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The Wa ynesville Mountaineer
Publisher Twice-A-WeeL In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Gieat Smoky Mountains National Park
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesville their ideal
shopping center
United Press and Associated Press News
(3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Jtmspjska FIIsiqds Rll
Lnissioners Get Hospital Expansion Petition
-i, -A" -X- J 1 A A 1 A I
nmunity - Wide Spraying Starts
Units Check 5,000
s For Tuberculosis
tiling across Hay
e examined about
tar in the chest
il lias been an-
lealth department .
icklc medical ex
it Stale Board of
k Ihe X-rays and
please figures on
fetime this week.
h show a positive
will be checked
notify the person
Wit ion.
Pits will be lorat-
school. at Web-
Helwood on the
Pleasant Grove
f Canton.
p X-ray crews wit
K at the Meade
pi'va, and be on
f Page Hvei
Three Days
(e cannery will be
Wednesday and
it was an
Mfs. Rufus Siler.
Truman's 'Turkey
Day' Session Of
Congress Ready
President Truman's special
session of Congress got under
way Monday at noon, and to
day the president will address
the Joint House and Senate.
The president wasn't expected
to get much cooperation from
the Republican elements of the
80th Congress.
Observers reported that the
GOP leaders are determined
to oppose any demand by Tru
man for either price control
or meat rationing. But the
Republicans are reported ready
to support some other type of
anti-inflation legislation.
States rights Democrats may
try to adjourn the session al
most before it begins, but the
GOP leaders doubt that their
party will join any such move.
Democratic Senator Allen El
lender of Louisiana has prom
ised he is ready to talk any
civil rights program to death.
id Board of Commissioners are shown as tney received ana ik-khi .uu..nK .
ames asking that a special bond election be called for the purpose of expanding the
i Ho'sDital The petition was presented by Joe S. Davis, chairman of the group getting
hown left to riRht are John Hipps, commissioner. George A, Brown, Jr. cnairman u . j.
lioner, and Mr. Davis standing. This is a Mountaineer piio'UKidpn
Stands Pat
On Train
I The Stat" Utilities Commission
! maintain Kiev are still right in
j granting the removal of the two
! passenger trains on the Murphy
I Branch Their latest decision was
'the overruling of the exceptions
j taken in their decree, by .1 How
ell. Jr. for the Chamber ot lorn
merre. Mr Howell said yesterday that
he will now take an appeal from
the overruling of the exception,
which will mean the matter will be
taken to superior court for trial.
The Commission voted two to one
for the removal of tile trains Stan
ley Wiiiborne, chairman and Kred
C. Hunter voted to remove the
trains, while Hubert Grady John
son voted for the continuance of
In l hi- latest decision handed
down by the commission, it read:
"Said exceptions and each of
I hem have been c arefully consid
ered by the commission and found
to be without sufficient merit to
warrant any change or modifica
tion in the decision made by the
commission in this cause. Said ex
ceptions and each of them are
therefore overruled."
9 Machines
Will Spray
Area With 2
Per Ct. DDT
Waynesville, Hazel
wood and Aliens
Creek Included In
Spray Areas
I Along many streets in Har.el
I wood and Waynesville this morn
ing a man is due to aim a hose and
release a spurt of fine, misty spray
: through the nozzle.
1 That will ho the first shot fired
'. in the Wav ncsville-Hazelwood war
against flies and insects in the
The towns bought a supply of
DDT for 80,000 gallons of solution
last week enough to douse every
disease-carrying insect in a wide
With Waynesville manager G. C.
Ferguson and Hazclwood Clyde
Fisher in command, the heavy ar
tillery in the DDT offense was
ready for action early this morn
ingnine powerful spraying' out
fits loaned to the campaign by-civic-minded
orchardmen. Each
spraying outfit will be operated by
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Taken by Death
: 3
Draft Boards To
Be Named Soon '
Jack Mcsser, Hugh Leatherwooel
and Jerry Rogers, have been named
by Governor Chery, by virtue of
their offices, to name the three
members of the new draft board
for this section. The county com
mittee is awaiting further instruc
tions from General J. Van Metts,
selective service director of the
News dispatches from Raleigh
said General Van Metts Is now pre
paring letters of Instructions to
the local committees.
