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    AUGUST 16, 1945
PAGE SEVEN (First Sectioc7
n's Club Has
i .1 UonPtlt
r club as both
F""1 .... .,-,.Pss with
I n':j:',t...! The affair
K " ,he Hlel
W K.llian. presl-
i"-1 ... thp
Mil" m-
Bicami- Mrs.. Jimmy
Jujl, u Queen, and
fVr won the top
' .r.'uarl . uhii-h was
.',, !' Belk
"', and Miss Anne
UII.IKT III' thl' 10W
,. ,,i ivorv soap.
J, ' Mrs. W. T.
, (llit witli tumors.
four cakes
i lot Hit' benefit
'",L,',iihan II- Woody
livll.l all lour brinti-
,jnii Hi"' lobby and
j;; s uh(ic I lie tables
""l ) laying were
., , IinliqlU'ts.
;v h'i I 1 U I IMLJI
i! C'kivton
July Bride
Venire, of Hazel-
IniMimiil the marriage
I,!,,. Miss Mona Dell
Wc-lt-rn Sherman
. inalTlaMi' took place
i;j mi August 4, with M oltiriating.
vim lor her marri-
1,! blur anil black com-
; Ijl.u k accessories.
wi if ai c ompanied to
Mrs Kilna I'ressley and
iJiiiniii nas iciuiiicu
fend uiic half years in
kite in the II. S. Army
IreiilK disc harmed.
he will reside in Hazel-
T T 1 1
Briili; Of
ncis S. James
Mi- i: ('. lieck, of
i No I lia e announe-
ol their daughter.
I.mi Berk, to Private
jincs. ul Penrose.
ji;c look place on Au
l lie Ihnuood county
The bride wore a
as. v, ith white acrcs-
ii' nt her marriage the
lisii inn u i n tht Day-
- has recently re
tlii'ee months service
lielore enlist ing ill the
' 'as employed at
('mill . as a machinist
(aiduiii and her sis
Mivs Lillian Godwin,
I'la . have arrived
visit w h the former's
anil Mrs. Jesse Moore.
N .Mrs (iodwin's hns-
(I'nluin. ship's cook,
t I S. Navy, is in a
tul m ('alirornia. Miss
1-X'I In tlie
frk in Jack
I'd Mis John David
' man'UIL'l' tunic nU,,..
(Jrace Kpiscopal
I1' "'tinned from their
IP and are visiting the
t'liK ll' :ml H-
''infii Id.
Aiideis,,,, )as return.
'"'Hie 111 PliihlrlolnViio
'"''" iih her par
Mrs. Julin McClure,
Ps David Miller have
"''iiia alter visiting
'.' -Cllciou,- Smooth
Hi -No looking-No ...
;y;-h.d fl0vo?-Ea,rr!:
u. (, ,ul-' tarn.
fwimodt Ic.C.on,
r"ui). 11N
FRiNCItTfl , u
- ,
LINDER who before her marriage
on juiy in uanney. s. v.-., was
Miss Mary Alice Palmer, daughter
of Mrs. George X. Palmer, of Clyde
Mary A. Palmer
Becomes Bride Of
Harry T. Linder
Mrs. George N. Palmer, of Clyde,
has announced the marriage of her
daughter. Miss Mary Alice Palmer
to Harry Talmadge Linder. son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Linder. ol
Rutherfordton. which took place
on Thursday, July 20'. in Garlnev.
S. C.
For her marriage the bride wore
a navy blue suit with white acces
sories and her corsage was of white
The bride is a graduate of the
Waynesville Township high school.
The bridegrom, a veteran of World
War 11, is a graduate of the Rutl er
fordton high school and has re
cently been discharged from the
army after serving Xi months oer
seas. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jordan and
son, Darwin, are in North, S. C .
this week. Mrs. Jordan was call
ed there two weeks ago due to
the serious illness of her mother,
Mrs. L. N. Hooker.
Miss Blanche Ferguson returned
to Washington, D. C. Monday after
spending two weeks here with her
mother, Mrs. H. C. Ferguson. Miss
Ferguson has a position with the
Navy -Department in Washington.
Mrs. W. Ci. Smith has arrived
from Corpus Christi, Tex., and is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. K. Williamson.
Mrs. Frank Kinsey was called
to Scranton, Pa., this week on ac
count of the illness of her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. H. X. Barber had
as their guests during the past
week, Mrs. Ben Easley and daugh
ter, Miss Mary Alta Easley, of
Greenville. S. C.
Mrs. G. R. Easley and young son.
