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The Waynesville Mountaineer
FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948
Si. Patrick Sent
alum To Heaven
pdred and fifteen
V arrived in Ireland
jlte-bearded Roman,
jl himself to the na
y their descendants
world pay homage
with feasting, dane
pnd merrymaking,
-faced Irishman and
00 greater man lived
Js. So thoroughly did
iholicism in the Km
f from his time up to
feneration. Irishmen
fof blood in its de
Irishman on Fifth
w York and proh-
1 parading Irish in
Js St. Patrick's I)iy,
g almost a stranger.
st in legends. The
l of Patrick s power,
hncerns we snaites
were driven from
the date of his arrival
ye early spring of 432
jfcw facts about Pat
ch stand unquestion
birth never was de
te satisfaction of Irish
at he was a Roman is
He himself identified
id mother in his "Con
The saint was christened Suc
eat clever in war a name by
which he was known until he be
came a bishop. When he obtained
his commission to evangelize Ire
land, Pope Celestine I, renamed
Succat, sending him from Rome
as Patricius, a noble name of the
There probably is no race toda
as proud as the Irish of dfsient
from so-called royalty. Old Erin, it
would appear from some accounts,
spawned kings as easily as a
salmon laying eggs at the headwat
ers of the Columbia Kiver.
Erin was near the height of ii
pagan civilization when Patrick ar
rived. He made his way up the
Boyne River to Taia. seat of t In
elected high chief of Ireland a man
named Leaiy. Evidnce that l.e:n
was not "king" of all Ireland rests
in the fact that when he died he
was buried standing up. as was the
custom, facing his enemies in
Patrick was not the lirst Catho
lic missionary to visit Ireland.
His predecessors were numerous.
Like most missionaries of the
fourth and lifth centuries who
went into wild country their
work usually ended in death
Footprints and Blood
Give Thief Away
NEW YORK (UP i Detective
William A. Jacobs, investigating
the burglary of a drug store, found
a broken window. Leading away
from it in the snow was a trail of
There were crimson dots in the
snow, too. When the footprints ran
out the detective had no trouble in
following the bloodstains to a door,
up a stairs and to a bedroom where
he found Edward Williams, 55,
treating a lacerated hand.
violent and swift.
Still, there were some converts
in Erin, hut so few in number that
Patrick cuuld not hope lor much
help lrom them. Unlike the mis
sionaries belore him. Patrick de
cided to approach the leaders of
I tie island Inst and then work his
wa down He tailed to convert
l.earv. (nit he gained from the high
chief permission to preach through
the land l.earx s wile and two
daughters were baptized along with
certain counselors at Tara.
lor the next 2H i-ars. Patrick
toured the iskn.d and at the time
of Ills death he had established 700
churches, ordained 3.000 priests
and consecrated 3H0 bishops. Even
with that phenomenal achievement,
Patrick died in a land not com
pletely converted. There still was
much work left for Ireland's next
most tainous saints, Bridget and
Columtia. also known to the
Irish as ( oluiiikillc dove of the
chinch came on the scene 100
years after Patrick. During his
lifetime, much id' it in exile at
lona, ( olumha considered him
self Patrick's lieutenant. n in
triRuiiiK legend has come down
concerniii!; (tilumkillc and the
last day of the world:
In a dream, Columkille was
transported to the last day of the
world, Accoinpan nig Patrick lrom
heaven. Columkille watched in awe
as the bodies of men were resur
rected from their graves and united
with their souls. Winn all had been
accomplished. Patrick, in a great
I voice, called on all the Irish to as
semble in one place.
Calling Columkille. then. Patrick
sent his lieutenant to heaven with
instructions to have St. Peter pre
pare a suitable welcome for the
"St. Peter saw no objection to
such a reception." said Colum
kille, "hut he enjoined, nig to re
turn to Patrick with'an order that
only the uood Irish could enter
the others to go below."
Patrick was taken aback. With
great anscr. he told Columkille
to return to the gates and inform
Peter that heaven would get all
the Irish or none at all.
When asked what happened
next, Columkille said his dream
ended at that point.
I More people drive . . .
