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    (One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, AUCI
; PAGE FOUR (Second Section)
. 1 H
Capital Letters
WESTEHNKH-IifiiiK from Cis
1 oi.iu. Governor Gros Clicny na
turally loves that sta tion of I lie
Statj. best of all. However, as the
first man of North Carolina, he is
trjing to show no partiality to any
area, and so this week end he yoi's
to the const to Mnrehcad City,
hut not tor play to work at that
annual hack hreakim: meeting of
the stockholders ot the .Vlanhr
and .North Carolina Co
Very little traveling ha-, the
Governor done since takmc oftire
last January, and his letters de
(lining parties, speeches and veils
would fill a hook What hiMe mov
mp about he h is done, lias been
m a westerly due. lion HecentU
he went to h'oeky Mount, winch r.
.iliont 50 miles east ot li.ileifch.
and that's the extent ot Ins l! a vols
Inward the ocean
drinkers and their slonoinoss were
ioterleiin;.' wilh their toiir.s. trade,
and so they -oi a law I hrnuith to
put an end to the slulV You can
buy it in llaood. hut yon can't
drink II on the pieiniscs
Go to a lu.HKidc catnip place in
I layu oikI an. I vim will find dozens
Ht tecn-a'e no' s ami mils drinking
miik. ciioiol.iie milk shakes It's
quite reli I'slniii. to uatrli tliem
' 1 T 'i on haw been hearing and
! i padmj; ,i i;. about wet
-. - il her d.OM.o'e to i tops Well.
.!- lias been Ifltle hiss, but
' not a . much as on nii.;hl Hunk.
"Ins i il ii i rin p 1 1 (I .el s I li.jt I lie to
. h.icei. i i i.p Mill i on six per cent
!. ii i.t i th.oi la .1 veat t he corn
i mp sIh.iiM .r at bast lice per
ni I n ,:ei i i.i ..ii i si nnated live
'i 1 ci 111 II .s .,. I l a;''' I l,-l 111 I !4 4
HK1NKKK A ipret htile -I;.
ear-nld Indian sat down ipnelh
at a beer .joint m ( .1 censboi n I.e. I
week and ordered a heer t Inst
everybody lhoin;ht he was net a
regular old billiard diml ei but In
MMproved as he went en nieaninne
1 .ii 1 1 111: on a com mn 11 h
r?iese about Hun. urinnin-: a wend,
toothless smile He tossed olt tin
first (lo,'C!l hott'es with '! al t civ a
halt, and then he 'novel to the
sec ond do.'en b v I h i- time, he w a
jiettin some Itttle al I en' 11 .11 h.ini
lis fellow dnnki-is He dianf. a
tlinil iln.-en ttotlie. Innp-d Iwnc
and called loi a do. en more nw )
ho had 1:. lined lie ei . 1 1 . 1 w 111. 1 and ;
I lie I mil til do.'Ci 1 s! n .1. .w 11 w il h j
raw He drank live n,en bullies
Itclore leavin;: be a, lied the ta j
lipied batienilcr it he would cash -
a check a j;o rrniiirnt check bi
$1 I ,.rio0 HI. Then the old Indian I
soldier threw back his head and
laughed, burped rather heavilv
three times, and .1 .11.1 1 1 oh. so
casnallyi he made he wav out In
the street
Since vim think the little .Im v
is a lie, It is siiKl'.esled wm write,
phone, or call at Caiiiands in
Greensboro for critical inn
(HIT There is at least one coim
l in North Carolina where beer
has been all but banned In Ha.v
umxl. they found that the beer-
T.ike. n e I y ns iliriti tcil
Si n il v ,'m miet urn , society
.Mi 11", i i il 111.11 1 lai'es. etc -hav
e 1 e'lil nun h polit leal signti
.i'Hee ahoul them it von will' read
helvveeu Itn hues In one article
a ,t H'-i von didnt have to do
eui h I'll inn,; lielve-cu I lie line:,
I'lie wold'. II nilei the 'al S piel t J
lit lie. to, I volume
A 111 how I'dwin I 'al es dot ler was
.ill ii .1 I o Senator Hal lev s soli in
1 hi e v eiii h n;; al I all I I ahui K When
01 1 1 on a.. 1 the v a 1 line dinner
1 .11 . ot v. . alt Ii I. hie hh.oil. sense,
I". I I'olill. al si, 111)1 II mi olvi d. Il
' .III . 1, ill;.
