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r KTCE EIGHT TSrtona Section?
Real Estate
Beaverdam Township
Glenn Moore, ct ux' to J. K.
.1. L. Conard, ft ux to R. E.
Putnam, ct ux.
D. U. Bryson, ct ux to t. C.
Ulrs. Aililic TeaKiie Wells to II.
II. PilkiiiKton. ct ux.
T. M Rhodarmcr lo Nell Rob
erts, et vir.
Ulcss Hall to A. M. Wall, ct
J. VV. f'aison to (' I.. Cole, el
Hufus F. Swanjjer, ct ux lo A. I-'.
Mashhurn, et ux.
A. E. Kvrrhnrl to Melvin llen
linc, et ux.
J. W. Kvans, ct ux to Dcssie
Mc ha (fry.
.1. W. Carver to N. W. .I.iynes
The Champion Paper and Fibre
Company lo George Arthur,
ct ux.
A. K. Mashhurn. ct ux to Kul'us
K. Swanger. et ux.
Yoder Pink Surrett. ct ox to
Hoy Iiohcrt Tranlliam. el ux
O W. Sutton, ct ux lo Dorothy
Driver, et vir.
A C. Howe, et ux lo I) II Howe,
et ux.
Clyde Township
.1. S Hrmvn. c ux lo larlc
Bon-A-Vcnluie, Inc., lo Fred O
Cecil Tounship
.loc Burk anil Davie lluik lo
Will Swaner and Mini Sw.uiKcr
Ciabtrcie Township
Kred Noland. et ux to II. II
Holt, et ux.
Canton ItuildiuK and Loan As
sociation to S. M. Itohinson, Tniv.
to Fred Noland. et ux.
Heading From Left To Right
Fast Pork Townsttip
C. II Burnett and May ,1. Hancy
to T. M. Ct)(jbiirn. el ux
Jonathan Township
W. P. Boyd, el ux to Trustees
Shady Grove Methodist church.
Ivy Hill Township
I). I.. Plcss. ct ux al to Gor
don Brown, et ux. '
S. J. Moody, ct ux lo M. O.
H. B. Milner. el ux lo Kliza
heth Carver.
Minnie Plot), el al lo S. .1.
Moody, ct ux.
Pigeon Township
W. II. Look, et ux to Sylla Da
vis. W. H Look, et ux to .1. II
Heeee, ct ux.
H. Arthur Osborne, ct ux to F.
H. Panning, ct ux.
Claude W. Burnett to J. II.
Take only al dirnoted
has been relegated to the omitted
side of the list of best sellers. For
months too numerous to mention,
FOKKVEK AMBER has strode her
imperious way at the head of the
parade. And let it be said now
I in AMBER'S favor that the only
reason she has dropped by the
wayside is because she is unavail
able. The listing lias put her
aside only because the orders can
not be filled and there is no point
in advertising something a fellow
eaiu.ot attain So long, AMBER,
for the time being.
With the leader stepping
aside, there is an opening for
the new hook "The WAYFAR
ERS" by Dan Wickcndcn. This
hook was the selection of the
Literary Guild which bespeaks
more than a good word for it.
Then, too, the fart that Para-
m it Studio paid $100,000 for
the movie rights certainly
adds up the total that it must
Singleton, el u
Norman II Singlrlon. ct ux to
.1. II Singleton, ct ux.
Waynesi ille Township
Howell ( 'raw I'm d ct ux lo Cliar-
lie Parker
.1 M Is. -Ili-lt lo lioberl F, Luth
er. Anna I. Seercsl lo W. P. Smith.
et u.
W Clark Medfi.rd, el ux lo L
N Davis
,la. k l-'clnii l H ux lo Horace
I Itickel I . el us
II W ('raw-lord el ux lo Ever
ett MeElroy. el ux.
V. W Freeman, ct ux lo Luther
F Myers, el ux
John II Sinai hers, el ux to
Ralph William Mercer, el ux.
1. E. Suns et ux lo Johnnie J.
R L llogeu, ct ux lo Plcss
Presucll, et ux.
John E. Han Id Thomas Oalcs,
ct ux.
Leona M Hurst lo Leon Russell,
el ux.
David I 'ndcrwood. Jr., ct ux,
et al lo Waller Sutton, et ux.
l.em Sliopanl lo David Under
wood. Jr.
Floyd Lyle, et ux to John B.
Rhineliai (II . et ux.
J A Provost, et ux lo L. II.
Wood, et ux.
J. A. Provost, et ux to R. A.
Wood, et ux.
Harry L. Mashhurn. . it ux to
Delmas Caldwell, et ux.
Delmas Caldwell, el ux to El
wood Caldwell, et ux.
J M. Palmer, et ux to Ronda
V. P. Gentry, el ux to Edward
Hill, et ux.
