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The Story Of Easter Week, Told In A Modern Way
J ' twith a feast at which bread with- 1 , . ,m
(This is the story of Jesus, from
Palm Sunday to Easter, as it might
be told today. This account is based
primarily on the Gospel of St.
Mark, King James version.)
The 12 devoted men who fol
lowed Jesus toward Jerusalem
were frightened even before the
city was sighted on tlie Uustj
They knew they walked toward
hostile men. There were sects
among their own people whose ;
powerful priests feared and hated
the simple man from Galilee whum
many already were calling Mes-1
siah or Heavenly King. Jerusalem
was part of the Roman Empire, ,
ruled by Caesar's conquering sol- j
diers from across the ;ea.
Jesus knew why his 12 followers i
feared Jerusalem. But He also :
knew that sand was running last j
from the glass of His life and there
was still much He had to teach :
them still many things He must j
do. So to prepare them for the tra- i
gic events which lay immediately
ahead. He called them around Him
and told them what was going to '
happen. I
Then they continued on their
was' as Jesus preached taith and
brotherhood to the people along (
the road just as He had done be
fore. He told the people they must
believe in God. He said they must
treat others with the same kind
ness they would like to receive ;
themselves. He healed the sick, j
each time telling sufferers that it !
was their own faith, their own be- !
lie! in Him which had made them j
well again.
But it was this kind of teach-
ing which had made the power- j
ful men in Jerusalem hate Him.
The priests and high officials of
the temple were more interest
ed in keeping their own great
power than in helping others
live good lives.
Before they entered the city,
two of the disciples brought to
Jcmis a donkey from a nearby vil
lage They piled their clothing on
the hack of the little beast for a
make-shift saddle. On this Jesus
mounted for His entrance into
Jerusalem. It followed an ancient
prophecy that the heavenly Prince
of Jerusolem would appear and be
known because. among
things. He would be riding
As they continued forward,
those who had gathered at the
l Ji.aft-- -'MMll - 1 1 11 If . .r-
THE RESURRECTION," by If Sodoma (1477-1549)
roadside showed their belief in
the bearded man with the deep
eyes. They cast llirir clothing
and spread branches of trees on
the rutted road before His ani
mal's feet as they would have
unrolled a carpet for a crowned
Ibok ueri to the tern
ule but stayed only brief i
The house of worship had be
come a place of business. Jesus
first drove out the men who were
buying and selling as though they
j were in the market-place. Then he
tipped over the tables where the
! money-changers worked. He threw
I out the seats of those who sold
I doves used for sacrifice. Then He
before addressed the people, quoting the
to a lit- ancient taw wntcn, as uoas wora,
tosoend iwas part of their religion: "My
other '. He went out-itU- the city
... . n .... 1 1 . .,i I..t li:i n V
a ue ihmuo ch.nll ho fbUpA nf all nations
the merit. The next morning tie le-,'""- " - -
turned to the temple where there
was much work wailing ior Him.
the house of prayer.
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of God a den of thieves," He as
cused them.
The chief priests and their
henchmen listened fearfully be
cause they saw that the people
believed the words of this man,
Jesus returned to Bethany with
His disciples that night, teaching
them and talking with them as He
always did. But the next day as He
reentered the temple, He found
the priests and others wailing for
Referring to His actions the day
before, they asked. Him) "By what
authority do you do these things?
Who gave yqu authority to do these
Jesus replied that He would
answer their questions if He
could put one question to them
"Did John's baptism carry
with it God's blessing or just his
own?" he asked.
The priests and others retreated
and discussed their answer. They
realized that if they replied that
John's baptism was of God, Jesus
would counter with: "Why, then,
did you not believe what John
said?" If they answered that it
was only a human blessing, the
priests feared the people would
stone th'em, for most of the wor
shippers believed John was a holy
Finally they said they could not
answer the' qustion. Jesus retorted
that under those circumstances He
would not tell them His authority
for driving the merchants from the
temple. Then He returned to His
Soon the leaders in the temple
sent a group to Jesus in still an
other attempt to trip Him by His
own words. Was it lawful, they
asked Him, to give tribute to Cae
sar? They knew that if He told
them not to pay taxes, the Romans
could arrest Jesus as one who
preached treason.
But Jesus merely asked for a
penny coined by the Romans
which bore on it the features of
Caesar. Showing them the coin.
He asked: "Whose likeness and
inscription is this?"
"Caesar's," they answered.
"Give to Caesar the things
which are Caesar's," He told
them. "And rive to God the
things that are God's."
They tried even after that, but
each time Jesus turned their ques
tions so that the answers taught
the people more about faith and
Then, to rest Himself, Jesus sat
down by the treasure box of the
temple where worshippers dropped
their contributions. The rich threw
their coins in and, as He watched,
a poor widow dropped in a tiny
piece of brass money worth less
than a penny.