I More people want
Ihcin any olher make oi car
jreors and truer
f today with the advent
flver, wnarfer, finer Chevrolet for
fftcial registration figures prove
peope drive Chevrolets and
dependent surveys prove that
p' want Chevrolets than any
4e of carl The reason, of course,
tfoue. And now Chevrolet value
oil the more outstanding by the
f 'yling, brilliant new colors,
more luxuriously appointed
Which have been added to all
the other advantages of Chevrolet's
COST. See the new 1948 Chevrolet,
and you'll know why more people drive
Chevrolets than any other make! 1
You'll admirt the
tasteful new styling,
the nw color har
monies, the new
and richer uphol
stery and appoint
ments which add so
much to the en
viable Big-Car
beauty of Chevro
let's Body by Fisher.
hn' othw car In H
ii-Car comfort of
1948 diract rawU of ft
Mo" Gliding Rid.
QicvreUI't world1! champion Volvo-in-Hod
angitM giw on unequalltd com
bination of performance, endurance, de
pendability and economy.
The record demand for new Chevrolets
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Main Street
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,;(m Wot Id N's liulllr
(. 1., Cpstaiis I im .
(.Sit Mush Foi Dihini;
- ,H(I W lU't .l.llll. .lr
i iju Hit I'.molr
1 ll :uii O.i i it i. I iiih
1 II - Tuiii.ti low ';s .-, .s.
I I no sijiii t tf
,o -igi, i-n
.,m---D..i1 ..t, iht- h .irii
.Ml uV Ii t I H I
h; Ki..iii l'.u.
Maryland City Still Pays
Off Its Civil War Ransom
.1.. ii.
ii i)i.i
nl. ii .
I !..i. I
ll II -hi
II .llh I
ill Ihiiin i.l Vil .-s
Mvil tit. 1.
nil -l.i llir 1 ... . !i. -
.In M.'tmiiK llr. .ill. his
I., Ii....v......l I i..M I . ..I I ,..!
.1. - .ll..' ,lj.l I I 1-1
Ii.' Ml. I M.'i B N
.. . I.. ..I 1I..U...1
I . ri.. s , M 1 1
... 1.-. Ii. ,ii r., m..
t I 11.11 I .1, I.'. ,- I In
.Ml I ,..... I ,M
... I ...I , H. ii.
i . M..H i..: . - I
H. , i s. . i:..iu.iju. !
i . i ., , i ..i,ni, i'i.-kiiiiii :
... t ii. ...ii.. Mil. II.-
i i;, . in. Mln..
.... 11. Illl.-I
i . M, I...I, I .,,
... i i. ..i.j i hi i, i 'i ,.a
i . i.ini.i, i mill hf.i-
1 1
I h n. j.IusI i, ,,i,.
I . ii In -
,., l.,l,i,,.,a
I . I I" I Ki,il,l-
,1 I .on
l-'li KDKHH K i -I I
tins c-1 1 sii, Ii.., , ii'i.
pas oil 1 In ii v. ..I ci nl
W;,r. tlKil 1-
The ill 1)1 u .ii .:
All) ha r lai.i i. ;..
vN'hifh i.u . h u ;i . j
one 1 1 in:; in 1 1 . n u
ooiiks nl tii.- i. i , ,n
. i i K I i -iiiil. -s i urt i-; i .;
, Di' halami'ii
' Fl'fi.ll-1 11 In li.i 1.. . . 1
' 1H()4 Id m i- lli. i .. .
; Din hi-il l) ( iii ii , ,1, : .. . ,
,, ni!IIK' . .1 - ll'. i. ili .. ii I
' Juhiii A. hai '. ,,i ,' I.
, low I 1 1 1 ,,i ) '- 1 1 ii - i .
MM' ll.,lli,s 'i., i,,
and till' , H ,ri i , il 1 " i
Tlu v i' lii i n i'.. iii'
altliou'Ji i .u 1 1 ii i
M'liii'il h .a-i li.i,. in ,,i
j Willi,, it 1 1 ut I ii:. ii
! Ikuc I III' li'lir: .11 . ,
sunn' l isiiiimIji I in , , : .,
mi making .t ii.i h
IhiiuIv Oi ' i i i i i i 1 1 . i In' a. mi
; debt remaining was included.
