North Carolina Newspapers

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voting precinct as
1. W. W I'lcss.
2. ('. (i liryson.
3. C Iv Williams.
4. Frank Queen.
3. Fred Winfield.
6. J. T. Bailey.
M. Caldwell.
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P'ans to come
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Name Brown
As Chairman
Clifford E. Brown
Named To Post For
Fifth Consecutive
Year By Haywood
Clifford E. Brown was named
chairman of thc Haywood Demo
cratic Executive Committee here
Saturday afternoon for the filth
consecutive year, as chairmen of
the preeinrts met alter the county
Mr. Brown has long been active
in Haywood politics, and managed
the campaign for Governor Cherry
in this county, as well as !hal of
Senator Hoey and Senator Bailey, j
The convention heard G rover C.
Davis in the keynote address, call
for party harmony in the Novem
ber general election, and suggested i
three things for the stale senator j
and representative to work for in i
the 1947 legislature. Mr. Davis I
was introduced ny rv j . u. Niamey,
who reviewed the history of the
Democratic party for the past 15
Mrs. Fred Windfield, of Canton,
is secretary, and Mrs. Oral Yates
is vice chairman.
The convention adopted resolu
tions presented by the committee
composed of W. G. Byers, Mrs.
T. L. Gwyn, and Jack Messer. A
list of delegates to the state con
vention was presented by a com
mittee composed of T. L. Bramlett,
M. G. Stamey, and Mrs. W. A.
The resolutions adopted, as read
by Mr. Byers, were as follows:
"At this critical period in the
history of our nation, the Demo
crats of Haywood County send
greetings to the Democrats of
North Carolina. Whereas, for al
most half a century the people of
our slate have looked to the Dem
ocrat party for leadership in North
Carolina and our party, during all
that period of time, has furnished
the State of North Carolina with
a long list of illustrious governors
and wise legislators until today
we can point with particular pride
to the history of North Carolina
for that period, and we declare
that the history of North Carolina
is the history of the Democratic.
"Our State, under Democratic
leadership, has grown from a pov
erty stricken military district to
one of the most populous and rich
est states in the union, being next
to the Empire State of New York
in the payment of Federal taxes.
"Beginning with the administra
tion of the beloved governor, Cam
eron Morrison, North Carolina be
gan the building of state highways
and farm-to-markct roads until to
day assigning highways link to
gether practically every county
seat in the state, and all-weather
roads project inlo every commu
nity, even in the remotest counties,
and the end is not in sight.
"Through the aid of the Federal
Government and agricultural col
leges, North Carolina has become
the leading agricultural state of
the South, of which we claim is
the result of the wisdom of the
citizens of our state in keeping
the Democratic party in power for
this almost half cenutry, and to
day we rcdedicate ourselves to the
policies and principles of the Dem
ocratic party and renew our alleg
iance to the same and pledge our
vigorous efforts and enthusiastic
support to all of the nominees of
the Democratic party in North
Carolina and Haywood from thc
governor's office down to the con
stable's race in East Fork town
ship. The Democratic party came into
power in the Federal Government
of the United States in 1933. In
the midst of a great financial de
pression, business was stagnant;
agricultural products on the farms
(Continued on Page Eight)
Jarefoot And Dr.
Buy McKay's
here within a few days and devote
his entire time to thc business.
His plans are to move here about
the first of June.
Mrs. Hessie Gaddy, who has been
with the firm 16 years, is in charge.
Dr. McKay left Tuesday for an
extended vacation and fishing trip
in Florida. He said he had not
made any plans other than take a
long rest. He opened the store
twenty years ago. He first opened
in a small wooden building near
the site of the present store.
The building was not included
in the sale, as it belongs to Will
Published In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The
o. .) 22 Pages
Heads Democrats
named chairman of the Haywooci
Democratic Executive cominitte.'
Saturday, a post lie has held for
the past four terms.
Superior Couri
Civil Term To
Convene Monday
The May Superior Court, civil
term, will convene here on Mon
day morning. May (illi, with Judge
Wilson W'arliek presiding. There
is a lull calendar, it was learned
from the olliee of the clerk of the
Drawn for the first week were:
J. B. Byers. Iron Dull; Glenn
James. Ivy Hill; I.. II. Bramlett,
Waynesville; David Underwood.
