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The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-a-Week In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesvilfc their ideal
shopping center.
No. 72 8 Pages
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
" r 1
tomobile Wrecks Mount, Several Badly Injured
5" Lake Junaluska Closes
r n l
Of duccesstui
'46 Season
f Driving
nk Placed
f Cars
kcts continued In
L durins tin1 P'lsl
least 14 cars and
and other minor
irted In officers.
were aires! ed lor
and several for
Julder In
Eoco Gap
ix young people
12:30 Wednesday
Carpenter Blanch
rest of Uh- Maggie
foot of Soco Cap
Lee Fisher, Hi. of
at . the Lake
shoulder injuries.
20. of Cove Creek
Is reported in Rood
Haywood County
In the . week, and
released after
K. The remaining
Charles Crouser.
lie; Walter .lames.
Jane Stewart. Hi.
I and Ceeile Big-
f injured, Cronser.
(r which was do-
leaving the road.
investigating Pa-
oberts. with rcck-
an's Back
uto Wreck
Nng at 0:311 in
H Bramk-lt farm
Creek .section a
driven hv Mis
!- f Cove Creek.
ra up en a bank
She receiver! a
I arm inum-ics hm
children, riding
not injured. The
a total wreck.
result of a crash
F. f Brown and
"azelwood ah,,,,.
FidaS' afternoon
as driving a
creasm.m ivac
bHl cars worn
cras"- .Neither f
famaged In
HL'3c ,L-
Nter a ,,- , ' . '
-'u-.i huh
a !37 IVSo.i,
tey al the inter-1
1!am siro,,. j'
page Eight) I
Outstanding Programs
And Large Crowds
Were Features Of
Season Just Ended
Following Sunday morning's ad
dress at the Lake Junaluska As
sembly auditorium, the 1946 season
the best attended in its history
was officially closed, and the re
maining summer visitors began de
parting for their homes.
Dr. W. F. Quillian of Atlanta,
preached from the pulpit Sunday,
presenting the last address of the
year. Sunday night the Salvation
Army band offered a sacred con
cert of music.
A south - wide conference of
young people, and a Southern Insti
tute of Music were conducted dur
ing the last week of the Assembly
season. Wednesday the platform
was taken by one of the younger
ministers who has distinguished
himself in the field of social rela
tions, Rev. Grady Hardin, of Black
Mountain. Another speaker to the
group was Col. Charles I. Carpen
ter, chief of chaplains for the U. S.
Army Air Corps.
The Rev. Mr. Hardin, after por
traying the present international
situation from the political view
point, called attention to signs of
encouragement as evidenced by at
tempts of U. N. to get together
and outlined what he believed to
be the function of the church in
the international scene. He said in
part: "The church must bring the
consciousness of the statesmen who
write the international charter up
to hear the voice of God and to
know the way of life that will en
able them to search out the will
of God. The function of the church
is not to be an economist but to
touch the economist that he may
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Heads RA
-S, - .
Street Naming Program
May Finish This Week
Satisfactory progress is re
ported on the Town of Waynes
ville's program to paint names
on all the streets. G. C. Fergu
son, town manager, states that
at the end of last week half of
the streets had been named.
Stencils are being cut for the
remaining roads, and the
painters are expected to have
the remaining names on by the
end of this week.
Mr. Ferguson also announces
that the next regular meeting
of the Town Board will be held
Thursday, Sept. 5.
Weather Report
Furnished The Mountaineer by
the U. S. Weather Bureau):
Monday, Sept. 2 Fair and slight
ly warmer today and tonight.
Tuesday, Sept. 3 Fair and
slightly cooler.
(Official Waynesville temperature
as recorded by the staff of the
State Test Farm):
Date Max. Min. Rainfall
Aug. 29 77 66 .22
30 77 55
31 68 45
Sept. 1 77 71
Nen, Jr Discharged After
mechanics To Guam Natives
rn'Jr..Mr,M1T , ,
. v Croon
nar frnm lhe
.Hea"ived Lome
oav .
" Asters ,.,, -
tar... ' 1 ai
-"'is and
and hr,..u ,
- .'ii inciav
was ,
l" as a gift
Ft? ,he
Wii.i. " n'ne
school in Richmond, Va., for 10
weeks. He was then assigned to a
ship and left Portland. Me., for an
overseas tour, after which he was
sent to a.i advanced diesel school
in Cleveland, Ohio. He returned
to sea duty following this training,
and shipped from San Francisco to
the island of Guam, where he spent
the remainder of his time. The
latter part of his service was with
the U.S.M.C. detachment as a me
chanical teacher to the natives.
