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Will Boost
ew Bomb
OAK RIDGE, Tcnn Col. K. U.
Nichols, district engineer for Ihe
Clinton Kngineering Works, had
revealed that facilities lor produc
tion of the atomic bomb are al
ready being expanded.
In his first interview since the
military made public its top-drawer
secret, Nichols said that tin- Oak
Eidge plant had been given its pro
duction schedule in 1942 "and
we're right smack on it."
"We were given a job to do." he
said "That job was the develop
ment of explosives for the use in
war We are fulfilling that job
now, and more plants are being
built for the purpose of manufac
turing atomic bombs "
Describing the- development of
the bomb as the "greatest gamble
in history," Nichols expressed the
opinion that it would be worth the
two billion dollars invested be
cause it would "very likely shorten
the Pacific war "
Me disclosed that the Oak Hidge
location was chosen for the bomb
production because of the nearness
of the Tennessee Valley authority
with its unlimited supply of elec
tricity "Since the very first bit of ground
was broken for the project. Dak
Ridge has received top priority lor
literally everything it needed,"
Nichols said.
Nichols said that he was in no
position to speculate on the pos
sible peacetime application of Ihe
newly harnessed energy, hut he
"I trust that it will be kept right
here in the United States."
Having qualified as administra
tor c. t. a. of the estate of Kphi
genia Louisa Tonncy. this is to
notify all persons having claims
against Ka'd estate to file same
with the undersigned at his office
in Waynesville. N. (' . on or be
fore August 1st. 1 946, or this
notice will be pleaded in bar there
of. All persons indebted to Said es
tate will please make immediate
This August 1st, lf)4.rv
A. T. WARD, Administrator e l a
No. 1455--Aug. 9-Sept. 13
l Jewelers
Expert Watch and
Complete Stork
8 Church Street
Both men and women can help in the war effoit
by doing top priority work in a permanent peace
time industry at the AMERICAN ENKA CORPOR
ATION. 51c per hour to learners. Increase after
210 hours of training. No maximum ngp limit. Mini
mum age for women lb yenrs. Minimum age for
men 18. if draft exempt.
Apply todav
Summer Clearance
1 Lot Summer s.
25 Off
ags and Bathing Suits
Given Bronze Star
pr- !JJ9-J 1
Salem. N J , formerly of Haywood
:ounts, was recently awarded the
Brnne Stai medal for meritorious
ervire in coiiibat in Italy, accord
ing to information received from
ihe headquarters of the Filth Army
in Italy He served with the Fifth
Army in the With Mountain In
fantry Regiment, loth Mountain
Division He is the son of Mrs.
Minnie Sutton. nf Waynesville, R.
K P No ',
vVoiiNin's Society of
First Methodist Church
To Meet On Tuesday
The Woman's Society of Chris
tian Service of the First Metho
dist church ill hold their regu
lar meeting at It .'to o'clock on
Tuesday. August 11. in the, Youth
Chapel ol the church
A returned missionary from
Cuba will be the guest speaker
of the afternoon and Mrs Bonner
Ray, president, will preside. All
members aie urged to attend.
Mrs. W. (list Finley. of York.
S ('., was the guest during the
past week of Col. and Mrs. J.
Harden Howell, and their daugh-tvr-ili-law.
Mrs .lames Harden
Howell, ,lr ., at Wmdnver.
Mrs Carl II Rohluns. of Man
hattan Reach. Calif., is visiting her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
II. Rung She will be here for an
indefinite stay awaiting the re
turn to the States of her husband,
who is now serving in Ihe Pacific
SiiR - r st5i
Jewelry Repairing
Opposite Masonic Temple
Telephone 514
400 Haywood Men
Are Employed At
New Bomb Plant
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United States was violating Article
22 of The Hague convention and
showing disregard for humanity by
attacking a non-military city with
the atomic bomb.
Hiroshima actually was an im
portant quartermaster depot and
garrison city for the Japanese
Radio Tokyo said both the dead
and wounded had been burned be
yound recognition and confessed
that authorities still were unable
to obtain a definite check on civil
ian casualties.
