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TTKSDAY. Al'Cl ST 20, V.)Ui
Money Safe
As far as the banks arc cniieenietl money
has been mighty safe during the past '11
months. accurdiiiK to the I'YiIeral Deposit
Insurance Corporation, which recently re
ported that there has not lieen a single bank
failure in the United States in the past 27
Money, we' are sure, has slipped through
many careless hands during that period, since
it has flowed in the mightiest stream it has
ever been recorded in this nation. It may
not have been safe in the hands of the indi
vidual, it has evidently been so in the custody
of our banks.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
also reports that of 11,7 10 banks in operation
on June lid, l-'i.-Vid or D'J per cent, with de
posits approximating' $1."0, ()(), (H)IU()( were
insured by it, which gives a lot of stability
to banking1 circles ns well as confidence to
the depositors.
The official organ of the State Highway
and Public Works Commission of this state,
recently published the following editorial on
the status of the Illue Kidge Parkway in this
.section. The encouraging feature of editor
ial, is that Chairman A. II. (iraham is listed
as among those "concerned with the future"
of the Parkway.
The editorial is as follows:
The lilue Ridge Parkway, first of its type
and scale, when completed will thread
through 48") miles of eastern America's most
beautiful mountain scenery from the Shen
andoah National Park in Virginia to the
Great .Smoky National Park in North Caro
lina and Tennessee.
The scenic drive averages :'. in feet above
sea level and more than :() miles of the
federally-financed project had been brought
to various stages of completion prior to the
In North Carolina the parkway enters at
Cumberland Knob Park in Alleghany county
and winds 271 miles through the mountains
across the state to Newfound Gap in the
Great Smoky Park where the road dips into
Term, ssee.
The parkway is open to travel-hungry
Americans from the Virginia line down to
near Asheville with the exception of sections
of the parkway near Blowing Rock and Mt.
Mitchell. There is a detour on paved state
highway around the uncompleted Plowing
Rock section.
lloweyer, the fate of the proposed iMi-mile
section between N. C. GO 1 northeast of Ashe
ville to N. C. 107 south of Smokemont in the
Great Smoky Park has troubled many inter
ested North Carolinians.
One of them, Chairman A. II. Graham of
the Commission went to Washington last
week to seek support for completion of the
parkway route as approved by Harold L.
Ickes when he was Secretary of the Interior.
The Chairman returned with encouraging
news that Senator Clyde K. Hoey, a congres
sional champion of the parkway in North
Carolina, has voiced his active support for
completion of the project.
The Senator's interest and support in the
parkway is already well-known. Only re
cently he pushed through Congress a boost
in ' parkway appropriations from $7,500,000
to $11,500,000.
Although many people are not acquainted
with the postal laws enough to know better,
chain letters and postal cards are illegal and
persons who write them expose themselves
to prosecution. .Many of these letters ;.,-e o'i
su'.j"cts of religion, but a postal official .;(?
that "there are no exceptions insular ;i the
federal government is concerned."
Haywood Doing Her Part
Statistics show that in PHI iK-iv were
U.T'.I I. SOU live births ivgiMeled ill the I lilted
States. This is a birth rate of 'fj p. r l.ii'.n
population. In l'dl-i when the birth ivrisira
tioii area was first established. t.- bp-th ra'-'
was :?". but since I hat lime it has 1 1 ' : i n I
to lli.l'i. when the low point vvi - reached in
l :!.;::.
That date is w.-ll remembere. I l'i
depression can easily account io- i!n i i'e.
Since that time it ha- been elm bi i - -; i ' I : '
and we have an idea that the birlh rate
l!i") and Itllii when compiled will brin" i
the figures of a generation too.
You can always depend on I lay .' oo.l c.t-ii
ty to do her part. Cor re fen no 1 in
matter We advise f hr interested 1o chie!-.
with the nurses ' the materiel v ward- ,
the Haywood ''oiiiity Hospital, and v.o ;'.-.d
sure that Haywood will head some of !'
count ies.
