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    FR"MV: MARtBt
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A New Look Pervades The Spring
Dresser's Wardrol
l . - - mar nr i it i Mmm.ii..... s
Less Seen
ITime Has
Dresses, Coats,
Suits Wearable
By Any Figure
Fashions this spring are fresh,
spirited, uninhibited. Thty have
taken their cue from trends intro
duced a-nd developed last spring
and winter and have reinterpreted
them in a manner synonymous
with spring-iever and tufts of new
born grass.
Fastiions this spring are ultra
feminine. They have movement and
grace, a soft loveliness not seen in
many years This season curves arc
in order, not jagged lines and an
gles. The waist is no more than a
nandspan a tiny handspan at that
lie-man shoulders are out. In
- tea shoulders are soft and slight
lounded with onlv the gentlest of
I adding Hips curve outward.
Losonjs are back. All in all. there's
a suggestion of the C.a 90s about
this1 season's girl
The hwiffer hemline, discussed hv
many with clenched fists. h main
nt discussed at all has been ac
cepted and approved by home
makers, play y'irls and hu-mess
girls alike. Thev have diseovircil
that a hemline 14 from the Moor
adds a grace and poise not found in
the skirt terminal ins; iii-t below
the knee-cap
Suits, popular all vcar round, hit
a high every spring I'.u t iculai iv
Important this v car arc the bolero
suit, the cape suit, the basque suit
ami the box suit.
The bolero suit. Spring 48 lias a
midget jacket which terminate
either several niche- above I lu
waist or just ninnnjc- to rcaeh it.
The cape suit, bac k in I be la-hmo
picture after inanv a -ea-on m re
tirement, appear- in a hip-lcns'.h
'"version in bright ilaids to -piic a
solid skirt or in a -olid coloi
to match its skirt The skirt in mr -t
cases is very slightlv flared
The basque suit consists ol a
sleek waist-hugging jacket and a
voluminous flared gathered, oi
pleated skirt; while the box -nil
Haunts a squared hip-length ai keb
and a slim skirt
News in toppers points to barrel
and box v-sion in a fingertip
length, flared or square in back.
: .8sJ,
L If
nn irtwirtiiT- - -
DKSTI NATION. Bermuda fur
a spring vacation. Fashion,
a wool topcoat in Sti uock s
palo o
to wear i ver cverv
s i I
mi x ( i: T rni :i:s
11', II vnii strew
;.. melt winter ice fi'od ilali
( runs walks make sure there's
i'.i m1 pay i to mot- ot trees, warns
I) (.' din,' i hni Mold supervisor
it the DiiM'i I'n v Kpeit Co. Salt
m.o -everelv iniure or even kill
i 1 1 u . I I -hade " ee-
1.. Ji .i fcijfr
':"-. - - :' ;''-?
-aw ''-S(--':': ': ' v
s f v
JJ ; " 4 -
In ' A
v 'X
S vV-y', '
I X-ij.1 (iv:
V i f J. W
'-iV "JA I
Of Sleeves
silk taffeta with squarcd
collar, and a gored circular
skirt with rounded hips.
Charming way to change its
attitude wear it with a
blouse. Romantically n e w
and oh so becoming.
S J s
w .it i I
Mono -oil!
in Hi, ha!
I bauble
erevs ol
ance wh
v Olllll
the -ie
el ot a
e i ul -aw a' .ii I roi'.t with i I -bow
U ngt b I nv i rue-- cape-.
Kedingotes ait hecomiiig more
impiirtanl tin- -pring m rayon
laille oi in light .wight wool lhe
can In worn oer giddv print
ilies-i - all -prim; ami for into
-1111111:1 1
Separates continue to steal the
' i o i l i -: tit . Rlouses in order to fit
lulu tbi picture of femininity, are
higb-thrnated with ru flies and
little-girl collar- m frost v white
sheer and heavier weight cotton.