"This poor widow has given more
than the rich," He told his disci
ples. "They had much money. She
had nothing and gave from the
small amount on which she must
Soon He quit the temple and
went to the top of the Mount of
Olives, a rise close at hand. With
the four disciples who were closest
to Him at His side, Jesus warned
them that after He had gone many
men would come to earth claiming
to be the Christ and that many
people would be deceived. Then He
told them to go out in the world
and spread His message among all
Later He prepared for the celeb
ration of the - Pass-over, a week
long religious holiday beginning
out yeast is eaten. As Jesus sat
with 11 of His disciples in Bethany,
the twelfth, whose name was Judas
Iscariot, was in Jerusalem, talking
with the enemies of His teacher.
The priests were glad to find
among Jesus' followers one who
would betray Him and they prom
ised to give him 30 pieces of sil
ver for the deed. Judas agreed and
a signal was agreed upon.
Jesus wanted to be in Jerusalem
for the Pass-over. It had been ar
ranged for the pre-Pass-over meal
to be held in a city home where a
large upper room had been made
ready. Toward evening Jesus and
the 12 gathered for the meal, His
last on earth and always called
"The Last Supper."
As they were eating, Jesus
took bread, blessed it, broke it
and save it to them, saying,
"Take; this is my body."
And lie took a cup, and when
He had given thanks, He gave
the cup to them. They all drank
of the cup and Jesus said to
them, "This is my blood of the
new Testament which is shed
for many."
After that final meal they went
back to the Mount of Olives where
Jesus again warned them, prepar
ing them for the future, lie turned
to Peter, one of his disciples, and
told him that by the time that
very night was over he would deny
his Lord three times before the
cock crowed twice.
Jesus came to a place called
Gethsemane and at His disciples
rested. He prayed. When He had
finished. He said, "The hour is
come. Behold, the sun of man is
betrayed into the hands of sinners."
As he spoke, Judas, followed
by an armed mob, approached
Him. They had been sent by the
priests. Judas ran to Jesus and
embraced Him, thus giving His
enemies the sign which identi
fied the Christ to them.
The crowd took Him directly
back to Caiaphas, the high priest,
and his undedings. Peter followed
from a distance and when Jesui
was taken into' the priest's palace,
the (disciple stood among the serv
ants and watched.
Then began a trial of sorts. A
number of men came forward and
told lies about Jesus. No one of
their stories agreed and Jesus did
not answer their lies. He did not
speak until Caiaphas asked: "Are
you the Christ, the son of the
"I am," Jesus answered, "and
you will see me, the son of man,
sitting on the right hand of pow
er and coming in the clouds of
This was all Caiaphas needed.
"You have heard the blasphemy."
he cried to the crowd. And because
it was believed that no man should
call himself the son of God, Jesus
was convicted. He was spit upon,
struck and otherwise mistreated.
As this was happening Peter was
approached by three persons, each
of whom asked whether he was a
follower of this Jesus of Nazareth.
Each time he said he was not
and after the third time, a cock
crowed for the second time.
The following morning the high
priests had Jesus bound and took
Him before the Roman Pontius
Pilate, political governor of Jeru
salem. But meanwhile, according to the
gospel of St. Matthew, Judas real
ized the dreadful thing he had
done. He took the 30 pieces of sil
ver back to the men in the temple
and told them he had betrayed one
who was innocent.
"What is that to us?" they told
him. But he threw down the sil
ver and left.
Judas hanged himself.
Before Pilate, Jesus was accused
of many things. He did not answer
them. It was the custom of the
governor to release at the Pass
over one of the prisoners. And
after talking to Jesus, Pilate sug
gested that this be the man he'd
free. But the crowd, under pres
sure of the priests and elders, cried
for the release of Barabbas, a man
imprisoned for rebellion and mur
der. Pilate debated the wisdom of his
course, but finally he turned Jesus
over to his soldiers to be executed.
thpn Disced tenderly in a wmu
which had been hewn from solid
rock. A huge stone was rolled into
the opening of the tomb, sealing it
securely. Two days passed, and on
Sunday women followers of Jesus
returned to the tomb. They car
ried spices with which to anoint the
body of their Lord. They wondered
how the great stone could be rolled
away so that they might enter the
As the sun rose on that first
Easter morning, they saw the
great stone rolled away.
The women went away, tremb
ling and astonished bearers of
strange news:
"He has risen!"
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Barabbas was freed as they led
Jesus into a great hall. There the
Roman soldiers made sport of Him.
They took off His clothes and drap
ed Him in a purple robe. They set
a crowd of thorns on His head.
They mocked Him, struck Him and
spit on Him again. Then they put
on His clothes again and led Him,
out to the hill of a skull Golgotha!
Soldiers placed Him upon the
cross. Soon two others were cru
cified near Him two robbers.
And at the foot of the cross, sol
diers cast dice for the clothing
of Jesus.
At noon, after three hours of
His suffering, the sun was obscured
and darkness fell. Six hours passed
before Jesus uttered His great tri
umphant cry and breathed His last.
As He passed away, the Roman
captain who stood facing him said:
"Truly this man was a son of God."
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