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    ORTS PAGE Of The Waynesville Mountainew
jail Team, Band Are
red Al Banquet Eyeni
Ulle Township High
team and band were
eek with a splendid
I Hazelwood school,
jvhicli was sponsored
r of Commerce, ably
Eastern Star and
y organizations, was
was given in recog
t outstanding record
iineers and the-'band
I year. The football
i eight victories and
regular season play
a favored Marion
paper Bowl game in
band has played an
in the victory inarch
id also in all the ac
eonimunity. at Success
4 was attended by
te and everyone con
ceal success. Jona
jerved as master of
place of Wayne Cor
vas hospitalized, and
ving at a lively pace.
introduced Coach
Jierby, who made a
the success of the
eathcrby referred to
id Mr. Outside", with
being M. H. Bowles,
t of the school. He
thout Mr. Bowles, it
en impossible to turn
ig teams and the fine
'aynesville boasts of
that Mr. Bowles was
4" for anything that
the school and com-
r Comment
alherby introduced
ith a few remarks
i Howard Liner:
lartcrback and un
ent. Best game at
, where he caught
down pass in closing
Jill Owen: "Hender
jwas also Bill's best,
in defense all year,
isley: 'Mr. Inside"
te squad. Good line
ways gets those extra
$: "Hendersonville
'layed with badly in
' Never die spirit led
jnding season."
"Good defensive end
dth brother Bill. Al
Iving end of cutback
mark: "Outstanding
lh Paper Bowl best
leted seven of eight
A Waynesville to vic-
well: "Good nntiired
eady for any assign
d whale of a defensive
igon ."
e: "Lightweight of
utslanding linehacker.
lainsl Asheville School
ketl punl for louch
cinched , Blue Ridge
tehaffey: "Most im
t on the Mountaineer
ar defensive play with
g and blocking on of-
c "Unsung hero of
"ill ia nt blocker on re
Own field."
borough: "Swell de
ar and pass receiver.
in anyone, in and out,
itherby ran down the
I with personal re
j introducing Assistant
"RatclifT with the re
4 was as fine a man as
f place to work with
ould be impossible to
ithout him here at
tcliff in turn intro
"annigans, his team of
mm ccmPBKf
lie vine, N. C
t; 8S BrMdwsy
Paper Bowl
Sends Letter
To Coach
Coach Cdi'leton Weatherhv re
ceived a letter from John H Ste
phens, president of Canton Y's
Men's Club, praising the great per
formance of the Waynesville Tow n
ship High School football team ami
band in the first annual Paper
Bowl classic
The lighting spirit and sports
manship have alwajs marked the
high school grid team and Mr
Stephens was in high praise of the
record. The Paper Bowl game was
one of the greatest exhibitions of
sportsmanship seen in this section.
Only one penally marred the Ma-rion-Waynesville
grid tussle
The high school hand drew wide
acclaim by the Y's Men's Club
president in making the Paper
Bowl a success.
Mr. Stephens' letter to Coach
VVealherby is as follows:
"The Y's Men's Club would like
to take this opportunity to compli
ment you, the Waynesville High
School, and the people of Waynes
ville on the great performances the
football team and band displayed
in the Paper Bowl here December
"Everyone who saw the game
was loud in his praise of the
Waynesville Band.
"The great teamwork, fighting
spirit and sportsmanship of your
football team will long be remem
bered by everyone. Your team
has done much to further the prog
ress of athletics and friendly rela
tions in Haywood County and
Western North Carolina.
"May you have continued suc
cess in all your endeavors."
Clyde Cagers
Divide Two
Tilts With
Bethel Foes
The Clyde High cage teams split
a doubleheader with the Bethel
Blue Demons on the Clyde gym
Monday night The Clyde girls
nosed out the Bethel lassies by 26
to 24 in a thrill packed game, but
Ihe Blue Demon boys came back
lo defeat Ihe Clyde boss by 37 to
Miss Evans continued to pace the
Clde girls by hitting the loop for
IS points, while Miss Gorrell toss
ed in 11) to lead the losers.
The boys' game was a well played
affair and the Bin" Demons finally
began to click in the scoring de
partment as they notched up their
first v in of the season
Manious. with 10 points, was the
offensive leader for the Blue Dem
ons C. Morgan, lanky center for
Clyde, swished the net for 13, to
pace the losing cause.