It is not known whether Hay
wood will have two boards as was
the case during World War II. or
whether one board will serve the
entire counly.
Mr. Messer is superintendent of
county schools, Mr. Leatherwood
is clerk of court, and Mr. Rogers
chairman of the board of elections.
1.50 In 1 74
lection 4R0
- 15c
, $2.65
17 0 to 19.00
21 -M to 23.75
20 00 to 22.75
28 00 to 32.00
26-75 to 27.50
23 00 to 35.00
By the
Unied Press
National Guard jjarvis Campbell
Unit Returns From Is Mayor Of Clyde
15 Days At Bragg Ja-is Cam""t" ZZ
'is as the new mayor of Clyde on
The local National Guard com- j Mf "VTthe
pany, with 66 officers and men, re- ent fills the vacancy left by the
turned Sunday morning from a recent res.anat.on of forme mayor
i e j ' . , Rill Harr s The position former-
15-day encampment at Fort Bragg. m" nd"1!v ' K . ., ..
i". c r,..,i rfa(H ly held by Mr. Campbell on the
that the encampment was one of
the most successful in the unit's
While at the army camp, the
company participated in a night
problem, other field maneuvers,
and fired every type of weapon
except the carbine. The unit was
reviewed by Major General Hobbs,
wartime commander of the famed
30th Divisions. Gov. Gregg Cherry !
could not be present for the re
view because of illness.
Hew Hotel
Included In
Projects At
New Bridge, Sewer
System, Extended
Water Lines, More
Roads Proposed
Trustees of Lake Junaluska As
sembly will meet Thursday morn
ing to go over plans for a million
I dollar expansion program of the
j facilities, as will be presented by
an engineer now at work on the
I detail", it was learned from Dr.
I Frank S Love, superintendent
j yesterday. The tentative program
j has been adopted by the trustees,
and a campaign to raise the money
I will get under way soon.
Included In the plans are a
j modern hotel of 50 to 100 rooms,
that will remain open throughout
I the year, a new sewer system, a
1 new bridge across the dam, ex
pansion and improvement of the
' road system, additional water
lines, and a general zoning pro
1 gram for the assembly grounds.
Dr Love said that a discussion
! will be made as to future use of
Ihe golf course as well as the hill
! opposite the Assembly office on
the far side of the Lake,
j The program has been in the
j making for some months, and many
of the details have been in the
hands of engineers since early
Edwin L. Jones of Charlotte,
chairman of the board and co
chairman with Bishop Arthur J.
fttoore o( Atlanta of. a committee
to direct the expansion program,
said some of the specific projects
have not yet been decided on, but
that the expansion committee will
probably submit proposals to the
board at a meeting of the trustees
Nov. Z In Atlanta.
Mr. Jones and Bishop Moore
were authorized by the board to
name other members of their com
mittee and to plan and carry out
throughout the Southeast a cam- i
paign for funds with which to im
plement the program.
Meanwhile, a memorial chapel
is being constructed on the assem
bly grounds under the direction (f
a special committee appointed by
the Jurisdictional conference, the
committee having been authorized
lo raise the funds necessary to
complete the chapel.
Action authorizing the improve
ment and expansion program was
Hosts To Field Day Meet
1 ' 'miii i i iii' ii T ...'i
G C PLOTT. well known Hay
wood man. was buried here Satur
day afternoon He died Thurs
day night at the Haywood County
Hospital, following an illivss of
several months.
Funeral Services
Held On Saturday
For G. C. Plott
(irover Cleveland I'lott. fi4, pro
minent Haywood county resident,
died at 7 : :if o'clock Thursday night
in the Haywood County Hospital,
following n long illness.
Funeral services were conducted
in the First Baptist church at 2
fo'clock Saturday afternoon Wirr)
I the Rev I. G Elliott, pastor, offl
! dating The Masonic Lodge was
in charge of graveside riles at
Green Hill cemetery.
Active pallbearers were Bill
Coble, Kininett Ralentine. K. ('
Moody. Dr N M. Medford, F G
Rippeoe, J II Howell. Sr. and
R. I. Provost. Sr.
Honorary pallbearers wire Ben
Phillips. Homer Henry, .1 R. Boyd.
Jr. Charles Camp. I. M. Klllian.
Sr. Kcl Polls. John M. Queen, Sr.
