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kary Notes
In Berlin
ouiHV 1-iwana..
. .,. . :ind Fat h-
bl fj f Marshall is ;
I)UU. about a Catholic
, Si-utkuul ' Asper.gei
iiin U '"' -'tl,"Ls-rle
llu' nsl'hiol
,'iwrli 111 siinilin;
V at .in)'1""' l'lsl'-.
,.,ui-kablf collection
tp Front " with ae
L text Ij tii- intantry t
L jrtwiiM H'li Mauiinn
uoilc (i! I.I lilt' 1 !' !
ell Ill-quo co iiuuuij;
t I.,..lirwl
iiu,' mid "as
f brother in- son in the
. I... M... t,1
VU'lltC ,1111111 ,iiuiiiiuiiu.
unit-Its "I He 1S
Lnd tuuclu"g little story
L aI1 tpisuiic in me nit'
r i. ..(:
li American laim onicei
JiuiK i" a military hos
Cjil and movingly told.
A Free Country rscn
lianis lake. n b neiu i
lui-kv fellow who is Hit economic and
es The story plays tin
,l,rii farm during the
irars. anil is directed to
that is wrong with that
,n anil with I lie govern-
li bri't'tls tin- conditions
h hf Millers. Not pleas-
Ik Moon" the two Ken-
, wlio have combned
muter the name of
fc't'i'kin give vull a good
historical novel with a
,1 running from Pitts-
Iwanl as background,
illinill asccnsiolllsl . as
Mm beautiful ligiitropt
liernine. It is lively
lliiiuus ii i ict good reading
Sliuw Boat."
Irei iiKKiin. I'rivate r irst
sume infract ion of the
Rev. Malcolm H., Williamson,
Wliitener Prcvost. Supcrinlcn
!cnt oi Sunday Si hool.
Sunday School at loot) o'clock.
Morning V.'t rship 1 1 .o-l o'clock
erinon subject: It U Finished.''
Pioneer ho;, s and t;i, Is and
oung People meet at 7:00 p. m.
Pray er service Wednesday i ve
i:;i..; at 8:00 o'clock.
Mackhlf, Too, Went l-ast
Ve, it is true, thffp is ft Bud
h.nmlf im-ilk-alt-d liquid called
KLCtRCX (lues li pimply
4l,triait a,l tolMisi ii and lenmvr
1,-Ktlll I llOW WllO IlllldWI'tl Mill
litlumi uixl urplu d Hler ut'Oi,
ven iiiii.iimiuI) mil ii ii'O wlien tli-
ul l,U, kin' uln Nat! cltt,.ipiKiin-il
kiitaiuatirlly jiroiaf KImtci am
M 1uuh'I CiuImi I ;n-d Hlul ilie HOW
1,'jt lllilliillli. U Hlr.
1,. It.,t v , v,u K-t d.Hlt.le
'A t,.r It'wri ' 1 , il-
Cut il.-ite Drug; Store
iiAZKI.V.OO!) I'KPSh Y Tl'.ltlAX
( 'HI K( II
Rev. S. I! Crockett. I'astor
Sunday Scn-iol iiiini o'clock
Lawrence Dav is. Su nei mteiidi'iit.
Moriiiiu; Serv ice I ! DO o'clock.
German subject: M- ,, Than (
Pioneers meet at 7 00 o'clock.
Prayer services We.lnesda eve
ning at t! o'clock.
imisTi st m:ci:
Church rooms lot on the
iecond Moor of lh,. Masonic
Temple. Sunday st'rv ice t1 a c h
norniiiM at 11 o'clock. (in the
.irst Wednesday of cat h month metlui-s Wj he held
:n the evenings.
"Soul" will he the uhjecl of the
lesson-sermon on n,'l Sunday
liol iiinu and the Cnldi n TeM vv ii!
he taken fioin l'salms i:i(J (i, "My
oul waiteth for the Lord more
ban they that watch lor the moin
.n: I say more than t hey that
.vatch for I he moi ni
u!es reduces lnn to the rank of
mere private, who hails from
Urooklyn and talks as no man
there or anywhere else under the
sun ever talked, hut makes it
iound coin inciiu:. moves Ihrou.uh a
succession of sketches In Harry
Brown, the author of "A Walk In
he Sun", rise to constant
chuckles as he yoes.
In his latest novel. "So Well Ko-
lliea hered " .l.imes Hilton recre-
ites a small Lnnlish town through
lie period of two World Wars and
tile brief, disturbed peace which
ay between, lie has taken for his
'hero" a 'little 111:111" horn into the
owcr middle class, self-educated.
but with a personal philosophy
which drives him into public life
ocial reform and political olliee.
A hook very different from the
fanciful record of "Mr. Chips".
from the imaginative world of
Shangri-La. .lames Hilton has
rulv "well remembered."
"Tune To lie Young" edited by
Wlul Burnett is a collection of.
SO aulobioi'rai.hiral skeiches about
the childhood and youth of many
writers, old and new. It will be
enjoyed by most adult readers.