Richard N. Barber Easley, have re
turned to Harrisburg, Pa., where
they joined Lt. Ensley at Camp
Hill. Mrs. Easley was before her
marriage Miss Mary Ash worth
Mrs. Troy Boyd is spending this
week in Fort Myers, Fla.. where
she is the guest of Cpl. and Mrs.
Lawrence Jones.
Mrs. Coleman W. Ensley and
young daughter. Jackie Maie. left
last week for Fallon, Nev., where
they wiil be joined by C. W. Ens
ley, AMM second class, U. S. Navy.
Mrs. Ensley has been visiting her
mother, Mrs. H. F. Miller, here for
the past several months prior to
joining her husband.
Miss Mary Margaret Smith had
as her guests during the past week,
her sister, Miss Lena Smith of
China Grove, and her sister-in-law,'
Mrs. J. J. Smith, of Landis.
For Feet That Sweat
With Offensive Odor
Emerald OR Musi Give Complete
Satisfaction or Money Back
Don't wait another dav. You can re
move the disagreeable odors quickly with
a few drops of this powerful penetrating
Antiptic OiL
Druggists everywhere who know, say that
Emerald Oil is the speediest and most ef
tcctive preparation they have ever handle-!
ior aching, perspiring, iK-bmelling feet.
The very minute that this wonderful
foot balm touches these sore, tender, ach
ins feet, you will get n lief. It's limply
imazing how quickly- it a.ts, and no mat
ter what other rray t H you, there's
iflhing just ts good.
fmm sms i F
wMSSi'fi mm
Parents Urged To
Have 1st Graders
While a large number of chil
d'vi of pre-school age have been
vaccinated for immunization
ag-Jinst whooping cough, smallpox,
and diphtheria, as required under
the laws as passed by the 194S
general assembly, there are still
some children who will enter
schot1 for the first time who have
not as yet been vaccinated, it was
learned from the county health
Since May of this year there
has been a total uf 225 pre-school
aye children vaccinated for the
three diseases, some of them for
all three and others for one or
For some ears it has been op
tional with the counties as to
whether or not smallpox vaccina
tion was compulsory, but the last
legislature made the law state
wide, though the majority of stu
dents in the schools and of pre
school age have been given this
lemiicates ot immunization or
of immunity for the three dis
eases are now required by law
for all children entering the first
grade of school.
The new law requires that all
children in North Carolina be
vaccinated against whooping cough
before they reach one year of age.
The parents, guardians or person
in loco parentis of any such child
not previously immunized shall
be taken to a licensed physician
or health department and have ad
ministered a sufficient dosage of
phophv lactic whooping cough
agent, it was pointed out by tt.
(.'. N. Sisk. county health director
The wilful violation of any part
of the law is considered a mis
demeanor punishable by a line of
not more than fifty dollars or im
prisonment for not more than 30
days, it was learned from M. II.
Howies and Dr. C. N. Sisk.
Both the county health officer
and the county superintendent are
urging that those parents who have
not brought their children either
to the health department or their
family physician for these im
munizations do so at once, so that
the children enrolled for the first
lime will meet requirements when
school opens.
Tea Draws Large
Crowd On Friday
The annual musical tea spon
sored by the Woman's Auxiliary ol
Grace Kpiscopal chureh at the
Parish House on Friday afternoon
was well attended. Mrs. C. K
Kirkpatrick served as chairman ol
the affair and was assisted by Mrs
Hugh A. Love, Mrs. J. F. Abel
Mrs. W. H l.uther. Mrs. Harry
Marshall. Miss Hose Tatum. Miss
Ifobina Miller and Jean Hodges
Mary Michal and Anne Green.
The artists taking part on the
program were: Charles Medlin
cellist. Mrs. Fred Martin, vocalist
Miss Kvelyn Reed, pianist, Sol
Cohen, Mrs. Cornelia Nixon, pian
ist, and Mqs. Henry MacFayden
Remarkable Treatment for
Stomach Distress
From Too Much Stomach Acid
Are you tortured wit)
the burning misery ut
too niwh rr-p nttnnael
acid)' Vh of the fn
ia uririKiiitf comforting
relief lo liuii'lredH of
such cast h. NiiKreL
grateful people tell o
what Uiey cull th
"wondeii" Von Tab
lets have done for tnvm. .tiis jcritlt fuimu
In ii itiis to cjtint'ract stirphiM, irritlitiiiff
Htotn.ti iif hl iiri'l to tiring- relief fnim i-
rotiriit ions. If yon suffer from indirewtfoii
ij.i-, tif.irtlioni, !) Mug, bloating, ttouc stum
;ich :iiiJ other vPViiptoms one to w.:h
stoma' h acid you, too, should try Vun'f
for piuinpt leJief . . . right at home . .
uifhiHit riirid H'Mii'l diet. Get $1.2-5 Tria
Sun. Also available $2.00. $3.50 sizes. At
other good drug stores.
