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MEMBER 17, 1948
kers Club
llu- W.iynesvillc
jj entertained their
Christmas parly
Veiling at the home
John Cuddebaek.
candles were used
the home and din-
ai small tables
ttied with lighted
istmas balls. Places
;th candy canes,
were made by I lie
.ere exchanged and
humorous pn-senK ,,,. -Ul.n
Hie IuisIwihK
Tlllse pi, , ,; M, (1
Miirinn Ii, Mi ,, M h
n VV illi.'im m, , i i ,
v '"I ' Mnl l . I, ,,. , ; i i , ,
mhi, Mr. I Mi I..,, i i , , . M,
li-- l-r:u-i's liolieson will leave
i i'lin In, Newpoil News to spend
" 1 1 w nli her brother and
, in-law. Mi and Mrs. Edward
Good' Color
' .1 M,
and Mi- .( ,, i, ;,, , , ,
hi. ml, K ii kp.,l , n I, i
' ,s" M'.'ii .. V .1 : Mi - .i.i. kie Sue Messer wived
l.jHieiie,- I . .,i h, i Mi l'1,-id:i tun,) Anes Scott Col-!
-Mis. Hen I'hiiii,,- i, .,,! yl lew u, Atlanta lo spend the Christ-1
C'ail R. iieim 3. H ( , iioiid:i. s w ith her parents, Mr. i
Mr. and Mi i I,..: i, - t ' ' ',. Mi- !.k Mes'er.
Mi .l.u l.,,
; in, in
I'ii,e papet i ,,,.1,1, h ,
lllll tldll, ,e lull, .
urulia .it.v i ,i , ., v l,,, :, . ;
swamp-, hue I ., ( ,, .,
Mi- Norma .lane llurgiii arrived
uu.n i i .nil Bunau College to
.., ii,l Hi, C'hii vacation with
lu i p.,w i.l Mr. and Mrs. R. 1..
i'.u I : 1,1
;e 15 Denier Full Fashioned
autilul French seams Four
'shades to choose from. -
)R $2.50 . . .
ID (:
7 flp
I II J :
I Green wool coat with beaver collar.
! nRFRN An brown is such a rS
3rd Grqde Pupils
Present Program
At Crabtree Event
On Friday, December 10. the
third grade under the din-ction of
Mrs. Fred-Noland presented a cha
pel program at the Crabtree-Iron
Duff school. The scripture was read
by Rohert Ray Clark, after which
the audience sang "America".
Earl Green gave a poem. The
entire grade sang "Away in a Man
ger" and "Jolly Old Saint Nicho
las". Wheeler Cochran gave a po
em, lite entire group sang "I'm a
Little Teapot". The final part on
the program was a play
In Moth9r Goose Land .
The third traders taking part in
the program were: Arthur Holdeu.
David Hannah, Wheeler Cochran.
Ihllie West. Uvn West, Frank
Smart. Carl McCraeken, Henry
Best, Kichaid Dotson, Eugene
Clark, Kenneth Beasley, Jerry
Brown, Ned Crawford, Bobbie Ray
Clark, Duane Bryson, Bobby Jean
Hannah, Haroldean Parks, Wilson
Klrkpatrick. Karl Clark, Ear)
Greene, Harrold Matthews, Betty
Sue James, Frances Bryson, An
nie Franklin, Janice Parks, Peggy
Gaddis, Joretta Clark, Janette
Smith, Catherine Rathbone, Ruby
Presnell. Hilda Sanford, Katie
Chambers, and Joan Ininan.
Edwards Receives
Navy Promotion
To Captain Rank
President Truman has approved
the promotion of John E. Edwards
of Waynesville to the temporary
grade ' of captain, along with IS
other naval officers from the Caro
lines. Mr. Truman approved the
report of the "Naval Selection
Board, which made the recommen
dations. The temporary captains will at
tain permanent rank ii. lineal order
as vacancies occur in the permanent
structure by reason of retirement
deaths or separation ? fronv the -r
Amoivg those from North Caro
lina to be prontoleda. WUlUm
Naylor Wylie of ' Brevant. ;
Miss Jean Anil Bradiejr, who is k
student at lirenau (College, has ar
rived to spend Christmas with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. -A. f-
Mr and Mrs. Hugh Sloan, Sr.,
are leaving tomorrow to ' spend
Christmas with relatives in Sylves
ter Ga. They wip also visit In Vero
Beach, Fla., before returning home.
I ' -'-;" ;"
GREEN AND brown is such a
pretty color scheme tlmt it always
astonishes us to cficounter it so in
frequently. It is nicely used here ii
a handsome coat of almond green
woolen set off ty a neut, rolled col
lar of beaver. The buttons are ar
ranged in a novel manner, to give
a triple breasted effect. The skirt
is gored in back and there is corded
trim at the sleeve cuffs.
r ft
Colored Christmas Trees
I'optilar This Season
United I'ri's.s Staff Correspondent
NEW YORK (U.I'.) An old
fa.'diioned Santa Clans would never
recognize some of the season's pink
and chartreuse Christmas trees. I
"U s a one-season fad," one or
nament manufacturer said. But a
display decorator disagreed.
"1 first used pink Christmas
trees Willi chartreuse ball decora
lions 1o decorate a New York de
partment store," I.eo Aronstan
noted. The store kept gelting re
quests for duplicates. I guess peo
ple jusl got tired of red and green."
One company thai ships real
C'luntniiis trees to a wide arfa Is
sending them out this year in pale
blue, pink or any pastel color re
quested. The ornament manufac
turers followed by toning down
their baubles to more delicate
Advice On Pastels
If you decide on a pastel Christ
mas, Aronstan suggested a few do's
and jdon'l's in decorating the tree.
The ornaments should be in one or
Iwo uniform shades, be cautioned,
or you'll spoil the effect. His cur
rent favorite is a combination of
pink trees, with magenta and sil
ver decorations. ,
"It's hi tler lo leave the colored
lights off a pink or magenta tree,"
the decorator said. "Bright lights
spoil the modernistic color effect
If you're the type that likes an
old-fashioned Christmas, Aronstan
advised staying away from pastels
"A magenta tree was meant for
a modern setting," he said, "and
it would look out of place in an
old-fashioned living room."
Another display decorator sug
gested trying some department
store decorating ideas at home.
Ordinary bottle brushes were
one of the household appliances
Kenneth Birch turned into a wall
decoration for a department store.
The brushes were dipped in a thin,
light green paint, propped up to
dry, and sprinkled with packaged
snow just before the drying was
completed. The brush handles were
wired together so the brushes made
a spray effect like a spray of pine.
A huge bow at the top. or a clus
ter of bells, and the bottle brushes
were transformed into a beautiful
spray to hang on a door or over a
Trimming Made Easy
A tiny, gleaming Christmas tree
made of colored balls can be piled
up in a few minutes as a table or
mantel decoration. Birch suggested
using an ordinary large knitting
needle with a flat end for the cen
tral stem. Then slip round Christ
mas tree halls in graduated fcizes
over the stem.
The biggest balls go at the bot
tom, tapering to tiny balls at the
top to give a tree shape. A peeked
ornament used at the top of a reg
ular Christmas tree can be slipped
over the pointed end of the knit
ting needle, or stick and the min
iature tree is complete.
This year there are more tree
and home decorations on the mar
ket than ever before, with a re
turn of the pre-'war imports as well
as our own expanded decorations
industry. Delicate tinsel ornaments
from Germany and intricate plas
tic snowfiakes made in our own
country typify the rivalry between
the traditional and thi modern.
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