Rev J. C Madison. Pastor
Church School under the direc
tion of M. H. Bowles opening al
10:00 o'clock.
At the morning hour the pastor
will speak on the subject Bombers
or Builders." A program of sacred
music will be presented at the
evening service.
The Mt' Youth Fellowship
will meet at 7:00 o'clock. For a
program a second in a series of
forunib will be held.
Kev. Robert C. Tatum. Keclo.
Holy Communion al H:00 a. n,
Church school at 10 00 a 111.
Morning Prayer and cunlirm.i
linn at 1 1 a. 111
Young People's service leagiw
and crusaders al 7:00.
Holy Communion each Wednes
day cm ning at 111 a in.
Kev Robert C. Tatum. Hector
Kv cnsoii'-: at li 00 in.
Pastor. Miles A. McLean
Sunday school at 10.00. with
classes for all ages.
Church serv ice at 11:00. at w hich
time the pastor will take as lu
topic. "Preparing lor the Kra 01
World Peace:' and the text wil
he taken 110111 1 Kings lti:;il, "Am1
he 'Klij.ih' repaired Hie altar o!
the I.01 d thai was broken down'
There will he a number by the
choir which is directed by C. (I
Klopp and with Mis-, Peggy Mc
Cracken. pianist.
The young people will meet at
7:li0 p in. and Jerry Liner. Jr
will ue 111 charge ot the program
and Wallace Ward 111 charge of Hit
Sunday Si hool. under the general
supervision of Fail Messer. will
1111 el at 10 00 a. ill. There an
classes for all groups, irrespee! im
of a.:,e.
Morning worship at 111 i. The
pastor will bring a message on Un
timely subject of Christian Patrio
tism." There is nnronllict between
Christian Patriot ism and National
Patriotism, for. "Happy is that pen
p!e whose Cod is the Lord "
Training I nion meets at 7:00 p
111. Kvery church needs more and
better leaders in all departments
The Haplisl Training Union is the
answer to this great need. Miss
Jlat.sic l-'recvman and her associates
in this training program would like
to see more people taking advan
tage of this opportunity.
Kvening worship at li o'clock. Tin
house was almost filled lasi Sun
riioom nouse
k West Of Dayton
Rubber Plant
2 Baths - Basement
3 Outjiouses
Ny Faces 350 Feet On Paved Highway -Lot over
300 feet deep.
Known As Sam Jones Residence
;Ced Reasonable for Immediate Sale
At Above Place Or Call 2721 For Further Details
J" X S. i s.
Ns' 1 ft
s N N
on of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Par
on of Ilazelwooti. who is now slu
loned in Berlin. He entered the
erviee in 1943 and look his train
ing at Camp Young. He has been
jverseas for the past 19 months,
iiid has served in Fngland. France,
viianr.i, Holland and (ieriuany
l the tune he entered the service
e was employed by the Dayton
lubber plant.
.lay evening, but we t an seat a few
more. The pastor will preach on
Spiritual Blackouts.'' The Scrip
ures have much to say about black
iiits physical, spiritual and nilel
cilu.t! darkness To ov ercoine such
l.ii'kness the Bible poiills to Cod
vho is Light, and in Him there is
no darkness.
Monday at 0:00 p. in., 'ill tin
junior organizations of the W. M
S will meet at the church for thou
!ro-.:i ,iii;s, after which the ladies
will serve supper in the social hall
Wednesday and Thursday are set
aside for the Haywood Baptist As
sociation. The first day the meet
,ng will be held at the Pleasant church. hc;'inning al 10:01
i in The Woodland church wil
be host on Wednesday
Mid week service and choir re on Wednesday nighl at it
i cock Kev. L. A. Free, pastor of
lie Fast Baltimore Baptist church,
i.ili niiore. Maryland, will conduct
.be service.
sr. John's catholic ciii'itm
Schedule of Masses
Way nesv ille. every Sunday (K
W. T ' 11:00 a. m.
Andrews, every filh Sunday (C
W. T.)- 11: 00 a. m.
Bryson City, every Sunday (K
W. T.i 8:00 a. m.
Canton, every ,r)th Sunday (F.
W. T.I - 11:00 a. in.
Cherokee, every 3rd' Sunday IK
W. T.i H OI) a. m.
Franklin, every 2nd and 411
Sunday (K. W. T.i 8:00 a m
Highlands, every Sunday iK. W
T.I 1 1:00 a. in.
Murphy, every 5th Sunday IC
W. T.i (1:00 a. m.
Sylva. every 1st Sunday IK. W
I'.i 11:00 a. m.
Ivt. Keevcr Is Now
At Augusta Hospital
Private Harold M Keever. of
Way nesv ille. has arrived al the
Olivei (ieiieral Hospital al Augusta.
1 ron i overseas for further medical
1 realinent .
Teacher: Why was it that David
said he would rather be a doorkeep
er in the house of the Lord'
Little Boy: So he could ko out
side if he didn't like the sermon.