Smith's Cut-Rto Drug Stor
From where I sit ... Joe Marsh
4, s
Pete Jr. Gets
His Tenth Jap Plane!
'O doubt yon hav a
Postwar Plan. Yon want to
provide for your old aga and
the future of your wife and
children. Your Jefferton
Standard representative can
help you make this plan a
reality with, Jefferson Stand
ard "Planned Protection"
the life insurance service
that's tailored to your indi
vidual requirements. Without
cost, he will be glad to help
yon work out your "Planned
Protection" program. Call or
write him today.
S. E. Connatser
Special Representative
Route a Waynesville
wry v
"?WV w:'' . N.
GREAT BILLOWS OF GREASY, BLACK SMOKE soar 13,000 feet into the air from gas storage plants, oil reclaiming
plants and petroleum dumps pictured burning in the northwest section of Miami, Kla. Thirteen persons were
injured in the series ot explosions that accompanied the fire. Servicemen aided the local city ilrcflr.hters
in subduing the great blaze. Approximately 275,000 gallons of Navy fuel went up in nanu s or exploded, and
damage was estimated unofficially at around $1,000,000. (fiifeniulional fc'ounclpliufo)
Want Ads
FOR SALE Kami, Mooney Cova; !
forty acre tract, plenty springs, j
Twenty acres under cultivation. :
balance in woods, saw timber.
Couple small boxed houses; two
barns. Price $:i.000.00. See V.
C. Kalhbonv, ltoute 2.
Aug. 9-16-2:1-30
Reasonable prices. Work guar
anteed. 50 Main Street, Way
nesville. tf
WANTED TO BUY nhoats and
hogs. Will pay top prices. See
Junaluska Supply Company. It
LOST One twenty-five dollar war
bond, bank book, head scarf and
small comb and mirror belong
ing to Mrs. Hester Moody. Re
turn to Mrs. Hester Moody, Rt.
2, Waynesville, N. C. Aug. 9
LOST No 4 Ration Hook bearing
name Martha Howena Clifford.
Anyone finding same please re
turn to The Mountaineer.
July 26 Aug. 2-9
FOR. SALE One registered Poll
ed Hereford heifer. Call Rex
Shuller, Medford Cove Road,
FOR SLIP COVERS, button holes,
covered buttons, buckles and
belts, also hemstitching, see Mrs.
T. L. Campbell .t 1 1 Masonic
Temple, phone 525-J.
WANTED TO BUY Medium sized
inexpensive trunk. Call 114
Aug. Hi
FOR SALE Living loom suite
kitchen cabinet. Singer sewing
machine, lable. bed and springs,
llealrola. Mrs. John Turpin.
East Street 'i L. L. Ludigscu
Aug. Hi
CASH PAID for all old typewriters
and adding machines, bring them
ER EXCHANGE, phone 2487.
74 Main SI . Canton. Aug. 2
LOST-Ration Book No. M. bear
ing name Medford Parkins.
Clyde, 1(1 I. Return to above
Aug !)-1i-2:i
beautiful .ian! Ins on Balsam
street in I'isimIi Park, high ele
vation, overlooking High School.
All i it.v coin eiiioiu cs. Priced
reason. ihlv b owner. Phone
2119. Wav ncsv ille. Aug. Hi
l-'OH SALE Several homes ill
walking distance ol llaelvvood
They range in price from twen
tv one hundred lo lour thousand.
11 II Holt, ollice at Hovd Fur
niture Co. Aug. Hi
FOR SALE Household furnish
ings including electric relrigera
alor. 1114 Boundary Street.
Aug. Hi
repaired at Campbell' Slip Cover
and Repair Shop. 11 Masonic
Building, Phone r2.r)-J. tf
FOR SALE -5-ioom house and lot.
and small orchard near Hazel
wood Garage on Balsam Road.