William Stringfield. Frank Fergu
(Conl iniiecl on Pane Fivei
Hughes Rites
Are Held Sunday
At Hyder Mt.
for First St.
Ralph C Hughes .Ii . killed in 1 taken recently at the first meeting
MR AND MRS JACK McCRACKKN prepared for hundredi of
people to visil their farm near Bethel for the Home and Field om
Wednesday Many denionst rations on Ihe farm, as well as in the hniv,
are included in the program that has been arranged by ilw cooniv
agent's ollice and the Home Dvlnonstration department Little
Jackie is helping too. by holding the plank while his father .aus 1 his
is a Mountaineer photograph
Plans Completed
For Big Farm Day
Policeman Rodgers
Returns To Navy
William R Rodgers. for the past
several months a member of the
police force here, left Thursday to
take up active duty again in the
Navy. Hub Ruff has been named to
fill the vacancy.
A. P. Evans who was given a
leave of absence to make applica
tion for a place on the Highway
Patrol, did not go to the school
due to illness, and has returned to
his duties on the police force.
France on July 2(i. 1944, were held
Sunday at the Hyder Methodist
j church.
' Th,. Ht.v Wr f' () Newell.
pastor, conducted Ihe rites. Burial
followed with military honors in
the VFW memorial plot in Bon-a-
Venture cemetery.
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Canton Public
Bonds Purchased
The Canton government com
Jack McCracken's fano
Bethel School will buz with activ
ity Wednesday morning v hen Hay
wood county's annual I aim anil
Home Field Day gels underway at
Final preparations for the event
have been made by Wayne c cu pell
ing, county agent. Farm machine ry
lo be used in exhibits has been ob
tained from local rienleis ( omnnt
tlcs have lined up their ,nmu
events and assigned jobs Id mem
bers of Ihe general coininillee
The program will be divided into
I two parts ,il ion- for
farmers under the direction of the
county agents office and llinse for
the women, directed by the Field
Home office.
The farm program will b'-gm at'
9:'Mt with a viewing of Hie ehibts.
'A short orientation t;illc "ill fol-
I low, A pasture demon -I i h' mn jnct
a demonstration on Ihe use of
The town of Wayuesvillo netted , 2.4-L) weed killer will tome bion
$:t.7!lfi.f:t in nickles and pennies lunch. The general pioi;i,on and
this past ear from Ihe parking j speakers are slated lor I 10 m.
meters on the sheets. j Aft tT this will come an altif.,
This sum is further latlciu'd by seeding demonstration, a secern if
fence building, and a dfii.cnistra-
Baby Pictures To
Be Used On Friday
The first of a st iles of Hay
wood lialiy pictures will be
published In The Mountaineer
on Friday.
The pictures were made by
Ingram's Studio during the
past few weeks and the print
ing plates have been received
and the first group of six smil
ing younestrrs will be publish
ed Friday.
Town Collects
Over $4,000
From Meters
$l0f) taken in as penalties for oxer
time parking
The meters ie;ill. collected a
total of $7.735.5 this year, but the
tion on silo construction ,uid linin
The home urogram "ill beam
city only received half of ..01, a di-monsti at mn ol the care
Chaplain J. B Mauney was in mission sold $150,000 public im
charge of graveside services.
Sgt. Hughes was a member of
the Co. A 47th Infantry which par
ticipated in Ihe invasion of North
Africa. Tunisia and France. He was
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'the other half wool towards paying
I for Ihe meters Then $.142.50 had
j to be deducted for the installation
When the figuring was done.
provemcnt bonds on a trip to Ma-.(jtv Manager r; c Ferguson cal
leigh last week. 'ciliated that Waynesville was rich-
Thc bonds were purchased by j ,y $4 402 ;,.i )( cause of its park
the First Securities Corporation of , jnK ,m.(.,s during the first year
Durham and Byrne and Phelps. 1 f iheir ope ration.
been filled.
27 i
Scatte a,.,l Uay
rW l"una"
P the slJ ,
& Ml. Rainfall
Tax Offices Preparing
To Advertise Property
The tax offices of Waynesville ,
and Haywood County are giving
formal notice today of the law re
quiring that all property on which
1947 takes have not been paid will 1
be advert used in August. The prop-1
erty will be sold in September. I
Pigs And Windows
Sold Fast By A
Want Ad . . .
