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5D-Y. AUGUST 16, 1945 (
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'Camp ao
ucted By
odist Church
I , . ,. u will be con-
f 1 Melodist Church
l0 Camp
1 . ...j inns will be
It afternoons from 1:00
I, o'clock.
Lp ,s made uy .
' Y ntrous bene-
,..,'.iiniiv who asked
.... m.i lie mentioned.
be under the
"K f Mrc I f
T i h , i line Kotha will
1S. -
,ui.- Assisting her
!' Watfi-nfeld. Rose
,rman. Hetsy Siler and
I , crei'ii all 01 wnom
firaiiunt- i" camping
!lt. program of the Girl
Lp pros i f m
will consist
Farm Questions
and Answers
Question: Will cliloropierin kill
thistle in alfalfa'.'
Answer: Yes. says Howard Gar
riss, extension plant pathologist,
who has tested the material on a
field of Jan:.s Adams near Willow
Springs and that of D C. Worth
of Raleigh, both in Wake county.
The chemical was applied in the
soil around the plants with the
hand applicator commonly used by
nurserymen in treating plant beds.
Garriss says that this method is
practical only where there are
scattered plants and the soils are
in a porous state to allow for the
easy injection of the applicator
Where there is a large number of
weeds, he recommends treatment
with a lire gun.
t groups in nature lore.
rafts Inst am. swnu-
. .....J ..tlior tvnu
iju spoi i "" -j
I ion A ilciolionai periou
eld eaih day, and a re-
Imospiiere oe maiii-
Liy or more girls who
part in the camping pro
L been selected by the
L trie Central Elementary
the basis ol tlieir line
ivcurits Girls who have
,j an opportunity to at
caiiip this summer were
kon Army
bid Youth
kite At Lake
uhuii Army will conduct
hstitutt' I mm August 27th
Sunday. .September 2nd,
to an announcement by
ul Hrow i) The Institute
leld at the Mission Inn,
he attended by Young
In: Ninth and South Caro-
iluikv. Tennessee and
The teaching will be
Hnsadici Kicliard Fit-
Al) likICK IN HIS '
ji recently staled that for
It- felt like he had a brick
'iiiacli This feeling was
lump of undigested food
had inside of him. He
;. worn out, headachy,
nil gas and terribly con-
Kecrntly he started tak-
JH-AID and says the feel-
a brick in Ins stomach
d the second day. Uowels
t now. gas and Jieadaches
and he feels like a new
AID contains 12 Great
py cleanse bowels, clear
stumaili. act on sluggish
kidneys. Miserable peo-
M different all over. So
in suffering! Gel 1NNER-
M by all Drug Stories in
Question: What is the best means
of renovating an old pasture that
has been "grazed to death'"'
Answer: Since you are in the
Coastal Plain. ,t is best to double
cut the sod with a heavy disc to a
depth of about 4 inches, and do a
thorough job. The carpet grass
will come back fast enough. Since
you have an average sandy soil.
10 pounds of Oallis grass and 15
pounds of Kobe lespedeza per
acre is recommended, or 10 pounds
of Uallis grass and I pounds of
low hop clover.
Question: Can too much lime be
applied to soils?
Answer: Yes. State College
agronomists suggest that you have
an analysis made of the soil in
the field where you plan to apply
lime and find out how much is
needed for the particular crop you
wish to glow. Your county agent
will tell you how to lake the soil
sample. Too much lime may
cause an increase in certain plant
diseases. Certain plant foods may
be tied up.
How To Keep Wife Home
A dignified Ml ilon was taking
home a pair of his wile's shoes
which he had gotten from the
shoemaker after they had been re
paired. No box or paper was, of
course, supplied, so he, slightly
embarrassed, was carrying them
loose. A man opposite him in the
bus watched him closely and said
as he got out, "Not going to let
her gad about, eh. guv nor?"
ton ,of Atlanta, assisted by mem
bers of the Divisional stalf from
Charlotte and Atlanta.
Outstanding on the program will
be the meeting each night in the
Assembly auditorium. This meet
ing will be conducted for and by
the young people There will be
a musical program each night put
on by the delegates. Commission
er William C. Arnold, territorial
commander from Atlanta, will be
in charge of the Sunday services,
assisted by Lt. Colonel Harold
Madsen, of Atlanta.
The public is urged to attend
these inspirational gatherings at
the auditorium.
