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    FRIDAY, MARCH 19. 194s
r FAG; tuiJi. rii-Lii Scii7
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(Che (5oldett (Text
The Kingdom of God
Sv 4 :-; Luke :HHZ; it:w, j.; www "
Rev. L G Fliiolt. Pastor
Sunday School at a 45 Ben Phil
lips, superintendent is very, anu
ous thai Hie goal of 40tl in attend
ance be reached by Faster. A very
pertinent general title fur this
Sunday s lesson is: "The Kingdom
of God". Lust Sunday 207 were
Morning vior.-dnp al 11 o'clock.
This service will he bioaiU-ast over
WHCC. Morning Scnptme leading
will be taken tiuiu 1-uiali 44 and
52; Zachariah H; Mark 11. Subject
for the niuiiunt; sermon: "A
Strange Death The choir will be
assisted by Mr hoi Cohen of
Springdule School, violinist.
Training I. muii -'1 ti-'M).
Fvciiiny worship service at 7:30.
The pastor has chosen as his ser
mon subject tor tins evening: "The
Woman W ho Man n il A Beast ".
This will ileal with a less familiar
character in the series ul "Great
Women of The Hible ". and bids
fair to be a ino-t interesting one.
Wednesday evening Prayer
Meeting at 7 :t(l Choir rehearsal
at 8 30
The KriemMiip Hilile Class will
hold its regular niu.itlily meeting at
the home ol Mis Milas Ferguson,
Friday eveniiiri al 7 30 Mrs Char
lie Wooilaid "111 i' assuelate host-
k?Ki .4.
- - - - - -
Jsus likened the kingdom of God to a
man sowing seed in the ground, where
it would grow and ripen and at last the
man would cut it down with a sickle
fccl'.itf it .a.s npe fir the harvest
Jesus went back to His home town,
Nazareth, and. as was His custom, on
the Sabbath He went into the syna
gogue He iook me dooh oi me piopuci.
and ODened it and read.
Jesus closed the book, gave it to the
minister, and began to Uik to the con
gregation, and all were amazed t His
gracious words and said to one aiioifwr.
is not this Joseph's son .'"
When Pharisee
kingdom of c
nci .J inc1 1 u rt . u .
do,,, ,.,
MEMUi-ii VtK
Truckload Of Supplies
Arrive At New Windsor
Parable of the sower.
'Yea rather, bleited are they that hear the word of God
and keep it." Luke 11:98
;it i: 111 ItCIl
ln-'l he-Mountains
Hubert S Taluin. Hector
Palm Sunday
Church School. 9 30 a in
Holy Communion and sermon,
11 Oil a in
H. L Vouns. Pastor
Sunday S hool, 1 o a m.
Morning w m hij, 1 1 .1 in
Methodl-t You'll Fellowship, i:30
p ni
Evening ioi-hi) 7 Do pin. wr'i
the pa- lor i-1 1 1 1 1' he u lilh in the
series of messjijfs on the Apostle's
MYF Choir reheai-al at 7 pin.
Tuesday. Ailult ibmi piactice al
"J 30 p.W Wedue-day
Kev. Malcolm H. Williamson. Pastor
Whitener Provost. Superintenil-
ent of Sunday School
Sundav School at 10 00 o'clock
Morning Worship, MOD o'clock.
Sermon subject "The March of
Triumph ".
The sermon Sunday will be aj
Palm Sundav Message
Pioneer and Youth Fellowship
groups meet at 7. oil p m.
Mistaken Marriages To
, Be Discussed Sunday
Night By Rev. Elliott
! "Mistaken Marriages" will be the
subject of the sermon Dy me pas
Youth Fellowship.
Paul H Pin kwall. Pastor
Sunday School, 9 45 a ni.
Morning wor hip. 11 a in. Ser
mon topic. "The Tears of Christ"
'A nurjery lor small childien is
operated in connection with the
worship hour
7:30 p ni.
Monday. 7 p m Boy Scout
Troop No. 8 meet-, dnected b Col.
H. C I.ane. scoutmaster. Russell
Fultz and Huell Nolan, assistants.
Wednesday. 7 30 p m Conclud
ing sermon on Lenten-Mission study
on world evangelism. Text: Willis
I-amott, "Committed Unto L's".
Thursday 7 30 p ni. Maundy
Thursday service. Sacrament of
Holy Communion. A service of
music, medilatiun and silent Communion.