"Those outdoors burned to death,
while those indoors were killed by
the indescribable pressure and
heat," Tokyo said. It called the
city a "disastrous ruin."
Seared To Death
"Medical relief agencies that,
were rushed from the neighboring
districts were unable to distinguish,
much less identify, the dead from
the injured," the enemy broadcast
"The impact of the bomb was so
terrific that practically all living
things, human and animals, were
literally seared to death by the tre
mendous heat and pressure en
gendered by the blast.
"With houses and buildings
crushed, including the emergency
medical facilities, the authorities
ire having their hands full in giv
ing every available relief possible
under the circumstances."
Radio Tokyo still referred to the
atomic missile as merely a "new
type bomb." It said order gradual
ly was being restored In the strick
en city
The Japanese cabinet was called
into a special session at the official
residence of Premier Kantaro Su
iuki yesterday morning to hear a
report from Its chief secretary,
Hisatune Sckoinizu. on the raid,
Tokyo said.
Jap Prince Killed
The Japanese imperial household
ministry announced that Prince Rt
Gu, nephew of the head of the for
mer ruling house of Korea, was
killed in the raid, while fulfilling
his duties as a lieutenant-colonel
in the Japanese army.
Gen. Carl A. Spaatz, commander
of the American strategic air forces
in the Pacific, said reconnaissance
photographs revealed that fires
touched off by the almost unbe
lievable heat of the bomb leaped
block-wide streams and spread into
the outskirts.
The city appeared desolate in
the photographs Bridges across
seven channels of the Motoyasu
river delta within the city were
Strangely, the photographs show
ed no crater However, Tokyo had
reported that the bomb was drop
ped by parachute and exploded in
ihe air. It was likely that the en
tire force of the blast was directed
horizontally across the city below.
Think Few Escaped
Although the built-up area of
Hiroshima came to six and nine
tenths square miles, the city as a
whole totalled 12 square miles with
a population of 318,000 an average
of 26,500 persons per square mile.
Few, if any, of the more than
100,000 persons in the totally-devastated
four square miles were be
lieved to have escaped death or in
Juiy The blast alone of the atomic
bomb could kill persons within a
four-mile range .and it was ltkelj
that there were many casualties
outsides the utterly-destroyed sec
tion SpaaU told newsmen that other
Superfortresses were ready to car
ry more atomic bombs to Japan
Leaflets warning the enemy of his
impending doom already were be
ing prepared, he said
Both Spaatz and his chief of
staff, Lt (Jen Curtis Le May,
agreed that if the bomb had been
available in 1943 there "might not
have had to be any D-day" for an
invasion of France.
Spaatz declined comment on the
potentialities of the deapon's use
in the Pacific, but added:
"One of our few fears in Eu
rope was that the Germans would
All Summer
Half Price
Ladies' Wear
FOR SALE One large heatrola In
good condition. Call 435-J, Mrs.
S. H. Keller. Aug. 9
FOR SALE Farm, Mooney Cove;
forty acre tract, plenty springs.
Twenty acres under cultivation,
balance in woods, saw timber.
Couple small boxed houses; two
barns. Price $3,000.00. See K.
C Rathbone, Route 2.
Aug. 9-16-23-30
WANTED A good reliable man or
woman to supply customers with
Rawleigh Products in Waynes
ville, also North Haywood and
Jackson counties. Write Raw
leigh's, Dept. NCH-245-127, Rich
mond, Va. Aug. .9
territory open here for woman
who would like pleasant, profit
able work. Write Mrs. Sarah
Sorrell, 16 Ravenscroft Drive,
Asheville N. C. Aug 9
Reasonable prices. Work guar
anteed. 56 Main Street, Way
nesville. tf
WANTED TO BUY shoats and
hogs. Will pay top prices. See
Junaluska Supply Company, tf
LOST One twenty-five dollar war
bond, bank book, head scarf and
small comb and mirror belong
ing to Mrs. Hester Moody. Re
turn to Mrs. Hester Moody, Rt.
