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I ll-tt-T ll'OIIl
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IcMiik', hrr
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r- "
Tribute Paid To I
Pfc. Owen Hudson p
By Commander
Mrs. Irene Hudson, ulio.-c sun.
Pfc. William Owi-n IIlkImhi. :is j
killed in act inn on Okinawa Is-
land, Hyukyu Islands, on June 21.
has recently rcccivci
Lt. .1. .1. Kreeinan. i
her son's cnninany
some of the details.
Excerpts from the le'tor fol
low: "It is with li j j -I icvii l
1 inform yon of the n cinnsl ..iiccs
which hidni'hl aliont tin death on
the ! 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' of 21 .lone. 1 -4 : . :'
your son. lie volunteered to
as a stretcher hearer when
company was eneaeed with
enemy on 'Hill ".!'. Tin- 'tret
team was forced lr. enemv the to
find shelter. Your mhi was hit
while he was attempting to lind
cover. The bullet nraod Ids tore
head. Me was iiimieduli ly eva
cuated to the I .i I ion medical
station where he re eived medical
treatment from the medical nlliccr.
It was found tlial the liullet hxl
penetrat'd his brain tissue Your
son died later thai dav without re
gaining consciousness.
"No words can brim; bac k Hill
to you. but be died a hcioic ileal h
fighting for what he believed was
right. Me was respected anil ad
mired by all of us in I" ('ompany.
He didn't have to voluiuoei lor
a stretcher beaicr as Ins i'ci;ulai
duties were in the tnor'ar platoon
but he realized that we were in
need of another man to complete
a stretcher team of four men
He had alwavs enacted hi-, duties
without any questions asked.
"You have eveiv rinht to be
proud of Hill. .To us who lomdd
beside him and lived wiili
can personally 4a.v we shal
forget this memory ol Ins
Invasion Scenes Of Jap Held Islands
hun. I
ll"l CI
Joe Davis, of
spending this wt
parents, Mr. and
U ihnim'lnn. is
ek here Willi his
Mr-,. C S Davis.
Good Hearing
is Good Business!
BE'ITKH work and more succcsh
ure fri-ijucnlly flic resul I o!' im
proved heat-int;.
And romrmln-r if you are liard
of hearing, you may In,, I ynursrlf
about not. neeciiatf a hearing aid.
llut you can't foul your liusim.iM
associutes and friends'.
So coinc in today for a fr, r dem
oustrulion of ll,c .eniiii Hailionic
Hearing Aid. Tlien
tion to buy. uur
A model for practi
cally every t v " of
correctiihle lu-jirinjj
Iotas. Cotllffl ready 1
wear. Only $ Ul mid
$50 coiiipli te with
iUOOIIHll U"IH N i-u-
trul - ( 'olor i ;.ir(liwii
aud Cord. Choirf? of
amplifier colors ;il no
extra cost.
a Jap he'd Island in the I'acilic. After' I he beachhead was ,
Heel to keap the armies supplied with men and equipment.
endless line Iroin Hie bi'ai h, to su- ly advancing Allien hoop luva ion Heel pi bai k-
1.1. Iiiul A. Smilh
nosjiilal In Miami
WMr '.''I - Smith, son of Mrs
UPr ;r,a Smiilt. of llazelwood. ha,
. been ad iiil I ( i! ' o 1 tie A I-' le(.'ioiial
Itadirc ol
lloni(,. ' oin.'de ii hi Hospital at Mi-
ainilisi i u l lor I real inenl and rest .
" " ai i ordiiiL'. hi inloi mat ion received
,, , ,. , liOlli the hosiolal.
Itickman. Ilu.'li j
D. Iludilnvvcis 1,1 adddion to reci'ivin" recular j
'reatiiienl h'oin a slab of aruiv
pic, -.ici.iii .. mu se s aim specialists
' lie iai icni win . i i 1 1 c 1 1 1 , 1 1 e in ill v ,
lliichanan. .Iodic . . , ,
s ic o i I a 1 1 1 1 H . i ec i i ,11 ion a in I
l i siooii! activities which are part
o t he hospilal s pi ocrant to help
. I he m, idler at lain coinplele recov
ei v
raln-iils al a, lake part in the '
con vale- eeni en ices p i' o i; r a in
which !'ies I hem an oniaiit u nit v I
i to plan post war homes, sketch
imiii!. w..ik m I be machine anil
vo d w oi l. in,' shops, and si inly mu-
' sic and l.uc'iiaces.
