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Waynesville Mountaineer
Pubhshed Twice-A-Week la The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
49,500 People
Liv within 20 miles of
Waynesville their ideal
shopping center
i..l... T..
Ion diwj .
tipction m "'
Ling the '"
fcjst Waynesville
urday. September
Lrd of elections
The elf el urn was
3, but it was
al technicality in ,
tap to ri"BiM'- .
nil Ihe election. .
L the election will :
August 7, at me
school. Regis
I bf from 9 a m.
ho Mistered lor
Muled In he held
to re-register. It
lalificd voters iiv
lor) proposed to
lie town of Way-
permitted to reg-
the election. Last
131 who regis-
ly 3 election.
fcoard named Guy
rar. with Robert
tFraiier. Jr., the
proposed annexa-
is before, being
fast street, to the
kross Highway No.
lost in a direct line
the Waynesville
ny on Niemann:
111 notice is being
board in today's
Kornegay, health
division of tuber-
pas the speaker at
King here Friday,
(plained the chest
ich will begin on
explained the
tth department in
ad of tuberculosis
the chest x-rays
the state.
will be brought
fting the work in
unit, and some
Haywood are ex-
sdvantage of the
P on and after
he mailed each
-ray and if anv
N that needs at-
Frtment will pro
fit for use by the
s presented to
Boyd Owen, mem-
n committee of
ho helped bring
Election ... 45C
- - 20-23c
- 32-36c
rs 15.(10 t la nn
--24.00 to 25.50
- 20.00 to 22.00
28C to 33c
2-W to 26.00
23 00 to 26.80
By the
United Press
-CleJr t
r in tern.
E1 tempera-
ion On Extending
Limits Beyond East
nesvifle Set Sept. 4
festival Queen
18, Empire, Mich., lias been
'chosen ruler of the 1948 National
lM. Cherry Festival to be held at Tra-
verse City, Mich., July 8 and 9.
Chosen from 24 candidates repre
senting northern Michigan com
munities, Miss Verno will fly to
Washington prior to the festival
to deliver a cherry pie to Presi
dent Truman. (International)
furors Named For
July Court Term;
Stars On 12th
The jury Msts for the two week
session of the criminal court to
begin July 12th has been announc
ed by Bryan Medford, register of
Judge Wilson Warlick will be the
judge for the court term.
The jurors for the first week of
court are as follows: James A.
Wright, Brandway Massie, Floyd
Miller, R. L. Parks, Wayne W.
McElroy, C. V. Sorrells, M. H.
Caldwell, Harold MofTitt, John
Cuddeback, Mrs. W. F. Swift, Paul
Robinson, W. W. Hyatt, Jess Ford,
Mrs. George Erwln, W. M. Morris,
Ernest Trantham, Hudger Cagle,
C. B. McCrary, E. L. Gunn, Lane
Arringtort, Lowery Cagle, Jack
Frady, Robert McElroy and J, Sam
Jurors for the second week of
court are . Ratcliff Medford,
Claude V. Thompson, J. C. Pat
rick, J. T. Conrad, Hugh Rogers,
C. E. Weatherby, J. A. Prcvost,
Conley Mehaffey, Gerald Fish, W.
A. Ifelder. John A. Vance. T. C.
Davis, W. W. Hill, L. S. Chambers,
Clayton R. Mehaffey, W. B. Hen-
son, Lewis Kuykendall and Arthur
Rev. Clyde Collins
Takes Over At Bethel
The Rev. Clyde L. Collins, a
recent graduate of the Divinity
School at Duke University, has be
come pastor of the Bethel Meth
odist church.
I If .... ,
LaTa 1 i
Eat Right, Live Right,
And You Can Go Places,
Says Professional Hiker
It's all a matter of eating the
right vegetables to Gertrude
Woojley Roth.
Mrs. Roth is a walking exam
ple of the ancient adage, you're
just as young as you feel. This
slender little woman in spectactes
is over 60 she won't say how far
over but she says she feels like
The way Mrs. Roth gallops
about the countryside, you would
say she was right. She's the lady
who wrote "Thirst for Adventure"
and she certainly has one. She
nas climbed mountains and hiked
through the opeA country in ev
ery part of America. This week
she's in Waynesville.
"I can hike 30 miles a day
easy," says Mrs. Roth. "Yes, sir,
United Press and Associated Press News
Slow With
Stale Car
The North Carolina Stale car in
spection lane has been set up here
this week-but Superintendent C.
P Sawyer says that motorists have
been shying awav from the in
spection like the measles.
Waynesville car owners did
fairly well in the first round of
the inspection Mr. Sawyer says
that about a third of the cars in
Haywood county were checked in
that period, which is average for
the eight counties that his inspec
tion crew works. But things are
slowing down this quarter.