I '. 1 1 I Y I ' I I Ii niav be that
n fi 1.1 th. tat 1 1 1 -1 s in law ot the
ollple will h.- 1.1 I hi- I'olil u al tight
Willi neillal al.le lo help t lie
She' a gleal deal
I 'ate w a. I 1 'al did ,r. one ot the
o-euesl men in the I .egela! in e lasl
1 inter and no. be a 1 andidate tor
Inv ei nor in I'l H.u lev , oil t he
e hoi 1 1.1 in I ,111. 1 , I.i- i uniinc; toi 1 c
Ii . I ion lo thi' : .111 lie A I least
en- lion : see ii- fiettv certain
'ate w 1 1 1 in -t 1 . j i j . 1 1 s 1 - Ha 1 ley . 01
. lee ct s a
I.H.W lG h'uiiiois aie flying
III oiu'hiiu! I he St al e I hal I he cap
idle Marry t 'a Id w el I , mast cr of t he
Slate Ida ijs'.e. will leave t his po
dion sonicluuc between now and
Yost In ci 1 to the National l''crti-i,i--
.ssneial ion So Caldwell
1:1s neilher confirmed nor denied
he sloiv However, the new- po
lion il ho lakes il should pay
him a little more than twice the
1 . 1 m 1 . 1 1 salary he is now receiving
It should be nolcd here tha1
iliirry Ca. dwell is one of the mosl
Sgt. Kenneth Parrott
At Camp Boston, France
Sgt. Kenneth H. Pa-rott, of
Waynesville, is a member of Com
pany "B" of the 638th Tank De
stroyer Battalion which is the first
combat unit to report to Camp
Boston for deployment from the
assembly area command, prepara
tory to return to the United States,
according to informaiton received
from headquarters in the Kuropean
Camp Boston is one of 17 camps
set up in Northeastern France to
speed Hie shift of troops from Eu
rope. Company "B" sent its
armored destroyers against the
Germans for the first time on De
cember 1, at Linden, Germany,
and fought in the vicinity until
December 20, when it was sent
into the Battle of the Bulge. The
unit was in direct support of the
elements of the 84th Infantry Di
vision until the end of the war
While at Camp Boston, men of
Company "B" are receiving phy
sical examinations and testing
alter war tasks.
.apable young men in the United
States. Since coming here from
Ohio several years ago, he has es
tablished himself as an authority
.111 Southern agriculture. He is a
iroiuineut member of the Baptist
,'hun h 111 Greensboro, here he has
aught a men's Sunday School rlas
lor many years, and he is a member
af the Board of Trustees of Mere
lit h College.
The Grange will, of course, put
1 man in this position, but there
s not one on the horizon who can
.rplaee Caldwell Since one-sixth
of all fertilizer manufactured is
sold here in North Carolina, it is
assumed that there is a good chance
1 hat Caldwell can keep Ins resi
dence in North Carolina
I'KA NUTS-- You oughta eat more
leanuls They arc good They
ire- healthful. North Carolina is
Hie leader in the production of
aeanuts in this section of the coun
ty On August 23. peanut folks from
ill around New York, Atlanta
iiid everywhere else will meet in
ialeigh to consider plans for get
ing you to eat more goobers.
Wis This little magazine put out
')y the N C. Citizens Association
s a wow! This label will no doubt
diock the dignity of its editor. Jule
Warren, ,who used lo be editor of
he N. C. Education Association
nagazine. hut it's still a wow for
SI you can become a member of
Ibis group which is working to
reduce your taxes and also get the
nagazine for a year.
The articles will make you think.
Timely, Practical
Ruth Currant
of State College
To do a first-rate job of home
canning, can freshness. Capture
and hold all possible flavor, color
and food values of the fresh vege
tables or fruit. Home canning
specialists who stress this point
offer the following tips to home
canners who want to keep their
canned foods from being on the
dull, droopy, tasteless, and vlta
minless side.
Put up only firm, ripe fruit;
young tender vegetables. No can
ning magic exists which can bring
old tough beets or snap beans
back to youth again. Neither will
canning improve hard green fruit,
nor bruised or overripe fruit or
tomatoes. In fact, a little dam
aged food can cause spoilage of
a whole canning batch.
Work quickly, (.'all on the men
and children in the family, if
necessary, for many hands make
fast work of getting produce from
garden to tanner When foods
must wait, they wilt and toughen,
and vitamins and fresh flavors
disappear. If foods must he held
awhile, keep them cool and well
Count canning tune accurately.
Allow the full time advised for
processing, and then lose no time
in removing jars of fruits or to
matoes from the boiling water
bath With a pressure ranner,
used for canning non-acid vege
tables, follow carefully directions
for opening canner. then take the
jars out promptly. To let jars
linger inside the (aimer gives
them more cooking than needed.
Store immediately after canning
in a cool dark place. Warmth and
light tend to increase the loss of
vitamins, and, color as well.
Use during current year Longer
storage is not unsafe, if foods are
properly .'aimed, sealed airtight,
and store well. Hut canned foods
decrease in quality and food value
as time goes on.
Marriage Licenses
Sam G. Kneu.e, of Tulsa. Okla.,
to Marian Elizabeth Rickards.
