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22-2So R First
Lfff r- F Z IpW'T rS" ' jIT
The' Waynesville Mountaineer
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesville their idea
shopping center
of the Hay-
t d of elections has
ididatts tor iMc
fcas control ui
fees in orat-i iu
aranc-e on I he pr'"
e uf the members
k uni
,uunt elections
1 jt.rr liugcis BUl-
Brjson and J. A.
jg hern n'-apponii-
board. Mr. uiysu",
old hoard, is tne
candidates should
fceliuii board mem-1
dy received their
Antment from Ra-
ct at 11 ociock
10 to he sworn in
rt Hugh Leather-
:urreiit term. Atl-
the board will
business session,
an ana seeieiaij-,
cpanitions for the
uir ear" for the
offices, the candi-
will be those for
tive, township con-
Sjstrates. Many of
(ions go vacant be
rate files. Also,
Alices of the peace
ther than elected,
by which county
ndidales must file
sixth Saturday be-
) man."
contests on which
s will focus their
ally considered to
lernor and senator.
abatorial candidates
nted county man
iod with the an-
week that W. G.
d the Umstead
io of the six gu
didates. Charlie
nounced a county
this time.
Candidate Kerr
another transpor-
le campaign, some-
'Ot. Mayne Albright
in traveling by
Tent speaking cn-
btt flew to Louis-
Iweek for a lunch-
! took an airborne
i ior two more en-
C! rry says he has no
i li jke on the sugges-
William B. Um-
ident Truman tint
Saturday, Urn
the President to
e end of his pres-
lerry says he didn't
r North Carolina
More or after the
Still Taken
take Area
fed a 65-gallon li-
n Poplar branch
n. Evidenm
had been made
and no mash or
Wed a location nn
:lne same dav hm
fn remo-ed before
Party were Depu-
f"r's, John Kerley.
,re and FnHr.i
fiited preSS
26 Considerablp
nued warm rain
esville tenmoro.
V b' the staff of
Published Twice-A-Week In
" 63rd YEAR No. 25 EIGHTEEN PAGES United Press
For Umstead
W. G. BYERS has been appoint-1
ed Haywood county manager for
the re-election campaign now be
ing conducted by Senator William
B. Umstead.
Byers To Manage
Umstead Race In
Haywood County
W. G. Byers of Waynesville has
been appointed Haywood county j
manager for Senator William B.i
Umstead, candidate for the Demo-
cratic nomination to a full term
in the upper house of Congress, it j
was announced this week. I
Mr. Byers and Senator Umstead
have been friends for a number of j
years, having worked together on j
several Democratic convention
committees. '
"Spnntnr Umstr-ari has a dern in
1 .vwmLW'
: :
! 1 & 'J
terest in the common man. He is : flonl "f Oalusha building on
one of the hardest workers North ,Maln s"''ft which will be occu
Carolina has in Washington. andP,cd b ,nc Book store about the
for one thing helped keep the,
Burlev tobacco acreaee from beine
rut this vfiar " states Mr. Bvers.
"He has had more experience
than any other candidate for the
office, and has made a fine record
as senator. His friends think that
in recognition of his fine service,
Senator Umstead is entitled to at
least one full term."
Umstead volunteered and went
to France in the first World War,
returning home to finish law stu -
dies and begin practice in Durham
county. Later he was elected to
three terms in the House of Rep-
resentatives, from Which he vol-
untarily retired and resumed his
law practice. He served as chair-
man of the Democratic executive j and argPst stocks of its kind in
committee and managed thc last this cntirc sectjon of the two Car
campaign in North Carolina. Fol-I jnas
lowing the death of Senator Josiah
W. Bailey, Umstead was appointed tt. J IMPFfl
to fill his unexpired term by Gov ' flay WOOQ INdl
Cherry: Unit Will Meet
William Millar Makes
Dean's List At Duke
Among the 145 North Carolina ; North Carolina Education Asso
students at Duke University who , ciation will meet at 3 y. m. Wed
made the dean's list last semester nesday, March 31, at Central ele
is Wllam Imber Mllar, son of Mr. j mentary school, it is announced by
and Mrs. W. H. Millar of Waynes-j Paul Grogan, president,
ville. Purpose of the meeting is to
Memhprshin nn the deans list J elect delegates to the state NCEA
numberine 528 students, is given
those makinir R avrraee erade.
and entitles them to six class cuts
h, i, a r tho!
regulation three absences.
James Makes High Corn
Yield In FFA Project
Ted James, Fines Creek high
school Future Farmer of America
member, made an estimated yield
of 100 bushels of corn per acre on
two acres which he grew for an
agriculture project last year.