"People are going to wait until
October, the next time we'll be at
Waynesville, and there's going to
be one big rush," said Mr. Sawyer.
"I want to urge all motorists to
have their cars inspected this
week while we have plenty of
time. There will be no waiting
and no expense to the check-up.
But they had better come on be
fore it is too late."
The lane here will be in opera
tion until July 13.
On Friday of last -week an av
erage day for this area 77 cars
were checked through the lane. Of
this number, 32 cars were ap
proved by the Inspectors and 45
were rejected for mechanical de
fects. Most of the rejects have been
because of faulty headlights, ac
cording to the figures kept by the
inspection crew. Thirty cars were
turned back Friday because of
headlight trouble. The local i
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Over 100 People
Will Tour South
From This County
Over 100 farmers from Hay
wood county will be in the caravan
which will make an agricultural
tour of the South in early August.
Wayne Corpening, the county
agent, announced that the tour
would begin at Waynesville Au
gust 3 and extend to August 6.
The sixth annual tour from
Haywood county, this caravan will
include many wives in the roll call.
The group will be feted at three
banquets on the southward swing.
It will visit two farm experiment
stations and will observe farm
methods on cattle, dairy, tobacco,
and horticulture.
The tour will roll through Chat
tannoea. Tenn.. Sheffield, Ala.,
and Tullahoma, Tenn. in its 870 j
mile juant. It will visit the Wil- !
son and Wheeler dams in Tennes
see and Lookout Mountain.
Mr. Corpening said that the tour
will be broken up into three one
day sections. A close schedule of
events has been worked out by
the county agent.
I can outwalk plenty of people one
third my age. They say to me,
'when are you going to get tired,'
but when they're sitting by the
road exhausted I'm still going."
Mrs. Roth was a member of the
famed Bernard MacFadden walk
ing contingent which traveled 618
miles in 30 days. They started at
Philadelphia, went to New York
and on up through the mountains.
Mrs. Roth was the only Southern
er in the crew and one of the few
to make a perfect record on the
"Those young people said 'when
are you going to give up and go
back to Alabama'," relates Mrs.
Roth. "But I wag in perfect shape
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I i v v Jtr
i - m
San Jose, Cal, and SSgt. Robert McNeil of Washington, D. C, place a
floral tribute upon America's first "grave of the unknown soldier."
Erected by Children of the American Revolution, the tablet is in the Old
Meeting House cemetery , Alexandria, Va. H begins: "Here lies a soldier
of the Revolution whose identity is known but to God." (fnteritational)
Large Crowds Attend
Programs On Fourth
Dr. Paul I loon Deliv
ered Address on
Democracy Here
A large crowd heard Dr. Paul
Hoon, pastor of the First Metho
dist church of Philadelphia, as he
delivered the annual Independence
Day address at the high school
stadium here Monday morning.
Dr. Moon's address as the last
part of the formal program for
the third annual event, with the
State Fox Hound Bench Show,
scheduled to begin promptly at
2 o'clock. Kerytliing was in
readiness for a record-breaking
show, as The Mountaineer went to
press at noon Monday.
Dr Hoiin used as Ins subject.
"An American Ideology," and told
his audience that "when Ihe Dec
laration of Independence was
signed it launched mlci the world
something new in Ihe history of
men in the providence ol God -Democracy.
"But demociracy is more than a
document, or a celebration com
memorating it. II is an idea in
men's minds and an altitude in
their hearts Above all, American
(Continued on a'aw r.inhti
Second Travel
Talk To Be
Given Tomorrow
The second of a series of travel
talks, sponsored by the Haywood
County Library for the Travel
Reading Club, will be presented at
the library tomorrow morning at
10:30 o'clock.
Rolf Kaufman, who has spent
considerable time in Belgium and
France, will talk on those coun
tries. The program is planned especial
ly for reading club members from
the l'ourth grade up.
The weekly story h.-'ur conducted
by Mis. Raymond C. Lane for
younger members of the club will
be held Friday miming at 10:30.
Community Cannery Will
Begin Operations On 7th
A community cannery will go
into action in the building behind
the Waynesville high school Wed
nesday afternoon.
The cannery will be a non-profit
venture operated by the county
and state canning officials. Its op
erating scope depends on the de
gree of interest invested in it by
the community.
The opening Wednesday will
consist of a class in "The Use of
and Care of Cannery Equipment."
Furman C Pennuel food preserva
Rev. J. M. Woodward
Heard At Union Ser
vices Here Sunday
An audience ol between 30(1 and
4(H) attended Ihe third annual
union seniles at Hie high school
stadium Sunday night, when Rev.
J. M Woodward of lla.elw ood.
brought Hie message, with Charles
Islcy directing the glee club for
special musical numbers.