He Is now with his brother, Arlo
Green at Penns Grove, N. J., as an
assistant manager of a recently
opened garage. They are giving
apprentice training to ex-service
men, and have an agency for the
new Bobbl-Kar.
L. N. DAVIS was elected prcsi
dwent of the Haywood Electric
Membership Corporation at the an
nual meeting in the court house
here Saturday afternoon. Mr.
Davis succeeds Carter Osborne,
who was named vice president.
Dixie Store
To Open New
Super Store
On Thursday
Firm Enlarges Stocks
In Waynesville Unit;
Next To The First
National Bank
Announcement is being made
today of the formal opening of the
Dixie-Home Super Market on Main
Street next to the First National
Bank, on Thursday morning.
Ed C. Lane, general manager of
the store, has had a special crow
of trained men working for the
past week arranging the stock
which will be about four times the
stock now carried in the Dixie
Store here.
The modern store is 110 feet
long and 37 feet wide, with about
a fourth of the store devoted to
the meat market, with its 48 foot
of refrigerated display counters,
and also a fourth to the display
racks of produce. Self-service
frozen foods and dairy counters
are also a part of the new set-up.
The grocery department takes
up the remaining half of the store.
Besides Mr. Lane, the personnel
of the store will include Fred .lonos
manager of the market, and Ray
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L. II. Davis
Heads REA
Unit Here
Annual Meeting
Held Here Saturday
Afternoon, With Large
Crowds Attending
1. X. Davis was elected president
of the llavwood Electric Member
ship Corporation at the annual
mooting hero Saturday afternoon,
alter the members had oloelod a
board of directors. Mr. Davis suc
ceeds Carter Osborne, who will
servo as vice president.
Ira II. Cogbnrn was re-elected as
secretary -treasurer.
Encouraging reports wore made
by officials of the organization, and
substantial prograss was shown by
the detailed reports.
During the afternoon. Gwyn
Price, state director, addressed the
group, followed by a representa
tive of the Washington office.
A largo number of attendance
prizes were given out during the
Queen Of Labor Day
USO Chairman In
Hay wood Will Be
Named Soon
J. E. S. Thorpe, of Franklin, has
been re-appointed as chairman of
this, district for the 1946-47 annual
USO campaign which starts Oc
tober first.
The district comprises all coun
ties west of and including Hay
wood. L. Y. Ballentine. lieutenant gov
rnor of North Carolina, is state
hairman, and announced that the
chairmen of each county would he
named shortly. Chairman Ballon-
tine also announced that this is the
last USO campaign. It has been
designated by President Truman
as the "See-lt-Thrugh" campaign.
A. P. Ledbetter was chairman of
Haywood last year, and over $11.-
000 was raised during the cam
paign in the county.
Property Being
Sold For Taxes
Members of the Haywood tax
collector's office started yesterday
morning selling about 1,000 tracts
of land for unpaid 1945 taxes.
The tracts were advertised for
the past four weeks, and selling
started Monday morning at 10:00
The tax collectors of Waynesville
and Hazelwnod will sell on Mon
day, Sept. 9th.
Miss Rogers
Wins Beauty
Contest At
Crowned Queen
Of Labor Day
Program; Crowd Of
4,000 Sees Judging
lit) year-old
QUEEN FRANCES ROGERS, is shown here as she was crowned
ijuccn ot Labor Day on Saturday night before 4,000 people in the
Canton Park. Mayor Sam Robinson had just officially crowned Miss
Rogers when this Mountaineer photograph by Ingram, Skyland Studio
was made. Miss Rogers and her court had a prominent part in the 40th
annual Labor Day parade.
Social Security Man
To Be Here On Ninth
A representative of the Social
Security board will be at the Regis
ter of Deeds office here on Mondav,
Sept. 9th at ton o'clock to meet
with anyone concerning matters re
garding Social Security.
Cases Released On Bond
At Magistrate's Hearing
At their preliminary hearing in
Magistrate's Court at Canton dur
ing August, the throe Case brothers
who wore involved in the gun bat
tle at the Weeping Willow service
station on July 31 were bound over
to the November term of criminal
court and released on bond.
