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Qh TTO (Third Section)
Filv ,"ew Classes For Men Are
pen To Ekafi Under
etralaiions In Effect
Even Discharged
Servicemen With
Little Service May
Be Recalled
he liability i'f every mal"
v ,,f the United States ami
,y ether male per--ni reMdinu
the Uniteil States including
,e who becnmc Hi yiars old.
egister as provided in .-ectmn
,f the Selective Trainmu and
vice Act ci!' 1940. as amended.
K;ins unchanged, although
ic mav be inducted until he i-
years old llllle-s he volunteer.-,
line Id register i- punishable,
m conviction, by fine er im
sonment, nr both.
Deferments Cut
"aced with a requisition for
(Kill retjisU'ants lit thmunh -!
ii-s old, who not father- and
. phv-ically acceptable P the
,icd 'forces, durum September.
;rth r with estimatel total iidl-
TiitMM by next March 31.
lective si r ice local board- hilve
pp in-tructcd that . iccupat lotial
ferments in that ae croup
jst be gradually reduced to tin'
i est minimum consistent wdh
0 calls of the army.
This instruction is based on the
tion i.l the conure-s at the time
extending the act. It mean
ill local board- must gradually
nfine occupational di lei incut:
those few ID through
1 who, after the most di,i-tn
rutiny. aie found to be ah-o-tdy
"indispensable and irre
aceable to national exi-'o nee'
, iiKlividuals in their pre cut oc
iations-. The only exccition to
ic (ieneial rule is by statutory
rovision, the so-called Tydnms
mendment concerninc f a r m
Deferment of Students
Students as well as workers arc
U'luded in this new deferment
oliey necessitated by restriction
f induction calls to men II)
hrmmh 29. No reui-trant 1!) year-
Id or over, who is pur.-uuiH a
oL!i;.se of instruction at a hih
chijol or similai- institution (,-ec-ion!
S (f) Selective Ser ice Act)
nay have his induction postponed
icyond the termination of the
icademic year durin which he
'weomes liable or after he ceases
to pursue such course of instruc-
t ion.
Likewise the new policy elimi
nates any provision for postpone
ment of induction during a quar
ter or semester for undergradu
ate colleye students, in graduate
courses also is limited to theo
logical stu'-nts (deferred by law)
and those preparing for the pro
fessions of medicine, dentistry,
veterinary medicine, and osteo
pathy, and certain graduate stud
ents certilied to the director of
selective service, but only so long
us they are making satisfactory
prnuress in their studies.
Preparing to meet the Septem
ber call and to make provision
for anticipated future calls under
Public Law 473, which extended
Selective Service to next March
11147, local boards must make
a irtually general review of the
clarification of all registrants 2(i
thiotigh 2!) years previously de
lerrtd as unlit for general mili
tary ,-erviro to determine if they
now aie acceptable under revised
.p,inlard-. The classification of
-mil registrants who are not now
manifestly disquali! u d loi mili
tary service will be reopened and
if not deferred again, they will
he placed in a class avauauie iui
-ei ice.
Review of Class 1-C
The amended Selective Service
Act al.-o lor reinduction
of certa.n registrants ill class 1 t"
....ho are under lid years of age
and who have not .served oveiseas
, r for a' least ti months. The
.peeilic provision includes "all
iT'gi-trunt- m class 1-C who have
not served on active duty in the
land or naval forces of the United
States outside the continental
limits of the United States or
Alaska or who have not served
on active duty for at least six
months alter September lti, 1940,
..vrlusivo of time served while
pursuing a course of instruction
in a umver.-ity, college, or similar
m titution of learning." The cases
of all such registrants must be
reopened and reconsidered
The age bracket for liability
for military service under the
amended act is 19 to 45 years old
with the provision that the presi
dent shall approve all require
ments for men. The current in-
.i r-..w.l.-a 10 tht-mitfh 29.
' was announced by President Tru-
... - i j m.'.. ! i
A WEDDING BANQUET, which Included fricasseed turtle, turkey, duck
and chicken, Is served in New York's Harlem district by Father Divine,
whose "bride-in-name-only" is shown being served. His wife, the for
mer Edna Ritchings, of Vancouver, B. C, was taken on a tour of several
of her new husband's many "heavens" in the area. (Inter nal'onal)
Politics Lure Many Southern Women
During Their 26 Years With Vote
ATLANTA It's been 2(i years
now since the women got the vole,
and a survey of the South today
showed the skirled sex taking a big
ger part than ever in politics and
Monday will mark the 2(lh anni
versary of the woman suffrage' fin.-il ratification. The
dun . ... ii iv in , . -
anniversary orators in I he South
have plenty to point to two wom
en Congressmen, two women hold
ing elective stale house ollices, anil
dozens of others in appoint ive jobs,
legislatures, and local offices.
There may he more on the way
The summer campaigns lured more
women candidates to southern
stumps than ever before. They ran
for everything from coronet
man on July 1G on recommenda
tion from the war department and
the Selective Service system.
Besides lowering the draft age
from 20 to II) years, the current j
law also provides: (1) an IS-
month training and service period j
for inductees; (2) exemption for (
all fathers who support their ehil- i
dren or maintain a bona fide
family relationship with them.
scnat or.
Of the South s two women House
members, however, al least one will
he missing in January. She's Rep.
Jane Trait, ' D.-N.C1, who is filling
the iiiiexiurcd lei in of her late boss,
Hep V. Hiugin, in the highlit
North Carolina District. Miss Jh'att
did not s""k renominalion.
The other lady Congressman,
Hep Helen Douglas Mankin, D.
Ca a, was her stale's first elected
Congros. -woman, but is now em
broiled in a contested election dis
pute lhal won't be determined until
the November general election.