This feature of the annual
Fourth of July celebration i
growing and more interest is be
ing shown each year.
Rev. Mr. Woodward told his au
dience that "the only major prob
ling the people lo realize and rec
ognize Christ . ''
"Jesus is the solution lo every
problem known to the world to
day,' he continued. "When the
world turns lo Christ every prob
lem known to Ihe world today an
lem will be solved We need the
application of the golden rule in
every home and every nation, and
then Hie L'nited Nations could
pack up and go home
Touching on the domestic side
of affairs, the speaker did not
blame young people, but said.
' 'Every parent needs to renew fel
lowship with Christ and set a liv
ing example for their children.
The loudest preaching is that
which is done by living right and
setting the right pattern for oth
ers," he continued.
R. L. Prevost, general chairman,
was in charge and Rev M. L. Lew
is and Rev. NT. fi Williamson par
ticipated in the program
j On Friday and Saturday large
i crowds visited the school grounds
each evening and rode the six
, rides which are in operation there,
j On F riday night a double header
I softball game drew a large turn
i out. while the baseball games on
Saturday and Sunday afternoons
drew other large groups.
J The crowd has been large, but
orderly, and no disturbance what
soever. tion specialist for the U. S Depart
ment of Agrciulture. will lead the
class. On Thursday another brief
course will be held, this time on
"Canning." Anyone interested in
using the cannery equipment is
urged to attend.
The Waynesville cannery will be
one of three plants opened in Hay
wood. The others are at Crabtre,
and at Bethel. The products to be
canned will depend upon the
wants of the community. New
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Dr. Homer Rodeheaver
Leading Musical Group
At Junaluska This Week
Traffic Is
Heavy Over
Week - End
Traffic through this section was
extremely heavy over Ihe week
end All highways were heavily
tarvcled. but Highway No If
caught the brunt of the burden,
with motorists traveling into and
from the Park. Highway No. 276
saw an extra heavy load, with vis
itors from the Pisgah National For
est areas.
As far as could be learned, as of
noon Monday no accidents had oc
curred on Haywood highways. One
small accident took place Sunday
afternoon, it was reported, but no
one was injured and the propel ly
damage was minor.
; City police reported a quiet week
end, with only a few being arrest
ed for being drunk. Two were be-
1 ing held for driving while drunk.
i The large crowds at the High
! School grounds for the Fourth of
July program, and the rides were
orderly, nnd police snid "everyone
is too busy having a good whole
some time to get into trouble over
here." The Huzclwood Hoo.itcrs
Club, sponsors Qjr; the even', do not
permit any side shows, or gambling
places to operate. Only rides, and
one eating concession .and a pop
corn stand.
Named For Farm
And Field Day
The general committee to organ
ize a Farm and Home Field Day in
Haywood county on July 2D has
been named by Wayne Corpening,
county agent.
The committee is planning var
ious demonstrations which will
show farmers in this area how to
develop their farms correctly.
The general steering committee
will consist of J. L. Westmoreland
of Iieaverdam, George Stanley of
Pigeon, Hugh Katcliffe of Waynes
ville, T. W. Cathcy of Pigeon,
Mrs. W D. Ketner of Jonathan
Creek, Mrs. Hiram McCracken of
Waynesville, Mrs. Paul Hyatt
Canton, Mrs. Paul Robinson
Canton and Mrs. Otis Cole
The Farm and Home Field Day
will be held on the Jack McCrack
en farm in Pigeon township. Spe- '
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Haywood Sportsmen
Hold Regular Meeting
A regular meeting of the Hay
wood County Hunting and Fishing
Association will be held at the
Champion YMCA in Canton this
evening at 7:30.
Charles Smith, president, will
lead the meeting.
Matters of interest to all mem
bers will be discussed.
E, F And G Motorists
Need To Get New License
Before Last -Minute Rush
Examiner W. W. Moore, the man
who issues driver's licenses in the
basement of the court house, felt
like hanging a sign up on his wall
Saturday "better never than
Last week was the end of June
and the beginning of a new
month. All the people whose
names begin with "C or "D"
should have been checked through
the examination and given their
new license. But were they?
"During the three days I was
in Waynesville, all I did was check
out C and D drivers," says Mr.
Moore. "Not but two drivers in
the E-F-G group came in and I
was really busy."
Moore and his associates spent
? heeic day Thursday trying to
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Musician At Lake
pearing on the programs daily at
Lake Junaluska (his week, as he
conducts a special Sacred Music
Conference He opens his confer
ence Tuesday, and will continue
daily through next Sunday.
