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Published Twice-a-Week In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesville their ideal
shopping center.
No. 67
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WAYNESVILLE. N. ( '., FRIDAY, Al Cl'ST 16, 1916
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
i n L CU
UnflDUIltliiJiiuv iu
i JMif Hflarnnnti
Johnson, I
Hound !
Proiclcnt, j
Heads State Fox
,: ,,or I JMp- .
,,, ,, i, anient i . 'St
,,,,,, l',r, Hunters ; - f4
!-, ,., i, i i i Hie t A y, f
L,' H;.U-mh .
I u Ml'. X
lM, llir (logsj
; in i'' ii'1"'111" ! XPf ffl
i.' ,,,,
r HI cn-
l!ic 10 rlavscs 1,1
I ni. .inniiunc- !
3 , m recent lyi. j
r. ill Sl.ilcsvillc. j
and rosettes
he juai (led the i
MH',1 In he legist- i
r!iiic le in "'(' '
;;,i,m j
i'mir neighboring
North Carolina
! in i!,ice entries
,, In fhiisi'S fill'
k m r ie.1 in i Mrs. Geo Semmes,
kinder one year of ,
lierby male under Klirirrl I hUrSClflV
w - A
urer of the State of North Carolina
and President of the N. C. Fox
Hunters association will take part
in the Droeram of the Haywood
County Hound Bench show which
will hegin at 2:00 p. m. Saturday
at the High School field.
I Death Claims
rby female under I
i aue male, liest ,
Best pair. Best j
nesi iiiiunu
hi IiuuikI in Hay-
t Stops
ins. well known
work is .syndicated
Waynesville dur-
ho was a guest at
pise, and caused
amonc Hie guests.
Anne I'aslowi was
N stunned h,,,.
She took lime
'nod from Hewitt
owner of the Wav-
st her column be-
H. 0. Ilainiiielt
SWsts of Mr ;imi
Russ on Monday
IT. Hanmw.n
i' was
TtP First liaiiiisl
' is now pastor of
ls' Church, Dur
motls rl,,,- ...
f,, ,u, urn (u
'wham yesterday
Jrke t
Fi Pnaltrv
DOIlltr,. ...
.,-,,, remained
Farmers r.k
w ".ssudiiKe,
P.m? as f,ows.
"', "wts, 28c-30c
neay hens 20c
' the mark(,t a)so
'W suppliPS of
"nne. Mrs. ,
'P's averaging
ftn.,4 -
ral1 kinds of cook-
FOR ' u?. J bU'
f . ""Pment.
linnn" 13 Pnce
K. ;r "mbos $3.00.
r - varimio ......
m; " vane
"numum, $2.50-
1 Strn j
hit ZT 'he
ran J T "
Graveside rites were conducted
at the family plot in Green Hill
cemetery here at 4:30 Thursday
afternoon for Mrs. George Scmmes,
wife of Col. Scmmes, of Jackson
ville, Fla. who died at 8:25 Tues
day night at her home after a long
illness. Rev. Robt. G. Tatum, rec
tor of Grace Episcopal Church, was
in charge of the burial rites.
Funeral services were conducted
at the residence in Jacksonville on
Wednesday afternoon after which
the body was brought to Waynes
ville. Mrs. Scmmes was before her
marriage, on October, 10.1925, Miss
Ann Ray, daughter of the late Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde H. Ray. Jr. and had
many friends in this section.
She was educated in the local
schools at St. Mary's College,
Col. and Mrs. Semmes had re
turned only a few weeks ago from
San Francisco, where the former,
a veteran of both World War 1 and
II, had been attached to the En
gineering corps and had been sta
tioned for three years at Fort
Mason, Calif.
She is survived by her husband,
two sons. Jack and Gene Howell,
of Jacksonville; five sisters, Mrs.
Robt. II. Breecc, of Waynesville,
Mrs. William Clark, of Jackson
ville, Mrs. Felix E. Alley, Jr., of
Alexander, Va. and Miss Mary Ray
of Waynesville; five brothers,
Clarence Ray, of. Baltimore. Md.,
Frank B. Ray, of Miami, Clyde H.