2, Waynesville, N. C. Aug. 9
LOST No, 4 Ration Book bearing
name Martha Rowena Gifford.
Anyone finding same please re
turn to The Mountaineer.
July 26 Aug 2-9
FOR SALE One registered Poll
ed Hereford heifer. Call Rex
Shuller, Medford Cove Road,
FOR SLIP COVERS, button holes,
covered buttons, buckles and
belts, also hemstitching, see Mrs.
T. L. Campbell at 11 Masonic
Temple, phone 525-J.
repaired at Campbell' Slip Cover
and Repair Shop. 11 Masonic
Building, Phone 525-J. tf
FOR SALE 5-rooni house and lot,
and small orchard near Hazel
wood Garage on Balsam Road.
See Deny Norman or Phone
171-J. July 26-Aug 25
FOR SALE 5 good acres, 3 four
room houses, wood, water, near
Rubber Plant. Now rented at
$45.00 per month, a bargain at
$3200. 40 acres close in, 30 in
cultivation, balance in woods and
pasture, plenty water, good 3
room house and very rich ground
at $5000. H B. Milner, Belle
Meade. Aug. 2-9
wheel trailer, 7 ft. bed, ton ca
pacity, extra tire and tube, fair
condition. $25. See John Reeves,
Lake Junaluska, or call Canton
2883. Aug. 2-9
writers and adding machines
overhauled and adjusted. We
also carry typewriter ribbons, all
makes and adding machine paper
CHANGE, phone 2487, 74 Main
St., Canton. Aug. 2
CASH PAID for all old typewriters
and adding machines, bring them
ER EXCHANGE, phone 2487,
74 Main St., Canton. Aug. 2
find a secret weapon like this We
were vitally concerned whether the
Germans were ahead of us not
until we reached Berlin did we
know that the Nazis were probably
two years behind us."
iA Washington dispatch said that
the U S. army was going uh-'ad
with its plans for an Invasion of
Japan despite the possibility that
the atomic bomb alone might in
duce Japan to surrender.)
Spaatz said that the imoact of
the singl" atomic bomb vas equal
to a raid of 2.000 Superfortresses.
Vanied Immediately
Experienced edgerman. Good wages and over
time. Living quarters at Job.
Priority War Work.
Waynesville, N. C.
Want Ads
LOST Ration Book No 3. bear
ing name Medford Parkins. (
Clyde, Rt. I. Return to above, j
Aug !) 16-23
DR. T. L. ALLEN. Cancer and
Nose Specialist, Sylva, N C .
will be at the LeFaine Hotel ,
Saturday, August 11, 1945. Any.
one having cancers or sores of
long standing should see me
Examination free Aug 9
FOR RENT One 5-rooin farm
house, unfurnished, with lights
and water. Located on Hill N
Dale Farm. Three miles from
Lake Junaluska on highway 209
See O. L. Yates after (i .'lo p m
Aug 9
FOR SALE Two-burner oil cook
stove, one oil heater, one radio
R. L Ownbey, Littleton Road,
Lake Junaluska, N. C Aug 9
We have plenty of them in gold,
silver, etc . and we will sell you
one at less price than you can
buy it from any other store In
fact, we will not be undersold
We must sell you cheaper, and
we will cut the price until we
do. Bargain Jewelry Store. 9
WANTED Roll away bed with or
without mattress. Good con
dition. Reasonable Call tl.r
or 534. Aug 9
WANTED Experienced waitress
Green Tree Tea Room Call
307-W. Aug 9 In
few wedding sets solid gold set
with small but real diamonds
values up to $25 00 We are
going to sell these at $10 1)0 per
set plus tax. Bargain Jewelry
Store. Aug 9
FOR SALE Studio Couch, pie j
war. good condition. Mrs I, 1. J
Harbeck, 15 Pigeon Street, Up
stairs, Garage Apartment 9
FOR SALE Several homes in
walking distance of Ha.olwood
They range in price from twen
ty one hundred to four thousand.