Mr. Mankin, who is presently
cruporatiug from an operation in
an Atlanta hospital, said:
"Women have proven their value
in public ollice. They are more
honest, they are more sincere and
I hey work harder."
The "C.entlewoman from Geor
gia" was eleolod to fill a 10-months
unexpired Icrni. and ran for re
nominalion in Georgia's July pri
mary. Mrs. Mankin led in popular
votes, hut trailed Judge James C.
Davis in county unit votes. Both
claimed the nomination, and the
SI ati Democratic executive com
Ovrseas Parcels
For Christmas To
Be Mailed Early
Christmas parcels for army per
sonnel overseas must be mailed
between October 15 and Novem
ber 15, with those destined mr de
livery in China, India, the Middle
East and Pacitie islands mailed
preferably not later than Novem
ber 1.
PorwU for navv, marine corp-
and coast guard member- -hoiild
be mailed not later than (jci-.ih
15 to afford some degree ol prob
ability of delivery prior to Chn t-
mas day, Mr. Peyton saiu. inline
the four-week period request
from the addressees are not re
quired before packages may b
sent. Mailers should man; gi't
"Christmas parcels."
Christmas cards for army per
sonnel overseas must bi madid
before November 15.
The post office lias issued the
following regulations regarchm:
the sending of Christmas parcel-:
Parcels must not exceed Hi
pounds in weigh or 100 inches m
length and girth comumeu, oo,
more than one parcel shall be ac
cepted for mailing in any one
week when sent to the same per
son from the same address, parcel
for army personnel en route over
seas shortly before or subsequent
to November 15 will be accepu-u
up to and including December in
upon presentation by the .-cndei
of a change, of address notilica
tion, parcels must be securely pre
pared and the addresses most Il
legible. Valuable articles should be reg
istered or insured.
The use ol postal money order
i recommended to transmit gin-
of money. There- are eeilain
regulations however, regarding
cash remittances to be sent overseas.
1.600 Merchant Ships
In U. S. Reserve Fleet
WASHINGTON, - The United
States now has more than 1.600
merchant vessels in reserve anchor--me
most of them available for pur
ela,se, the Maritime Commission
-."ounced veslerday.
Of the lo4 vessels retired iron,
-e.vice during the month ended
ug 15 (i2 were sent to the James
Hivei. Va.. fleet, which then had
-, i,.ia of 715 inactive ships. Sui
.,,n, ('aid . had 34:1; Mobile Kiver,
la 2 0- Tarrvtown, N. Y... HH:
l-oert Sound. Wash., H(i; Neche
Hner. Texas. 54; Columbia Hiver.
Ore. 2:5. and four vessels were
u-hored in the new permanent
serve anchorage in the Hruns
ick liner, near Wilmington. N. C.
Floor Sanding an
George McCracken Co
Wavnesville, N. C.
"Slf ..el
What Are They For
Ice Cream For Tito?
CINCINNATI, Ohio. Eighty k'-'-
inaking machines, originally intend
ed far use by American troops in
11,.. sa.oth Pacific, are being pre
pared for shipment to Yugoslavia
!, ihe Cincinnati office of the war
Assets Administration, a local WAA
spokesman reported today.
Norman I). Starrett. WAA Pub
he lielalions Director, said orders
I,,, 111 Ihe Treasury Department's
Procureinc id Division specify that
llir machines be sent to IW"'
..lavia m care of the United Na- h'ehel and Rehabilitation
Mi- Sl.nielt -aid the Procure
ment Division's order for "immc--Male
-hipmeiit" of the units was
,,itcd Aug. II. 1040.
Mis-, Marguerite Way has as her
guest this week Miss Martha Hen
Kle, of Winston-Salem, who is a
.lassinato at ri . -viai.v s .,,,...0.
College. Raleigh, where they both
will reenter school in September.
. . . . 1 11 T .1 1 w-
.MA n. : nionaay, weuncsuay. friday 2:1:, p yl
baturaay z:uu ana .i:.sii; Sunday J and 4
NIGHT SHOW: 7:00 and 9:00 daily; Sunday
Owl Show lt):.50 Saturday.
ADMINSIUIN : t- nuaren unaer is uars. i-)r ui
Seals, :l.")C TAX: On Children's l'as 2v; Adult p
"The Green Years"
Starring Charles Cohurn anil Tom Drake
Also News and Short Subjects
"You can ask one more ques
tion," said the almost exasperated
father, "but make it short."
"Well," replied his small son,
"when a doctor gets sick and an
other doctor doctors him. does the
doctor doing the doctoring have
to doctor the doctor the way the
docor being doctored wants to
doctor being doctored wants to
be doctored or does the doctor
doctor in his own way?"
mittee certified both as party nom
inees in the general election.
The two female holders of state
wide elective office are Secretary
of State Sibyl Pool in Alabama
and Louisiana's Lucill May Crare
Register of the State Land Ollice.
The Middleman
You (Jet His Profit
Corner Haywood
Depot Street
WW taw -j
BaMtnuanniini nnn wwwi i"""
"California Gold RusW
Starring ild Hill I Jhot
Also Hop Harridan No. I
LATE SHOW 111 ::;n
House Of Dracula"
Starring Lon Chanry
"Getting Gertie's Carta
Starring Dennis O'Keel'e and Marie Melton;
ilso rsnort .-Miniects
MONO A Y -Tl T KS I ) A Y S K I 'T KM! !K K V.
"The Outlaw"
Starring Jane Russell and .lack liui'lel
Also News and Short Subjects
o o o
S,cl ' L
s f
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stave off disastrous inflation with 100 per cent cooperation!!
It's "American" fa Produce - Siay On Your Job
ta Maitraf acta
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