Girls' Line-up:
Bethel 24
E -Hhinehan
K --Buckner ifi
F Garrett 1 0
G C. Rhinehart
G Z. Rhinehart
G --llcnsnn
Subs: Helhel Mease
Stevenson. Cook
Clyde 1 26 1
Evans (15)
Fish 16)
Stamey (5)
(2. Parks. Clyde
Roys' l ine up:
Bethel 37i
F -Manious 10 i
1'--Henson i7
C Murray 4 C.
( i -Gibson ( 8 i
G Reeve 2
Subs: Bethel Welch
Clyde (28)
Warren (8)
Hardin (1 )
Morgan (13
Haynes 1
ill, Steven
son (4 1. Grogan. Wells. Clyde
Limbo. Morgan, Stevenson (4).
WCTC Scores Win j
Over Guilford
In Loop Battle
With Bob Tate and Bob McGinn
hitting the loop consistently the!
Western Carolina Catamounts roll-1
ed over the Guilford Quakers 50
lo 44 in a North State Conference!
game. 1
The game was a nip ann men
sfTair with the Cats taking control
in the first quarter and maintain
Champion YMCA
Teams Divide
Martel Mills and the Champion
Y teams divided a Western North
Carolina League doubleheader
Mo nday night, with the Champion
Kills continuing their winning
ways with a 2!) tn 26 win, but the
Martel boys downed the Champion
Y quint 61 to 54
Miss Muse, with an even 20
markers, pared Ihe Champion girls,
wiHi Miss Smilh tossing in 12 for
Thp boys' game was fast ana
j furious throughout, but manei
I forged ahead and ended up with a
seven-point victory Clontz tallied
I 19 points for the winners, with
j Stamey of the losers only one point
I hark with 18
ing it throughout the game The
Catamounts were out in front by
31 to 17 at the half. Girls' Line-up:
The Quakers closed strong, bill I Martel Mills 1 26
the Cals proved superior in passing ! p Smith I2i
and ball handling and their de- p . jvi. Jones
fense never let Guilford get within y p, Jarvis (6)
six points of them. The Cata- o - M. Jarvis
mounts look possession of the ball c -Wagoner (3)
in the last minute and froze it to ;.. Jarvis 5
assure a victory.
The Catamounts proved beyond
any doubt that they are going lo be j
plenty hard to deal with in Ihe con- bojs' l.inr-up:
ference and the opposition w ill ; Martel '61 i
have their hands full in every j r- Edmunds 12 1
game wilh the Cats. j F Clontz 19'
Bob Tale with 16 points and Bob (-.. px ,13,
McGinn with 12 sparked the Cata- r; . iarris i9
G R. Eox (4 1
Subs: Martel
mounls. while Hall. Guilford
serve, naced the losers with 10.
F McGinn 1 12)
F Tate (16)
C Rhodes 10 1
O Pressley i7i
G Collins 3i
Subs: W.C.T.C.
Tomberlin, Lane.
Chatham i2i
Johns (7)
Venable (61
Ferrell ( 1 )
Ralls (2)
Fountain '2,
Guilford Mann
Champion 20
Muse (20
Mann 6)
Gillis (14)
Wilson 6)
Robinson (2)
Subs: Martel - Banks. Jones, Stew
art. Champion Jenkins.
Champion 54 1
Stamey 18
Rhea HO)
M. Rogers (7)
Long 8
Price (8)
Frisbee 2), Young
Dillingham Champion
(3), Vance, Spence, Ford.
Hall 10), Wright
11 ). Law home (61.
(4 1, Hansard
third and fourth stringers, and as
s., red the local fans that the out
look for the future Waynesville j
iram is verv bright, and should
continue to produce winners in the
next few years.
The master of ceremonies broke
in and had all former Waynesville
players of 1915-1920 stand and in
formed the 1948 team that they
would look like those fellows in 20
years. This drew considerable ap
plause. The Chamber of Commerce pre
sented Coach Weatherby, Coach
Ratcliff and Band Director Isley
with identical top coats and Co
Captains Owen and Liner of the
varsity and Co-Captains Messer
and Hipps of the Yannigans pre
sented the coaches with presents
on behalf of the squad.
t think the closing remark of Mr.