By eight o'clock last Fridiy
morning, the 12 Prs, and sis
windows and screens which
were advertised for sale in a
want ad liad been sold.
Hugh Massie pnt an inei
pensive want ad In the paper,
and in ahort order, a buyer
was on haad to take the Items.
If it's worth aellinr, it's
worth advertising through the
want ads of The Mountaineer.
Clyde To Lay In
New Sewer Pipe
The Town of Clyde is spending
$1,500 for new sewer pipe. The
pipe is to be used in installing ad
ditional sewer lines. Some of the
tile is now on hand, and work on
the new lines is expected to get
under way shortly after the ar
rival cf some additional six-inch
Quiet Week-End
jOn The Highways
n.otorists on Haywood highways
over the week-end stayed well with
in the law. according to Patrol
man O. R. Roberts, who said no
accidents or arrests were reported
by the four patrolmen in Haywood.
Much interest has been shown in
the newly painted patrol cars,
which are now silver and black.
At Last, State Adopts
New Geography Books For
Elementary School Grades
The State's elementary schools dealing with Western North Caro-
will have new geography textbooks Una appeared to nave neen wru
next year for the first time since
The State Board of Education
has approved new texts to suc
ceed the Silver Burdett Company
series which has been in use for
the past 16 years.
This past spring, a series of
articles setting out the fact that
the present textbooks were out-of-date
were published in this news
paper. The section of the hook
Inc. of New York.
The bonds will provide funds for
a swimming pool, recreational fa
cilities, sewer and street exten
sions, fire and motor trucks, a
maintenance building and im
povemcnt of the town jail at Canton.
ten in the horse-and-buggy days.
The articles pointing out these er
rors were republished in other
newspapers and magazines through
out the state.
"Geography Around the World,"
published by Rand, McNally and
Company, was adopted for fourth
grade leaching, while textbooks
published by Ginn and Company
were approved for fifth, sixth and
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C. E. Brown Dreading
Heat Of Washington
C. E. Brown, secretary to Rep.
Monroe M. Redden, left Sunday by
train for Washington, for the spe
cial session of Congress. Mr. Red
den flew to Washington.
Mr. Brown said he did not lot
for a very short sessions, adding,
"I have not given it too much
thought, as I dread leaving the
mountains and going up there in
the heat."
County Folk Festival
Has Been Postponed
The Haywood county folk fes
tival, due to be held at Canton
last weekend, was postponed until
a later date as a precautionary
measure against the spread of
The festival will be held at a
date which will be announced lat
er, according to Edgar Pressley,
Vigilant Officers
Capture 5th Still
Three Deputies of Ihe sheriff's
department. Max Cochran. Roy
Reese and Horace Mehaffey can't
be very popular along Wilkins
Creek in the Fines Creek area of
the county
The officers have captured five
stills in the heavily mountainous
section in Ihe past three months.
The stills were located within a
radius of three-quarters of a mile.
Sunday the alert oficers tracked
down their fifth still in the area, a
50-gallon job. They also destroyed
100 gallons of beer at the site. The
brew was poured on the ground.
An arrest is expected to lie made
in connection with the still very
soon, the oficers reported.
of floors, and will follow with talks
on kitchen operation, t In care of
lawns, home wiring and painting.
I Lunch will be furnished bv the
I churches of the liclliel c onii"U"ii .
I The general committee m charge
, of program consists of .1. I, Wrsl
! morel anil. George Slame-., Hogh
RatclifTe. T. W Cat hey. Mi W D
Ketncr. Mrs. Hiram Mc c i ,e ke n ,
i Mrs Paul Hyatt, Mrs. Paul Uobin
son. and Mrs. Otis Cole
Directing the evenl ln- tho
county extension 01 gani.ttt'm will
cContinued on Pane Fight'
No Polio Reported
In Haywod County
The Health Office reported
on Monday afternoon. th?t no
cases of polio has been rc-port-'
rd in Haywood to date.
County Receives
High Tax Sum
Haywood county ranked high
among Western North Carolina
counties receiving funds from the
collection of intangible taxes by
the state.
Haywod will get over $15,000 in
the revenue.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Injured .... 23
Killed..... 3
(This Information com
piled from Record ol
State Highway Patrol.)

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