A complete record of the proj
ect was kept, including all ex
penses and labor. The total ex
penses, including land rent, labor
other than own, manure and com
mercial fertilizer, came to $226.50
on the two acres. Figuring corn
at $3 a bushel, this would give Ted
a labor income of $37350 or
.d Easter Church Services And
$100,000 Damage Suit
Is Filed Here By Couple
Against Insurance Firms
Two County War
Dead To Arrive
From Pacific
The bodies of two Haywood
county men who died in the
liirhtiiiK for the Pacific Islands
are being returned to the United
States aboard the transport Wal
ter W. Schwcnk, scheduled to
dock at San Francisco this week
end. The bodies being returned
and their next of kin are Joseph
C. Hawkins, Marines, Jeter P.
I Hawkins, Clyde, Route 1; Pvt.
Nelson Rhodes, Jr., Marines,
Nelson Rhodes, Canton, Route 2.
Early in April the transport
Robert F. Burns will arrive at
Brooklyn harbor with the bodies
of 2,800 American war dead
from Europe and the transport
John L. McCarley is bearing 2,
600 from the same theater of
Modern Building
Being Prepared
For Book Store
Modern Glass Front
Being Put On Galusha
Building For Book
Work has started on a modern
'"U,L- J "iusna an-
nounccd yesterday.
' A mndern, full-view, all glass
front is being put on the store, and
of interior changes
made. The building was formerly
occupied by Western Auto Asso
ciate Store.
Mr. Galusha announced that ad
ditional stock would be added to
the store and several new lines
j woum he carried
Thc fuIl.sizo basement will also
j 1)e devot,,d to saes spac0i espe.
ciaMv of hpavier office equipment,
Several pieces of new fixtures
w j,, be added to the slore to bet.
riUnlav mprrhanriisp and Mr
Galusha said that the store will
have one of the most complete
Here On March 31
The Haywood county unit of the
1 convention to be held next month
in Asheville, officers of the Hay
wood unit tor me coming jw ,
and to vote on state officers. AU
1 members are urged to attend.
about $3.07 per hour for the 112
hours that Ted worked on this
The FFA youth planted his Hol
comb's prolific corn May 10, after
turning the land and 'discing. There
was a rye stubble on the land. He
used 1.200 pounds of 4-10-6 fer
tilizer on the two acres at plant
ing time, besides the barnyard
manure he had applied previously.
Later he added 400 pounds of ni
trate of soda.
The rows were 3Vi feet apart,
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The County Seat of Haywood
and Associated Press News"
Edwards Of Canton
Enter Suit Growing
Out of Fire Last
Two Haywood residents are .
asking $100,000 m damage suits
against two fire insurance com
panies and their agents 1 he pa
pers are on file at the office of'
the clerk of court her.-, and it is'
expected the cases will be present
ed at the May term of civil court.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Edwards
of Canton have entered the suits I
against the Great American Insur
ance company, of New York, and
the Northern Assurance Company,1
Ltd., also of New York, together
with the company agents and in-'
spectors. I
The suits grew out of a fire which ;
on April 10, 1947. destroyed the
Edwards" home on
street. Canton.
As related in the allegation
against the Great American com
pany by plaintiff Howard Edwards,
he and his wife took $5,000 fire in
surance with the company April
1, 1947. After the fire, a claim
was presented on the insurance
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Auto Inspection
Lane Will Move
After Wednesday
To Be Set Up At Pen
land Street, Canton,
For Two-Week Period
Starting April 1
The automobile and truck in-
spection lane will remain here un-
til Wednesday, when it will move
to Penland street. Canton, to con
duct vehicular inspections in that
section of the county. The lane is
scheduled to return here in July
for another two-week stay.
By noon Wednesday approxi
mately 800 vehicles had passed
through the lane here with more
than half of them getting the red,
diamond-shaped reject sticker on
their first test. Many of those re
jetted, however, returned later
and were in shape to take the blue
sticker of approval.
When set up in Canton, accord
ing to C. P. Sawyer, supervisor of
the lane for this eight- county dis
trict, the first day (April 1) will
be devoted to state, county and
city vehicles, after which it will
be open to the public. He advises
that all car owners have their cars
checked and repairs made before
bringing them for the inspection.
War Medals Will
Be Given To Vets
Here April 2nd
Victory and American Defense
medals will be presented former
servicemen of World War II by rep
resentatives of the Army and Navy
at a meeting Friday night. April
2, in the armory here sponsored
by the National Guard and Ameri
can Legion.
All veterans who wish to get the
medals will be required to present
their discharge, which shows their
authority to wear them, and on
which a notation can be made that
the medals have been given.
A combat film of action on the
Italian front will be shown that
evening, with the program open
to the public.