Mrs C O Newell. Pastor
The pastor will pi each it I Davis
Chapel at 10 o'clock and at Flinti
er s Chapel at 11 o'clock.
Special Holy Week services will
1 be held each evening through Fri
day of next week at Fimher's
i Sunday evening Mrs Phillip
Cha'e will give a Bible story in
' flannelgrapli.
- Monday evening Rev. Paul Duck
j wall, pastor ol Lonc's Chapel, will
I preach on Achievement Through
Tuesday evening Rev Russell
Young, pastor ot the Waynesville
Methodist church, will he tlie
guest preacher.
Rev and Mi s NYwell will con
duct services the remainder of the
week All will start at 7 30 o clock
The public is invited.
A truckload of relief supplies
gathered in the "Fill a Ship with
Friendship" relief drive in Waynes
ville and the western half of Hay
wood County was received last
week at the Church World Service
Center. New Windsor, Md.. accord
ing to word from Center officials.
Weighing 4.200 pounds, the con
tribution contained clothing, shoes,
bedding and many kinds of needed
household supplies. These are now
' ered in these drives. Far from the
I goal set at the beginning of the
campaign, the goods contributed
, will supply help to several thous-
and individuals overseas who are
1 now destitute. Off icials at the state
ollice state that bad weather dur
; ing the original period of the drive
i has greatly hampered efforts, but
! that it is expected all counties will
i carry through their plans in the
in the process of being sorted and j lu'xt weeks.
C O Newell. Pastor
The pastor will preach at Hemp
hill at 10 a m , and- at Shady
Grove at 11 a. in. Subject of the
sermon. "Our Day of Visitation".
The size of the average Puerto
Rlcan family is ."..)
Mrs M B Fee. Pastor
Sundav School. 10 a.m.
Morning worship, 11 a.m. Sub
ject. "Too Great a Distance".
Evening worship. 7 HO p.m. Sub
ject. "When Victory Proved to Be
Mid -week meetings Wednesday,
7:30 pin., prayer service; Thurs
day, 3 30 p m , Children's Hour;
Thursday, 7:30 p in . Youth Fellowship.
lor. Rev L G. Elliott, at the first
Baptist Church on Sunday evening
at 7.30.
.Stnne men marry the wrong wo
men .lob is one outstanding ex
ample; for his wife, instead of en
couraging him when things were at
1I...H- wnrst heeted him to curse
God and die. Socrates, one of the
wisest of men. made the mistake of
marry ing the wrong woman.
Charles Dickens was able to touch
all the chords of the human heart
regarding the home, but his own
maii iage was a mistake. The great
est mistake any man can nuke is to
marry the wrong woman.
Tlieie is something 1o be said
on the other side of the marriage
contract, for many women marry
the wrong man. History declares of
Varina Howell, wife of Confeder
ate President Jefferson Davis: "The
perfect wife of a difficult hus
band". There are all kinds of hus
bands and wives, and all kinds of
marriages. The Bible would not be
the complete book, the perfect mir
ror of life that it is, had it not con
tained a story of the woman who
inanied the wrong man. Abigail
is the woman, and Nabal is the man
-a story of the woman who mar
ried a beast.
Husbands and wives, marriagable
sons and daughters, and the pub
lic are cordially invited to attend
this service.
packed for shipment overseas.
The Rev. R. L. Young of Waynes
ville, has acted as chairman for
the drive in part of Haywood
County. The Rev. L. E. Mabry of
Canton, has charge of the eastern
area. They are two of the more
than 120 men and women of North
Carolina who have acted as county
leaders in the state-wide "Fill a
Ship with Friendship" drive. The
drive is sonsored by the North
Carolina Council of Churches, co
operating with Church Wojiil Serv
ice, the interdenominational Pro
testant relief agency.
To date, 37 counties of the state
have reported their drives com
pleted and an estimated 275,000
pounds of material has been gath-
All materials snipped through
Church World Service are distrib
uted overseas through churches
nd church institutions. Church
World Service, in 1947, shipped to
42 countries, in all of which the
churches were guaranteed abso
lute freedom in handling their re
lief supplies. Need is the only pre
requisite of those applying for help.
There is no discrimination on ac
count of race, creed or political
alTiliat ion.
Kngland, Wales and Scotland
were united as one kingdom in
1 707.
from Key
Cuba, is only
West, Florida.