Jsincs IViondv to jiayfoifi BriiwiK
el' ux. t '
Raymond Monroe: Spates, 'Jr., "to
V. E and Carl Arringlon..
Ronda llcndui son, et uk 16 Co-'-liimbus
Boone, et UX.
be a good, readable story.
The Wayfarers are a family
who have wandered away from
a father who had thought to
find surcease from his grief
over the passing of his adored
wife, in drink. He was a small
city newspaper man but lost
all track of work, family and
moral responsibilities when
the habit reduced him to com
plete apathy. His endeavor to
find his way back to his chil
dren forms the story. These
children, Laurette, Charlie
and Patricia, had wandered
away on their own little side
roads and were self sufficient
or so they thought. Very entertaining.
We are still talking about "THE
THER SMITH." Somehow, at this
present time our thoughts and
hearts turn toward religious mat
ters and this book seems perfectly
fitted lor the trend.
We have been denied laugh
ter for so long a time that it
seems quite lit and proper we
should find ourselves in a
merry mood. If you aren't
when you pick up the hook,
"THE IIAI'I'Y TIM E," by Rob
ert Fontaine, you will be be
fore you turn over the fif
teenth page. It isn't a novel in
the strictest sense of the word:
it's just "THE HAPPY TIME."
So come on in and join us for
No need lo till you about Un
popularity of "UP FRONT'' by
Mauldin; or "THIS IS WHERE I
CAME IN" by Robert .1 Casey;
or "BRAVE MEN" by Ernie I'yle.
The fact that these books have
been re-ordered eight times tells
its own story. We have them now
but for how long well, that's
something else again.
"REDEI.IA" by Vera Cas
pary. Now. there is a story
that is a story. We spent one
precious Sunday reading this
hook and found ourselves re
luctant to lay it down for
mealtimes, liedelia was quite
a gal, if you know what we
mean. She had a way with the
men but somewhat a differ
ent way than you would
imagine. It all depends upon
how you divide those two
woids "a way." What it took
to acquire insurance money,
Bedelia had the proper policy.
But as happens to all women
good or bad Redelia's prem
iums lasped and liedelia be
came a bad risk.
"For beating your wife. I will line
you $1 10." said the .judge.
"I don't object to the dollar,"
said the prisoner, "but what is the
ten cent's for'.'"
"That," siid the judge, "is the
Federal tax oil s."
Check the' market first make "lore what local needs are,
then cut. There is still urgent need forj lumber of all sorts.
The need is not the same in every location, so obtain a
contract in 'advance. Keep your nearest war industry
supplied with lumber. For advice on proper Imarketinj
and cutting, call on your local Forester or County Agent.
For market call: '
Hazelwood Lumber Co.
Grace Lumber Mills
Lake Junaluska
Went Up To 85
During Past Week
Reclassifications by the local
draft board stepped up to eighty
five during the past week, accord
ing to the figures released by the
clerk of the board serving the
Waynesville area.
John S. Bradley was the inly
man placed in class 1-A.
Placed in class 1-C i inducted in
to the service were: William A.
Hunter. Brownlow Conner, Marion
L. Burgess, James E. Smith, How
ard R. Phillips and James M. Pal
mer Placed in class 2-A was Lloyd
A. Blanton.
Placed in class 2-A iFl was
Handy W. Kirkpatrick.
Placed in class 2-15 was Ray
mond K. Pearson.
Placed in class 4-F were: Vein
E. Powers. Joseph J. Alkins. Char
les W. Grasty, and Horace II. Sut
Placed in class 2-C Fi was Rob
ert V. Fisher.
Continued in class 2-A were
Woodrow W. Rich, and Ernest B
Continued in class 2-A iFl were
I George M. Queen and Arthur H.
I Franklin.
I Continued In 2-C (F) was Ver
I non J. Messer.
Continued in class 4-F were: Ed
ward Jenkins, Wydcmen Rogers,
Jack L. Conard, Arthur H. Gallo-
i way, Earl Conard and Alfred W.
', Fowler.
Continued in 2-B (F) were:
j Grady W Overman. Thadus B.
j Messer, Hughes F. Morris. Grady
j A. Downs, Roy K. Edwards. Ralph
! Leatherwood, Horace S Downs,
I Thomas B. McCracken. Thomas II.
i Rogers. Jr., Frank J. Hannah. Car
j roll J. Glance, Claude Sutton and
j William C. Green.
! Continued in class 2-B were:
I Glenn Tranthan. Celovis C. Boone,
j John A. Messer, Dewey A. Scruggs,
j Willie D. Sherrill, Cleveland G.
J Parks, Joe T. Gaddy, Ira McClurc,
j Jack Felmet, Gay L. Bradshaw,
: Jack II. Snyder, James V. Oliver,
Waldo Green, John F. Moore,
Hugh Edward Leatherwood, Burl
E. Nichols, Jack E Burnette.
Vernon O. Winchester. Thurnian
E. Smith. Jacob 1). Haskett, Joseph
Manson Carver, Horace F. Craw-
ford, Clarence O. Green, Harry L.
j Scruggs, Wiley ,V McElrath. Clif
I ford C. Stamey. Allon Ralhbone,
i Itoscoe Overman, Charles E. Alli-
; Ralph B Woodard. William H.