In reporting the accident which
injured three persons here Sun
day, it was stated that the auto
mobile driver, Carol Wyatt, was
a school bus driver. Wyatt has
never been a bus driver, although
his father is one.
County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
WAYNESILlTTcTfRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1948 Itf.OO In Advance In I lay wood and Jackson Counties
Grateful to U. S.
of Frankfurt speaks to the crowd ot
Germans who witnessed the arrival
of food from the original "Friend-
ship Train," sent to hungry Europe
by the people of the United aiaies.
Iligh U. S oflKials were present as
Kolb inanKca Americans iui uith
District Goes
Over Goal In
Scout Drive
Total of $2,8 16.35 Is
Collected By Workers
In Waynesville and
Canton Areas
Haywood county Hie Pigeon
River district 111 Daniel Bonne
council went over ils goal in the
annual Boy Scouts oi America
drive according to figures an
nounced this week. A total of $2.
816.35 has been collected.
In the Canton area, where the
Exchange Club conducted the fund
raising campaign under th? chair
lnanship of Underwood Smalhcrs, a
total of $1,757 wa collected.
Lawrence Leatherwood, a ncs
ville Lions Club chairman who
headed thc drive in this are.i, re
ported this week that $1 ,0,r)!).;t,5 had
been collected, with the possibility
of a few more donations to come
The district quota for 1 !4H is
$2,805, of which $1,405 was as
signed to the Canton area and $1.
400 to thc Waynesville area.
David Boyd On
Advisory Group
In Leaf Promotion
! I - if 1
I It T,i
David Bovd of Jonathan Creekllvs iresuy nuise.y .l v,nu ,
has been named to a five-man ad
visnry committee to cooperate with
the Burley and Dark Leaf Export
Tobacco Association, appointed
this week by the North Carolina
Burley Growers Association.
Other members of the commil-
tee are J G. K. McClure and Har-
ry W. Lowe of Asheville, Grover
Brown of Weaverville. and W. O.
Roberson. Jr., of Leicester.
Mr. Love, who is the North Car
olina member of the export asso
ciation's board of directors, points
out that foreign trade in burley
tobacco almost doubled in 1947
j over 1946. He said the outlook
j for burley exports this year is
! good.
Pnlilir T ihrarv Will Be
KUD,1C L.'Drary De
i Closed Here Next Week
' , . ,
I Haywood County Publ.c
; Library will be closed March 25 to
April 5 for the purpose of taking
inventory, patrons are reminded by
Miss Margaret Johnston, librarian.
Books may be returned during next
week, but none may be checked
Library patrons are urged to
take whatever books they need
this week-end to last through the
inventory period.
Enjoy The Beauty And Inspiration
Adecgyato ProtectioBH At
Lay ndry ; Will Stay pem
'Button Day'
Saturday In
Annual Red
Century Old Tree
Here Is Giving
Way To Progress
One of the oldest and largest
trees In the community is giving
away this week to prosress. In
fact, the tree grew so large,
that it meant Its ultimate death,
because of tie danger it pre
sented to nearby buildings.
The tree is the large oak in
the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Davis, at the corner of Haywood
and Church streets. Estimates
are that thc tree is over
1 aa
years old. 1 -
Workmen from the town street
department, together with a
crew of telephone men, have been
busy for several days cutting
dow n the tree, limb by limb.
Because of the many utility wires
in the area, all limbs have to be
cut, and lowered by means of
a block and tackle to the ground.
Yesterday about half the limbs
had been cut off. Some estimate
the tree is at least four feet
through the base.'
Half Million Trees
Are Distributed
In W.N.C. Area
HaVWOod Landowners,
Receive 55,000 Seed
lings in TV A Refor
estation Program
A hall million forest trees were
distributed this week to more than
250 farmers and other landowners
in the 15 Tennessee Valley coun
ties of Western North Carolina.
Haywood county received 55,000
tree seedlings under the erosion
control and reforestation program,
which have been distributed by thc
county agents to 37 landowners.
Thc seedlings produced at the
..... . r .. "!:.....,
Tenn.. were brought to the State
Forestry warehouse in Sylva Tues
day morning and from there dis
tributed to the counties. There
were 105.000 shortleaf pine, 162,000
white pine, 3,500 black locust and
20,000 yellow poplar.
State District Forester Charles
C. Pettit, Jr. who is in charge of
the distribution in District 9 of
the NCFS. explains that there is
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Patrolmen Start Drive
Against Bad Mufflers
Patrolman O. R. Roberts yester-, functioning muffler will be in
day announced that a rigid check! dieted."
would be made on all motor ve- The law regarding such, reads as
hides on the highways with follows:
"gutted" mufflers, together with
those which have been mutilated
or tampered with in any way. j
"There are a lot of vehicles
which are now operating without
proper mufflers and owners of
such cars are subject to fines if
the mufflers are not repaired," the
patrolman said.