Ray, and John H. Ray, both of
Waynesville; two nephews and one
Pallbeares were: Jonathan' H.
Woody, James R. Thomas, Charles
'ee, of ShTevcport, La'., Hurst
Burgin, Lt. Col. Harry Crawford,
I Robt. V. Welch, Sam Bushncll, and
i Ralph Prevost.
I Garrett funeral home was in
j charge of the local arrangements.
Federation To
Have Picnic
Variety of Entertainers
On Program At
East Waynesville
School Grounds
A variety of entertainment is
planned for the annual Farmers
Federation picnic which will be
held from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m.
Saturday at the East Waynesville
school grounds. String hands,
acrobats, ventriloquists, singers,
animal imitations and much all
round fun will be provided.
Free watermelon and lemonade
will be furnished to accompany the
basket lunches. The F. T. A. also
will have a lunch stand on the
grounds for those who prefer not
to bring their own.
J. H. K. McClure, president of
the local Federation, will serve as
master of ceremonies during the
program of entertainment. Two
string bands will play for the group,
the Federation band and Rusty
Waldrop's band from Macon Coun
ty. Neal Anne Allen of Canton will
perforin some acrobatic stunts, and
Alex Houston, ventriloquist, and
the Drake sisters from Henderson
ville, well known singers who have
performed in Hollywood, will con
tribute to the program.
Two young people will present an
act in which they arc dressed as
chickens. Yates Bailey will imi
tate several animal calls. Several
other local entertainers have been
invited to participate.
The general public is cordially
Legion Leaders Prepare to Recruit Members
J j
No Paving For Highway
To Brevard Seen Soon,
Says Highway Chiarman
County Schedules
For Immunization
Are Announced
Immunizations of communicable
disease's' are gi've'n'on Friday after
noon and Saturday morning In the
health department, according to
Dr. Mary Michal, assistant health
director of the district, who ex
plained that on the other days the
personnel of the department is out
on routine field work.
The announcement is made at
this time due to the large number
of persons throughout the county
who visit the department on other
days than those designated and do
not get the service they had hoped.
Dr. Michal further points out
that if there are any children who
will attend school for the first time
this fall, who have not been given
the required immunizations by the
laws of the state, that the parents
bring them in at once so that they
will be eligible to enter.
Traffic Violations
Decline Here; Police
Arrest 6 During Week
Local police report that they
arc not finding it necessary to give
as many tickets for traffic viola
tions now as they were earlier this
summer, due principally to the
fact that motorists know that viola
tions of all kinds are drawing fines
and that the regulations arc being
strictly enforced.
Arrests during the past week
totaled six. One person, charged
with larceny after taking some tools
from another workman, settled the
case out of court. Another charged
with assault that occurred at a
public dance has yet to be tried.
Four arrests for public drunken
ness were tried in Mayor's court,
and all persons were released upon
payment of fine and court costs.
At their ineetiiu: last Friday night the American Legion and Auixiliary initiated their 1947 membership
drive alter an address liy L. I.. Froneberger, of Aslieville, IHth District commander. Pictured above are
the drive leaders anil isitors at the meeting. Sealed, left to right, are Mrs .1. ('. Brown, Mr. Froneberger,
Mrs. Hurst Itiugm, and 1'nsl Ccimniandcr D F. Whitman. Staiidine., lei I to light, are Fred Campbell, Hub
Tate, Sebe Hrysini, Hal Crawford, Mrs. Bob (iihsnn, Mrs Hal Crawlnril, l.ush Hall, district vice commander
from Canton, and Hernard Grant, a visitor from Miami Beach, Fla. i Photo by Sky land Studio).
Commissioners Name Farm
And Home Agents, Auditor
Spare Stamp
No. 49 For Sugar
Expires August 31
Spare stamp No. It), Rood lor
five pounds of Miuar, expires
on A us list 31st, aceordnif! to
the State OPA office In
Sparc stamp No. 9 and No.
10 are each good for live
pounds of sugar lor canning.
These stamps expire October
We are sorry, but the news
bulletin from It.ileich did not
say WIIFlti; the sugar could
be obtained.
