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Till "jM: H MAN II AS V -NjC'V ;' -wTOv..
J ii jn-i tin- time ii lake-,
fl)l' ,lu mil! .1 i'i-.-r lilt" liillllitj
star (diMHi; i.i:i ami liie Nuow
Mdll laii.H .1 in Hit- t.ulli uilli a
SliIuI iniiii,):
H llal .1 uiitl' 1 I ill i,- illlil lilt
Snow ..i. i, ,.i . ,i. .1 I l,-h n , - ill
course, il;, I,,.! riit'ui Miier.'t'i1
tighi all iin iti-v u look
ed ai iiur,i1
Thi s i l i M..r,i i t lie iv fall
ing rial- I ill 1 lii i t V. t'lf III.' bull'
brownie- i ..... ilu:,i. Hubert
and 1'uii.ti.. i:..u. on iheu -iai
neaibv ,j, i..i,i 1,1 ur il-v
Were jU i I.i. u 1 . . ,,, I. 1 11. I Jl 1
cf Damr. ami .In Sin.,, .t.iii iu
jUs't a l ii I . ' . " i Jii;l ill l oil! e
you kn .,il ii..- mat' thai lar
are unl i ,,, I '
"Come il, aul I.aiu',- ' Kiil
low li.r
They -ii.l ,!.r. r. iniiii tlinr Mr
and lulio .. i .; 1 ., u, in j lui i- I
Sudik ill;. ::.!!. .i i dull I lunl
behind 1 1
' AVIi.v. i !..,: , ..ii ill d Uk,. nn..iln-r
star' " I,, ., 1 1 il I'liil.l.ii;.
"M i 11 iu' il n u.i- ' -aid
LaiH'f. pll ;,!,, ,ul 'I'll, i ,. u .1
no Ullt' c-l i- hlil U I i, 111!.;. Ill, -Ml '.il-
nif Id.
Oh. hut l:r ' iuni'.1 Fur
Fluuill.i;. i niih ;; di , w n ai'il
eu-n tl., i. , ; , , in ,,iii-- th, hi
into th, l.ii.-i.
Tin III ' 1, j,i ii , iuii had h.u d
lv tottt ii i.,,'iil w hi n th,. Siniw
Man iriii! i,,im In iop
"What kind ul hind ii 11111"''
lit" a.-ki-il '.i,ii!l- Hi,. )fi'iiii'a
tion li uiii tu- I , , 1 1 'lit 1 1- i mi
snow and Inuk I ! n- tn-fv iai'
lta t's -iM ii :n w i r 1 1 1 limit' '
'I'llt'V all i.;. -kt-i! wlli-l't. 1 ! 10
Sm Mai: u.i- 1 1 1 T i r i and it was
t as to . in 1 he !'n -l 1 it: lit of
das . t e , i Ii i ( u a- 1 1m k u lth
Miniiiit-r luu.iLf.
Tin ii I..itu-e atnl Ilu.'o and Hu
bert ami I'wiMni in di
may ".Men n tin - 1 1,.,. ,.
forgot' 'I hi- i- Hie lar suiilh
v lu i il - a!u a - w arm and
llt-ver a tlake ul -inns' '
" -i. .n ! Hi i !o"" bunt mil
Dhiiii "The Slum Man Mill in, -It
il u n.jr
is n bf
I Ii fir
au a (
And. sure enough, the snow
ua- turning to water and runiuiif.'.
duun l lie Slum Man's faei- ami
.lie-: and fzreat bin body. It uas
all -o -ad thai tlie brownies bewail
In i and the Snow Man him-elf
i i it d -ni b bi tears U)e c ut loiii?
valleys down his cheeks.
Bill Dann.v said. "Don'l let's
stand here and cry! Wt. must yet
some ice or .somethinK to keep
liim cool!"
I.ance said. "There's no place to
find ice here."
"What about wrapping him in
leaves'"' asked Hubert.
"The would simply wash away,"
moaned the Snow Man. And it's
H ue he was drippinu water every
a here.
"We could wrap liim in cello
phane." siiKcsti'd Iluyo.
"11 we had cellophane which
we don t" snapped I.ance
Well, they stood there, nut know
ing what to do when suddenl I'ml
diiiL! Cot his Ki'eat idea. ' h . t i
len ' he said. "I can make the
Snow Man cool!"
"Mow'.'" cried Danny. "Yes.
hnu '" echoed the brow nies.
