tobacco
Stalk On Display
Here Yesterday
A stalk of Turkish aromatic to
bacco, eight and one-half feet high
was being displayed here yester
day on the courthouse grounds by
Waldo McCracken. of Crabtree, one
of the three growers in the county
outside the experiment being car
ried on at the State Test Farm of
this varif .v
The stain which is of average
height according to Mr. McCracken.
was selected from his patch to
bring to town because it was the
only one in bloom It bore fifty
thick healthy leaves, where the
average Burley plant shows only
Other growers in the county, who
like Mr. McCracken are trying
their luck with a quarter of an
acre of this foreign variety of to
bacco include: Grayson Nichols.
Francis Cove, and Fred L. Saftord.
Fines Creek.
The state test farm under the
supervision of Dr. Luther Shaw, is
experimenting with, an acre in Tux- ..
kish tobacco, and the feasibility off
its cultivation in the mountain sec
tion will be determined by these
, ': .
T b" ' .
',- i - '
' '
' I
1 1
n -

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