Fire Hums Part Of
Legion Home Koof
A small pait ol the root covering
the American laeion Home on
Depot .street u.e. Inn lied m a file
Monday aflcrni that was caused
by papers burning in a fireplace go
ing through the chimney and sid
ling the wooden shingles alne.
Local liieinen quickly put the
fire out when called shortly Inline
.r p. m , and damage was estimated
to have been not mine than $100,
AH Present
Reappointed For
Another Term
i . . '
Wayne Corpenitig, county farm
agent was reappointed county
farm agent for another year by the
county board of commissioners at
a recent meeting, acerirding to
George A Brown, chairman of the
Mr. Cdipeiilng who was dis
charged from the army after four
years service' with the rank ol
colonel resinned Ins former pnsi
lion as county I arm agent in April
of this year.
Mr. Corpening came to Haywood
county soon after his graduation
lioni Stale College ill I9M0 as as
sistant county farm agent, and was
later made county agent.
Miss Mary Margaret Smith,
county home demonstration agent
was reappointed to serve aunt her
year. Miss Smith has served the
county for the past ten years. Iiav
ing organized the work among 1 1 1
more than 500 club women of the
Charles Motcalf, county auditor,
has been renamed for a two year
term by the county commissioners
W. I). Robinson of Catawba eoun
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Haywood Baptist To Hold
Slst Annual Association On
Next Tuesday, Wednesday
Highway Crews Smoothing
Up Rough Unpaved Roads
Highway crews have been work
ing on the detour through the Iron
Duff section tp Dellwood. Scrapes
and other pieces of road machinery
have gone over the road and put
it in better condition, according to
J. C. Walker, district engineer.
Mr. Walker also told the Cham
ber of Commerce, that crews would
soon be put to work on the 7-mile
section of unpaved road on High
way 276 to Brevard. Rollers and
scrapes will level off the rough
Places, and present plans are to
treat the road for dust.
The Chamber of Commerce and
other groups here; recently wrote
the State Highway and Public
Works Commission regarding the
road to Brevard, and have been
given the assurance that something
wil lbe done.
Haynes Family Reunion
Will Be Held Tomorrow
The annual Haynes Family re
union will gather at the home of J.
H. Haynes near Clyde on Saturday,
Aug. 17. The Rev. Richard A.
Kelly is announced as principal
All Haynes and friends have a
cordial invitation to attend. There
will be a short program consisting
of a devotional, words of welcome,
group singing, solos, duets and
quartet numbers. Those who come
will bring a basket dinner.
The annual meet ing ol the Hay
wood Baptist Association will be
held at the Barbersville, Clyde
and Dutch Cove Baptist churches
on Tuesday and Wednesday of next
All phases of activities will bo
discussed by a variety of speakers.
including I. G. Greer, superintend
ent of Mills Home and L L. Car
penter, editor of the Biblical Re
corder, and leaders in the county
association. C. H Green is mod
erator and Mrs. Sam Knight is
clerk during the meetings.
Tuesday morning the service will
begin at the Barbersville church
at 10 o'clock. Morning worship
will be conducted by George Ingle,
after which there will be four re
ports of missions. 1. A. Rhinehart
will discuss state missions, Bolden
Hartgrove. home: Mrs. W. T. Craw
ford, foreign missions: and Rev.
A. E. Peake the cooperative pro
gram. Rev. R. A. Kelly will de
liver the annual sermon, after
which will come the lunch hour.
At 1:30 p m. the association will
convene again, opening with the
worship service conducted by Rev.
Jarvis Underwood. Rev. T. H. Par
ris will give the report of the
executive committee, Mrs. E. C.
(Continued on Page Two)
Baptist Speaker
$ ' ' 'i
! rv
Last Call For
Entries in County
Beauty Contest
All Haywood county girls
from Hi through 22 years of
age. married as well as single,
are eligible to compete for the
selection of Prettiest ftirl in
Haywood county to be judged
during a contest which will be
held Saturday before Labor
Day in Champion Park at
( anion
More than $1110 worth of will be given to the 10
gil ls whom the judges will de
cide the prettiest.