Ralph Mease, justice of the
peace, presided at the court. The
defendants, Andy. 22; .lack, 23: and
Oscar Case, 20, of the Dutch Cove
section near Canton, waived their
right to give evidence, and the
court found state evidence suffi
cient to prepare charges of assault
with a deadly weapon, robbery
with fire arms, and minor offenses
' against the defendants.
Power Will Be Off
Four Hours Sun.
Power will be off in Hazelwood
Lake Junaluska, Balsam and Dell
wood Road on Sunday, Sept, 8th
from 2 until 6 o'clock. The inter
ruption will not affect the town
of Waynesville or REA lines, ac
cording to H. M. Burleson, local
represent at ivo.
The interruption of service i
being made to do maintenance
work on lines that could not be
done safely without discontinuing
the service.
At high speed the range of vision
of automobile drivers is narrowed
to approximately the width of the
Participants In Labor Day Beauty Contest At Canton
' V . - .T--iffl, "i mi lit lit' M Hi m i Aimi i otiK - I -. Jf
j.. j
Shown here are the ten contestants in the first beauty contest to be staged in connection with the annual Labor Day program at Canton. The
ten young ladies are shown as they stood on the special platform in the Canton Park Saturday night as the judges selected Miss Frances
Rogers as w innr. Shown here, left to right, Miss Doris Brown, Miss Rogers, Gladys Brown, Mrs. Edwin Spears, Mrs. Sara Garrison, Miss Alice
Fincher, runner-up, first place, Miss Margaret Robinson, Miss Mary Jane Burnett, runner-up second place, Miss Ruth Hall and Miss Rachael
Morgan. This Is a Mountaineer photograph by Ingram, Skyland Studio.
Miss Francos Roger
daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Fred i
Rogers, of ('union, was c row tied
queen of Labor festivities in the
beauty contest Saturday night be
fore the largo crowd assembled at
Champion Park in Canton.
Mayor Sam Robinson, alter the
coronation robe and crown were
placed on Canton's first beauty
queen, gave her "complete reign"
over the festival . . . "not only in
Canton, but in its suburbs: Clyde,
Waynesville and Ashevillo," placing
at her disposal the "Army" in town
and "all boats on the river."
Miss Rogers wore a two-tone
evening gown with black top, a
blue tafola skirt with blue net over
it. All ton contestants, who had
reached the final contest after a
preliminary select ion from among
26 girls Thursday night before the
same judges, were dressed In eve
ning gowns and made a very pretty
picture placed in a row on the
Dana-stand lacing (he main part of
the stadium on the ball park.
The crowd, estimated at 3,500
or more, filled the stadium and
extra seats placed all around the
stand, with many spectators stand
ing up to witness the contest.
Miss Alice Fincher, 1!), brunette
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
Fincher, of Clyde, was runner-up
to the queen. Miss Mary Jane
Burnett, 18, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Hurnett ol West Canton,
was the other runner-up, and the
two girls served as attendants to
Queen Frances on Labor Day.
The seven members of the
queen's court were: Mrs Sara Gar
rison, wife of Charles Garrison:
Margaret Robinson, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Gurley Robinson;
Rachael Morgan, daughter of Mrs.
Annie M. Harbin; and Miss Mary!
Ruth Hall, daughter of Rev. and'
Mrs. J. Howard Hall, all of Can-)
Inn- Mi-t- -:ii.. s;,.. , ,. if., ,.r VA I .
.-jcuis, oi ayuosv ine; miss woris n(i
Hrown, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs.
Glenn D. Brown; and Miss Gladys
Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Brown, both of Clyde.
Jimmy Deaton, master of cere
monies, introduced the girls as
they stood up and took turns walk
ing around the band-stand before
the spectators and judges, and
afterwards presented each contest
ant with letters entitling them to
gifts at Canton stores. The judges,
visitors at Lake Junaluska, wore:
Dr. Elmer T. Clark, editor of The
World Outlook, Now York City:
Irby Hudson, professor of political
science at andorbilt University,
and Miss Louise Ballard of Atlanta,
Robert Matthews, who directed
the Canton High School band that
played during the contest, was gen
eral chairman of the program
Members of his committee were
Mrs. Louise Hemphill. Mrs. E. E. j
Conley. Mrs. J. M. Wells. C. C.
