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line To Bemline - - 1948 Styles Have Changed
ii New
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Paris Has
Treat Eor
JI. S. Tots
French Designs
Are Now Being
Manufactured Here
Stores all over the United States
are now able to offer American
children high fashion clothes with
a French flavor hitherto beyond
their reach through the efforts
of Dominique, Parisaa couture
house making infants' and chil
dren's custom fashions. M. Bene
Mola, designer and head of the
linn has brought a selection of his
Paris models to American manu
facturers and he himself has care
fully supervised their execution.
The clothes are scaled to American
children's sizes and made under
American methods of production.
The models in the collection in
clude dresses and coats and range
lroni christening and infants'
dresses-through teen age costumes.
Dresses for youngsters from two to
six are carried out in lustrous cot
ton broadcloths and fine cotton
coids. and are identical with those
of the seven to fourteen group so
I hat little sister and big sister may
dress alike. The coats (in corres
ponding sizes are made in fine wool
fabrics of check and tweed pat
terns as well as solid flannels. The
l com aye dresses include two three
piece costumes with short bolero
jackets and full skirts becoming
I hut age group.
Mr. Ben Rothchild, coordinator
for the American manufacturers
who are making the replicas of
these fashions, believes with M.
Mola in the necessity of simplicity
of line in children's clothes with,
room for freedom of action and
careful adaptation of the mode of
the moment to the needs of th;
young. The good taste and common
sense representative in th Domin
ique group have led to its accept
ance in high style department and
specialty stores all over the United
New items will be added and the
lasions will be expanded as cir
cumstances prove desirable. In the
future, it is quite possible that
shoes, millinery, carriage robes,
knit items and other goods will be
added. The first group to reach
consumers will be fashions for
Spring 1948. To help, launch them
successfully, M. Mola has come to
I his country to appear personally
in the stores featuring the Domin
iquc designs to discuss the basis of
successful designing for youth,
with store executives and custom
ers, Made for Admiration
The picture for Spring '48 is a
pretty one with all of the fashions
soft and lady-like in line and de
tail, each one destined to catch an
admiring glance from fellow man!
' jll
THE AMERICAN girl chooses
navy rayon gabardine for
her spring suit. Short jacket;
circular skirt.
Ken Whitmore of water-repellent
covert! With it, Bloch
Freres' haberdasher scarf and
Lauren Bacall In
New Role Has To
Shed Real Tears
United Press Staff Correspondent
cilli's tears flowed like wine, but
she said they tasted more like kip
pered herring.
Miss Bacall, who is doing more
than look in movies these days,
was doing her first cry-scene un
der the tutelage of her husband,
Humphrey Bogart. for Warners'
"Key Largo".
"This is really the new Bacall,"
sniffed the new Bacall as she wip
ed away her salty tears. "A year
ago I was spending most of my
time before (he cameras giving
nut down-under looks."
But there'll be no more looks
from now on.
"I want to be an actress, not a
i novelty," Miss Bacall said.
"That was just a trick," Bogart
agreed. "You can't build a whole
career on it."
I In "Key Largo." not i wise
' crack slips through Miss Bacall's
hps and not a look from under
her brows.
"I'm supposed to be a lady." she
"-aid. "Only a lady could cry like
Not Crying Type
But she said she had to force
every salty drop.
'Tin not the crying type, 1
! guess."
Bogart and Miss Bacall are plan
ning more and longer trips on their
yacht when the picture is over
since under Bogart 's new contract
he's committed to only one Die-
I ture a year at Warners. Both have
frequently argued with the studio
i .Li men assignments. i
"The trouble has been," Bogart I
, said, "that producers and actors
just don't see things the same way. j
I mi acior warns lo mane buwu pic
tures. A producer wants to make
' more money.
"Well, there are a lot of pictures
that make money that you would
not be caught dead acting in."
When an actor rebels, -the studio
heads figure: "I made you and I'll
make three like you."
"But they find out they can't
get on alone," Bogart chuckled.
After all, who'd go see a movie
starring Sam Goldwyn?
i K
IS. 1
CANDY-STKlPlits in a skirt
and blouse team of Avisco
spun rayon with a satiny
Westingliouse Electric Corp. has a
Completely sound-proof room called
a "quietorium" in the middle of
its refrigerator factory.
The room "floats" on 50 steel
springs set in a bed of cinders and
as constructed to test electric re
frigerators. A sound technician, undisturbed
by outside noises, can listen to each
refrigerator and tell by its "music"
whether it is operating Droperly.
Any unit that aocsn t sound
right because of excessive 'or un
usual noise is sent back to the
production floor for repair.
If bread crusts are left over after
nrenarine certain dishes they
should be dried and made into
crumbs, then stored in the refrig
erator in a covered jar.
