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    AUGUST 1, 1
PAGE FIVE (Suoni Seetlanl
n, Francis
f pts Position
merciai nrusi
,, ul.,. Francis, dau-
" . .... vc R Fran-
"' , 111(;h Point, where
: ".pled J position with
lk,,- and designers
" " as commercial
:,"!'"'KMiuis will also be
,I;',h 'ii.c blueprint and
i't the company.
'"' ' graduated from
''J. i:!n College. Rich
' n U:1,e. where she
M". ,,, t nimiercial art.
It the local high
-M. attended Peace
, ntering William
, ,,, .ii Tomlinson de
., person for the
-r.,u,-i noias, uiey
and Mary Col
1 they recom
ilMi outstanding stu
,H al talented girl
,.(, .ni'ion. After
,1 i ic position Miss days at the
1'iniii prior to ac-
SunbasSclfool ykddoti
Jacob Realizes the Presence of God
Id C. Iiivis
Jed IJronze Star
i I t.i i . lornierly of
, in rn awarded the
,r :in 'iU tor meritorious
,i'(luii; to information
,,:n iic.,d(iiarters of the
!U- isiom now in Eu-
(The International Uniform
Lesson on the above topic for Aug
19 is Genesis 27. 28. the Memory
Verse being Gen. 28:15. "Behold.
I am with thee, and will keep
thee whithersoever thou goest.")
In t lie son oi i nomas
,,l Dillsbnro. He is at
I' A. loth Tank
,t t! Airborne Divi-
knenawc girls
et wanted relief
factional periodic pain
Its a liquid medicine which
rcmen sny lias orougni reuei
t crair.D-like oeony and ner-
bara oi functional perlodlo
, Hcre s how it may neip:
1 Taken like a tonle,
H should stimulate
nnmtue, aid dlEes-
tinn." ihus help build re
t;..unce for tha "time"
to come.
2 Started 3 days be
fore ' your time". It
should Help relieve
pain due to purely func
tional periodic causes.
r Cnrdul. If It helps, you'll
: glad you did.
ISAAC IS an old man when to
i day'a lesson begins. His eyesight
is poor, so that he cannot tell one
person from another He lived
. many years after the episodes re
, lated here took place, but he
thought his life was nearly ended.
His sona were twins, you re
member, Esau being born first.
and he was his father's favorite.
I Jacob was Rebekah's This was a
: very bad thing and caused trou
, ble, as we shall see.
Isaac called Esau to him. and
told htm to go forth, kill venison,
prepare it as Isaac liked it pre
pared, and bring some to him.
Then he would give Esau the
older son's blessing
Now Rebekah overheard Isaac's
Instructions and, as soon as Esau
had gone, she called Jacob to her
and told him to kill a kid and
bring it to her that she might
cook it as Isaac liked. Then he
was to go to hia father with the
food and get the blessing in Esau's
place. To Jacob's credit be it said
that he did not favor his mother's
scheme at first, but when she ex
plained that she would disguise
him so his father would think he
was Esau, the temptation proved
too great and he did as she said.
Isaac Is Deceived
With the savory food in his
hands, with the rough hairy skin
of the kid covering his arms and
the back of his neck, Jacob went
to his father. Isaac recognized
Jacob's voice, but when Jacob In
sisted he was Esau, and when he
felt his arms, he thoughfit surely
was Esau. He, however, asked how
Esau had prepared the meat so
quickly, and Jacob, once launched
upon a lie. said (blasphemously,
it seems to us), "Because the Lord
thy God brought It to me." Jacob
was convinced, bestowed his bless
ing, and kissed him.
When Esau returned and real
ized what deception had been used
to steal his blessing, he was grief
stricken, saying, "Hast thou but
one blessing, my father? bless me,
even me also, O my father." and
he wept. Esau was given a bless
ing, but he was told that he. the
older brother. shoulJ serve Jacob
and should live by the sword.