Laving qualified as administra
tor c. t a. of the estate of F.phi
!eiua Louisa Penney, this is to
notify all persons hiiving claims
ig.ynst said estate to file same
with the undersigned al his olliee
in Wnynesville. N. ('.. on or be
fore August 1st. 194I). or this
notice will be pleaded in bar there
of. All persons indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate
This August 1st, 1945.
A. T. WARD, Administrator r.t a.
No. 1455 Aug. 9-Sept. 13
hrl . EXTINCT. '
That we have just re
ceived a shipment of 1
and 5 Foot Chicken
Naillon Infant
Funeral services were condiiit
ee'. on Saturday afternoon in Hart
ford. Term., ior the infant son of
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Naillon. o,
Lake Junaluska. who dil Friday
Burial was alsti in a llartfoi.i
Crawford Funeral Home was ;.
charge of the arrangements
Miss l.uciie Bishoo, who is now
employed in Baiktitoit. Ohio, has
recently visited her parents. Mr.
.iiilI Mis K C Bishop. ,t their
heme on Clyde, i! F D No 1 She
had as her guest. Miss cr.i Kaul.
i I Barkei ton
and Mrs.
: uesls over
Mrs Prank
Frank. Jr
.1 1. Way Iftul as
the w eek-end. Mr.
Ttierrcll and two
.mil Ashton
(Jewelers Sintr 1865)
Kxpert WaUh and Jewelry Ilepairing
Complete Stock Ouposit Maiii Temple
8 Church Street
Tt-lrpiuiue 514
J Samuel Cunningham
. Funeral services were conducted
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
I Allen's Creek Baptist church for
Samuel Cuiuiinshani. 4T of Haei
wood, who died in the Black Moun
i tain State Sanatorium on Sunday
i following a lonjj illness.
Kev. William Sorrells and Hev
I M. C. Wyatt officiated. Burial was
in the Hocky Branch cemetery.
Mr. Cunninghaiu had b. en em
ployed by the A. C. Lawrence
leather Company for eighleen
Surviving are his widow, one
son. Humphrey. U S. Army, si.i
tinned at Augusta, (ia ; two daugh
ters. Mattie and Maxiuc Cunmie
ham. both at home; one brother.'
Humphrey Cunningham, of New
port News. Va.; three sisters Mr- '
William Talley. and Mrs. Wiley
McClure, both of Candler, and Mrs
Hoy Metlford, of Way nesv ille
Cralord Funeral Home was in
charge of the aVrangoiiiriils
Four From One Family
Serving In Armed Forces
Mr and Mrs, Will kui;:!il oi
llaelwood. have tine son and line
sons-in-law in the service. Tl:t y
Sgt, Alfred Knight, who is now j
stationed with the 304th Infantry n
Ceiinany. '
Private F.llis Morgan, who is also I
serving with the II. S. Infantry m '
Cpl Wilson MeClure. wlio ha
served 12 months in Italy, and e
now in a hospital in Koine, ll;i
Pvt. Clayton Massie, who is sia
tinned at Camp Croll.
Si,l William Cowartl. a fourth
on in-law, has been tliscliai ",cd
after serving 17 months in He
Southwest Pacific.
Miss Helen Noland is expected
lo arrive home this week from
Newport News, Va., for a week's
vacation with relatives She will
')o accompanied by her cousin. Miss
Shirley Silvers, of Canton, who has
'icon visiting her in Newport News
ew Words oi Caution
o Discharged
Veterans about
0. 1. Home Loans
Nn returned Serviceman need rush Into
Imiiie huylm: or buildinc. The Covernment
v ii.n .inter of up to Si. 1100, as provided in the
(.. I. Kill of Ititilits. extends lor u period of
two years limn dale of tliscliarue or from
Hie i nil til tin- war. whichever is later.
Thai means that ample lime is available
for i . n ef ul traiLm: or intrllijtf lit planniiiK
w'lln.ul losing . iiy licnt-lit of Hit- loan guar
anty. Our atUiet- is ko slow. Buy or huild
as i .ii cl ully as if every penny involved was
out of your pocket. In the long run, they are.
So. to assure your Ioiik time satisfaction and
prolil. don't let haste dielate your decisions.
Your loan guaranty is good for at least two
more years.
Some Serviceman, enthused over the pos
sibility of home ownership, are apt to "bite
olT more than they can chew." Don't over
reach yourself. Our experience convinces us
that iny home buying program that requires
more than 29 or 25' of income la unsound,
(auce your ownership program by your In
come and circumstances. Don't endanger it
by buying beyond your means.
We cordially invite your application for
a i. I. IIOMF LOAN. Information and
friendly advice is absolutely free.
V;.iin Sired
4 jI . if "Kit I
i f 'Wifl
1 hen-'s nothiiijT cjn it. likt- a k 'o1 tweed suit tn
s (' a man smartly thmiiKh almost any businoss
or six'ial occasion, and there's no tweed quite like
a sturdy herringbone ! Come in and try on one
of these smart suits.

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