"F.asy." said l'uddin. "I nm a
-tor teller. I c an tell Mu ll Ki'ik
Milllf, ill'i-sleC. nervt-te.ii nm sto-
ries. they would chill a man sit
ting ill a furnace and -.end 'hlveis
down the hark'nt a red hoi poker"
"lis tine'" iiid l he other
brow nles in relief "Whv once he
l old u- -airh a ti ighleiiin;; -tmy we
didn't dare leave the fire side for
seven day-!"
"Then tell me." begged the
Snow Man "Tell me a story like
voti ve never told before."
"Here I uu then." said Pudding
and he commenced his story. Truly
it was a story so tilled with fright
and suspense it would have raised
the hair from your head to hear it.
1 won't tell it you here for what
would ou do with the shivers?
But I'll tell you that ii wasn't
lout: before I he Snow Man was
hugging himself to keep warm. As
for Damiv and Hie brownies, they
had to slulT their fingers in their
ears so they wouldn't hear and
have their blood turn to ice, too.
Now. wasn't that a funny sight:
Danny and ific three brownies
marching along with fingers in
their ear : the Snow Man coming
ahum behind them clenching his
teeth to keep them from chatter
ing: and Pudding happily talking
awa and bringing up Hie rear.
Chapter 12
The brownies with Danny and
tin- Sniivv Man walked on and oi
IhniiK'h the forests til Plalonia.
nd where do you suppose they
linalh slopped'.' Itight beside a
d.iisv Ik d'
"lb it- we are," exclaimed
I.ance. the rross-fved brownie, as
be nooded Itiwaids the daisies
growing in a miniature wilderness
at their fwt.
"Hut, where is the pool?" asked
"Only wail and see, my boy,"
said Huga, Uie freckle - faced
brownie. "This will be the most
amazing part of your trip."
"More auiHiing than riding a
falling star?" asked the Sjiow Man.
The brownies nodded and I think
you'll agree they were right. For
suddenly those four brownies got
down on their ha mis and knees and
hfgan rolling up that Aeld of dais
ies! Like a carpet, they rolled it
back until, beneath it, appeared a
stairway made of moss!
Then Pudding took a big
breath because it hadn't been
easy work, you know and said,
There you are: at the bottom of
the stairs you'll find the Magic
Wishing Pool."
Well, they crept down those
soft warm steps and never looked
behind to see Flournoy stealing
along so bold now he wasn't 1
more than two feet behind.
"Oh mv!" cried Danny when
they reached the bottom of the
Never had he seen so lovely a
sight as the little pool which In"
before them, glowing in the re
flection of some unknown light,
splashing gently with some un
known current.
"Danny boy, I m glad we've
come," said the Snow Man
solemnly. "Anything they s&y of
this pool must be true for 1
couldn't imagine a more enchanted
"But, who'll be first?" cried
Hubert impatiently. "Come lets
hurry. 1 can barely wait to curl
my hair."
"Let's have the boy go first,"
said Lance. "That's the only
thing to do."
But Danny, his heart pounding
with excitement, shook his head.
Now that he was finally really
and truly going to be rid of his
twisted leg he was overcome with
"1 can read vou like A book, dear
t I only wish I could shut you
up as easily !'J
thankfulness. He couldn't move
at all. "I'll just have to catch my
breath first," he whispered and
the brownies smiled I
Meantime, Flournoy waste,' ,
time In admiring the view h,
crept behind some rocks ami slid
over uie iwisung tangled tree
roots and finally he found win.
he was after; the moss covered
gate which lucid the precious Wi,
ler in the pool.
. "Well, now, fancy n, lt
thought Flournoy with a grin i
wonder what would happen',! i
pulled the gate!"
Now while Flournoy studied
the gate the little brownie, i.ance
suddenly jumped into the poi
"I wish my crossed-eyes uuld
coine uncrossed!" he wisiu-u
aloud. No sooner had he said llie
words than his eyes straightened
and were Us good as yours.
'I int.. Pn,l,li., i , ,
. uuuuiK couici nardlv
wait. He followed Lance into the
p"ool and sqeualed, "Oh, I wjsi, mv
teeth wouldn't be so dark and
stained!" The next instant i.
grinned and every tooth shotie as
"c at tk.
'r" hb"0,Hi
1 'sh uii i
llul I. U"'ISLj'
"u an .... - mi
Pool J '11!
,. "tiu ma..,
"Tlie u.. .,
",,u Stun, ir""
lht' mts,"dJ
Bu Dannj ,
Pw.1 lk , '"ifc
hhone- aslWan, Ad
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PaOcoO 00 gov?
! m ii .i ... in ii i i in i N.ini niiiTIr i i
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