Waynesville; K. C. Green, Fines
Creek; Furmaii Noland. Fines
Creek; C. K. Francis, Clyde- J. D.
Mackey, Canton; C. E. Williams,
Canton; Walker Brown, Pigeon;
Clint Burnett, East Fork.
Nalhan Carver. Jonathan Creek;
I,. B. 1 .eatherwood, Jonathan
Creek; Henry Campbell, Ivy Hill;
W. E. Tramniell, Waynesville;
SbulTord Howell. Waynesville;
Grady Messer, Crabtree; M. G.
Leal herwood. Waynesville; Grover
J. Abel, Pigeon; Chan Burress,
Waynesville; W. T. Kirkpatrick,
Crabtree. Harry Lee Liner, Jr.,
Waynesville; J. C. Patrick, Waynes
ville. Drawn for the second week were;
Claude Cook. I'eaverdam; Biugin
Baity, lieaverd.un; (!. C. Hardin.
Beaveid.iin; C. It. Slamey, Pigeon;
G. lingers, Fines Creek; Mark M.
Ferguson, Fines Creek; L. M.
Crawford, East Fork.
John M. Nease, Pigeon; C. L.
Rabb, Waynesville; It. F. Davis,
Iron Dull; Orville MeCraeken.
Crabtree; Harvey W. Mills, Way
nesville; Shook Ferguson, Jonathan
Creek; Jack Best, Crabtree; Will
Smith. White Oak; Taylor Hoglen,
Ivy Hill.
R. L. Lee Builds
New Rock Office
K. I, Lee is completing a stone
olliee building for his coal busi
ness at the coal yard on Depot
Street. The building is 28 by 22
feel ,aud will include a garage for
his trucks.
Mr. Lee owns the properly from
the wall of Ins iornier building to
Kicliland creek.
Palmers Purchase
Guernsey Heifers
At Burnsville Sale
The first Burnsville Purebred
Guernsey Promotional Sale which
was held on last Friday in Burns
ville was attended by several Hay
wood breeders.
Joe and G. C. Palmer, of the
Crabtree section purchased two
Guernsey heifers at the sale. Others
attending the sale were Howard
R. Clapp. of the State Test Farm.
Eddie Fentsmacher. field repre
sentative of the Pet Dairy Pro
ducts Company and Wayne Cor
pening. county farm agent.
Full Coverage
Of Sports
Today's sport pase of The
Mountaineer is one of thc most
complete ever published in this
area. Full coverage is given on
baseball, basketball, Softball,
fishing and even football.
Turn to page one, section
three and see just what full cov
erage is given to the sports field.
Even a local picture and a na
tional cartoon.
Keep up with sports of Hay
wood through the sports page of
The Mountaineer.
I,, , y: aiki
Workmen Moving Many
Thousands Yards Dirt
Daily On Slew Highway
Grading Contract Will
Take Until September;
Bridge Firm Getting
Ready To Start
Thirty workmen using some of
the largest road machines ever
brought to this section, are moving
between (i.tlOO and 8.000 yards of
dirt daily on the new highway troni
Lake Junaluska to Dollvvood, u
distance of fi !) miles.
"We are right on schedule." II
T. Lattimore, general superinten
dent in charge, told The Moun
taineer yesterday. The contracior
is Sober Company, of Wliitiiure,
S. ('.
"The job of moving the ;iH0. 11110
yards of dirt and rock in Hie pio
ject will take 11:, until September,"
Mr Lattimore said.
The (ontractor has several crews
working at ilillerent places along
Thousand Expected To
Eat Tender Ramps At
Convention On Sunday
The Haywood County Ramp Con
vention will convene Sunday morn
ing for Ihe first time since 1940,
when a motorcade leaves the court
house for Black Camp Gap at nine.
The convention is scheduled to be
gin at ten.
F. W. Woody, of Canton, is pres
ident of Ihe Association, and said
he expected well over a thousand
people. "We had more than a thou
sand when we met in 1940 at Soeo
Gap, and after five years without
a convention, I believe more than
a thousand will be on hand Sunday
morning," he president said.