J for
or die bolero, butcher linen and bright decoration,
for the dress, crepe rippling in impressed pleats
below the hug-me-light faille cummerbund.
Sizes 7 to 15.
Carlye, St. Louis $17.95 to $35
Waynesville, N. C.
r i
by Rene Mola of
Dominique in Paris; manufac
tured in America by Mode
r 1
a kit
f M, i
TOMMIES "Day Dreamer"
comes in sizes for mother
and daughter. Mix-match pa
jamas, Tommiecoat and shorts
do 24-hour duty.
Pretty Ankles Better Than Legs,
Paris Long Skirt Advocate Says
United Press Stall Correspondent
PARIS iL'Pl "Women are tired
of old knock-knees."
That was Elsa Schiaparelli's com-
rnent on attempts of some Paris j
designers to chop a few inches on i
skirt lengths.
"Women the world over are sick
to death of short skirts," she said
tartly. "Any change now i sill
Her new collection shows skirls
for daytime wear dropped as hm
as ankle-length.
Several tiuncs a week, men call
up "Scap," as her friends call her.
and plead that she make skirls
"They (the legs' are so much
nicer when we can see them.' is
Ihe talking point.
Favors Pretty Ankles
To that she argues I hat if leu:,
are pretty, then the ankles are
pretty and yon can et just as
much of a kick oct of seeing pret
ty ankles as calves even more.
"kong gkirts are more feminine.
We need the change," she said
Mine Schiaparclli wore a brown
velvet hat. with green feathers and
a black day suit. Her lipstick was
bright cerise and her eves were
heavily shadowed with blue
Her collection also is crowded
with orange color combinations
such as salmon villi shocking pink,
navy and black, and red and yel
low. "Most women are making the
mistake these days of wearing too
many mud colors." I he veteran
Paris designer said.
"Bright clear colors are p'vlly
for the skin, and make you feel
Mure Sex Appeal
Talking of the new hack full
ness and rutfles which dot her
presentation this year, Schiaparclli
"There is nothing new about the
trend towards the back.
"On the contrary, to be feminine
women must have hack fullness. II
Kivcs a woman more sex appeal."
Scap does not approve of the
new corsets, either. "They are not
graceful," she said, "and what's
more, it's very hard to with
one of those iron girdles pinching
To prove to skeptical men thai
her fashions of long skirts, gently
swinging harks and normal waists
are more becoming, Schiaparclli
has a special photograph of a row
of women sitting at one of her col
lections, all wearing short, light
"Look at those hams." she said
Token Taken
From The Men
A new fabric is making its ap
pearance in women's and children's
suits and dresses this spring. It's
a crisp, smooth fabric that the
men have raved about in their
sports shirts for several years past.
This fabric made of 80 Avisco
spun rayon and 20',o wool has
several unusual features.
By a skillful and unique method
of blending, the suppleness of spun
rayon and the resilience of wool
are combined to make a fabric that
has beauty of texture and a recep
tiveness to tailoring and fine
needlework. And. due to ati en
tirely new natural finishing tech
nique, the fabric is washable. It is
guaranteed not to shrink over V.i
and the color should not change
noticeably through many trips to
the washtuh!
The variety of an avocado deter
mines its size, shape and color. If
it is ripe enough for serving. Its
seed will shake when the fruit is
moved back and forth. If it is not
soft enough for eating, it will soon
ripen in a warm room.
y v A i
iv '.XT v
Tewi's sheer, renaissance
evening blouse and Pond's lus
trous new lipstick shade, Blue
A cat preparing lo cross the bor
der from Mexico into t lie United
States is in for a tough time.
That was the experience of Con
ehita. black and white oet of Mr.
and Mrs. William Madscn. Stan
lord University archaeology stu
dents. The Madsens and Cone hit a
were detained at the border for
three days tilling out six sets of of
pcrs in duplicate and triplicate.
Tin purpose of the documents
was lo guarantee Coiichita's free
dom from hoof and mouth disease.
While her master and mistress
were completing the forms, Con
chita was relaxing in a cool shower
-of disinfectants
11"' '. V I 'v'
1 .
S(M5 1. 2. 5
From $19R
mS Another Nannette exrlnsivr
. . See these charminelv
fashioned, di lightftillv detailed Toddler
frocks styled in the famous Ameritex
Iambic pie" fabric All the adorable fresh
loveliness, impeccable workmanship and
"perfect fit" Nannette is known for are
highlighted in this captivating Toddlei
frock featured in Ladies' Home Journal.
Waynesville, N. C.
They'll think you're heaven sent when you
t;re'et them in this peplum type suit .
designed in 100' ; wool gabardine.
Sizes 9-15 . . . 10-20. 59.50

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