The Secret Is Out
We have read much aiioii! t he an it in!,- of
Russia toward this country. ! i i v. it.
are suspicious and have taken the at'it'id
that we may expect an.vl liing iVoin Ku -i.i
the future. Most nf them hne wriM-n 1 r. . i
what others have reported.
Harper's Magazine .sent a reporter lo tii.i
the situation and he has at last pi net raled
"Russia's iron curtain" and found that, of
all things, it is fear that imperialistic fa-ci-m
may be spawning in the United Slates today.
Some of the facts cleared up by the Har
per reporter reveal that Stalin does not run
a one-man show government, as most of p
have been thinking, but lhal he takes or'! !
from a 1 l-man conl rol grou i.
It was brought out thai it will be at least
II) more years before certain areas eel back
to pre-war condit ions. Russia's approach to
international affairs stems from insecurity.'
and they are afraid of foreign at lack: and
that the attack, they believe will come from
Die United States.
The Russians, it seems, are certain that
the United Stales will not be able lo pr .-n'
an economic boom and another deer - ".
This, they feel, will see the I :;'!. of m
American dictator, violently anli-lbi
who will want to invade n Hitler diu.
To most of us here in America t la ;r ,;,-.,,
ing sounds fantastic and we llu ik ; conl
not happen here. Rut we have lo admit thai
it is not a cheerful thought to l'i . I that 'he
Russians are fostering such ;ik;e w ha h u
doubt they will shape their polices be 1 1 1 i j
dealings wit h us.
It is up to us now to dispel such ideas and
the quicker the better, for all concern', d.
Far Reaching
Did You Know That -
: - i
iyfm WAR?"
n.i von think the press should
nice all (I'.-tails of rrinu-s or sup
rls them?
' Walter WjnchB
C. ('. IM.OTT "I think it is best
o tme Hie details anil the whole
;:cts ill tlie case."
ALIStiKT ABEL "I don't think
! helps matters to print all the dc-
.iits. Iiecause there are a lot nf i
'iiiny people, who read things and
lien try to put them in practice."
W. ('. Modford "f believe in
ininig the facts, not all the de
iis. but the real facts. If the
ids luld more they would render
better service, and I think they
mill tin this without being sensa-mial."
ei.cnils on I lie type of the crime
nil the criminal. If Ihe person is
i i est ol l nder and not a notorious
tin acter I Ihink the facts should
i -pared."
,' 1 ' k I II -
I mil I Ik
Ml I
Ml i .:
II 1 ! 1 I .-
cle ol the war
li ne hail rich
,;ii ; u in , , during t lie
w In. I u ill liroaden
i .-tinl be ol interest
i. v e It all depends to what
died away in their
buck private did not
ie i epoiisibility of the
linn ill! iccr, and Ihe high
. liiriel, unless he came
ranks did not quite know
- IM. was i;iiing through,
h had a special experience
aw n. The men who have
.he riuv nf Occupalion
i .null her s,n to tell. It
i mil n i vi lege lo inter -
persons who have
w jc" wv
1 1 I
In a recent issue nf the l"ni.i's;t v News
Letter it was revealed from a report com
piled by Dr. Wiley 1!. Sanders. ,.f the t'ui
versity, that one-half of the iuv.'ii:'
delinquents who have apieai'ed in N'mlh
Carolina courts during the pa-i five ye u-s
have come from broken homes.
Dr. Sanders has been making a study nt'
juvenile delinquency for the -date di-i.a-'-ment
of public welfare. Records ot th-- mar
ital status of parents were availao'.- in S..', is
of the 12.02-1 individual delinquent s handled
by the juvenile courts in (he - late from .lidy
1. 10."0, through .lime :',0. I'd ! I.
"The principal conclusion which v.v hiy
drawn in this survey." Dr. Sanders observed,
"is that any forces which tend 'o preserve ,
the family life in a community 1 nd to pre
vent juvenile delinquency as w. II."
