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THE MOUNTAINEER Learning By Seeing
MafcrStrect Phone 70S
Waynesville, North Carolina
' The Ceanrj Seal of Haywood County
Published Bv
W. Curtis Rust and Marion T. Bridges. Publishers
They'll Do It Every Time
By Jimmy Hatlo
One Year
Six . Months
One Year
Six Months
On . Year
Six Months
S3 00
2 50
Entered at the post office at Waynesville. N " . as Sec
ond Class Mall Matter, aa provided under the Act of
March 2. 1879, November 20. 1914
Obituary notices, resolutions of respect card of thanks
ar,d all notices of entertainment for prot.t. will be charged
fur at the rate of two cents per word.
The Associated Press and United Press aie entitled ex
chiatvely to the use for re-publicaiion ot ail the loca!
news printed in this newspaper, as well a? all AP ur.a CP
hews dispatches.
Working Together
One of the finest examples l co-operation
we have seen in a lout; time, was the volun
teering of nine orchardmen of their spray
ing equipment and crews, without charge,
to Waynesville and Hazelwood. in order to
get 80,000 'gallons of 2 per cent POT sprayed
over the entire area.
The orchardmen are interested in the com
munity to the point that thev are divine their
time, paying their assistants, ami loaning
thir expensive equipment for thus project.
Had it not been for their generous offer, it
is doubtful whether the spravmg could have
been undertaken.
In one North Carolina town, a fee of S 1 00
per hour was paid an aviator to spray the
area from the air.
Another North Carolina town contracted
with a private concern for a fabulous amount
to spray their city. Still another town in this
state is paying 25 cents per gallon for spray,
iccording to their public hea'.'h officer,
whereas, the cost of the matei lal used here
will be about vr.e cent per gallon.
Everyone has gone into this program for
the benefit of all concerned. a'id no one is to
make one red cent in facr. it's op a uiving
The spraying is being done as a precau
tionary measure, and in an eff ort to eliminate
tlies and other disease-carrying insects.
Such a program will no doubt prnve'benc
l.cial to all the community, and certainly it
will prove the value of co-operation between and rural people.
New Geography Books
"fbe State Board of Ed ucation has bought
i.ew geography books for the elementary
hools. The new books replace those in
i se. since 1932. As this newspaper 'ins said
me and time again, we do not know just
'..hen the books used this past term were
ritten, but the text sounds as if it were pre-l-arMaiM
-trust' the; new books are factual, and
kavq ma$5;thaijare distinct, and can be read
ith ease. The books the students have been
using met neither of these qualifications.
Wednesday morning Haywood farmers
will be given the opportunity of seeing how
to do things the practical way, and first hand,
when the field day program gets underway
at the Jack McCracken farm near Bethel.
The all-day program, arranged for both
farm men and women, will be a series of
practical demonstrations, from how to re
seed a pasture, to sanding floors and paint
ing walls.
Heretofore, the farmers have been taken
places and shown the results, which is tine,
but this year the leaders felt that seeing ac
tual operation or application would be more
Take for instance the pasture project, there
will be tractors. Jeeps and even teams of
horses on hand to show how to operate each
unit. Then there will be a crew to build a
mIu. and even putting up a barb wire fence.
The women will see how to go about get
ting the interior of tne house improved, as
manufacturers will be on hand doing a job
such as sanding, painting and papering.
In thinking of the practical way to do
things, we are reminded of the answer one
farmer is supposed to have given, when asked
why he did not do a better job of farming.,
as fie said: "1 know more about good fann
ing now than I have time to do."
Perhaps there, are a lot of people who
share t"is farmers sentiments. And that is
one reason for the field day Wednesday. It
will afford an opportunity to see how it is
supposed to be done, and the quickest and
most economical way of getting the job done.
No doubt there will be hundreds of Hay
wood farmers and farm women to attend
in order to learn the better methods.
SMtlL Ab bWttl- BUI WALWJ oANIs.