Lions Will Hear
Discussion On
Commercial Hotel
The Wayneswllc Lions will meet
tonight a: 7 :M at the Maplus on
, Walnut Street to discuss the much
talked about commercial hotel
which has been proposed for Way
nesville Claude Woodard and his
committee on Conventions will
, have charge of the program. Lion
Woodard states that he will bring
to the club some person who knows
the facts about the hotel project
Last weeks meeting featured an
illustrated lecture by Dr. Crum.
professor ul Appied Christianity
at Duke I nivvrsily. The speaker
showed a large collection of pic
lures of the heaulilul Gothic archi
tectural designs of the Duke build
; nigs. These pictures were made
by Dr. Crum and mounted on slides
which he projected on the screen
I The speaker gae evidence that his
j hobby of photography atl'urded
j pleasure to Imu and instruction to
the members present
j Many out ot tow n Lions attended
: last week's nieelino Tliere .is .
good delegation from the Sylva
club, and several from the chilis
of Florida and Ceorgia who are
summer residents of our (own
The president extends a cordial
invitation to all wsiting Lions to
take advantage of this opportunity
to make up attendance while ab
sent from tlieir own clubs Secre
tary Lloyd Kirkpatrick will'see that
they get iredu h,r attendance.
B I R T 11 S
Haywood County Hospital
Mr and Mrs Lloyd T Campbell,
ol Lake .liuialuska announce the
birth of a daughtel on Augusl tit li
Mr. and Mrs Kulus Hlanton, of
lla.elwood announce the birtli of
a son on August 7th.
Mr and Mrs lioheil I. Glance.
Canton, announce the birtli of a
son on August 7th
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, of
Asheville. II F D. No. 4. announce
the birth of a son on August 10th.
Mr. and Mrs .laifies K Moore.
of Clyde. II F I). No. I. announce
the birth of a son on August lotb.
Mr and Mrs James Winfrey,
of Clyde, announce the birtli of a
son on August lUlh.
Mr. and Mrs. James Trull, of i
Waynesville. announce the birth of
a son on August 10th.
Mr and Mrs. David Underwood.;
of Waynesville. announce the birth!
of a son on August I 1th.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gibson,
Jr.. of Waynesville. announce the
birth of a son on August llth.
Mr. and Mrs. George High, of
Waynesville. announce the birth
of a daughter on August 12th.
Mr. and Mrs. Kalph York, of
( lyde. announce the birth of a
daughter on August 12.
Program Of Sacred
Music Given By
Methodist Sunday
A program of sacred music will
1 he presented at the First Mi'th -
dist chinch next Sunday evening
at 8:00 o'clock. This is the hour
for the regular evening service.
Featured on this program will
be Mrs. Henry MacFayden. soloist
for All Souls Fpiscopal Church in !
Hiltmore. and Mrs. J. C. Spooner. )
soloist for the First Presbyterian
Church mi Fort. Myers. Fla Sev
eral numbers will be given by the
choir of the local church which
is under the direction of Mrs. Fred
Martin. Mrs. W. L. Matnev will
be at the organ console.
Sunday School Teacher: And
when it rained forty days and forty
nights, what happened then'.'
.Bright Willie: The natives said
it was very unusual.
Special Sunday Dinner
Choice Of
Chicken or T-Bone Sleak
food Prepared And Served To Your Taste
We appreciate the many compliments we have re-
v"c since opening our piace.
s Cafe
Eelk - Hudson Brim
I jO
Everything Tfoey'l
Boy's Pants
$1.82 - $4.95
Polo Shirts
$1.48 $1.79
Dress Shirts
79c -$1.98
Leather Jackets
$10.95 - $16.95
$5.95 $10.95
School Bags
Mittens - Gloves
69c - $1.98
Boy's Sweaters
$1.95 - $4.50
Striped Overalls
Sizes 2 to 8
Outing Pajamas
Sport Coats
Sizes 8 to 15
AH Prices
Boy's Suits
Sizes 6 to 17
$10.95 -$18.95
Boy's Raincoats
Sizes 14 -16
$5.95 - $6.95
Girl's Sweaters
$2.48 - $3.95
$8 to $20
$3.95 - $5.95
97c - $3.45
79c -97c
Suit' To Take Out A Membership In The
North Carolina Symphony Orchestra
On Friday.
Red Goose Tom Terry
Freidman Shelby Great Atlantic
Belk-Hudson Co
"Home Of Better Values"
Hazel wood

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