Divorce, separation and desertion account
ed for 1(.. per cent of the broken home.-,
the report shows. In ID.!) per cent the father
was dead, and in 8.1 per cent the mother v.a
dead. Both parents were- dead in b. I per
cent of the cases. Rural delinquents came
from broken homes in 18..". per cent of the
cases, while city delinquents have a broken
home rate of 51.7 per cent.
The question always comes up of the re
sponsibilitV of the parents to the child as
against their own relations, and personal
happiness. There is much to be said on both
sides, for a child reared in an unhappy atmos
phere is bound to have unstable emotional -reactions.
They are torn in their loyalty
between their affection for both mother and
father. The remedy goes back to the court
ship days when more time and thought
should be given to whether or not the couple
have the qualities that will make for the
deadly routine of every day living. It takes
more than romance to establish matrimony
on a sound permanent basis.
iialb lunched his Iragic era
, ibmi'i i I her I hey have given us
s,- ni inle sidelights (hat we
i ei ' ;c, ni eil from Ihe newspap
i s ,nii .i i-ei touch that al-
,is remain in our memory we
.. v e -1 cii i iii' I ar corners of the
.ft h -1 coiid handed, and have
i ll in . ..a ions to t he men in
- ; n i a nd I heir I am i I ies a close
i 1 -' ' i : ! M- c conl act s.
j ! in- Mm-1 interesting per-
.i, v . : i , aia i v ,.,.( was none
' in ' , 1 -1 V. 1 1 : i smil h. president
I 1 1 u- . : ci n ,i n liar Association,
i . . . . i 1 is known as Dollie
, ; Imi .i !r. Smith spent
en .. , k .a i h, Nun nibci g war
i re : i . il ni scsi-ioin which
. - pii mm ;:l world pat fern.
. 1 1 1 . i ,i i.i ai l an attract ivo
i . - - -i ' nil uivo him a
. i . .ml udc and in-
c. ,ni . oiild listen inde-
. b' ..'clh was appointed by
i- : I , -I 'i ,- Uolil M Jackson of
ic . c ( ' mi i . vv ho became
: ' . . i ei I he prosecution ol
. . c v . i i ; in aials. to go to
i !..: 1 'i eh" .'i c t he trials, so
in!.! rake ai-.-h reports as
In a. ado to the American
' Associ at ion. lie
.i I . - 1 1 lo name anol her nicm-
i' ol lis -: i r in accompany him
d h, i i ,c c i'.ii'p.ui ( b'egory of
i'. .: e ' i . u i i i , 1 1 a I he I louse of
h ie 1 :;e '.incriean Bar As-
; ,c "l i ais clod under the
. !. 1 1 :!..: f anil were provided
: i. - ' a i i M purls, f pon ar
1 mil I haw felt quite at
". a loioi I Judge Parker,
n VI., mi I'.o Slew art of Charlotte,
in' i'u' ton. assistant at-
' .; c' and another
1 's.c .., v . Alderman.
i a . .!( to visiting N'urem
I'n ch-civcii ar criminal
c n .i ' near Munich,
i : i a .a .! the trial of Carl
c i. i notorious Nazi,
"'-a ; 1 1:1 -it's overlord of Bo
nce Mi seel h also v isited Her
i ii i iimah n, where he ob
i' I ; c ac'ilar.v organizations
''!. . i of (icriiiauy in con
ii'.'i 'a special missions not
but a clc I'oai such depressing
'! - a '.i s. villis had some light-
r .no a.-als of contacts.' He cn
.iov s n 'liiig ni the luncheon given
hiie and Justice Jackson, whom he
knew (pule well back home, in
ieana During flic meal a string
orchestra furnished music, wonder
ful Hungarian music. In a nos
talgic moment, he asked the or
chestra to play "Carolina Moon",
even though he was getting a thrill-
out of 'The Blue Danube" and
"Talcs from Vienna Woods". The
orchesi'a leader confessed that he
had never heard of the compost
lion, whereupon, the American
secretary of Justice Jackson went
to the piano and played it a couple
of times. The orchestra picked up
th? melody and even Mr. Smith
(iouois if the composer back in
America would have rendered it
with such a perfect touch. He says
he feels sure that it was the first
lime "The Carolina Moon" was
WILLIS SMITH, of Haleigh
ever played by a (Ii .man orchesira
on the Danube Kivcr.