I'hoto shows the invasion life line oil'
established it was the job of the invasion
Insert shows tin
Mi ound.
Welcome Home
'I'he l idhnviiiR Haywood Men Have Received
Honorable I'rom Military Service,
AccnrdiiiK To Itcccirils Received Here.
A moni!
ai tnei
- ai i-a
vv eck
men discharged from
irees 1 1 imii 1 ne vv a.v nes-
i I In- count v during I lie
Kohi-i'l l.i
toil lirag-J.
cchnuiau lillh grade llarvev I.
London, from aiin.v ai fort Hiagg.
I i -ank I i 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 m . lames. I'm i-inan
second cla. s, navv. from li. S. Naval
Hospital, H.uubridge, Md.
I 'ri vat e A 1 1 Inn' ( i leiidou Thouip
sou. aruiv. ii oui ( 'o:i alesceiil llo-.-pital.
Camp liiitner.
Private la-sler llrowii. from army
-seoaral ion ('(iiler, l-Url lii agg.
I'rivalc Lawrence Vaughn I'ull
hri;;!i! . I'rnni army at fort Bragg.
Private first l.yinan 1''.
Kinory, from Army at Convalescent
Hospital. Camp liutucr,
Technician I'd'th grade .James
Dewey W.v.ill. from army at Sepa
ration Center. Pint Bragg.
Private Millard Merrill Buchan
an, from Army at Separation Cen
icr. l-'orl Bragg.
Private first Class (li'ovcr Ken
neth Kobinson. Iiooi army at l-'orl
Among recent discharges from
the Canton area of the county arc:
I lav wood Curie;. Saunders, Henry
Davion I linkw i ill ii. John Leonard
Snyder. John Alden Anderson.
Jaiiies li Hawkins. John David
Page. Chillies Broadway Wells, Jr..
Orville Keed Clark, Joe Sam
Sclicnck, Charles Lawrence Fowler.
Charles Kllis Presslev. James Kub
erl Warren, Levister Thompson.
Ualph Mcdiord Sniathers.
l-.bner ciloit Hawkins. Archie
Jackson Scott, Fred Carol Clonlz.
Brent Conklin McClochcy. Lelloy
Myers, llayncs lninan. Klmer Kog
ci's. Krnesl S. Kuykeml.ill, Isbmaul
'ailoit. John Waller Matins. Sam
Lewis Burross. l.onnie Smith. Ver
non Fdward Presslev. Marshall
Henry (.'hilders. Paul Jewell Jami
son. Turner Holland. Henry Glover,
John Coleman
Medlni'd, .lame
(,uv V. Kobeits.
Kiebard Vov le
McCants. Claudi
billion Clonlz.
Jr. Itiilus M
James Paul Hardin
Clark. Ira Clark
( 'lint
el, i w.
I , J.
James Carl Gibson, lioherl Lewis
Saunders, James II. I iitrlev . (Ill
lord Green. Lawrence A. Fnslov
Crnint Lucius Wright. Don IVIelvin
Nichols. Fdward .Andrew Pressel.v.
William I Jbeil Worley. Cb.u It s
Bruce Hawkins. Phillip T. S.iun-
Jat k Freeman Cosnell. V an
Burnett. James Kalph llollz
1 1 ugh 1 leron Smat hers'
I' Medl'ord, Ames Warren.
Thompson. Cordon ( 1 It-nil I
Charles Lynn Gentry. Mor-
ris Ftlwaril Wells, Woodrow W. j
Cairnes. Mellon Alonzo Conh-lb;
Clifford 1-'.. Brown, Jr., Lloyd Don j
Tucker, Millard Howard Hemphill. !
tlrie Lee Ueynolds. Cecil William j
Connelly. Dock Jenkins, Bill Cor
dell. Broadway Jones. John Calvin'
Connelly anil Waller W. Presslev.