Naturally, being cheated twice
by Jacob. Esau hated his brother
and swore that when their father
died he would kill turn. Rebekah,
learning this, thought it best to
send Jacob away for a short time
to visit her people, giving as ex
cuse for his absence that his par
ents did not want him to marry a
Canaanite woman but that he
should choose a wife from among
her relatives at Haran. Isaac
agreed to this
Jacob started alone on his
journey, and one night, being very
weary, he put a stone under his
head for a pillow an 1 laid down to
sleep. In his sleep he dreamed that
he saw a ladder leading from
earth to heaven upon which angels
were descending and ascending.
"And behold the Lord stood upon
it," proclaiming Himself as the
God of Abraham and Isaac, and
saying that the land where Jacob
lay should be his and his seed's
after him.
God With Him
"And behold. I am with thee,
and will keep thee in all places
whither thou goest. and will
bring thee again into this land,"
said the Lord
When Jacob awoke he said,
"Surely the Lord is in this placa;
and I knew it not. ' He was fright
ened, and said, "How dreadful is
this place! this is none other than
the house of God. and this is the
gate of heaven."
He rose early in the morning,"
took the stone he had used for a
pillow, set it up for a pillar, and
poured oil on the top of it. He
called the name of the place
Bethel, and vowed that if God
would be with him and "will keep
me in this way that I go, and will
give me bread to eat, and raiment
to put on.
"So that I come again to my fa
ther's house in peace, then shall
the Lord be my God." He promised
that of all that should be given
him one-tenth would he give to
the Lord. Thus Jacob realized at
last the presence of God of his
fathers, and he went on his way,
probably comforted.
Jacob never returned to his
home while his mother lived, and
she never saw him again. So Re
bekah lost the son she loved SO
much and schemed to prosper.
Auction Sales
Scheduled For
This Month
Penny Brothers announced last
week that they plan to return
later this month and conduct other
land auction sales in Haywood. On
sale is the 350-acre Travis Camp
boll farm near Clyde. A 'sale is
also scheduled for Sylva this
The IVmvy organization were
pleased with the four-day sales
held in Max wood last week.
By Frances Gilbert Frailer
Staff Writer
Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Pfc. Robert E. Forga
Enjoys Stay At Rest
Center In France
Private First Class Ruber! K
Korga. of Waynesville. U.K. 11 No.
1. was a recent visitor al the XV
Corps Rest Center. France, accord
ing to information received from
the Third Army headquarters in
the F.uropcan theatre.
l'fc Korga is a member of the
2i!0th Kngineer Combat Battalion
unit which took part in the Allies'
xistorious Western Front drive
The rest center, located at
Nancx. France, is operated l
M.ij (Jen Walter M. Robertson's
veteran lfith Corps which engaged
in spectacular military operations
from Normandy across France,
(iermany and into Austria
Ouring their sojourn in France
troops arc treated as guesls at the
rest center and are given unusual
liberties which make their care
free stay a holiday devoted to
comfort and pleasure Among the
conveniences which are free for
the asking are movies, gymnasium,
swimming pool, library, barber
shop, parcel wrapping service,
watch repair, minor clothing alter
ations, lied Cross Club, and ta.stx
meals prepared by French chefs
and served by pretty French wait
resses. There is no bugle call,
anyone can sleep as lale or as
often as he wishes Rules are few
and a large community is nearby
where the men are able to enjoy
civilian activities, according to in
formation from the headquarters
Pvt. Medford Grasty
Given Combat Badge
In Germany
Private Medford A. Grasty, son
of Jarvis Grasty, of Waynesville.
R.K I) No 2. has recently received
the Combat Infantryman badge
Pvt. Grasty is now serving in Ger
many. He is an ammunition hand
ler, and is attached to the 3SHIh
Infantry Regiment of the 901 h In
fantry Division, now in Germanv
'etter Prices
Beans Bring Better Prices When Shipped The
Same Day As Picked --This Is Important To
Good Prices.