See Derry Norman or Phone
171-J. July 26-Aug 25
FOR SALE 5 good acres, li four
room houses, wood, water, near
Rubber Plan!. Now renteil at
$45.00 per month, a bargain at
$3200. 40 arres close in, 30 in
cultivation, balance in woods and
pasture, plenty water, good 3
room house and very rich ground
at S5000. H. . Milner, Belle
Meade. Aug 2-9
wheel trailer, 7 ft. bed. ton ca
pacity, extra tire and tube, fair
condition. $25. See John Reeves
Lake Junaluska, or call (.'anion
2883. Aug. 2 !)
writers and adding machines
overhauled and adjusted. We
also carry typewriter ribbons, all
makes and adding machine paper
CHANGE, phone 2487, 74 Main
St., Canton. Aug. 2
WAN TED Experienced waitress .
(ireen Tree Tea Room. Call I
307-W. Aug. !)-l(i
PIANO TUNING. Voicing and
Repairing. Bethel II. S., Way
nesville, N. C. Paul Shepherd
Oct. 25
WANTED TO BUY Corn binder
Call 2213 or see Walter Ketner
at Farmers Exchange Aug !)-Hi
FOR SALE 'Lulu Belle Cottage''
at Lake Junaluska. fully furn
ished; year-round accommoda
tions; practically new Holland
furnace. Electric kitchen. Also
garage apartment Call 294-.I
lor particulars Aug Hi i
LOST Brown leather handbag
with cord fastening. eont.Wiing
money and silver bracelet. He
ward if relumed intact Leave
at The Mountaineer. Aug. Hi
Real opportunity for perma
nent, profitable work. Start
promptly in Waynesville. also
North Haywood and Jackson
counties Write Hawleigh's. Dept
NCII-245K. Richmond. Va.
Aug Hi
FOR SALE Electric Stove. Can
be seen at the homo of Harry
Liner, Jr.. on Rianncr Ave.
Aug. Hi
FOR SALE At Clyde stockyard.
Aug 301b. one good registered
Hereford hull calf. J. W. Par
kins. Aug. 10-23
FOR SALE li-room rock house,
stoker hot air heat, electric water
heater. Apply XYZ. Rt 1. Way
nesville. Aug. Hi
LOST Sterling silver lapel pin.
five inches long; double cilia lily
design. Lost on Main Street
Return to Mrs. II. G. Stone. Le
Faine Hotel. Aug Hi
Vanied Immediately
Experienced edgerman. Good wages and over
time. Living quarters at Job.
Priority War Work.
Waynesville, N. C.
Pete Swanson's son, Pete Jr.,
brought his tenth Jap plane
down last week, and his dad
couldn't help bragging.
Fatt I sot to thinking about
Pate Senior: how he hadn't
missed a day at the war plant
since the war begun; how he'd
worked overtime and Saturdays
and Sundays; how he'd kept
himself in shape, been temper
ate and sensible, so that he'd bo
at work clear-headed, bright
and early every morning.
So, when he invited us over
after work to drink a toast to
hU son in a sparkling glass of
beer I couldn't help toasting
Pete Se.iior, too.
From where I sit, there's
more than one kind of "aca"
that's helping win this. war...
men like Vcle Senior, too. And
when the war Is over, and th
monuments are erected to its
heroes, I hope they don't forget
tlw workman on the hems (rust
(he man who stuck to his job
like a soldivr to his guns. DstU
Edgar H. Bam. Stall Oimr.lor. 606 607 Imuran, c Blag., Raleigh, N. C
Both men and women can help in the war effort
by doing lop priority work in a permanent peace
time industry at the AMERICAN ENKA CORPOR
ATION. ."lc per hour to learners. Increase after
210 hours of training. No maximum ,ige limit. Mini
mum age for women 1( years. Minimum age for
men IS, if draft exempt.
Apply today
0 w - n
When You Get a Tire Rationing Certificate
Hui thi it est
Grsdt I Tift CtHifUmi Ndtd
i-l o u
plus tI
The only tire built with the famous Gear-drip Tread for extra protection against skidding.
The only tire built with Safti-Lock, Gum-Dlppcd Cord Body for extra strength and blowout
protection. The only tire built with Safti-Sured Construction for greater safety and longer
Diiluugo. Get the beat!
Save Trouie
Rely on
and 0D.
Fil-O-Matie Covn
Heavy, Interlocked Plattt
Selected Best Quality
For dependable, economical,
trouble-free service, choose
a Firestone battery.
of 4 or mora
The only plus with the
famous Polonium alloy
eleotrode. Guaranteed
to give quicker, easier
starts or your money
hack. Precision-engineered.
Sare Your Car With This
Fine Oil
82c gal.
In Bulk
Firestone Home & Aufo Supply
J. C. G A LUSH A, Owner
Main Street

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