A V-SIIAFED DICKIE that buttons with "olden double
hooped novelties, "makes" the fascinating fastening detail
on this navy blue dressmaker suit. Buttons are B. C. E. Orig
males. Moths Are Hard To Kill
But If You're Lucky You
Can Wreck Their Appetite
I mted I'rcss Staff Correspondent
NEW YOKK a'Pi Got a molh
in your close!'.'
Vou can't kill the danged things,
-aid the keeper of 10.000 moths
'at a New York testing laboratory.
.VI vou can do is ruin his ap-
. ' i ' -
1 . . gwf ; jn-T-f-) f ;!. .-V- ' .''-' -'''' " " "Tv
t 1 - r: vs l f ; h.
; 1..- VY ?WfiMI , ' F put
f listed Rayon J?ia;" I
Iff?- 'Pi
fl i " - IK ii i '
,! ''UJHi.
1 '-:::jSFVhm l,
M .': V V :': '
;. .-;!: n L
F5 " 1
. - -.. . ,,:' - . . - , ".
Aliv with new detoils . . .
new softness ... the new longer
length ... yet wonderfully
wearable are the new
Geotgicma daytime dresses
that radiate quality from
fabric fo finish and are
values we are proud to
invite you fo se.
Sizes 10 to 20 -!2tt
to 24 Vi 14 to 44
petite.'' said this fellow, who knows
more about a moth than another
moth does. "Be nasty to him. May
be lw'11 go away.''
When you take your spring suit
out of the closet and the seat falls
out of it, you call this man up. He
is used to getting telephone calls
from people who want to know if
he knows anything about molhs.
-Snro " he savs. "Moths are
j carnivorous. Female moths lay
I eggs the year around. You can
' put three moth eggs on the head
a Din. I he wool devouring lar
va., can crawl through a crack
I 41000 of an inch wide. What do
you want to know about a moth.'
How do you make them go away?
"Well, the Roman naturalist,
i'liny. suggested that vou lay your
clothes on top of a coffin. He prob
able figured that the moth would
scared of being buried alive and
scram. However, few people keep
coffins around these clays except
In the Middle Age-. Kuropeans
believed that if you wrapped
clothes in a lion's skin they were
sale. The French u-ed to put their
clothes in a wooden box and throw
a handlul ol pine cones.
Did that work'.'
"Only if the box was air-tight
and the clothes were clean when
inside. The same thing applies
to paper bags and cedar chests
now. Cedar chests, if they are
lined with at least :; i inch of heart
wood cedar, tend to discourage the
appetite of any visiling moths."
Mothballs and crystals take the
edge &f the moth's appetite.
The day will come, he said, when
Boconized" woolens may he as
well known as "Sanforized" cot
tons. Moconize is a non-toxic, non
allergic, non-inflammable, color
less, waterproof compound that
can be applied to fabric and dry
cleaned 25 times without losing its
It is being sold now to textile
When applied to wool fibers, it
makes a nibbling molh downright
sick at his stomach.
Teachers' Salary Boosts
Are Called Inadequate
ATLANTA, Ga. (UPi A Nation
al Education Association authority
says fhat today's average teacher
has less purchasing power now
than in .1939. despite heavy salary
Dr. Ra)fHh McDonald of Wash
ington told a southern regional
conference of educators here that
further inflation is taken for
granted, in regard to teachers' pay.
As a result, he predicted, the end
of the present school year might
find schools in a worse financial
crisis than during 1947. He charged
that thousands of teachers have no
real interest in the orofession and
take it up only during depression
And That Means
Briefer Gloves
This spin.,;, short, short gloves
u-ain will, snort- ort beeves to
ereate a new "bare-armed loitt
,.i shoulder to wrist and to
,al.e the purchase of your sprinfc
gloves an iniportant investment in
fashion. . ,
For short gloves in fine leathers
are a leading fashion feature for
spring Shorties will go with every
,l,ii." this they'll accompany
tweed suits, sheer wool afternoon
dresses and even cottons. And
Ibev II be most important for after-five
and i veiling dresses.