We Buy Beans Every Day Except Friday. Wo
Receive Beans Until 7 p. m.
We Pay Highest Cash Prices For All Farm
. D. Ketner, Owner
Phone 130-M East Waynesville
Things have happened so last
and with such stupendous results
during the past week that must
of us are gasping for breath The
suddenness and euormit of the
events that have crowded so close
ly on the front page- of histoid
have left us bewildered with the
fact that the whole world has been
changed overnight
The Potsdam Conference and all
that it meant to the war-weary
peoples of the earth started the
ball lolling even holorc other in
cidents got into action The most
momentous gathering in the
world's long pages of bistorx . tins
contorence A meeting thai would
change the complete topogiapliv
of the Allied world and one thai
would probably govern the Inline
destines of nations
Then wo found ourselves spcci b
Icss with the ternfving conquest of
the atomic homb. found ourselves
drawing deep breaths over the
potentialities of this destructive
vet peace forming missle lake
the Hash of a light theio cone
into being one ot the deadliest
weapons of war over conceived In
man. a weapon so unbelievable
thill one could almost believe II
a ligmcnl ol the imagmat ion Hut
the eneinv knew it was ili.isticallv
It is almost a ti ail of I hi' hum. in
race lo feel a pilv loi a fallen
adversiiiv. lo wanl to eMoiul a
helping hand to aid them in re
ginning then feel, even though
thev had been ll'.e aggrcjsnr
There has alw.ivs been the bidder
hope Dial the cause ol the battle
was something that would be bet
tered bv the light
Hut in this case their i .1 mint
pussihlv be one seme ol rumpus
sion I' v el v I lung was slituev
suciikv. underhanded .mil eon
tcmptahlc has been brought lorlb
by the enemv Not in a single
instance have these aggressors
fought liinlv and above hoard
Keen while bowing then lowest
and smirking their wide -tool bed
hypocrisy. Ihev were teaching lor
ii knife to disembowel those In
whom thev were bowing Since
tune began this 1 ;w e ol peoples
have been doubled .111, 1 watched
ciirclullv but will I heir usual
greased and oiled ahililv lo slide
through and under the
guise of Irii'iul. thev have cihiic up
to crc.ile liouble
Out ol even war has conic
great good at a terrible pi ire ves'
but still the fad remains. Dial
the world will be hollered lo the
extent id .1 lormid.ible weapon that
may he the whip hand for vo.irs to
come The atomic bomb is some
thing beyond the ken of the aver
ago lav man. hut iis irsiills are
known to i'vi'm I lie 011 ngesl listen-'
ers on the radio or reader ol I he
papers. Thai it holds in its power '
death and 1 1 1 - equallv In such an
extent as lo he destructive lo whole
cities or iiclion In motive uses (bill :
will iccons! 1 net whole cities,
seems unreal Vet I hat is u 1 1 . 1 1
man has devised anil brought into
! We ale 011 lb,, threshold n a
1 new hie now anil II is up to each
! and evei v one ol us lo I brow ImiiiI
: tier 1n shoulder and make e cry
I slop one ) or w.'i rd I'nilv r strength
land Ihc onlv progies ion we as
people. 1 iturns and lamilii . an
make 1, to bold l.igethei and go
onw a nl logcl 1 1 i
I Sin el v t hese li c v e.n . ol bit ler
W.'lll.'ire should le.irh .1 to I Imil.