-- i ii ii-rr-e
Curat IM. UNli rffTVIE. STHMf AT;, tm.. WftllLO atlCHTB JBlVtI
p4 ;- ff5Et..
I L II I .-1- JB S I
Bits Of Human Interest . . ,
-Of The M kH '
1,,e SUk
Looking Back Over The Years
15 YEARS AGO wood. The table contains 100 dif- at meeting of the State Convention
. , iferent kinds of woods --all grown of Future Farmers of America.
" B"wl" ,s nan,,ed suPerin-'jM Havwot)d run
u ndent of Waynesville Schools, j Masons pay nonor lo mernDers
uow irs. loiiner principal 01
elementary schools, succeeds B. D.
Home Coming Hay is observed now in armed forces.
for Iron Duff, and Crabtree sec-
tions. Rev. C. S. Ki rk pal i it k tleliv- Benito Mussolini is reported to
ers sermon. be under arrest in Roine.
The heal ave has pl.n , ,i
favorites this sunmier . ,,,,,, ,
does irk us a wee hn i,, ,
some of Ihoavisitors complain n
our days are as warm as h,L ,
Florida. What really does ilu , 'h
ing" is that they never no ,,,, (l
amplify that remark and Iioiu-mi,
acknowledge that Florida ,H-u-,
produces the cool evenings
nights that our mountains sup;. p.
Continuing on the weather:
we smile a little when we ie.,,1
of geltin our "ducks in j ,
for Christmas giving. l(ui it jM,
as funny as it might seem i,
Christmas has a way of sudden
ly opening the door and anpr.ii
ing in our midst. And in our mJU
scramble to set ready for coin,
pany, we grab at the liit thins
within reach . . . and our Christ
mas giving has lost all it hejuiv
Cold chills just watch ih, ,,,,.
j ii,
,,u ' 1U I.. 1.1
Hub i
Ollf ,
' '"' ill lilk J
"" ' sud
Capital Lett
Miss Adora Iloll.claw wins title
ol ' .Miss Waynesville" in Beauty ; ,,neIps Boks opens agency Samuel Eltert Hall is fatally In-
" ,,,e rt'"er- for Security Life and Trust Com- jured in auto accident.
pany of Winstun-Saleni.
Wellco employees buy 1,000 war
can Legion.
Mrs. K. I Wagenfeldand daugh- Musical tea is given by Hector s bonds,
ler. Ruth, leave for a visit to Bos- 'HniM :.t ih.. tim,. ,,i m,. ,Hi..
Ray. Mrs.
'Talent Money' Pays Well
The Methodists of Cl;de have found a clev
er and effective way to raise money for their
new church building. Last April the pastor
gave out to 81 people the sum of two dollars
each, and told them to invest the money,
re-invest it as many times as they could be
fore July, and bring the profits of the two
dollars to the building fund.
The profits averaged live-fold on what was
tin ned in, and there remains some additional
workers to be heard from. This speaks well
for both the program and the church, and
proves again, that people prefer to work at
a project, rather than just donate.
V trust that it will not be long before the
church has raised the money and completed
their new church. With the spirit that pre
vails among them now, we have every reason
to believe they will attain their goal.
C. F. Kirkpatrick gives
luncheon in honor of Mrs. George
A. Niles of Griffin, Georgia.
George Miller makes library i Bob Francis and Roy Arlington
uinie containing pieces of receive their Stat
Gordon E. Htndricks, U. S. Navy,
Fanner degree is promoted to rank of petty officer.
What do you think of the slogan
of the Chamber of Commerce
This Is A Good Place To Live?"
Dr. C. N. Clark "That's a good
slogan. I don't see how it could
be improved and it certainly is
1 1 ue. This is the best place I know
lo live the year around."
Felix Stovall "I think it's fine.
! don't believe we could find one
mine suitable. This is a good
place to live."