There are only few more
days let! to enter. Accord
ing to Robert Matthews, chair
man ol the committee in
ehaige ol the contest, either
shapshols or portraits of en
tiles should be mailed before
the deadline of Tuesday. Aug
20 to The Canton Knlei pi ise,
who will turn them over to
the judges. Twenty-five en
tries will then be called to
enter the contest Aug 31. and
the 10 winners will be honor
ed during the Labor Day pro
gram. Floats Sought For
Parade In Canton's
Labor Day Parade
Howard Clapp. chairman of the
Labor Day committee tor the
Waynesville area, announced yes
terday that all firms or individuals
from this section interested in en
tering floats in the Canton Labor
Day parade should contact the
Chamber ol Commerce on or bo
lore Monday, the 19th.
The committee are working out
details for this section of the coun
ty to cooperate with the Canton
Is Speaker
At Lake
Monday PM
Congressman From
Arkansas Scheduled
To Sjieak Sunday
At Luke Junaluska
Former Governor Harold K.
Stassen oi Minnesota is scheduled
to speak I rom I lie Lake Junaluska
assembly platform at 3 p. in Mon
day afternoon, anil on Sunday the
pulpit will be tilled by Congress
man Brooks Hays I rom Arkansas,
an active worker in the Baptist
Mr. Stassen, a nationally known
churchman and considered for sev
eral years as presidential timber
by the Republicans was on active
duty as Naval commander during
the recent conflict, lie will share
the Monday program with Bishop
Paul B. Kern of Nashville as the
highlight of next week's Junaluska
The Bible Conference Week yvill
open Sunday night with the Rev.
Dr. Harris Franklin Rail, author
and professor of theology at Gar
rett Theological institute, Kvnnston,
111,, delivering the opening sermon.
He is programmed to address the
group each evening through Friday,
and Bishop Kern will be the morn
ing speaker.
Dr. Andrew Blackwood, profes
sor of honiilelics at Princeton uni
versity, began a series of four ad
dresses Wednesday morning of this
week, citing the importance of
local pastors mid pointing out the
need for a religious revival in the
present time.
Farm Groups To
Inspect Farm Here
A large group of Swain County
tanners are due to inspect the
State Test 1 ai in here Monday. The
farmers ale scheduled to cat lunch
at the Fish Hatchery, and start
their lour of the farm at one
On Tuesday a group of Waynes
ville veterans, inleiested iu farm
management, are scheduled to
make a lour ol I he larm.
Two Librarians
Visit Haywood County
Library this Week
Two 1 1 i t ;i r i ,ii is visiled the eon lily
library here (lining the week and
observed the wink and the reading
club being dneeled by Miss Mar
garet Johnston, county librarian.
They were Mrs. Bruce lleffer,
of the Gaston County Library; and
Mrs Lois Green, of the Alabama
Public Servile Library division
with hcadqiiai lei s in Birmingham.
New F. & W. (iroccry
Opens In Hazel wood
The F. and . Grocery an-j
nounces its lormal opening today
on the highway in llaclwood. The j
store is in a new rock building j
next to Cade's Service Station. j
Sam and Calvin I'rady and Lloyd i
West, all veteians, are joint nwn
, ers of the new business. They an
nounce a complete line of grocer
ies, feeds, dry goods, and plan to
in stall a meal market at an early
i date All sales will be made on a
1 money-back guarantee.
Seven-Mile Stretch
Of Road Up Pigeon
Not In Immediate
Road Projects
Present indications are that the
7-mile unpaved section of Highway
No. 276 to Brevard will remain un
paved for sometime, according to
a letter to this newspaper from
A. II. Graham, chairman of the
State Highway and Public Works
Commission. Mr. Graham's letter
was in answer to a question on
the subject by the editor.
Mr. Graham said: "We do not
have in our immediate program
the surface treating of the section
of road between Brevard and
Waynesville, but of course, realize
the importance of this road and
will reach same as soon as im
proved economic conditions will
The commission has agreed to
put the section of road in as good
condition as possible for the Slate
Press motorcade which will come
from Brevard to Waynesville on
September 13lh.
The 7-mile section is the only
remaining unpaved section be
tween here and Brevard, a distance
of 39 miles. The two towns and
counties worked for years to get
the road constructed, and the pav
ing on this side has been "a prom
ise" since about 1935.