Woody is well worth repeating and
we hope it will be remembered ini
'Choo Choo" Nation's Top Punter
: 1 .s5 3,ic',4'V 1 " fs
i( ; , :
1948 AP All - Pro Football Team
Chicago Cardinals
DICK HUFFMAN, Los Anieles Haras
GEKRARD RAMSEY. Chlcaeo Cardinals
CLYDE TURNER. Chicago Bears
DICK BARWEGAN, Baltimore Colts
BOB KEINHARD, Ls Angeles Dons
MAC SPEED1E. Cleveland Browns
OTTO GRAHAM, Cleveland Browns
CHARLEY TRIPPI. Chicago Cardinals
STEVE VAN BUREN. Philadelphia Eagles
MARION MOTLEY, Cleveland Brown
Ht. Wt.
5- 2 197
6- 2 230
6-1 210
6-1 235
C-0 230
6-3 238
6-3 212
6-1 195
6-0 185
6-1 207
6-1 238
College , ;..
I '--.J " '
. LSU ' ' ' "
' Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice 'above), All-America halfback at
the University of North Carolina, leads the nation's punters with
a record-breaking average of 44 yards per kick on the 62 he booted
for the Tar Heels this season. iAP Wirepholo).
Mountaineers Gain Double
Verdicts Over Fines Creek
i at
1 1M A QQirH?
wix m mm mm m m m w m
the years to come.
He said. "Win
or lose, let s always support u
football team and band."
Thp Chamber of Commerce,
Eastern Star and Ihe Beta Sigma
Phi are to be highly commended
for putting the banquet over and
I feel sure that the team and band
are certainly worthy of the recog
nition shown them.
SALEM N. H. (UP) The towns
one-man police force should be ex-
panded, Mrs. Anne M. Noyes argu
ri at a board of trade meeting
The next day, Mrs. Noyes who
..noratffc a meat market, had evi-l
riant to suDPort her argument
Her butcher shop had been broken
into and looted of cash ana rood
Mary ville Defeats
Cat Cagers, 45-41
The Maryville College Highland
ers outlasted the Western Carolina
i Teachers in a stirring basketball
igame Wednesday night, winning
i 4S-41.
The Highlanders worked tnor
oughly to build a 28-18 halftime
lead, then were hard put to contain
the Teachers' last half rush. The
Carolinians outscored Maryville 23
17 in the second stanza.
Maryville Forward Brish Brahms
was high scorer, canning five field
goals and four free throws for 14
points. A host of other Highland
ers added a few points each.
Forwards McGinn and Tate, with
10 and seven points, respectively,
and Center Rhodes, with nine, led
the Teachers' scoring efforts.
WCTC (41) Maryville (45)
F McGinn (10) Reynolds '6)
F Tate i7 B. Brahms (14)
C Rhodes (9) Roberts 3
G Pressley 4 Hamil (7)
G Collins (5) Boring (6
Subs: WCTC Fountain (3),
Joyne, Lane (2). Carter (1). Mary
ville F. Brahms 2). Buckle (2),
Esthiesse, Kenny (2), Campbell
(2). Crist (1), Forrester.
The Waynesville Mountaineers
downed the Fines Creek cagers in
a doubleheader Tuesday night on
the Waynesville High gym. The
Waynesville girls topped the visit
ing girls 32 to 15 Bnd the Moun
taineer boys scored at ease to up
set a favored Fines Creek five by
54 to 28. The loss was the first
suffered by the Fines Creek boys
this season after rolling to five
straight victories.
The Waynesville 'and Fines
Creek girls started fast and the first
quarter ended with the Fines
Creek team leading by two points,
From there out, the Fines Creek
offense was held in check and
could only tally five points n the
last three quarters. Waynesville
used two complete teams with the
reserves seeing considerable action.
Betty Sheehan hit the loop for
20 points to set the pace for the
locals. Miss Kirkpatrlck with eight
and Miss Haynes with seven tal
lied all of the Fines Creek points.
The Fines Creek boys were un
defeated up lo this game, but the
Waynesville cagers, greatly im
proved since last week, rolled into
the lead and were never seriously
The Mountaineer fust break and
passing were combined into one of
the best combinations seen on the
Waynesville floor in recent years.