H. II. Holt, office at Boyd Fur
niture Co. Aug. 9
FOR SALE Three-acre farm, four
room house, barn, chicken house
and wash house. Five acres,
good house and out buildings
Both of these are near town and
the price is right. II II. Holt,
office at Boyd Furniture Co. 9
WE HAVE some nice wedding sets
in sterling silver set with flash
ing brilliants. Makes a nice
show and will last a lite lime
Price $6.00 tax included Bar
gain Jewelry Store. Aug 9
WANTED I have two buyers who
will pay the worth of a well
located residence. Must be in
the best residential section of
town. Contact H. H Holt, of
fice at Boyd Furniture Co. !)
FOR SALE Two and one half
acres, with two houses; one four
room and one two-room, good
spring. Also one and one half
acres with two houses, hoth two
rooms; good spring. Good road
to both tracts. Mooney Cove.
D. L. Haney, Box 70, Route 2.
Aug 2-9
FOR SALE 13 head of cattle
one mare, 12 years old Alt at
reasonable prices Se' Al'rn j
Hannah, Cove Creek Vug 2-9
FOR SALE Two team- of log- '
ging horses, 1500 pounds Crich
Priced $250 per team, including j
harness. Can be seen at Cold
Springs operations of Grace
Lumber Mills Aug 2-9
PIANO TUNING, Voicing and
Repairing Bethel H S, Way
nesville. N. C. Paul .shepherd
( Vt 25
CHASE An electric stove and 1
electric refrigerator and to buy I
a used kitchen cabinet Call j
428-J, Waynesville Aug 2 9
WANTED TO BUY- Corn hinder j
Call 2213 or see Walter Reiner i
I at Farmers Exchange Aug 9 16.
REMEMBER anything on buy
from our stor" if you want your
name on it von can have it wit linn-
anv cnaT.:e. fiat gain Jew-
i..,. i..;,r.. Aug 9 I
il . . j
GOLD PLATED Bahy Riny free!
with each dollar you spend in:
c..i iii'iiiv t ree I
OJII SUM " ' .
. . . .. i.i... ii.. n li-u.
i'ilius as ou jiivi-. i"ih'M" "
... Aiil' 0
cry Store "-
ff E in MA N
It's really so simple oil you do
fAc i i .r-' i
pocket, dab each curl with PORTRAIT Permanent Waving Solution?, and in ju-.t 'r j i..,,,
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Ask for PORTRAIT Permanent Wave, j
' '
ospitality has
The American
Home Still Bids
Welcome -Still
Retains Its Charm
and Comfort
(One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, at
WANTED TO BUY Small bench
saw and jointer. Contact The
Mountaineer. Aug 9
WANT TO RENT Furnished
apartment or small house. J
WE carry at all times more than
five thousand rings of all kinds
We have hundreds of metal
watch bands. Bargain Jewelry i WF. Ii
Aug. 9'
FOR SALE -- Fine country home
every convenience. ei-,l,t acres
small orchard, ideal for one w In
. . Ill
desires quietness II I
: , r,
nllice at Boyd r liruil lire ( o
E NT,f
i in only 2 to 3 hours . . . with
J the same quality materials
is put your hoir up in curlers which ore included in - i kkiM
loveliness . . . o nolo ot beautiful, gleaming, long-kni-ny en's anj
ifi, Smith's Cut Rate D ; , Store
een RationeA
II is a (lcli;lilfl fp i t' '"
(hat is skilfully and M-'
Here, voti know intim-diii t 1
people wiio have learned i'1
(Jarred Furniture Si"' '
home an inspiring place !
nishings that arc lovelv t
to live with, holh no"
peace to come.
fiood Values Friendly Credit
home. Iiu
erl en
acres m
plenu ,
. t he i. ii. t
Ro.l I i
luce '
The i
sell ,
111 Ih
I'l HI It-Si,,,.
used by many Beauty Salons
in expensive cold waves
, . .1 M
, iiMl

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