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    XTS PAGE Of The Waynesville Morarfaineer Friday, march 12, 1948
Haywood Teams Pass
t Test At Enka Tourney
5VILLE HIGH'S cagers hang up their uni-
iek to mark the end of the trail. This hasn't
he best seasons, although the girls have a record
jhing to be proud of, and would possibly have
, , r il, u l r 1
l&d not one ui uieu ue&i pmycm iuuiiu more ln-
edding ring than a basketball hoop. The boys
well, but played some, good, tight games par-
1 Canton that they'll remember for some time.
it spots on the horizon was the ability shown by
n Sutton and sophomore Bob Davis. Befoi-p
Jrthies leave school, Mountaineer cage fortunes
t)UGH NOT champions, the Waynesville
good enough to give the leaders a few up
ar scares. One little item for the books is
('IIS girls were the second place team in the
conference, and that the Mountaineers were
in the Gold Medal tournament whieh can
by the tact mat iney Knocnea out ine tour
to reach the finals. So let's not close the
147-48 without remarking that it was a pretty
after all.
BOYS AND GIRLS will take the spotlight next
Swill get something for their efforts besides the
r ball. All players will be given numbered T
ir club emblem donated by David Underwood
ners have some handsome trophies to take back
ooms . . . The tournament finals will be broad
ilay over WHCC by sports announcers "Blue"
Hugh Colburn, which so far as this corner knows
e event to be aired in Western North Carolina.
I MILLER, Canton's football, baseball, track
all star, is now a married man. This evident
slow him down (as Bud Blalock complained
f about some of his Hazelwood baseball play-
Jler was the hottest of the Bearsin their 51-20
Fines Creek at the Enka tournament, bucket-
(ASEBALL expert, linotype operator Jack Ilar-
hat the strongest teams in the majors this year
and New York in the American League, and
St. Louis in the National. The St. Louis
probably remember, traded off their top talent
Red Sox, but in their Grapefruit Circuit games
to have found some hard-hitting rookies. No
era to do much once the season starts . . . One
in mind is the exhibition games between the
'ourists at Asheville early next month. Tickets
he hard tn ifpt for them.
iTATE meets DePaul in their first National In
illrney game Saturday night. With Dick
:ause of his case of mumps, unlikely to be with
ck, odds-makers are giving the nod to Del'aul
lgs a 21 win G loss record as compared to
Quarter-Final Rounds
Thursday Put
Waynesville Six
Against Canton
Eliminations reached the quarter-finals
in the third annual
American Hijka corporation invita
tional tournament after Wednes
day night games, with five Haywood
county teams surviving: the Can
ton and Bethel boys, Bethel,
Waynesville and Canton girls.
For the fifth time this season,
the Canton and Waynesville girls
were slated to face each other,
nun-ting at 3:30 o'clock Thursday
afternoon. The WTHS six Wednes
day gained an overtime win over
the Valley Springs girls, 20-18,
with Kuth Phillips turning in a
standout game; while Canton's las
sies worked over West Buncombe
3G to ll in their lirst defense of
the tournament crown.
The Bethel teams were victors
in both games Tuesday, the Blue
Demons edging Black Mountain
31-25, and the girls rolling over
Flat Rock 28 to 10. The Black
Mountain girls won 28-17 to elim
inate the Clyde sextet, and Sand
HflL's quiil downed the Clyde
boys 43-31 in their first round
clash. Canton's Black Bears stayed
ahead throughout to defeat Fines
Creek by a Tl-20 count.
Swannanoa pulled into a lead
over the Mountaineers of Waynes
ville high, and despite a third
quarter rally by their opopnents
clinched the victory with a 43-27
score. The Swannanoa quint was
pitted against Canton in the
Thursday quarter-finals.
Last night the Bethel boys
faced the Valley Springs team, and
the Bethel girls were to meet
Black Mountain. Other surviving
teams were bracketed as follows:
Leicester girls vs. Mars Hill, Lev
Edwards vs. Oakley boys. Barnards
v i lie vs. Sand Hill girls, and Sand
Hill vs .Candler boys.
Girls' Division Scores
First Round
Mars Hill 32, Oakley 23.
liarnardsville 29, Candler 27.
Bethel 28, Flat Hock 10.
Black Mountain 28, Clyde 17.
Canton 3(5, West Buncombe 16.
Leicester 34, Mills River 26.
Sand Hill 35, Biltmore 19.
Waynesville 20, Valley Springs
Boys' Division Scores
Sand Hill 43. Clyde 31.
Bethel 31, Black Mountain 25.
Oakley 25, Etowah 21.
Lee Edwards 4(i. Mars Hill 32.
Swannanoa 43. Waynesville 27.
Candler 45, Leicester 24.
Valley Springs 49, Mills River 39.
Canton 51. Fines Creek 20.