Jersey Herd At
Test Farm Ranks
High During Tests
The registered Jersey herd
owned by the Mountain Experi
ment Slut ion, Waynesville, has re
cently bevn clasHilied tor ty un
der Ihe program of the American
Jersey Cattle Club, whose head
quarters are here. Dr. Milton P.
Jarnagin, department of animal
husbandry, University of Georgia,
an ollicial classification inspector
for the cattle club, made the clas
sification of Ihe Experiment Sta
tion herd
Under the Jersey herd classifi
cation program animals are com
pared loi type against the breed's
score card which allots 100 points
for a perfect animal. Animals are
given individual ratings of excel
lent, very good, good plus, good,
fair or poor in accordance with
the number of points which they
receive o" the score card basis.
The 13 animal.-, classified in the
Mountain Experiment Station
herd include 3 very good. 8 good
plus and 2 good for an average of
82.1(8 per cent This score exceeds
the average r.iling of 82,85 per
cent !ir all animals classified in
the Jersey breed and these breed
ers are to he congratulated on the
type ol cattle in their herd.
Camp Draws 7
From Waynesville
Seven Waynesville young peopie j
are among Ihe students at the
Transylvania music school camp
held at Brevard this sum-
students are Jeff Reece,
Osborne. Mary Crouser,
Michal. Jinimie Galloway.
Robert Massie and Vivian Watkins.
The school opened on June 24
with a staff of fi() teachers and rec
reation staff members. The Way
nesville pupils are among 155 oth
er people taking the courses.
pass through the last of the C and
D moiorists The procrastinating
drivers crowded the basement ex
amination room to overflowing.
"I hope that the E, F and G
drivers don i vyai' iike this," says
Moore. "It's easier for everyone
concerned if they will come down
Examiner Moore says that he
checked out more drivers last
month than he did in the previous
five months. His office which
visits Sylva and Canton in this
area w hen it isn't located at Way
nesville has been handling be
tween 30 and 75 drivers a day.
The office will be open here on
Mondays and Thursdays between
9 a. m. and 5 p. m., and Saturdays
Vt'vpn 9 a m t"d 1pm.
1 1
Noted Musician Di
recting Choirs and
Others Through
out the Week
Homer Hodeheaver. noted evan
gelist, singer, trombone placer,
lecturer, composer and lending
apostle of putting hiu.ic into the
minds of all people hie. nmved ht
Lake Junaluska to direct the third
annual Sacred Music ('..nteiencp
this weo
Rodeheaver was for 2lt r,)is
Song leader for the late Hilly Sun
day and with him campaigned for
souls in practicajly every lug.'
city in the United Stale, It is
estimated that he has led mme
than 70,000.000 people in song
and has directed as many as 50.0(H)
fit one time
At this conference he will sing
many favorites, tell stories mid
lead the congregation in r.imili.w
songs With him will he his fa
mous trombone. During the con
ference, classes will be conducted
in sightreadlne and Ihi
form deportment, interpretation or
.gospel songs, anthems and ora
torios, and the use of Ihe ll.iui
! mond organ in churches. These
j classes will be conducted by the
members ot Hodeheavcr's sl;ill
The evenings of the week will be
given over to great song services,
inspirational services and meet
ings for young people.
Rodeheaver, whose voice has
thrilled millions, had a humble he
ginning on a farm in southern
Ohio. He worked his wiy through
school and college and "being nat
urally musical, always played some
instrument, from the bass drum,
before he was big enaugh to can v
it, to the cornel which he played
in the Ohio Wesleyan University
ba nil.
One day a fellow sludent, find
ing himself broke, offered lo
his trombone to "Rodv" for
That was the same trombone Ilia
accompanied him to the battle
fronts of Europe during the World
War and has thrilled thousands of
listeners in meetings and over the
Having a magnetic personality,
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Building And Loan
Adopts Insurance
Plan On Deposits
The Haywood Building and Loan
has announced deposit insurance
on all accounts up lo S.'i.OOO. This
is similar insurance to what all
banks carry on eustnmet ';; depos
its. The 29-. ear-old organization an
nounced that the added feature of
Ihe association is in keeping with
progressive steps being followed
by leading building and loan as
sociations throughout the nation
R L Prevost has served as
president since the association was
organized Claude Allen vice
president, and L. ,N Davis U secretary-treasurer.
Rotarians From Several
States Here Friday
Among the visiting Rotnrinn, at
tending the club here Friday in
cluded Charles T. Graham. Lenoir:
A. Tingle, Asheville: J. M. Alber
gotti. Orangeburg, S. C. Miller
Alexander, Lake Charles. La.:
Charles Grcnncll, Daytona Beach,
Fla.: A. F. Swapp, Titiisville. Fla.:
P. D. Cochran and Paul Vance, of
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Injured .... 24
Killed 2
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol.)

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