Mr. Woody said a check had been
made of the new ramp crop, and it,
was found they would be in full
by Sunday, which means lender
and juicy. C. E. Williams heads
the committee to have an ample
supply of ramps on hand.
The meal of ramps, eggs, corn
broad and coffee will begin at LOO
o'clock. Everyone is asked lo bring
eggs and eornbread in addition to
a frying pan. The officers of Ihe
convention will have the coffee on
A number of short talks will he
made between 10 and I, while Ihe
ramps and eggs are being cooked.
A string band or two will be on
hand to furnish the music, and a
special invitation for all candidates
tn be on hand was issued by Mr.
Among the speakers will be Dr.
F. M. Davis, of Canton, who will
discuss the nutrition value of
Robert L. Sutton is in charge of
transportation, and officers will
lead the motorcade which will
leave Ihe court house at nine.
Mr. Woody said a short business
session would be held at which
lime officers of the convention will
Thc botany book defines thc
ramp as a "broad-leaved species
of garlic, much cultivated and
eaten in salads.
Glenn C. Palmer Finds
Burley Outlook Better
After Two Conferences
Haywood Man,
Representing State
In Washington
Is Encouraged
Over Situation
"The prospects for burley
ro looks brighter lo me,
' said
Glenn C. Palmer
his return from a
yesterday, after
two-day confer
ence in Washington with govern
ment agencies, warehousemen and
producers. Mr. Palmer is chairman
of the burley committee of thc
State Grange, and has represented
the state at a series of conferences
in the past two years.
Another conference will be held
in Raleigh on May 6th, and the
following day a similar one in
Lexington, Ky. The latter meeting
will deal with economical market
ing of burley.
The object of the Washington
conference was to work out plans
for stabilizing the price of burley
by establishing new foreign mar
kets, in addition to holding and
increasing present world markets.
Eastern Entrance Of The
the route One of the largest ruts
is jusl as the new road starts across
the Southern Railway tracks from
the Beeves hill on Highway 19
and 2:) Mr. Lattimore said it
would take another week to finish
cutting down the lull at this point.
The Suhcr Company have the
contract for grading and the struc
ture of bridges went to A L
Wilkstrom. of Boundhiook. N. J
Included in this project is a LiO
lool concrete span across the
Southern tracks
Itepi I'scntat iv es of the Wilks
tiom firm are here making airange
nients lor starting work at an early
The grading contract is costing
a little more than $147,000. while
the structures were bid in for a
lew doll., s under $100,000 The
contrails wcio awarded by the
Stale Highway Department
1 middle ol March
Heads Ramp Eaters
F. W. WOODY, of Canton, is
president of the Haywood Ramp
Convention, which will meet Sun
day at Black Camp Gap.
C. V. Bell Named
Chairman County
Petroleum Dealers
C. V. Bell, distributor of Texaco
products for Haywood, Jarkson and
Swain counties lias been named
chairman of the Haywood County
Petroleum Industries Committee
under the state group. The ap
pointment was made by S. Gilmer
Sparger, of Raleigh, secretary of
the state committee.
A meeting will be held in the
near future of Ihe county dealers
anil operators at which lime discus
sions will be made regarding price
control, (axes and other mailers
pertaining to Ihe sale and distribu
tion of petroleum products.
Special emphasis was placed on the
China market in the last confer
ence. "The sil nation looks good, and
every indication is that we can
hold the present export markets,
and expand on others, creating a
greater demand for burley. Thc
greater demand, the better the
prices," Mr. Palmer continued.
Before Mr. Palmer's return from
Washington, where he took an ac
tive part in the conferences. Gov
ernor Cherry named him as a mem
ber of the N. C. Farm Bureau
executive committee, wi'h other
leading agriculturists of the state,
to work out sonic pressing prob
lems confronting farmers. This
committee will meet in Raleigh
Mr. Palmer stopped by Winston
Salem Saturday night and attended
the Young Democratic meeting. He
is chairman of the Democratic exe
cutive committee of the 12th dis
trict. He was scheduled to leave
yesterday for the State Democratic
convention in Raleigh.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Banquet Speaker
J. M. BHOUGHTON, former gov
ernor of North Carolina, will make
Ihe address al the annual Chamber
of t'oinercp banquet Friday night
at the Haelvvood school cafeteria.