Treading On Air
z A jp sk
- Wait .v $VJ
RALPH BEARD, great Kentucky guard, eludes two Tennes
see men and floats in toward the basket for a layup shot in
this unusual action photo. He made it.
vis, McClure, Grasty. Valley
Springs, Rhodes, Melton, Coi n.
Pos. Canton (36) W. Bun. (1C)
F Parham 9i
F Hendrix U3
F Griffin il2
G Robinson
G Reno
G D. Latham
Wells i9
Hriggs i(i
Hriggs I til
Junior 4-M (Sageirs Staol:
Teoflroiiairtnieinit Rfloitday
Sub-s: Canton, Hanie 2, Ford. N.
Latham. West Buncombe, Rob
erts, Sprinkle, Lytic.
Pos. Bethel (31)
F Long i'2l
F Wells (3
C Trull (15i
G Gibson 1 3 1
G Heaver (2)
Black Mt. (25)
Saunooke ii
Swayngiin 7)
Padget (2)
Capps (8i
Subs: Bethel, Laymon (i, Mur
ray. Reeec; Black Mountain. Os
teen Blair, Polsom, Richie.
Pos. Sand Hill (43)
Gaddy i(ii
Merrill i5i
Turner 1 1 0 1
Green (41
Jenkins 3
Clyde (31)
Hardin 1 4
E. Limbo U7i
Subs: Sand Hill, Ross, Taylor,
Reese 4, Brookshii o . Jackson 2;
Clyde, Stevens, Warren 6, Limbo,
Spencer, Haynes.
Pos. Swannanoa 43 Way'ville 27
Pos. Bethel (28)
F Farmer H6)
F Clarke (0)
F Blalock '2
G Bumgai
G Cooke
G Singleton
Flat Rork (10)
Beddingfield (4)
F. Justice (2)
J. Justice 2)
Jolet Convertible, at list price, low mileage.
!2,G00 miles, with 1948 tags, $675.00.
International Pick-up, low mileage, A-l con
lags, $823.00.
Subs: Bethel, Henson, K. Rhine
hart. Z. Rhinehart. Wilson. Ruby,
Trull 4. Ruth Trull; Flat Rock:
Hunnicutt. Jackson. Young, Mul
linax, Jones House.
Pos. Black Mt. (26) Clyde (17)
F Morrow Fish (4)
Gilliam 2 Evans (6)
Gouge 1 16) Stamey (5)
McDougle Medford
Fortune Collins
Barnett Morgan
Subs: Black Mountain. Stafford,
Slagle 8, Jones, Norton 2, Padget;
Clyde. Buchanan 2. Mann.
F Strahler (10)
F McMahan 1 13)
C - Sides 1 10 i
G Tipton
G McClure (41
Subs: Swannanoa
ver. Chandler, Lee,
Powers (2)
Carswell i5)
Sutton (4)
Shook (13)
Gibson ( 1
, Gosnell, Sil
Mills. Waynes
ville, Davis 2, Burghi, Yarborough,
MchalTey, Boyd.
pos Canton (51) F. Creek (20)
(10) Rogers i7
Kirkpatrick (2)
McElroy '2)
Green '1
Noland (8)
Kelley, Reagan
Bethel To
Enter Meet
Of Champs
Next Week
Tourney of Champions
To Be Staged In
Asheville City
The Bethel high basketball
teams, champions of the W.N.C.
Cold Medal tournament, will be
Haywood c-oiiify's representative
in the Tournament of Champions
which starts Monday afternoon on
lh city auditorium floor in Asheville.
Although it was announced by
tournamei.t officials last week that
Waynesville high would compete
in the event, Coach C. E. Weather
by slated yesterday that the invit
ation was turned down when ex
tended two weeks ago, and that
his teams will not participate.
Teams from nine counties are
expected to play in the tourna
ment, with the winning boys and
girls to be crowned western dis
trict ehauioions. Finals are to be
reached Saturday night, March 2Q.
This will mark the third post
season tournament in which the
Bethel cagers are entered. This
week they are playing at Enka.
Announced pairings put the girls
against the McDowell county
champions, while the hoys drew
a first round bye.
F J. Smathers
F Phillips i8
C M. Sties (Hi
G Miller 18)
G 1). Stiles 4)
Subs: Canton,
Stevens 2, T
Creek. James.
Games Begin At 2
P. M. Monday Af
ternoon on Local
Armory Floor
Putting into use a lot of con
centrated practice and spirit, the
junior 4-H Club basketball teams
from 12 Haywood county schools
will battle it out for. the club cham
pionship, starting Monday at 2
p.m. when the - ueaveraam ana
Clyde boys take the floor.
Games Monday through Thurs
day will -be played at Hie Waynes
ville Armory, and the semi-finals
and finals contests are to be held
at the Waynesville high gymna
sium. The championship games
are to be broadcast over station
Joe Cllne. assistant county agent
reports mat interest is m a nign
nilch among all the clubs, and that
the learns have been holding regu
lar practice sessions to reach top
shape before next week.