Making The Rule Work
The First Baptist church here had an elabo
the 125th anniversary of the church on Aug
rate program planned for the observance of
ust first, but in a spirit of complete co-operation
with health authorities, have postponed
the program until later.
The church officials were not concerned
about the gathering of home folks, but the
program, which was broad in scope, included' K??va- Va 'UP;-
r Fire chiet A. II. Stone made his
a number of speakers from the area now j monthly fire report Total loss one
termed as having an epidemic of polio. Re-j ham Value $s
cause of that, the program was postponed.
That attitjude, to our way of thinking, is a
practical application of the golden rule that
so many of us hear about, but too often fail
to practice.
Mrs. W. I). Smith "It's fine un
less von say. This is the best place
tn live.' because it can't be beat."
O. 11. Shelton "Its all right.
This is the best place in the world
I'm a poor man."
Johnny Johnson "I think it is
absnluiolv line. The wording
i hi Id be even stronger."
Ti W , t VI t
5 W
Consulting Psychologist
"what's the matter with lum"
since the cause of the w hole proc
ess is In his unconscious mind, so
ther is no use rsking for an ex
planation. You can only try to
realize it's most unlikely Hint ;;ny.
thing you may have said or done
has caused the trouble. The vi?e
thing to do is keep out of the pic
ture till you sec the fit is ever.
h it lev that mo leas mothers "pcssaasrvvT
Aaawaci Not love for their chil
drui anyhow. The test of creative
mother love is the degree to which
a mother welcomes each stage of
a child's development of Inde
paodeaea wbich. means in the
loatf ram the ability to get on with
eat JarTa.rpcaa9ive"- mother
Vrtm Star hil4ra, ot for them
aaft, M ler the.affectian and
i ate ean saaka them five
T keeping.. then helplessly
I Its. If y-oa're happy
lo tearful when year baby
.test atea c begina to
'yaw aaa creatira.
Can "cool moods" teNftai .
friends b axplotitadt '
Answart Only by the tact mat ,
kwman mttara nearly atwayavbaa
tm "sidea," with tha an bmargad ,
aid teadteg to break WMBgh and ,
take tt vpper band arsaatsaally..
Da dktatars foster crime?
Ajttwer: Yes, says Dr. Nerio
Rajas afBaen-- ' Adictator
hip is "tha lowest form of demo
cratic government," because v. hile
tha dictator does originally g.iin
power with , the consent of the
peopla, this lnvolwes abandoning
their W'l-idual moral Judgment
aa that citizens tend to become
mora aad more lawless in their
parson, lives. Also the dictator
ftoa ftads tha previously ".ut
law graupa convenient tools for
keeping him in power (as Mus
aokni did the Mafia) and enlists
tlkssa a bia foUawers instead f
trytac so soppress them.
On Monday. August 9. 1948. at
11:00 o'clock A. M., at the Court
I louse door in Waynesville, N. C,
I will offer for sale, at public out
cry to the highest bidder for cash,
the following described lands and
premises, situate, lying and being
in Waynesville Township, Hay
wood County, North Carolina, to
wil: BEGINNING at a stake at a cor
ner of the residence lot. of Paul
McElroy and corner to C. A.
Hay ncs. estate property, at a
point North 62 West 168' from
I he North margin of Love's Lane,
and runs thence North 32 East 83'
to a stake: thence North 62" West
about 200' to a stake in the Easter
ly margin of North Street; thence
with said margin of North Street
South 20' West 92' to a stake, cor
ner of c. A. Haynes estate proper
ly; 'hence with the line of said
properly South 63 15 min. East
272' to a stake: thence North 32
East 9' lo the BEGINNING.
BEING the identical property
conveyed to Randolph R. Wyatt by
O. C. Parson and wife, Sopha Par
son, by deed dated May 21, 1947.