The program begins at 7:00 o'clock.
Of Food
Ahead Of
Food and Money
Pour Into Churches,
Contributions of Both
Still Coining In
"The response was far beyond
anything we had anticipated. The
people started bringing in canned
food on Saturday and they are still
hringing it in," said Rev. Malcolm
R. Williamson, chairman of the
collection of food for relief in
foreign countries, which conducted
last Sunday in all the churches of
the county under sponsorship of
the Haywood County Ministerial
"They are also making many
cash donations, which are still com
ing in. Due to the fact thai we
are still receiving both food and
money no definite figures can be
released on either," continued Mr.
All churches are asked to get
their donations and collections to
the depots designated in Ihe county
including, First Methodist chiirrh,
Waynesville, Central Methodist
church, Canton, and Clyde Baptist
All food is expected lo be parked
next week and shipped at once, ac
cording to the chairman, who
slated that there is groat need lo
rush it to the shipping points from
this country, so it can be sent
overseas at an early date.
Collection points in Canton re
ported splendid results over the
week-end with lood still being sent
lo the Champion Employees store.
The churches gathered in large
quantities Sunday.
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Merchandising news.
$2.00 in Advance in Haywood and Jackson Counties
Capacity Crowd Will
Hear Broughton Friday
At C. of C. Banquet
Hazelwood Police
To Clamp Down
On Speeding
"We are not going to toler
ate speeding," said J. G.
Womlaid. chief of police of
"We have made several ar
rest;,, and will make just as
many more as wr rateh break
ing the speed laws The streets
are too narrow, and often there
are nianv children on the
streets and liable to dart out
In front of a ear or truck,"
Chief Woodard continued.
"The speed law Is 25 miles
an hour except in congested
areas, and then it is less," he
State REA To
Hold Quarterly
Meeting Here
The North Carolina Rural Elec
tric Cooperative Association will
hold their quarterly meeting here
on May 22-2M, according to R. C.
Sheffield, manager of the Haywood
Eleelrie Membership Cooperatives,
who will be host lo the group.
A number ol slate officials and
officials from Ihe National Admin
istration offices in Washington will
attend the meeting as well as offi
cers and managers of Ihe various
cooperatives throughout the state.
W. L. Jones, president of the
slate group will preside over the
business session and Mr. Sheffield
will have charge of the program
at the banquet which will be held
on the evening of May 22.
The Gordon Hotel has been des
ignated as headquarters for the
meeting, and thc banquet will be
held in the coffee shop al the hotel.
New Thrift Shares
Offered Here By
Building & Loan
Thrift shaies. new and popular
form of building and loan, goes
on sale this morning at The Hay
wood Home Building and Loan
Association, it was announced yes
terday by R I. Provost, president.
The new thrill share, have prov
en popular with semes of associa
tions, and offers individuals an op
portunity to invest at current In
terest rales any amount from $5
up al any time they so desire. A
minimum of $iu opens an account,
and then niiiiiiiiuoi deposits of $5
are lequn ed 'I lie frequency of
deposit is lelt In flic customer.
Interest r. figured every six
month, and added to the balance
Officials (it the association also
announced vcsleida.v Ihat a limited
amount ol paid up stoik would go
on sale today.
The diiei lms have just received
a report I mm Ihe annual audit of
the association, which showed the
standing was among Ihe highest
group in the stale.
May Day Program
Has Been Changed
The May Day program scheduled
for this al lei noon al Central Ele
mental' yschool has been postponed
until Tuesday. May 7. Claude Rog
ers, principal amiriiinced .yesterday.
Details o Ihe program are print
ed on page five of section three
today. All tacts in the article are
correct except for thc change in
3 Auto Wrecks Over The
Week-End; Child Injured
There were three automobile
accidents in this vicinity during a
! 48-hour period over the week-end,
according to O. It. Roberts, state
highway patrolman, who investi-
, galed the cases. Hearings 'or two
have been set for Saturday after
noon before Magistrate W. h. No-
' land.