This is the first of what is ex
pected to become an annual event
for the farm youths of Haywood.
On the following week, starting
Monday, March 22, the senior 4-H
Club teams will hold a three-day
Members of Buchanan's inde
pendent team will serve as offici
als. First round games in the junior
division are scheduled as follows:
Monday, March 15
2 p.m. Beaverdam vs. Clyde, boys.
3 p.m. Beaverdam vs. Clyde, girls,
4 p.m. Waynesville vs. Crabtree,
5 p.m. Waynesville vs. Crabtree,
2 p.m. Patton vs. N. Canton, boys.
3 p.m. Pattoh vs. N. Canton, girls.
4 p.m. Bethel vs. Pehn. Ave.,
5 p.m. Bethel vs. Penn. Ave.,
2 p.m. Hazelwood vs. Morning
Star, boys.
3 p.m. Hazelwood vs. Morning
star, girls.
4 p.m. E. Waynesville vs. Fines
Creek, boys.
5 p.m. E. Waynesville vs. Fines
Creek, girls.
Spoilsmen Assured Young
Trout Available For Pools
Washington players hit ten home
runs at Grillith Stadium last sea
son and Stan Spence got half of
Syracuse University has just
constructed its own ski tow and
Fines! jump for tlx- 884 students en
rolled in Orange ski school.
Pos. Waynesville 20 Val. Spars. 18
F Phillips (11)
F McCracken '6)
F-Cogdill '3)
Cw Francis
G Noland
G Wyatt
Hare (4)
Parker (2)
Mills (11)
Subs: Waynesville, Medford, Da-
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(Opposite Haywood Farmers Co-Operative)
iestern Auio Associate Store
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with fabrit wrap-around and 2-woy
"black lioM" plattic dial Kale. Rador
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perfect tone.
Now $69.93
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Des Smith, new referee in the
American Hockey League, is a
former member of the Wembley
Lions in the English Hockey
Before moving to Yale and more
recently to the University of Wash
ington as head football coach.
Howie Odell was on the grid staffs
at Pitt, Harvard, Penn and Wis
consin. He is 37.
A promise of several thousand
young rainbow trout for two rear
ing pools of Uie Haywood County
Hunting and Fishing club was
given at a special meeting of the
group Tuesday night at Champion
YMCA by A. H. Shields, senior
fisheries biologist for the Wildlife
Resources Commission.
Protector Taylor, in charge of
game and fish in Haywood, stated
that five residential deputy pro
tectors would be appointed in the
county. He .suggested to the club
that three men in Canton area be
recommended to him, and that he
in turn would recommend the inn,
to the state commission for ap
pointment. Deputy game protectors, carry
ing full authority to arrest law vio
lators, will be paid 'it the rate of
50 cents an hour when they are
working with the county warden
A committee composed of Gur
ley Kohinson, Clarence Buchanan,
C. H. Queen. G. Clay Pegram and
Hobe Williams was named to se
lect the deputy protector nomi
nees from the Canton area and
file them within the next few
Charles A. Smith, club presi
dent, presided at the meeting, and
introduced Mr. Shields. The wild
life official was assured that rear
ing pools near Canton would he
reaxly to accommodate the young
trout within the next two weeks.
Mr. Shields pointed out that the
fish would require daily attention,
and suggested canned dog food as
food, since regular fish food is
scarce and expensive at this time.
Placed in the pool at 3-inch si.e,
they should remain a year before
being released into streams at six
inches. Even with the best of at
tention, he said, the pools will
produce only about 3(5 per cent of
the fish stocked. The estimated
cost to raise fish is 80 cents per
The club's quail restocking .pro
gram was discussed briefly by
Gurley G. Robinson, chairman of
the quail committee. He explained
that they planned to trap some lo
cal covies and restock certain areas
with a pair of quail from the trap
ping program. These stocked areas
will be protected and special quail
feed will be purchased and planted
by farmers who are cooperating.
Spring Football
Workouts To Start
Monday At WTHS
Spring football practtee will
start Monday afternoon at Way
nesville high. Coach C. E.
Weatherby announced this wek,
weather permitting!. No time
limit is being set on the prld
drills: that depending Ott how
much progress, the squad makes,
according to the coach.
No definite day has yet been
set for the opening of baseball
practice, but Coach Weatherby
said it would get under way In
about two weeks. The sprint
athletic program also includes
preparations for. the Blue Ridge
track and field meet.
The Notre Dame eleven played
before fi71,.r27 last season.
Jockey Johnny Longden rode
316 winners last year, approaching
the mark of 324 set by Vincent
Powers hack in 1908.
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Last This Season?
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Springtime is house cleaning time.
pletely weather protect your house
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all metal weatherstripplng that
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weather protection needs contact
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