" ' ' " i
Two married men were discus- I
sing their home life. 1
"My wife." said one. "is very I
poetic. She gets up at sunrise.
awakens me, and says. T.o. the:
Said the other sadly: "My wife
awakens nte at sunrise anil says.
'Mow the lawn'."
Local and County
School Principals
VI it Here On Monday
The classified and building principal-,
id' I he W'aynosville dislric!
and Haywood to'inly met here ie
the court house on Monday morn
ing Willi M. If. Bowles, county
atpe i i ul i-udcnl . presiding.
if the
- two
The worl
eipals lor I
tin- opeinn
cussed and
school year
ficillv all
county s, sleui w en
thst ussions.
classified prin
weeks prior to
of schools was dis
geeeral plans for the
were outlined. Prac
lie principals of the
present for t he
ood For War
Labor Hay
Smith's Cut Rate
Drug Store
re you embarrassed by
Vlf you suffer from hot flashes.
-teel weak, nervous, hlKhstrung,
a hit blue at times due to the func
tional "nilcldle-age" period peculiar to
women try this preat medicine Lydla
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to
rellive such symptoms. Plnkham's
Compound helps n.vtcjhe. It's one of
the best known medicines for this
purpose. Follow label directions.
The Army's "Wood fur War"
motorcade under the command of
LI. Joseph II. Mitchell, veteran
parachutist with six wounded light
ing men who have just returned
from Kuropcan :md Pacific bat He
fronts, will reach Haywood on
Labor Day. September Urd. and
give their show in Canton that
The veterans will be guests of
j Champion Paper and Fibre Com
j pany at Lake Logan.
'Ihe motorcade is on a 1,500
mile tour of North Carolina's wood
producing areas for the purpose
of bringing to the farmers and
workers in the woods and the mills
a message of appreciation to those
who have been responsible for
North Carolina's tremendous pro
duction of pulpwoud and saw logs
i during the past year. Lt. Mitchell
said he hoped that the direct me.-v
saue from Ihe innloreadc's combat
veterans would influence any
workers Who have not been carry
ing their share of the production
load to slay on Ihe job and gel
out the urgently needed lumber
and pulpwoud products.
While in Haywood and vicin
bv i In- nn, Inn ade will visit woods
and mill onerators where walk
throughs, assemblies or coinmun
dv tallies wi . held.
The veterans traveling with tile
mol or ,'itle have all been in Ihe
t Lick ol Ihe lighting in Kurope and
Ihe Pacific and wear many deco
rations for gallantry in action.
The motorcade is a fully equip
ped field ii ii i I with stall' car and
sound truck equipped with motion
picture projector anil loud speaker
facilil ies.
Omr AA-D Senice DmxcDycSes
Chassis and Motor Cleaning By Steam
W. N. C.'s Most Modern Service Station
ED SIMS, Owner
Hazel Frances Wright
Graduates From
University of Kentucky
Miss Hazel Wrigli'. daugh'er m"
Mrs. W, M. Wright, of Balsam lioad
who will teach in flu- Waynesvillc
district schools durin.g the coming .
year, received an A. li. degree from :
the University of Loi isvillc, Ky . J
on June 22. Majoring in history
and political science silic holds a
teacher's certificate in secondary
As a university si indent Mijss
Wright was president ol Ihe Inter
national Relations Club, vice piesi
denl of the religious couin iI. junior
counselor, chairman of the con
vocation committee, prcsadcut of
the Independent Woman's Alumni
She is a member of ICippa Pi
Kpsilon. honorary sot aal si icni i
fraternity, the American Associa
tion of rniversity Women, anil
group chairman of t ht Ki-nl ucky
Chapter of the I nion Tor Demo
cralic action Miss Wright was a
member of Ihe gradual m i "ias- o
1942 of the Wayncsville high
school. She has arrived here and
is with ner mother at lin n boon
on the fialsain Koad
Led U. S. Fleet
The .'5nl Sundav Sini in
To He licit! In iLizchvood
The Third Sunday ineiiig
ice will be held on Suntlav.
gu-,1 Hi. id the llaelvood -..