Sale made pursuant to the pow
er and authority conferred upon
the undersigned Trustee by that
Deed of Trust dated May 21. 1947.
executed by Randolph R. Wyatt
and wife. Birdell Wyatt, and re
corded in Book of Deeds of Trust
No. 62. at page 132, in office of
Register of Deeds of Haywood
County, to which instrument and
record reference is hereby made,
for all the terms and conditions
thereof, default having been made
in the payment of the indebted
ness thereby secured.
This July 8. 1948.
A. T. WARD, Trustee.
No. 1744 July 13, 20, 27, Aug. 8.
Good-looking swimming.
Commander Donald J. MacDunuld. The Williamsburg, which Presi
new skipper of the presidential ! dent Truman uses frequently for
yacht, the U.S.S. Williamsburg, has conferences and which carried him I
more medals than you can shake f,n his vacation cruise in the Carib
a stick at, but lie's ft most modest j bean this year, was built in 1931
man. by the Bath Iron Works for V. S.
He doesn't like to talk about j Chisholm of New York City. It
himself. He was horn at Dubois, I was bougn! by the Navy in 194L
Pa and attended early school ; "'J1-'" a gunboat, became
there. He attended a prep school I a. flaBfhip at the Naval Opera-
at Annapolis Md.. and was gradu- j11""8 aabv l" lraano' ana wa Sk
ated from 'the Naval Academy ' vn .over for use as a Presidential
Scott, Democratic Gubernalon,,!
nominee, explained il l sa,m
that "I thought they might b,. (, lin
ing down to scalp nie but u(
smoked the peace pipe instead.
He was referring to a visit paid
him by seven Indians from Ivm
broke, accompanied by five ol u
white supporters which included
one of his Robeson Count cam
paign managers.
They called him several das ao
and asked him if it were all nidit
for them to come to his home in
the Hawfleld section near here
"They didn't say that they want
ed anything," he said, "but that cut
me to wondering if 1 bad done
something against them and Ilu
wanted my scalp. But 1 told them
to come on."
. It turned out that they included
a few of his supporters from
Pembroke, and they merely wanted
to meet the man for wluiin they
voted. Some of them were fann
ers, one a policeman, while otheis
were business men.
Ira Page Lowry. who was in tin
group, holds the position nl pre i
donl of the Chambei ol ('oiiiiiu io
in Pembroke and is on the nin ic
'""''' IV-mbrJ
loU.1,1. ( I,,,,,
(lain I..,,
OMldlK !, il
' 1 ii -iH'iidint
Mi and Mr!i U
loi then return If
ll ,11
able osits Ivebaj
.-niu jam, "ggf
lound cut llial J
I inns i.dier than i
As casually asi
Scot I wandered
Sciuaiv yeslerdij
known only to h
He M anted to
l ople, l.i t-xplaid
and li, m nup!
paud In Hi-id
llial ll v.;,- liiiBlJ
Al t ,,;i;
lenhiii, 'I "I
there. He was assigned to duty as
naval aide at the White House
while serving with the Chief of
Naval Operations from 1!)38 until
yacht in Nov. 1945.
Powered with Diesel engines, the
ship has four guest staterooms, two
baths and an office and bedroom !
with bath for the President. It also !
During World War II MacDona.d oKZ ZnZ o Z
commanded the destroyer O'Ban- ; personnel. Besides being equipped I
non in the South Pacific. He was 'with the latest communications'
awarded the Navy Cross, the I.e- facilities so that the President may'
gion of Merit and the Silver Star, be in touch with the While House !
with gold stars in lieu of second' at all times, it boasts two small of Merit ' pianos, fireplaces and bedroom
awards and two gold stars in lieu radios. i
of second and third Silver Stars. !
He also received the Bronze Star
and a gold star in lieu of a Second ! CANDIDATE CAPITALIZES
Bronze Star. In addition he wasl" 100 "ANY SHIRTS
decorated by the governments of
France and Belgium.