Howell. Guy H. Gunler. Salnia M.
Hill. Ernest II Carver, Donald I
Cpl. Troy J. Stevenson
Is Enroute Home
From European Theatre
Cpl. T. J. Stevenson, of Waynes
ville. R. F. D. No. 2, is enroute
home, according to information re
ceived from headquarters of the
assembly area command, France.
His group handled two million
gallons of gasoline daily in combat
in the European theatre, but his
137(Jth engineer petroleum distri
bution company would consider
themselves fortunate to get an
extra gallon on their return home.
His group is heading for the
United States through rcdeploy
inciii orocedure. At Camp Atlanta,
near Chalone, France, these en
gineers recounted how they laid
the famous pipeline and installed
the pumping stations to expedite
the movement of gasoline to the
advancing American armies in
Europe. They also maintained the
line and held to less than one per
cent the loss of gasoline through
leakage and theft.
Medlord. Woodrow MeElroy. Rat
clifT C. Kinsland. Virgil L. Mea
dows. John G. Hipps, Charles E
Blair. Milliard Jonos, Eckel 11.
Mashhurn. Frank F. Birchfield.
Troy I). Cutshaw, and Thomas
Don't Expect Too I)
loo Soon -
The situation is easing up .,, ,
enough to expect too much lhe "0
items all at once. orl
High Quality
Pearce's Bake
Let Us Bake For You
The purpose of our ANIMAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT is to provide farmers
with ;i (lepondaMc source of reliable preparations relating to the health and care
of livestock and poultry. Hut we MORE than answer this purpose we are pre
pared to answer your questions about disease prevention and control programs
to jjive factual information on how to use animal health products for the
greatest elliciency and economy. Our professional training and scientific knowl
edge qualify us to he of real assistance to you.
Do Your Own Vaccinating
Veterinary Syring and Two Needles - - - - $1.95
Dehorn Your Calves While Thev Are Young
Dehorning Paste -
He Able To Identify Your Cattle
One-Half Pound Branding Fluid 75c
Pulvex Powder 39c
"" ro,,IMl -0 Size 20c .Size Bird Seed
Sodium Flouridc 39c LYSOL 89c Frenche s 2 for 20c
Full Tint Kills I lies Makes 12 Gallons Dry ( lean Vour Dog or Cat Pulvex
FLIT 19c KRESO DIP 44c Dry Cleaner ,. 44c
Kills Burs On Plants Serjeant's Disinfectant To Stop Bleeding On Animals
Black Leaf "40" 29c PINE OIL 59c Blood Stopper 60c
For Colic In Horses Sloan's For Roup In Chickens Pratt's
Worm Your Doris and Cats l ull Pint Disinfectant No. 6
NEMA CAPSULES 25c to 65c Makes Twelve Gallons 49c
For Cuts and Scratches Metal Self Retaining
Balsam Of Myrrh 25c to $1.19 MILKING TUBE 19c
Poultry Tonic Pratt's Vaccine Against Blackleg
A Flock Treatment Pratt's f, na.,in i
or spavin In Horses
Poultry Worm Powder 60c BLISTERING OINTMENT 75c
SlXJnS" R0St-PraUS 50c S- For Lameness In Stock
For Baby Chicks Pratt's Vaccinate Aagainst Black S
CHICK TABLETS 30c Ten Doses BlackScour Vaccine 75c
Arc you letting th, J
cramping restrictions of i
ly fitted truss keep yo,
having fun? o, a,-e vm
to get out and enjoy jgj
actively . . . i-omforlahl,
safely? You'll hnd tht
answer to these QUfslinut
modern lightn-richt ImJ
fcctly lilted by onr trainn
experienced truss fitter
lift and hold the hernia i
with a gentle touch thai'
mits fun and protection
and the same time.
50c Size l or Chicks
Walko Tablets
For Colds Amow; Stock
Sphons Comp,
Vitamins For Pets
Kills Moles
$1001) Roach Killer
Kills Roaches
Kills Rats
Rat Nip
$2.25 Si7,c Cold ('ream
Luxura i
Kills hitchrn drs
Air Wick
25 FfH M,n 1'aprr
Cut Rite
5r For Jlead.-t'i'
Goody Po. 3 lor
$1.00 Toilet Water
Lilac Vegetal.
M ' I ill
men, ituihcu
Want to Feel Years Yorf
'T ntt With? A-XnM
.Th.iiiynriA nm'.Z'' ' w .
curiorv in.-
iTablew for dw pr-)
ton sen
it ' n
white it"
rr.fnt u

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