liuw much il was no one knows
iiou C its lvgislcr A. A. Mico-
' ' - I" lii'inus (jiH-s-M-s bi-tv.'i-en $40,000 andf
i i.i ( nil tihti oiH). lit- also estimates (he city
lias SSOO.O'JO in interest
i.' . ii nut mure Hum the original
,.. , ,i..u ll
.,. ,,, At an mil', the whole 1917 is-
, Mil- w nl I.- Daitl oil' in J951 when
i! (V,l War will end for Kred-E.r -
u k
r i
I ;
r -
v :
-: ' k
MM In'!
ti : j
' )xl. T. Mass LI'i - Mrs. Jo-,. -I'll
A I .ope 2li. Ii,i hail four- t
i- ,). i".m- in Hi.' last live years 1 1
soiiti: - r
e.'i 'r, : i en that I will ::, j ,'. J
nl! : e in 1 lie I elT.UsoU 'I . J
li ii i iiu i ii; m i .... He -Mill , aim Hi Car- .
i.l.n.i. lui ll. i iii'.K'liie ut law. oil ' j
V ! . 1 1 : 1 1 I i. i !)!.. M i r 1 1 1 1 1 I con- f k
I ll I'll,
i ,;U I'd h i.iaheit s maclc it
lie; fs.-..,i lui n;e tu close la ollice
mi Aiiyn-l JU 11(47
Anei loiilino-:
i i
S,i, Hi i, -I
I.., I'm i...
i .u. ii . I Ii
li.i.ii.n, I
II It., III,.) I .
,.l I. .III. ,11-
.Hull I'M
l- K.. lit I. li
I -I'll I ll . I
',. II .Mi
ll,. I
ir.ei:t ii. ii,,siiial- and al home, al-1 r,
tel nal el;. . and after liiilnWlilK pre- ;;,
v.. is Id s, , , i I . , i 1 1 ...,!.,,, nl i,,r ll,,. I.,,! li-.-p. '
he repaiil IIiioiivIi si.ikini; Imul llloll,lv j itll, llow ,,,akmM sucll t
Mies. I Ins Hie tll l-J im,.,,,l n,,i emid ll im.i'
r ....
i't aMilt amiu.i ll a i . 1 1 ;
ul hi ahli lli.,l I tail ri'simie my av
,', i -ii n. ...i
I," I,.1I,I,,H ...H-S
,,! I,. M . . 1 , 1.1 1 1, 1
'I l anil lo ,,., the l....i-s al Inline ,-.,,. ,llh'i M,,i i i. 13
I,..,. nialmily dales , .llt)V ,,.,! , mv
'.!,'m s'- !'"'!(',',r'lu" :l h " 1 ' " 1 ' H ' : lo ellls l,l ll.'l pest a p I U I 'C 1 .1 1 I Oil Of , I
J...,'.is..,, H.,,i,-'i" ' '' ; liold on Iii tin- i .1; i.u.i k -.1 ii...,ie . I i r. i r p..'. 1 1 1 ii.i ,e tin ii io4 ii i :,i(kne:, '
i., -.i;itl.i ..i. , s land Milseiu i.l i in -i! ill l..n.k. al..! ..: -eii-e luiiii m. Up to 1
'"' """"K I serial IioikI . win. ii w..;. n.n.e airl 1111 iinlin March 1 i I '.111! . ', f
.11. 1 ill. .III..I .' s .
,, , ii i, i ..t i . in. I. hi .,- '1 lie e e i year. .Hill re..:ie nu'iiiiie l.i leluue, toi '
'''"""'I , I Tin ii in l:i!7 li,.' i:, I:, ,t Im- dim;- at m home near lielhel ,'
1 , I, I.l, Ills ll,-, 1 1 1 1 1 , ' s.1,,1 , 1 , ... :.
... H,lli,.i: ii.,iu,.iu. ;aneial', le.iiun . li la npid m Iiooi, . I;-
'" v"" ''a lot ol lis ,. . Io.uHiii .iiu! i.i- H. E. Senlelle
'," '"1" ImSI'.""""1 U-IuiLmI llieni Hi a n. l.altli ol Attoi in y at s, j -
" H I I'-. i. honds. A noilion ol (id War IMll Mi h 5!)-l
' If
Inland Sailor Plans Ocean Voyage
As Start On His College Education
JACKSON, Mich. lUP) An
ocean-going vessel is sitting hun
dreds of miles from navigable wa
ter liere, but it's all part of Theo
dore Conovers plan to go to col
lege. The young ex-sailoi" plans to sail
his converted whale boat down the
Ohio River to the Mississippi,
thence via the Gulf of Mexico to
Tampa, Fla.. and his goal, the Uni
versity of Tampa.