!)0 in lies
The whale shark,
length of CO feet, is
reaching a
the largest
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Vaynesville Laundry
t. W. KILLIAN, Owner
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"Matter" will be the subject of
the lesson-sermon in the Christian
Science Church next Sunday morn
ing, March 21.
Services will be held at 11
o'clock in the church rooms on'
the second floor of the Masonic
I Temple.
Seventh Day Adventist
Ileech St.. Hazel wood
L. P. Knecht, Pastor
.Sabbath School, 9:45 a.m. Satur
day. Lesson subject, "The Spirit
of Prophecy. Preaching at 11 a.m.
Services Sunday night. Subject,
No Law But Love."
(The International Lesson on the above topic for March 21 is
Mask 4:26-29; Luke 4:16-22a; 17:20, 21; Romans 14:17.)
Rev. J. R. McGregot, president
of Mountain Retreat Association,
Retreat, will preach at the Sunday
morning service, at 11 o'clock.
Waynesville. St. John's
Church, every Sunday 11:00 A.M.
Bryson City, St Joseph's
Church every 1st Sun
day 8:00 A.M.
CanUn. Y M C A. Build
ing every 3rd Sunday 8:00 A.M.
( ulluwhee. Student
Lmci" liuiiding every
l-i Wednesday 7:00 A.M.
Foutana, Henry Elliott
Home every 2nd Sat
urday 8:00 A.M.
Franklin, John Wasilik
Home every 2nd Sun
day 8:00 A.M.
Highlands, Col. W. F.
Kernan Home every
3rd Saturday 8:00 A.M.
Murphy, John Mantbey
Home every 1st Sat
urday 8:00 A.M.
Prison Camps in Parish
every 5th Sunday 8:00 A.M.
Sylva,' William Wise
Home every 4th Sun
day 8:00 A.M.
IN JESUS' time, as until re
cently in our own, the Jews had
no country of their own. They
had returned to their homeland
from exile, it is true, but they
were ruled by Roman emperors,
their dominion having been estab
lUhed by Pompey the Great in
63 B. C.
The country was divided, part
under the sons of Herod the
Great, Philip and Antipas, both
regions being ruled as tetrarchies
under minor governors. Judaea,
Samaria and the land south of
Judaea were more directly under
the Roman procurator, Pontius
The Jews were looking for a
Messiah, one who would lead
them to victory over their ene
mies anJ re-establish the king
dom. This was their great hope
In the time of Jesua. Now, it
seems that their dream may be
realized. In the struggle now go
ing on they lupe to gain a land
of their own, there to live as an
independent, sovereign nation.
Our lesson deals not with this
eaithly country for which the
people of Palestine so longed, but
sat on one side, and the veiled
women on the other.
The Ark, of painted wood, gen
erally covered with a curtain
and containing the Pentateuch
and scrolls of the prophets, was
the most sacred object. On on
side was the bema or pulpit for
the reader and preacher, and
there were chief seats for the
synagogue's ruler and the elders.
It was customary to read the
scriptures standing. After some
one had read the first lesson,
which was from the Pentateuck
the clerk would hand the roll t
parchment containing the book
of the prophets which was the
second lesaon, to someone, and in
this case he gave it to Jesus. We
do not know whether what Jesus
read was the lesson for the day
or whether He chose it especially.
What Christ read to these, peo
ple who had known Him from
childhood, was:
"The spirit of the Lord Is upon
Me, because He hath anointed Ma
to preach the gospel to the poor;
He hath sent Me to heal the bro
kenhearted, to preach deliverance
to the captives, and recovering of
sight to the blind, to set at lib-
"Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of Cod and
keep it." Luke 11:28.
Lightning produces tiro mil
lion tons of nitric acid bom the
air per day, .
for the kingdom of God. which
was Jesus' message to His people.
To illustrate what He meant
by the kingdom of God, Jesus
told the following parable while
preaching by the Sea of Galilee:
The kingdom of God is as if a
man should cast seed into the
ground, and should sleep night
and day, and the seed should
spring. and grow up without his
paying much attention to it.
Growing in the earth, first the
blade would come up, then the
oar, and finally the "full corn In
the ear." Then the man would
reap because the harvest was
come. So In men's hearts, first
the message is sown by the
teacher; where it grows without
his knowledge, until it attains full
growth, and the man realizes that
he has the kingdom of God with
in him.