George William llullender, of
Gastotiia, to Jessie Lucile Gibson,
of Canton.
John Davis Jones, of Asheville,
to Louise Stringlicld, of Waynes
ville. Francis James, of Penrose, to
Annie Lou Beck, of Clyde.
Pvt. Joe Leming Served
With Famous 7th Army
Private Joe L. Leming. son of
Mrs. Mabel Leming, of Asheville
Road. Waynesville. was recently
awarded the Combat Infantryman's
badge while serving with Company
I, 398th Infantry Division, accord
ing to information received by The
Mountaineer frcm the headquar
ters of the 100th Division of the
Seventh Army in Germany.
The local soldier s unit is a part
of the victorious Seventh United
States Army commanded by LI
Wade H. Ilaislip It was the first
American Army to taste combat in
World War II, and after sweeping
the enemy out of Sicily in .17 days
of hard fast fighting, the Seventh
became the Mystery Army of the
European theatre until revealing
its power in the invasion ol South
ern France
From the beaches of Mir French
Reviera the forces of the Seventh
Army launched a drive that was
to carry them more than 1,000
miles through the heart of For
tress Germany. No other army
fought over so long a route in has
liberated so vast an area as the
Seventh during its history making
In addition to the tremendous
toll of prisoners taken, elements
of the Seventh Army liberated
thousands of Allied prisoner ot
war. Among sonic of the world
famous personages libera led were
Leopold, kiny of the Belgiums. his
queen and family, and Edward
Daladier and Paul licynaud. both
former French premiers in the
other side of the ledger, the pie
oners of the army included Her
man Gocring. Heidi air marshal.
F'le'ld Marshal Albert Ki "ssi'lnnc,
commander in chief of the Western
Front, and bis predecessor. Field
Marshal Gard Von lliindstcdt
Before climaxing its speelaeulai
drive to victory, wilh a link up
with elements of the Fifth Army,
the Seventh captured hundreds ol
key towns and cities on ludini;
Nurnberg, Salzburg. Wursberg.
Innsbruck. Munich, and Miller's
hideaway town of lieichlcsgadcn
It's GOOD Business To
Borrow Money
Going Into Debt Woi
Help You To Make Money!
Would A Loan From This B
Permit You To , . .
Jf Refinance your farm loan to nun e I a in ,0,1. .
i i
! I I
Repair your buildings lo make them l.n
and keep your livestock, machinei v am ...
better condition.
fr Muy needed livestock to keep join taint npq
at capacity.
fc Repair your machinery to keep it m ( lt
carrv on until the boys come hmne.
Buy Wat
First National Ban
The Friendly Bank"
Ji pi-- direct iona nn-l siI"m1 Klcwre in
flirinit were ain.iiiiRly aitrpnjwM nnenii
found) th. ir pimplra ,inl M.h klie.nla h.i.l -Itu'i"' "
TLn-e urr cil hiisiintn-.i!l v priii-c- Kleri n
-inln ihv iito ho Idiioer ptith.itMS.ietl ii 111 n n
hjtimv wilh their !-. ir cnmpWcint. Ui Klrai.
If onr application lws not sahsly. Vn K' t
your money h.M k Aslt for KleercK l "1' -.
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Member Federal Reserve System
n't Be Misled Ey "New Car
It's iinally happened: All remaining new 1942
passenger automobiles are being removed
from rationing to dear the way for new models.
Thai's the headline new;; direc! from the OPA
at Washington. Im! don't be misled, Remem
ber the OPA also headlined these facts:
1. These rationing restrictions being elim
inated apply lo only around six thousand auto
mobiles. This is the small number of new 1942
passenger automobiles remaining throughout
the entire nation,
2. Similar rationing certificates which ap
plied to the new 1942 cars now are being drawn
up for the new models manufacturers are just
beginning to produce. And this rationing is
expected to last from the time the new models
first appear on the market until at least "some
time" in 1946.
So, even though you might be getting a little
more gasoline, it all adds up to one vital fact;
We must continue to conserve our old car if
we're to keep riding. For the great majority
the car now owned will have to carry on for
many more miles.
Remember: Present automobiles will have
vto last for many more months because:
Yoorself Now
L New cars, when they do come, will!
2, New cars, when they do conic will 1
3. it will be months, perhaps a year or mof
before the car shortage is relieved to en
Play safe. Utilize the local car-conserv
tion facilities regularly. Your local automobi
dealer below has modern tools and equipme:
and expert mechanics so necessary to kee
your present car on the road.
Take Your Car "Back Home" Your Local Dealer Listed Here Represents Its Maker or Manufacturer Hi
Mechanics Are Specially Trained To Give You
DeSoto - Plymouth CHEVROLET Ford -Mprrnrv-Lincoln
Parts Service Sales
Sales and Service
Phone 75

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