A year ago the bogey of expenses
thwarted Conover's idea of attend
ing the southern college. There was
the problem of transportation as
well as housing.
So Conover got a 28-foot ex
Navy whale boat at an auction for
$130. Since then he has converted
it into a slcek-power-driven cabin
Intereslea iu i.opeople pitched
in to help the disabled veteran in
his task. The city water superin
tendent, D. J. Stellingworth, con
tributed a discarded impellor wheel
from one of the city's deep well
water pumps for a propeller.
Conover built a 14-foot cabin
containing seats, bunk, table, closet
and kitchenette. He installed a nev. '
marine engine and a :i4-lool masl
for sail power. Tidily -seven feel1
of railroad rail provides a lieaw I
Conover said that en arrival in
Tampa he will anchor Iii.-. nail
near the college and sel up house
keeping in st It-. viilli tin- gentle
waves to rock him to sleep. I
, eut.ljka pUiiis bei-uiia-lJui.
horizons. Secure in Ids locker are
complete charts of ( aiihljean anil
South American waters All. i
lege he envisions leisurely trip. Pi
far-off places. Iropicl in;, In ,, in -lure
Hut in more sober i. lumen! . i'.ui
over conliiies Dial he h.e pel mie
worry abnul his hn.ii Mi hope., n
will Ileal.
KI.KHAI.T. led I ! c. I H: ,.
ton believes in pn.nipl aelion.
When a molnipl dum mln H.
front porch ol he, I, nine. I;,i!i,m
got a chain lo anchor I lie car In
the house wh lie lie and 1 lie diner'
discussed sett lenient ol d,iin,.; .c
I. Mill s !,, ., I',,.
i '."'.:' "I Vllls,, ,,
I l.u.. iil.s
Pfc Leatherwood Chosen
For Communications
t'l'.AHl. IIAKHOH. T . , iy
mail i- .Marine Private First Class
Paul li. l.calliervvood, 1H, son of
Mr and Mrs. M A Leatherwood,
Clyde, was recently selected lo at
tend a radio operalors' course at
Foil Shatter, an Army post near
L'pon .-successful cninpletion of
!he conniiunication school, Leather
wrtrtt "Tfhtt Mx-ftdlff Wa"flrtc mem
bers ,il Ids class will return In
their respective st et ions for duly
vi i Hi the Fleel Marin Force, Pacific.
Piivale l.eal hcrwond is a mem
ber ol Force Signal Company al
Camp Ca'lin. headquarters of the
I'leel Marine Force. Pacific He en
!isi il in Hie Marine Corps in Au
Hud. 1!47. and arrived in Hawaii
Hie billowing December.
li I "Tlientre of Comfort and Courtesy" '
"Tlientre of Comfort and Courtesy"
h!;iv and S;ilui-i!nv
i n ki;.i f
i;on si i.; i.i:
Thunder Tovn Strange Journey
Sunday anil Monday
i ki;di;k!( mmu m -i ii aici.i. s !..r(iino.
Waynesville, North Carolina
MATINEE SATURDAY 2 and 3:30 SI'NIIA V 2 and 4 1- ,U
NIGHT SHOWS 7 and 9 Daily SLMMY 8:30 Only '
Children Under 12 Years 12c Including Fidrrnl Tax
Adults. All Scats 35c Including Federal l ax
Friday, March 12
The Return of Rin Tin Tin
(In Technicolor)
Saturday, March III
"Law Of The Canyon"
Late Show
Dig lown
Sunday, March 1 4
"The Unsuspected"
Monday, Tuesday, March 15-16
, "Daisy Kenyon"
i', e i
Modl BT0 10 cubic feel ' L" J '
Lower Cost I
Three great
new models from
wjiich to choose
Model A5 4 t cubic feel
1 W
Features aa ore! No other home freezer has - j
r mnnvl On u rloonrrp7e has them all I i
U9 111 M 1 ' J V.l.J - O-f--.
Junaluska Supply Co.
Phone 88
Lake Junaluska : a
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