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Former County FFA Boy Now Repairs
Naval Landing Equipment In Saipan
Frank McElroy, 28, fireman, sec
ond class, USNR, Route 1, Clyde,
is stationed on a naval base in the
Pacific forward area where he is
a member of a landing vehicle
track repair unit.
Battle damage and deterioration
from tropical climates make fre
quent repairs necessary, and Mc
Klroy's unit completely rebuilds
these crafts making new parts for
engines, transmissions, tracks or
hulls. The LVT's are brought to
McElroy's organization from op
erational fronts.
McElroy has been overseas with
this organization since November,
1944. He had previous duty at
Corpus Christi, Tex., Albany and
San Brun, Calif., and Pearl Har
bor. McElroy is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. H. K. McElroy. Route 1. Clyde.
He has four brothers in service.
They are: J. C, seaman, second
class, USNR, and J. R., a corporal;
Paul, a private, first class; and
Hundreds Attend
Baptist Meeting
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speaking on Foreign Missions and
Rev. Everett Murray on the Co
operative program.
Mrs. E. C. Horton reported on
the Woman's Missionary Union;
Billy, private first class all In the
As a member of the Future
Farmers of America before he join
ed the service, McElroy was a FFA
livestock judging team, and won
an FFA project story contest.
Mail Gifts Between
Sept. 15 and Oct. 15
Instructions Given
A Complete Line of
10! nippies
Spiral Comp. Books
Beginner's Pencils
Note Books
All Color Inks
Drawing Paper
; Scissors
School Bags
Plain Comp. Books
Colored Pencils
Note Book Fillers
Construction Paper
Quality Reasonably Priced
The Mountaineer
171 f
Time for - - -
Now that the war is over, let
us all work together for an endur
ing and satisfactory Peace.
Hold Fast To Your
War Bonds.
First National Bank
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Member Federal Reserve System
The war over, but there are
hundreds of thousands of Ameri
ca's fighting men still overseas, who
will not be home for Christmas who
will be dreaming of Christmas as
they remember it back home. They
will be engaged in the dutl job of
clearing enemy territory and oc
cupying it.
Christmas mailing for their pack
ages will start on September 15.
and will continue until October 15
according to the Army and Navy
postal officials. Overseas packages
will be more dillicult to deliver
safely and on time this year, ac
cording to the authorities. The
reason is because this year many
thousands of men are moving to
ne wassignnients across oceans and
There are no changes in the size
or regulations of the packages, it
was learned from Col. J. Harden
Howell, Waynesville postmaster,
who urges early mailing.
Packages that are badly wrapped,
incompletely addressed, or tardily
mailed stand far less chance of ar
riving in good condition at then
overseas destination this year than
ever before. A Christmas package
that falls apart during its long
journey is worse than no package
at all because it takes up valuable
cargo space uselessly, is a waste of
time and money, and subjects the
addressee to unpleasant and need
less disappointment the officials
point out.
Some In Bad Condition
"When perishable gifts packed
in faulty boxes arrived at distant
Pacific bases," said Frances Todd
of Washington. 1). C, who has just
returned from the China-Burma-1
nd ia theater where she worked for
the American Red Cross, "liiey
were in pretty bad condition. I
have seen burst packages, their
contents broken, decayed or spoil
ed. They were of no use to any
one." Every effort, however, is made
to re-wrap and forward whatever
can be salvaged from such a mess,
according to Elizabeth Cu-hii: of
Ciroton, Mass., whose A urican
Keel Cross service in the rl'O took
her to Prance. "If a card j.- a sheet
of paper inside a disintegrated
Christmas box contains the com
plete name and address of the per
son to whom the gift was sent,
whatever can be saved is forward
ed . Army postal oflicials make a
practice of doing this wherever it
is humanly possible. Too often,
however, nothing can be done.
Most of the waste and expense
and disappointment can be avoid
ed, government postal officials de
clare, if persons who select, wi ip
and mail Christmas gift packages
for delivery overseas will be guid
ed by a few simple rules:
Select Wisely. Send only gifts
that are realy wanted. Write a
letter beforehand. Ask your sol
dier or sailor in the letter what he
wants most, and tell him to list
articles in the order of their im
portance to him.
Don't send articles which are
prohibited, such as perishable
foods, intoxicants, weapons, poisons
and all inflammable materials, in
cluding matches and lighter fluids.
Don't send fruit cake. Don't send
cookies or soft candies unless they
are securely packed in air-light
metal containers.
Don't send marmalade unless
specifically requested. Most men
overseas prefer jams and preserves
such as raspberry, strawberry, etc
Go easy on gifts of clothing, unless
specifically requested. And NO
TIES. Soldiers usually have all
the ties they need; and in many
areas of the Pacific where ihe cli
mate is hot, ties are not customarily
worn at all.
Wrap Securely. All articles for
overseas shipment should be pack
ed in boxes of metal, wood, solid
fibreboard or strong double-faced
corrugated fibreboard, that will
stand up under the weight of at
least 200 pounds. NEVER use a
shoe box.