auililoi nun. according lo 'v .
tueen, w ho is in charge t.l
event. Those attending are a
lo assemble at 2 p. in and
singing groups in this scciimi
a keil to be present and takt
in Hie program.
lool r
Shin tiiK-i
:-n. I
Sit m bo
Ib't-.t us, t ar below . on I hi
otiijit board
' Hello. It;!-. Ins, how are you get
ling along'''
"Oh. I'se bavin
don't hid lo work n
in some t-oal now
,'i line
nut h. jes -and
I line,
vij.uiuAL KKiNKSl .1 Kl(.
played an important rob- in mel
ting the Navy in position to ftu-e-lively
bontbard Japan's houiel mils
with shells anil ship-borne planes.
Way nes vi lie and
County Schools To
Start Work At 9 O'clock
The Way nesv ille disl i icl --t b
and those throughout Hnyvv
ituinly itre scheduled to o
Monday morning. Align I 7.
tt.i.'lt o'clock.
As lime goes on and the -
row shorter the hour iii
hanged, and the adjust nn-ni-I
In- opening hour w in i t- iiiis.
ed by I lie superint endeut .
M's. i-:.
Citroly n.
( 'hnrlolle
A. Creer
spent a
last week
and dan
few d.n
with relatives
'I'se workiu' purly hard. We
I lo sweep up tie cloud ,. mill in
i be st.ti's. switch on Hie lighl. and
give tie ole sun a shove every
How come you :ill have so
much work to do'.'"
Well. sab. In tell tie truth,
we re kintla sboi I o' help up
acts fast on the kidneys
to ease painful bladder irritation
caused by excess acidity in the urine
Thousands are thanking DR. KILMER'S
SWAMP ROOT for helping them to re
move the cause if needless "getting up at
nights". For this pure herbal medicine,
originally createa by a practising physi
cian, acts quickly to increase the flow of
urine . . . helps relieve backache, run-down
feeling, uncomfortable symptoms of
bladder irritation. SWAMP ROOT is a
ecientific preparation. A combination of
carefully blended herbs, roots, vegetables,
balsams. Absolutely nothing harsh or
habit-forming when you use Dr. Kilmer's
medicine. Just good ingredients that act
fast to bring you new comfort!
Send for free, prepaid sample TODAY!
Like thousands of others you'll be glad
that you did. Send name and address to
Department C, Kilmer & Co., Inc., Box
1255, Stamford, Conn. Offer limited. Send
at once. AH druggists waiu Rot.
si'i:cm ii wiLwn s nos um;
(Jewelers Since 1805)
Complete Stock
Church Street
Opposite Masonic P.iiildhir;
Telephone 51 I
"Good Ole
Soil... AMm
Now, to phone home!"
The South is honored. It has been chosen as the place vlierc
thousands of returning heroes i!l first set foot on their
native soil.
You may see some of them kiss that soil. And you may see
many more waiting hopefully to get a long distance call
How about all of us skipping some long distance calls? How
about keeping the necessary ones brief? Let us gladly accept
this inconvenience for those who have given so much for us.
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
iff -W.
5n I
to a CHliCIC TNlf
is iusyovuttP?m
The Governmciu m.nK p,
A 1 M n
g dim ixavy aiiiitniiiit .md ,!!,
ance cnecks to taimlRi ot Ani
soldiers and Sailors.
Thousands of these th
and forged every year.
Every unlocked mail bx Jr optn maj
receptacle is an invitation to the checj
thief. Put a Strong Lad w, ;,
jx lutiv may jJitvcnt a loss.
The check thief watches forvoj
check to be delivered. Do Y,,u j
at Home to Get Your Chub li 74
Are Due. Then Thy Cant Be wj
Protect your CHECKS ad Jbcfp tb
Irsasury DepsrtffiCfnt in fcMWl
m Progra:
: 1
, -Ac- (
0 ir- -4" 1., -y
A black and while Shepherd's check
"heart throb" with that casual look. Red leather
bell with silvered hob nails and waist
whittling tie. Sizes 9 to 17.
Others $14.98 - S16.93
Take A Membership To the North farolln
Symphony Orchestra On Friday

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