The patrolman added, "Any per
son caught driving a vehicle on
the highways without a properly
To Be Held
Cross Drive
Plans For Final Stages
Of Drive Are An
nounced By Chapter
An all out ellorl is being made
this week to complete the Red
Cross Fund Campaign which start
ed the first of .March. Saturday has
been designated as "Button Day"
when everyone on the street is re
quested to display his Ited Cross
Button as 1111 evidence of his loy
alty ami support of the American
Ked Cross
Booths will be set up in strategic 1
, I...,,, I imw u,. tli;it Ihitv,, 11.. t hnrino I
I contributed to the drive HI have
an opporlunitv to do so and to re-
cive a memoeisnip cam ana iapei
All campaign workers not having
tin ned in then' reports are request
ed to do so by 5 o'clock this attei
imini so that a final tabulation of
results can he made.
"Our local Chapter has never
failed to reach its quota and we
cannot afford to fail now. The
American Bed Cross at this mo
ment is rendering relief to numer
ous flood suiTercrs and to those
who have suffered from recent
tornadoes and cyclones. With the
increased enlistment in the armed
forces of our counlry which will
surely come within thc next few
months ue must keep our Red
Cross strong We have confidence
in the good people of the area
I... ...... I..,.., I f'V...,.t..r 1 V
finish the job and do it now." The
above statement was made by Rev.
Malcolm H Williamson, Chapter
Chairman in commenting on the
neccssily for reaching our Goal in
the fund campaign
Easter Sunrise
Service At Lake
Starts At 6:30
The annual Kaster sunrise serv
ice, sponsored by the sub-district
Youth Fellowship of the Methodist
Church, will be held Sunday morn
ing at 6:30 o'clock. The service
will begin at the Mission Build
ing and will be concluded at the
Miss Betty Lee Reno, president
of the district fellowship will pre
side and speakers will be Nell
Whitmire and C. C. Poindexter,
both ofc Canton.
The public is invited to attend.
"No person shall drive a motor
vehicle on a highway unless such
motor vehicle is equipped with a
muffler in good working order and
in constant operation to prevent
excessive; or unusual noise, annoy
ing smoke and smoke screens.
"It shall be unlawful to use a
'muffler cut-out' on any motor ve
hicle upon a highway."
The minimum fine for break
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Many Patrolmen
Arrive Thursday
Morning; Mediation
Attempt Fails
Sheriff R. V. Welch assurred
J. W. Killian last nUjht that ade
quate protection would be pro
vided laundry employees as long
as it was needed, in order that
the plant might continue in ope
ration. Sheriff Welch was speaking for
the State Highway Patrol and
the Waynesville Police Depart
ment, with whom a conference
was held.
Mr. Killian said, "I deeply
appreciate the assurances of the
officers, and what they have
J. W. Killian, owner of thc Way
nesville Laundry, told the Moun
taineer last night that the laundry
would continue to operate provid
ed adequate law enforcement Is
WPPlied in order to prevent any
, ...
Wednesday at cloainf time.
The incident took place about
5 p. m. A laundry truck headed
out a driveway, when two women
pickets barred its way by stretch
ing thc American flag in front. As
tension and noise mounted in the
crowd of nearly 300. an onlooker
was arrested for attacking city
Policeman Jerry Rogers.
Following this Sheriff R. V.
Welch sent a call for assistance to
Governor Cherry. This was ans
wered by sending a number of
State Highway Patrolmen to the
laundry area at 5 a .m. Thursday
under the command of Capt. W. B.
Lentz, with Col. H. J Hatcher,
state commander, arriving later in
the morning.
Highway partolmen and mem
bers of the Waynesville Police De
partment and Sheriff's Depart
ment, went to the scene early
Thursday morning, as laundry em
ployees started to work. No em
ployee was interferred with, and
the picket line started shortly after
the plant opened.
All through the day officers were
on duty, but everything remained
quiet, with a line of from five to
40 people marching at times.
Shortly before five o'clock yes
terday. Col. H. J. Hatcher, com
mander of the highway patrol, told
the two union leaders, V. ,1 Davis,
of Waynesville, and William Bink
ley, of Asheville, that "the law
enforcement officers will not tole
rate the pickets molesting any em
ployee of the laundry. Keep your
picket line short, do not use pro
fanity, and we'll not bother you "
Both union leaders agreed to
this, and within a few minutes the
37 employees on duty at the laun
dry filed from the plant. Some of
the women and girls in the picket
t Continued on page six)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Injured--- 9
Killed 1
(This InfornaUon Com
piled From Records of
State Highway Patrol)

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