I carcfiillv . a i I vv Mb 1 ami
J thank God I hat w 1 hav e been '.par
I I'd lo lake up 011 1 lives m a sanr
and sensible manner We have
plenlv ol good honest work ahead
ol Us so l. l s ,;, , p ' )( ; . 1 1
Boosters Club To
Have Ladies Nihl
At Lake Logan
The I lael w oorl I'.oo ;! r - ( 1 1 1 1 1
will hold their annual summer
outing at Lake l.ngan tonight al
seven o'clock, as thev honor then
wives at supper,
A program ot cnlcrtainmeii! has
been arranged by a special com
mittee, headed bv (' N Allen
Dewey Myall is president of the
.lobnn.v: What was voui sisler
angry wilb you about'1
Willie: She sent me lo the dru4
j store to get sonic cold cream, anil
I got ice (team. was the
I coldest I could gel
Can You Eat Corned
Beef and Cabbage
Without Distress?
Try Hot Water and Nrntraeid To
Counteract Any Kxress Stomach
Acidity and Aid Digestion
Never mind w hat brought it on -nvereating.
too much smoking or
drinking too little rest or sleep:
there's one quick way to change
At once put one toa.sponnl'ul of
Neutracid in half a glass of hot
water, stir thoroughly and drink.
Relief from distress comes prompt- !
ly in a very few minutes!
Neutracid is now: it's different.
Excess stomach acids arc quickly
neutralized and very pleasantly too.
It's wonderful! Try Neutracid give
your stomach a fighting chance.
Get a" package today of this new,
different relief for excess stomach
acidity. Smith's Cut Rate Drug
Store and all good druggists,
State College Hints
Mattresses need special care in
warm, humid wea,ther to keep
them from acquiring a musty odor
or mildew, say textile specialists.
At least once a week mattresses
need airing and occasionally sun
ning in bright, dry weather. Brush
ing tufts and seams prevents dust
from collocting at these places.
I A convenient time for the week
1 ly airing is when sheets are ehang-
l I'd and bedding removed. Stand
I the mattress up so that air from
open windows can reach both
sides. To prevent the mattress
from sagging in the center or be
coming lumpy. lurn il from ton
to bottom one week, and from side
to side the next week. Making
bods up each day without pulling
back the covers and airing may
save tune but does not save mat -trcsws.
Uody and head moisture
made up in the bed may cause
.1 stale odor to develop.
A pad between mattress and
sheet protects the mattress from
soil and wear. Heady-made quilted
cotton pads may he hard to find
in stores these days but they may
he made at home. Smooth quilts,
cotton blankets or old spreads
may he used tor this purpose.
Many good housekeepers also
protect their mattresses with cov
ers These are made with boxed
corners like square slip covers and
with open ends The open ends
may he fastened by tapes, snaps
and zippers. The same sort of
cover for open springs protects
the mattress from rust and saves
sheets from catching and tearing.
Ileavv muslin is a good material
lor such covers Feed sack mater
ial is excellent.
HOW TO Kil l, IT
Kill the outer skin II peels olT
and with il goes the ivy infection
Often one application is enough
(hi Tc-ol solution at any drug
store It's powerful. Stops itch
ing quickly. Your a lie back to
morrow if not pleased. Today al
Smith's Cut Rale Drug Store.
MATINEE: Sunday 2 and I P. M.; Saturday 2 and 3:30 P. M.
NIGHT SHOW: 7 and 9 P. M., Sunday Night, 8:30
ADMISSION: Children I nder 12 Years, 12c: Adults, All
Seals. 3'c TAX: On Children's Pass, 2c; Adult Pass, 6V
AI GI ST Ih-17
"Diamond Horseshoe"
Starring Hetty Grahlc and Dick Haymcs.
With William Hmd and Andy Clyde.
LATE SHOW l(t:.!0 P. M.
"The Pantom Speaks"
With Richard Allen and l.v nn RoJierts.
Sl'NDAY Al'Gl'ST I!)
"That's The Spirit"
Willi Jack Oakic and Penny Ryan.
MONDA Y-Tl'ESDA Y Al'Gl'ST 20-21
"Christmas In Connecticut"
Starling; Itarhara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan.
Willi Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
School Headquarters
With A Complete Line Oi
Many Styles and Colors
For Hovs and (J iris

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