Medford. and Jimmv Deaton
Fine Parade
Held Before
Big Holiday
Program Runs On
Schedule Before
Largest Crowds
In 40 Years At Canton
Mountaineer stall Writer
CANTON i Monday p
spirit of gaily fills Hie aNmoHdn to
i of C:nil(iii -k 1 I 1 1 1 . i
residents and visitors lioin over
Western North Carolina
this industrial towns 4illli lirt
Monday in September
It is Labor Day. the holiday In.i,
oring the working man and woman,
and the whole town is in a carnival
mood to enjoy it to the niinoM.
With the weather having a louc'i
of autumn in it to liven the spin!,
the sky is sunny and appears in
have the Intention of complel in ;
the day without intcrfcrring villi
the various entertainment inn
grams. Parking places around tow n woio
filled early in the morning as
people from Haywood and neaihs'
counties came "on to ('anion.'' By
the time the bands sounded the
coming of the Labor Day parade,
an estimated 15,000 to 211.1100 per
sons wore lining the streets, larg
est crowd ever here.
By 9:30 the floats, brightly deco
rated to carry Beauty Queen Fran
ces Rogers and her court , began
assembling on the west side of
Pigeon River, with the Canton and
Waynesville High School bands.
Boy Scouts, 200 niemhi i s ,,f ,,.,;,,.
pion Fibre Company 's Old Tuners'
club, and various other units
The parade bagan promptly at
10 o'clock, the Canton fire truck
at the head, leading up Main stree t
from the old bridge, circling
through town and coining back by
the Champion Park where ('.niton
High school band broke oil to take
the band stand.
After the parade the tlnone ol
people moved in to Champion ',n:.
to enjoy the rides, listen to ,,n .
and crowd around the eating plat
es. At I 1 o'clock the platlo! in con
tests began, to last the remainder
of the day. Band conceits. h,,g
calling, cow calling, nail dime',
quartette and class sini'in.' and
shoo pitching conies!-, were
main features of 1 he .die i n i
and a square dance and sinn
program was to begin at ,'i n
The parade was completely
cessful and the results of
work and many original ideas
parade moved oil as the U .
villi- high school band s.ui
mo iviary land Sw ing, I he Hi
Icadifig. the Lions Club dual,
ing Queen Frances and part .
court were net and .,n,
band followed.
The American Legion w a ,
a group walking and a
lhe Champion Paper a
Co. float, built in giailua
with members having Ir
40 years of sen ire sbov
Old Timers in 4 jeeps
trucks followed.
Then came the Mi l 'i arkj
ture Co. float, a car. the (
t l le
I .i .i
I in
lid 10
trie float, a group
army recruiting car
I'm ni
, E.. -
ol bu-y eh s. 4
d bv
i wagon pull-
power inowi a I Modi i
truck full ol veterans .
Note: All prices given are' as of
Saturday duo to the fact that Mon
day was a holidav at the Farmers
Exchange and the Federal-State
Market News Service, from whom
these reports are compiled.
Eggs and Poultry
Receipts have decreased on both
(Continued on Page Five)
Local Arrests Decline
ast WTeek In August
Not an arrest was made Monday
through Thursday of last week,
which with two on Sunday and one
on Friday for public drunkenness
made that period one of the
quietest here this slimmer for local
During the first 30 days of Aug.
ust there were 45 arrests in all, an
average of 11 per week which is
the normal rate.
decorated trailer, a
the Canton Band. Boy Scn-n
Scouts, a horse and pun;,
decorated wamns, a pony oa
an old time covered vvaien
plote Willi Indian gui-V- a;
ing pans brought up lhe u
Silver-tone Negro quarteti
singing at 2 o'clock. An A
radio station broadcast an a
of the event from 3 :id to 4.
The Rev. D. O. Mclnrns.
ot Canton First Pi o,hy toi ir-v
church, delivered the sermon vt
the union religious services v t
Champion Park Sunday evening ;,'
8 o'clock. The Rev Mr. Mclnm.
also delivered a special me.-sa.--at
the union adult Sunday school
class at Champion "Y" SunJav
Dedication services were hoUL
at Canton Tabernacle Sundav "
morning at 11 o'clock, while union
Negro religious services were con
ducted at Champion Park Sundav
afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Canton
school band, playing under the di
rection of Mr. Matthews, gave a
special concert on Champion Park
Sunday evening at 6:30 o'clock. A
community singing featured also
during this time with Mass Mao
Marshbanks in charge.

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