Naturally he's proud of
trimmings, but my guess is he's a
thousand times prouder of his two
small daughters, Pamela, 3. and
Cynthia, seven months. He married
his lovely, socially - prominent
young wife, the former Cecilia Vom
Rath, in Dec. 1943. At 40 he says
he has no hobbies, unless it's trav
eling, but he likes all kinds of
sports, especially golf, tennis and
Sheriff J. A. Purdome thought it
these might be a good idea if he bought
some I shirts and distributer!
them to youngsters this hot sum
mer weather.
He ordered 600. He got 500 doz
en. So Purdome gave a shirt to each
boy and girl who called at his office
Beaten GOP Hopefuls I Stomal
See Brighter Future Defenul
Special to Central Pitsi
fYTASHINGTON The ashes of defeat may hive
Y for GOP Presidential Nominee Tbuinas E.
rivals Senator Robert A. Taft, HaiulJ E. Stassel
Arthur H. Vandenberg.
However, with the GOP united after the Deej
publicans agreed that the choice of Calilorr,ai Goi
for vice president is an excellent one, theie is a "
for Taft, Stasscn and Vandcnlierg.
This is assuming, of course, that Dewey is view
ber, which virtually ail
lead pipe cir.ih.
Taft probably will r.-sia-a Ik
leader in the Senate He win te
Dcvvov team. His ir.R-c'.-
already trt-m.-n.B'. fh -.ilccs
Rtassen. the virile V".;pf m
who touebei! off the UOI' cwier:
.,,ic ,i,.mfiiieti ii!:on. I! c.rt&i,'
ivoh nrist
tu.. tlb nlr, K:e tli2t
1 nei e i. i""
brilliant record as a VYr-;: j
...... . .-v !
may jiei me p
Gov. Earl Vandmhtir wlv n
Al i.i-nn ne.V iulllnM-J
rrcrren n,.-;.,, ...... .
nomination, has !:: 'u ; ' J
main as Senate foreign relations chairn.m
while I
i, es scir-1 a ry
m it THE
aavisei, jonn rosier imnu a,
u nn i r-e,lrc llallr.k. who "
nuuae uui Leawci v,.., ri,;.rji:
presidential nominee, may n- onu,"
Other loyal Republicans will be reward'
. D.,nl,llfflll HI!
. RETURN TO HAKMOiN i r-- jj?
ber. sweeping the Dewy-vvarm. ,0 1
candidates into effice, would in-" "l .
. ,-. , iiir- Truman
since tne very eariy uays " -
lion between the White House and Corp
Some Washington observers. . f
willing to admit that political fu"" ,
r.n.i urn n ion.1-
I.AUILUI lllll - ' . ' ' ."-
present bickering and nann
Mr unio-'
Thvv point out that now is u. llk(i
none at all. t , ,
- t.-i. i'V.-P:-V i
POUCY MAKERS A.M i "" - F.-..l
ment policy make is are i'-1' '
veniber will sweep them cut ,
Most of them would not n.- ;
working at a financial sand"1
A. Lovett and Assistant '
businesses of tlieir own to wb.J
Those highnunded indivi-iu..!. -because
tl.eV believe m " "
both majoi GOP eundidat. s a:,
as developed during and h'h1 -J'
. t :w?l
eik :
to admit that one of the i1 ' '
stcieUry of labor is that bt
In filling the post ma'ie x :'
Lewis chwellenbacli. P""'"'-'-the
194S political race.
With the creation of
removal of the L'lliHd
from the Lfebor utpaitm1'' ;"
that agency has dwu,dlf1 !
However, the asmtt:i!-trate n
. . . . . . - i.., . t.ii.t t
caninrfi siaiuie n "" -
f,.rn-. and stump for
ii-- I'nninoiirti ahead .. ..jrlO&1?J
The recommendations of the (hf uSor'
thus compliiatmg the task ot r b ,.vo
It li extiemely difficult ncwaJ"."
tions to agre on anything-
the De"."
I t -"r:
li .

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