Some time before this Jesus
had made a visit to His native
town, Nazareth. As He always
did, Jesus went on the Sabbath
into the synagogue, and stood up
to read. The synagogues which
had been set up since the Jews
returned from exile In Babylon
were rooms one end of which
fcd toward Jerusalem. The men
erty them that are bruised. To
preach the acceptable year of the
Jesus then closed the book,
handed it back to the clerk, and
sat down and began to talk. The
eyts of all In the synagogue were
upon Him, and all marveled at
the gracious words that came
from His lips. "Is not this Jo
seph's son?" they asked one an
other. What did Jesus believe was the
kingdom of God ? When asked by
the Pharisees when It would come,
He answered, "The kingdom of
God cometh not with observa
tion r Neither shall they xay, Lo
here! or, lo, there! for, behold,
the kingdom of God is within
Into our hearts it comes, into
all men's hearts, before the king
dom is established. When men
cease being cruel, selfish, grasp
ing; when they do unto others as
they would be done by, then shall
the kingdom coine. It Is not
an earthly thing, for, as Faul
wrote to the Romans: "For the
kingdom of God la not meat and
drink; but righteousnesj, and
peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost."
t'lii.nh, Sd1
tions To Be Di
We are so busy. Everybody 1
meet is busy. Hut are we busy
about the right things'.' That is
what ought to concern us. Repeat
edly I've written in this column
that too many of us mistake mo
tion for progress, 'loo many of us
are busy about the wrong thing.
There is an inteiesting story
buried back in the Old Testament,
which tells about the selection of
Saul as the first kinu ol Israel.
After he had been chosen, they
couldn't find him. A diliHeni search
was made for the new king and
the record says quiii.i'V' that they
finally found him al'i-r the Prophet
Samuel had prayed to Clod. The
Bible verse reads. " I'lie. el'ore th y
inquired of the Lord luriln r. if (he
man should yet come thither. And
tile Lord answered, Ucho'd he hath
hid himself among the stuff." il
Sam. 10:22).
How many of us have hidden our
selves "among the stuff".? We are
literally covered up with "stuff."
which we have gathered up and
piled around us. Stud! What gath
erers we are. llow covered up we
are with it. It all seems so import
ant now, but in the light of etern
ity it will amount to nothing. We
, may have this "stuff" piled up In
an office, in a business. We may
even have it in a home. It takes
tremendous effort to accumulate it,
and more effort to care for it.
Many of us read last Christmas
Charles Dickens' "The Christmas
Carol." Do you remember the con-
Distributed by Kiur Feauis 6yadicU, Inc.
versation between Scrooge and
Marley's ghost? Scrooge tells Mar
ley that he had been a good man
of business. Marley cries aloud,
shakes his chain, and says, "Busi
ness! Mankind was my business."
Frequently I hear someone say
that he is not too much concerned
about Judgment Day, that a God
of Love would not condemn a man
for his sins. Almighty God does
not condemn us. We condemn our
selves when we hide ourselves in
"stuff." busy ourselves about the
wrong things, fail to follow His
Plan for salvation, fail to put Him
first. The Bible tells us emphatic
ally that God desires "all men to
be saved and to come unto the
knowledge of the truth." Christ
said. "Blessed are they that hear
the Word of God and keep it."
A correspondent sent nie these
lines inscribed on a tablet in Hie
Cathedral of Lubeck: "Thus speak
eth Christ bur Lord to Us: Ye call
me Master, and obey me not: Ye
call me Light .and see me not; Ye
call me Way, and walk me not; Ye
cal me Wise, and follow me not;
Ye call me Fair, and love me not;
Ye call me Rich, and ask me not;
Ye call nie Eternal, and seek nie
not; Ye call me Gracious, and trust
me not; Ye call me Noble, and
serve me not; Ye call me Mighty,
and honor me not; Ye cal! me Just,
and fear me not; If I condemn you.
blame me not."
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personal opinion
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man louiid a w ay tt
trap w in k belter. S
buttered bacon id
after each catch
the puce of bacon J
it is. she b it'unH
I is worth tlie iwulli
IM.( I I Kl. AMI
Having quaiiii
anil executor, rtia
j - stati' of IV. L.Knj
' Hay vi owl count;, J
I this is to notify i
ing claims a;ainj
said deceased to eitJ
i uiiilciMsncd at m
Carolina, on or
! of February. IN
'will be i leaded ii
emery. All pel ions indrM
j arc hereby nrfJti
; mediate luiiktul J
; Tin-, the
1 194a.
I Klhc J. KiriJ
1 (A
I of the estate of J
I deceased.
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