Then there was anol hci
of his trip on the homo
when he slopped ov c i.i
He was the gue-l ni
Chancellor of t he I Ion e
ment for dinner Tlu I .
cellor lives on the top I a
House, and the v U w c ; I
Kivcr on a moonliclii
ihe dining room of I i i
apartment is really s,, c
of this world." accoiali:
MISS S. A. JONKS "It all de
nes on the type of the crime."
Mi!S. S. It. CKOCKKTT "No. I
i not think the details should be
inlcd. for the lurid details do not
ip either the younger or the old-
i people.'"
hen it was decided to prosecute
ho men who hd brought war to
I. mope. The Germans have been
.:;(! for murder rape, robbery.
..rd slavery in Central Kuropc. The
oiirl oflicials have been known as
h" I menial ional Tribunal.
The I rials have been conducted
in the courtroom in the palace of
.justice built by the Nazi, to which
i allached the prison built by
them for political prisoners. Nur
emberg was selected as the place
for the thrial because af the loca
tion within the American zone of
occupation, with facilities of court
house and prison combined for con
venience of witnesses generally and
.irobahly because Nuremberg has
leen Ihe shrine city of Germany,
i! is beautiful and old, but practi
cally all the old part in the walled
city was destroyed by the English
air force, said Mr. Smith. The de
struction in Germany is beyond
realization here in America.
The Hollywood gin rummy swin
dle was turned up by a cub reporter
(Los Angeles Eximiner) on his 1st
assignment. The paper had a tip
that Michael MacDougall, the sleuth
who specializes in such things, was
in town Haker Conrad was sent
on this thin tip He ran into some
members of a club he thought
might he involved. They were talk
ing out loud spilling names and
all- on the story the youngster
wasn't even sure was cooking He
got an earful and ran to a phone.
The first nevvsbreak said only that
three sharpers had taken Holly
wood big boys no names mention
ed An hour after the edition hit
the street, three heavy winners had
engaged a high-priced lawyer to
"protect their interest."
The prisoner in the dark Gestapo
dungeon in Berlin' was tall, gaunt
Kudo!!' Diets, founder of the Gesta
po in the first turbulent days of the
Nazi regime. Diels had said "no"
to Adolf when the fuehrer ordered
him lo liquidate an old pal who had
outlived bis usefulness to the swastika-gang.
Now. Rudolf sat in his
ell. awaiting the hangman By
order of Hitler, who did not like
people w ho dared to say "no."
Standing before Diels was medal-dripping
Hermann Goering. T
onVr 11U ,(
-''""h-i! (;,.
M' "i-uc
till'li'. I.;;,,'
Hi, ','
1(1 to
C'SI C um si n ..
from ik i.. "H
ln,orn.Uun 1
"'"ls. A11)ngh
''St''ansc' muJ
a sarrlnm. n
- Jl-er all df-.r nJ
J'aw' '"an ui the fd
"l - l" "if Smoii
where it as utiiu :
l-l'le. bv llouai',
" nuaiii Hurni'y,
,l "'e Cwiuiiuaitj
Ashevilk'. (
"'Hi's from lu-rnlieJ
on' nallad of Barbara
ol their jjlav , (
relies, nephew l Kit
"f Knglanil. has a y
making ihe linudun
Capital Lette:
The courtroom has been equip
ued with the most modern devices
for trial-a translating system,
with three languages and sonic
times four according to Mr. Smith,
are used by -- hich spectators can
have ear phones and tune in on the
language of their choice. The
I rials have been conducted in the
most orderly md dignified manner,
sesided over by Lord Justice
Lawrence of Kngland. with Sir Nor
man Bracked, administering justice
lhal is closely akin to American and
Continued on Fage Four)
WAKIiKN Jule Warren, now
editor of "We The People" mag
azine., has .just received from the
publishers his new book, "The
People Govern North Carolina".