The War Production Board has
authorized manufacture of boxes
approximately 10 by 6 by 4 inches
in size, which will permit com
pact packing within the five
pound weight limit. The box should
be securely tied with a strong cord.
If waterproof paper can be obtain
ed, it should be used as the out
side wrapper. Best way to ship
Claims Gl Title
Over 100 Farmers Hear
Lewis and Mann At Meet
Rpv T H Tai-r-ic n .
- - ' MI . to II1CIU17 it 1 1111 I
Manuel Wyatt discussed the orpha
nage; ana itev. iN. Mevenson talked
on hospitals. Paul sheperd discus
sed temperance.
John Arch MacMillian, editor of
Charity and Children, was also
heard on the afternoon program.
Remarkable Treatment for
Stomach Distress
From Too Much Stomach Acid
Are you tortured witl'
the burning miser? ol
too much free stomach
aeiil? I'm of the fa
ia liriniriiig comforting
relief to hundreds of
wh chhih. Sincerely
lfrteful people tell o"l
what they call the
"wonders" Von Tab
let have done for ttiem. Vhi gentle formu
la aims to counteract surplus, irritating
stomach acid and to bring relief from sucl,
ronditiona. If you suffer from indigeftrton.
gas, heartburn, belching, bloating, tour stom
ach and other symptoms due to wxcese
stomach achl you, too, should trr Von't
for prompt relief . . . right at home . . .
without rigid liquid diet. Get $1.25 Trial
Slia. Also available 2.0O, 3.50 tins. At
ether food drug stores.
Smith' Cnt-RaU Drnf Stora ,
(Continued from page one)
tonight, is you marketing. For the
past few years you have enjoyed
a sellers market and your prob
lems along this line have been
minor, however, we are coining out
of this war with an almost record
supply of cattle. In my opinion,
we should cull our herds careful
ly and sell now, while we have a
sellers market and also a large
consumer demand."
At the conclusion of the meet
ing, C. C. Francis, secretary of the
Haywood unit, extended an invita
tion to all the farmers to join the
Farm Bureau. "When we review
these problems presented by Mr
Lewis and Mr. Mann, we realize
as never before, the need of farrr
organization. Sooner or later wc
are going to wish that we had
built a strong Farm
frying for cheap bre
have kicked the '
- worm. u
only requ,rt,s
nat innal ,
uul aK(J ,
fianiMt rin I. . e1
' " e dor
our own brines?. !her
looked after."
The mi. ..t...,.
".v iiuuarri .'!,,,p
who pledg(.( (J ,. ,
sistance at -ii! i.,, .
them soke th,,r
stock problem;..
(above), 66, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
claims the title of being the old
est enlisted man classified for ac
tive duty in the Army. A veteran
of the Philippine War, World War
I and World War II, the Sergeant
Is shown at Camp Pickett, Va., after
his return from Guam. U. S. Signal
Corps photo. (nternational)
gifts is within the metal box which
is enclosed by the regulation WPB
fibreboard container, the whole
surfaced with waterproof paper,
properly tied with strong cord.
Address the package properly.
Tender Aching
Perspiring Feet
Emerald Oil Must Give Complete
Satielaction or Money Back
at a buttle of Monne'n Emrrald Oil
wiili tlie unl( f-Uiiiling that if it dors not
;it onie ease the pain and soreness and
di away with all ollensive odors your
iiKMit v will he uruinptly returned.
l'uii't worry about how long you've been
troubled or Win w many other preparations
you have tried. This powerful penetrating
oil is one preparation that will help to
make your painful aching feet so comfort
itile and alleviate corn and callous troubles
th.'rt you'll he able to go anywhere and
do most am thing in absolute foot comfort.
So rnjiyPVlnusty powerful is Moone's
Fmerald (Wl that thousands of bottles are
mid annually to sufferers from sore, ten
icr, inllamed feet.
Automobile Owner;
Thousands of cars will now come out of storag
many of them are not insured against the HIGF
WAY HAZARDS for accident. Bodily Injury am
Property Damage on your Automobile is neces
sary for the protection of you and your family.
See us before you renew or buy this protection
Atkins Insurance Agen
II. 15. ATKINS, Owner
Phone 301
Main S
Writing All types (if Tire and Full Coverage Auto Insurance
and both served by... J
l : I isr smm
V7HEN day for travel comd
2,996 Trailways buses will
ready to take you to your chosen via
tion spot . . .'whether it's Mt. Hood
tlie Pin'fir "W..-fkwcf nr Miami Bcai-I
Easti West, North, or South .. .Trail'!
and its 55,000 miles of schedule rout
are channels of mannowcr todl- T
morrow, they will be your scenic
to see America.
Smoky Mountains Trailways
Depot Street
Phone 136
wmmwrnmmmivm 8i 'fivirei njjfttfiitoitiri
Main Street
Phone 457
riATIrtMAI TflJUliuxve mie CVCTEHilSIii

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