In the most serious accident
which involved three cars, Eddie
Carpenter, small three-year-old
son of Mrs. Ruth Carpenter, as
sistant county farm agent, suffer
ed a compound frontal fracture
with deep gash in forehead and
has been in a critical condition in
j the Haywood County Hospital since
j the accident, w hich occurred ar
! ound 1:45 Sunday afternoon. He
j was reported to be resting more
I comfortably yesterday afternoon,
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesville their ideal
shopping center.
Advance Sale Of
Tickets Breaking All
Records; Pre "ram
Begins At Seven
Indications yesterday were that a
capacity crowd, in excess of 350,
would attend the annual Chamber
of Commerce banquet at the Hazel
wood school cafeteria Friday night,
at which time J. M. Broughton,
former governor, will be the prin
cipal speaker. The banquet will
begin at seven.
The advance sale of tickets have
been unusually heavy, and Miss
S. A. Jones, secretary of the or
ganization, said yeslerdav that only
a limited number would be avail
able at the door Friday night.
Increased Interest in the work
of the organization in addition to
the attraction of Ihe speaker
brought about the large sale of
L. E. Sims, president of the or
gani.atlon, will be master of cere
monies. Rev. Paul Townsend, pas
tor of the First Methodist rhurch
will give the Invocation, and Mrs.
Henry MacFadyen will lead the
group in patriotic songs.
Mr. Sims will give a short ad
dress of welcome, which will he
followed by a musical program by
the Champion Hill-Billies, under
the direction of Mrs. Marie Bell,
recreational director of the Cham
pion Y. The Hill-Billies will also
give a short musical skit.
William Medford, treasurer of
the organization, will present the
guests, which includes civic leaders,
forestry and park officials, and of
ficers of the chambers of commerce
from neighboring Western North
Caroloina towns.
Charles E. Ray will present the
speaker, and Rev. S. R. Crockett,
of Hazelwood, will give the bene
diction. C. If." All eh Is general' charlman
of the banquet, and the Hazelwood
Parent-Teacher Association Is serv
ing the dinner.
Mr. Broughton will r.p-nd the
night at Lake Logan as guesl of
officials of The Champion Paper
and Fibre Company. The former
governor plans to spend Saturday
fishing at the lake before returning
to his home In Raleigh.
Jackie S. Messer
Wins First Place
In Reading Contest
Jackie Sue Messer. daughter of
Mr. and Mr3. Jack Messer. was
the winner of the first place in the
twenty-first annual reading contest
sponsored by the Woman's Club for
the girls of the Waynesville Town
ship high school. The contest was
conducted on Thursday in the audi
torium of the school during the
chapel period.
Miss Messer gave "The White
Cliffs of Dover," by Alice Duer
Miller. Jean Anne Bradley won
second place with "The Ballad of
Ihe Harp Weaver," by Millay. Both
were awarded government stamps.
Nancy Jones won honorable men
tion with her selection "Edith
Cavell." by Hagednrn. Others
contesting and their numbers were:
(Continued on Page Two)
Weather Report
Date Max. Min. Rainfall
Apiii 24 72 47
25 .... 64 5a .40
26 60 40 .07
27 53 3.1 .15
28 62 28
29 70 47
30 75 48 .23
but will have to remain in the
hospital for around a month.
The accident occurred on the
Asheville highway near the Un
derwood Novelty plant, when a
1940 De Soto coupe operated by
Hayes Alley, of Waynesville. and
a 1941 Ford coach driven by Mr.,.
Carpenter, both traveling wist,
were struck by a 1939 Plymouth
pick-up truck, operated by Edward
Leon Casey. 24, negro, Alias. Bust
er Killian Casey, reported tn have
been traveling east at a high rale
of speed hit the Dc Soto coupe and
then crashed into the Ford roach.
All three vehicles were consid
erably damaged, according to p.i
traleman Roberts.
The car in which Mr. Alley was
riding was not damaged beyond
(Continued on Page Two)

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