During the WPA era, crushed
stone was placed on the road, and
the curves widened, but no paving
or surface treating has been done.
As far as is known, Brevard
and Waynesville arc the only coun
ty seats in the state that are not
connected by a paved highway.
Civic leaders discussing the mat
ter here this week pointed out that
the "excuse" of lack of manpower
or machinery to do the job was not
a consistent reason, since many
new projects have been started
since 1935- in fact .some started
right in this vicinity .since Janu
ary, J94G.
Haywood REA Announces
Yearly Meeting August 31
L. L. CARPENTER, editor of the
Biblical Recorder, religious maga
zine published at Raleigh, will de
liver an address Tuesday evening
at the Clyde Baptist church during
the annual meeting of the Hay
wood Baptist association. The pro
gram will begin at 7:30 p. m.
The seventh annual meeting of
! the Haywood County Membership
Electric corporation will be held
Saturday, Aug. 31, at the Court
House here.
J R. Sheffield, manager of the
co-operative, urges all members
to attend the meeting, and an
nounces that a variety of prizes
(Will be given away by drawing that
have been donated by Waynesville
merchants. Lamps, electric irons,
ladies hose, and many other at
tractive items all will be given
Since its first organization in
1939, the REA organization serving
Haywood has been steadily grow
ing until now lines extend into
Buncombe and Transylvania coun
ties and more than 1,600 homes
Rites For Canton
Man Injured in Car
Wreck Held Today
Funeral services will be held at
3:30 p. in. today for Mease P. Best.
3ti. at the Beavcrdain Baptist
church. The Rev Liu ins Royei -.
and Rev. Gvnrge Culhrelli will of
ficiate, and the ('anion American
Legion post will be in charge of the
burial riles.
Mr. Mease was a brick ma, on em
ployed with the Champion Fibre
company, lie and three other men
were injured late Sunday night
when the automobile, iu which they
were riding struck Hie comer of
a concrete bridge on the Beaver
dam road about five mile, north
east of ''anion, overturning several
Mr. Best suffered a broken neck
in the accident and was taken to
the Haywood Comity hospital,
where he died Tuesday morning.
Jams Carver, another occupant of
the car, received a Iraelured no :;p
and head injuries, and wa . taken
to the Aston Park hospital in Aslie
ville for treatment, .die We ;t
driver of the ear, also sustained a
fracture of the nose and head lac
erations, but was dismissed after
first aid treatment at the paper
company aid station. The fourth
occupant, Bobby Norn -lis. escaped
with minor injuries.
Following his death, K. body of
Mr. Best was taken to Ihe home of
his mother, Mrs. Arcic Allen Best,
where it will remain until the
funeral. Survivors, other than hii
mother, are three brothers: Fred
and Carl Best of Canton, and
Dwight Best of Cashmere. Wash.;
and five sisters. Mrs. W. M Craig.
Mrs. Guy Moore, Mrs. .lack Robin
son, Miss Majorie Best, all of Can
ton; and Mrs. T. C. Piessley. a
resident of hte state of Washington.
are connected to electricity. A
new 30-mile line is currently be
ing constructed in Jackson coun
ty, and preliminary surveys have
been completed to extend into
Macon county at a later date.
The annual meeting of members,
held the last Saturday in August,
is held to submit reports of the
past year's activities, to elect a
board of 11 directors to serve for
a year, and to transact any other
business. "We hope that as many
members as possible will attend
the meeting," states Mr. Sheffield.
Currently serving on the board
of directors are Carter Osborne of
Clyde, president of the hoard
will preside at the 1946 meeting,!
L. N. Davis of Waynesville, re- j
Continued on Page Four)
Weather Report
(Furnished The Mountaineer by
the U. S. Weather Bureau':
Thursday, August 15 Mostly
cloudy; possibility of light rains iii
the mountains; not much change
in temperature.
Friday, Aug. Hi Partly cloudy
and somewhat warmer
(Official Waynesville temperature
as recorded by the staff of the
State Test Farm:
Date Max. Min. Rainfall
Aug. 12 75 53
13 70 47
.14 76 58

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