It's really good. Designed for use
as supplementary reading for the
eighth grade il gives in a down-to-earth,
interesting, and easy-lo-un-derstand
manner the political and
governmental setup of this State,
lie bad o.UiiO copies printed, and
sold i by maili before the
ready for distribution,
sufficient paper can be
this Warren book may
to 7.1.000 copies within
two years. No school
without il take an old
schoolmaster's word for it Inci
dentally. Warren has at least one
oilier book up his sleeve.
they were
honk was
obtai ned,
easily go
the next
shold be
Young Denim rats or
this Static with ar
)' Major J oh n lan
lead- - Although there
f'M sets in j,il,.iii ,
1 cy modulation sUiuni
' tinii her,. Sept in.
Ion will sell out his
purebred whin-face ra
her. lie paid mat
each for some nf tr
IliiH tlllils heS j.iiTgn
NOTL'S If that 25 per cent raise
comes, il would cost the Stale
around $27,000,000 for all em
ployees during the next two years
and if Ihe next fiscal year is as
good as the one ending June 30 the
State would have a surplus of
$52,01)0.(100 for this biennium
i Slate income for July was 29 per
Icenl over July one year ago
Plans are being laid to revive the
turned down tin. po-
for the Slate llisliw
thus making Ihe thirc
cr Meantime t'hai
Lillington vv lui held
so many years is liii
easily as allornev fc
If y ou are a Vetera
tain cloth fur a t'hailii
suit by .going to ihe
and presenting yoia
papers The tost
the catch is that a tail
you about S40 for raJ
and that's not bid'
what mi gel -The
will hold lis annual
iC'iiiitiiiiied on Pal
111!'', Ill
s have
i been
,h . ml
or i s -
. lol-
p, limit
Hack to the biisini
From the legal si am l h i
has been no question, ac a
Mr. Smith, that the di lend
not received a fair trial
iven the oppui tue.ii v ;
( heinselves. They v t i e
counsel chosen bv llicm . ''
signed by the tribunal.
lowed the procecdinc- lb
in their own lam.i.a.e
vantages of a trial over
execution have ai-o . ;
people of Kuropc an oppie
see Ihe system of the ad
lion of justice thai is so Ko
to the American and i'lci,
prudence. Most of I he i v i
the prosecution was by way
man records, collc'ieu
American army as it swept
rapid progress over Germ
fore the latter could carry
ders to destroy such utii
illustrate, some of I h
from Germans to Ha n e
icers. staling thai inc
into effect in coiv i m ;
or prisons, what ihey h...l
dered to do. In othei v.
many convicted herse'l m
records. The couri n -
verdicts and pronounced
with the execution or
ments handled by the Ah
cil. The defendants h,
given more time for pi.
of their cases than i he p..
did in present in ; it . c.
detially. Mr. Smith s.,,e
German lawyers were
group to succumb lo the Nazi move
ment in their count rv.
Ge' '-
lit er-
'C)''-:. To
cords were
ciii r. .1' of-'-
h.-.d put
' camps
.1 i ceii or
iii In r ow n
-'lM'il iis
nlai ion
' ui ion
h.d ihe
ie last
The trial in Nuremberg has been
conducted under a charier a ueed
upon by England. America, franco
and Russia, the outcrow i h of an
undrstanding which bean a1 Yalla.
Wife Preservers
u meaimusl lie kept lui- .m-vei a ,i,oS
put it in one of (he tmvs in ihe five, i",
compartment of the rehiECiator and' lei
It Ireeze.
Beit Pant
The plans you are making will
come closer to reality when you
start a regular savings account.
First National Bai
... M,mherF.derlRt
- reuerat ueposn insurance Corporation

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