Fine hand-sewn French doe
skin glu es by Kislav, in soft
.shades o! cieme and beige, are
shown with ballet-length cocktail
and evening dresses with Diiei, cap
sleeves, oil -the-shoulder necklines
and no sleeves at all.
other short gloves, with a touch
ol noveltv stitching on the back,
are matched to rough-textured
short-sleev ed sweaters, to sleeveless
blouses and sports dresses. And
i i...... oi..."s as soft as the
precious kid gloves of a century
ago. accompany filmy organdies
and a whole range of light-weight
fabrics. Kislav gloves are practical
even in the pale shades of this
season's f .sbions. because all of
them are washable.
Important as the short glove is,
however, it is not the entire glove
story . Longer gloves, in four or six
button lengths, are perfect with
suits, furs and long-sleeved dresses.
These longer gloves are smartest
in classic, elegant styles and soft,
limited colors.
IN THE DIOR tradition, a
moire pinafore with a row
of small B. fJ. E. Originates to
"button" the New Look.
absent-minded housewife gave the
fire department a rush call for help
when she found her home filling
up with smoke. The fire fighters
discovered a roast burning in th
Canada's Gaspe Peninsula was
discovered by Jacques Cartier in
15:14, whi n lie landed and claimed
all of Canada for France.
Junior Growers
Invited To Enter
Garden Contest
North Carolina junior growers
whose members won five awards in
the 1947 production and marketing
contest of the National Junior Veg
etable Growers Association will
have another opportunity in 1948
to improve their stellar records.
In announcing the eighth annual
contest. Prof. Grant B.. Snyder ol
the University of Massachusetts,
senior advisor to the association,
points out that North Carolina
hoys and girls between the ages of
14 and 21 are now eligible to com
pete for the $6,000 in agricultural
scholarships offered by A. and P.
food stores each year.
"The annual contest, in which
junior growers from 43 states par
ticipated last year, is designed to
mlce the farmer more effect ive
through improved production and
marketing methods," Snyder said.
"It takes on added importance dur
ing 1948 because of the associa
tion's pledge to President Truman
to support the nation's food conser
vation program."
Use Want Ads for quick results.
i ' iu.:!
Much Ado
About Access
Kia , ., : . ,,
Ul V Olllll I I ill Kal
Hatln i. il .-in Ilaicd o
padde.l l!,i.i il,., i1)!l(
IIIOI l I 111 i III -,, irwJ
arc l'.l ; u trmi
daiK iii'.1 iinil. i i ,m
ankle Ii a: 1 1, .-ml i,l1M
i ' ' '"''t- : J
about l t ii cut-. Tim
i I HI I ol I, Mill ..' l,, .!iijit(,J
, I'.velc l I li I! 1.
ed or ni, I i .ill, i.i tlm
a lull v ,l -km ,
to' ., II; W
conlrili.iir lulii.i-. im.
dovv II
! AI!I)U(ii;k nk!a t!
more i r-iilenl aif ctitw
iiur w !: is.'.' ikt a
til Ir. .Mln u ailiiisinu
that t lie ii ii a i n-st penti
j more had inlm a Sat
eolli'Clioii i aril 1 j t jiii aiy
bee -enl 'ill chfttli
the ln-
Ciilia Im'- :iiumik
worth "I I I'lmil-lur-
slle gel ' Il "in tlir :al
i;. eS.
! ATLANTA. Ga. UPi Patrol
Sgt D. C. Taylor thought some
thing was fishy when he saw the
. man in shirt sleeves step from the
! bus into freezing weather. The
passenger. Earl Cranford. 20, turn
ed out to be a fugitive from Kily
i. State Prison in Alabama.
3 vssJ
1 1
ills ' - V
i ii-V.i, .ru I
z - : v''aif' i
Brand New Easter
Short Coat
and Toppe
Here Is Good News For
Easter Paraders ---
"Better Brands Mean Better Buys"
but' J
Large Assortment Of
National Brands
All Lengths
All Colors and White
All Sizes
Pastels and Checks
rijtrted counting sheep,
tbr feU Mleepl"
Get Yours Today!!
"Better Brands Mean Better Buys"
mi'- Q ws
. $ is -s
f , "mr
t -U; fij X--
1 AW f i

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