Wilh Hill Sulton and Bob Davis
hitting the net regularly and Rufus
Liner and Gene Yarborough getting
most of the rebounds, the Moun
taineers really opened up in the
last half and scored 35 points to
completely outclass the visitors.
Bill Sutton, Mountaineer center,
tossed in 20 markers and Bob
Davis 11 to spark the winners. Max
Rogers with 14 points was high
scorer for Fines Creek.
Coach Carl RatclifT used 15 men
In the game in order to give his
reserves more actual game experi
ence and from all Indications the
Mountaineer will have a well
rounded squad when the team re
sumes their schedule after the holi
days. Girls' Lineup:
Fines Creek (15) Waynesville (32)
Cogdill (9)
Noland (3i
Sheehan (20)
V. Sheehan
. . . Francis
-Fisher, Mes-
F Russell
F Kirkpatrlck
F Haynes i7i
G McKlroy
G Ledford
G Rector
Subs: Fines Creek
ser. Ru:;seil, Rathbone, Trantbam
Waynesville Medford, Moore,
Fisher, Davis, J. Leopard, N. Leo
pard. Hoys' Lineup:
Fines Creek 28i Waynesville (54)
F Justice ( Boyd (2)
F Noland (2i Davis (11)
O Rogers ( 14 i Sutton (20)
G - Haynes i(l R. Liner (6)
G - Davis Yarborough (6)
Subs: Waynesville -Maury. G
Liner (4, Jenkins, Jones (3i, Kuy
kendahl, ( arswell (2), Buchanan.
Cable, Cogdill.
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Top Coats
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I ' Jir
Ensley Tops Mountaineers
Scoring With 55 Markers
Basketball Results
Clyde 26. Bethel 24.
Waynesville 32, Fines Creek 15
Canton 29, Crabtree 23.
Waynesville 54, Fines Creek 28.
Bethel 37, Clyde 28.
Crabtree 31, Canton 28.
W.C.T.C. 50, Guilford 44.
Maryville 45, WCTC 41.
Kentucky 76, Arkansas 39.
Richmond 54, Maryland 45.
Catawba 50, McCrary 49.
Crabtree Boys
Defeat Canton
In Close Tilt
The Canton HiRh School cagers
journeyed to Crabtree High Tues
day night and divided a double
header. The Canton lassies won the
preliminary clash 29-23, while the
Canton boys bowed to Crabtree
High by a 31-28 count.
In the preliminary, the Canton
girls were trailing going into the
last period by a 23-20 count. Crab
tree couldn't break through the
Canton lassies' defense and went
scoreless during the last quarter.
Canton, meanwhile had extend
ed their lead to 29-23 count when
the final whistle blew.
Miss Fish paced the winners with
17 points with Miss Noland count
ing 15 for Crabtree.
Beasley of Crabtree and King,
Canton forward, paced the scoring
in the boys' game with 11 points
Girls' lineup:
Canton (29) Crabtree (23)
F Fish (17) Massie (6)
F Ford (6) B. James (2)
F Griffin (6) Noland (15)
G Harding T. James
G Haynes Caldwell
G Parham Clark
Subs: Canton McCreary.
Boys' lineup:
Canton (28) Crabtree (31)
F King (11) Clark (5)
F Coman Crawford (4)
C Phillips (6) Beasley (11)
G Stiles Milner (8)
G Moore (4) Kinsland 3)
Subs: Canton Wells (6), Stroup
Winston Kn.sley, husky fullback
of the 194H Mountaineers, paced the
Irani in the scoring department
with 4fl points in regular season
i play and seven points in the Paper
Bowl game for a total of 55.
Co-Captain Howard Liner was
second high scorer on the squad
with six touchdowns for 36 points.
Hob Davis came in with 18, fol
lowed by quarterback Charlie
Womack and end Bill Sutton with
13. Bob Owen, also an end,
caught two touchdown passes for
12. with Ihe other points being
scattered among five players.
Don Whisenhunt had seven, with
six of those coming on a 63-yard
touchdown run. George Garrett
scored six on a double reverse
against Canton in the Thanksgiv
ing game. Ed Terrell and Dave
Price, tackle and center respect
ively, scored six points each as the
result of blocked punts.
The Waynesville team boasted a
total of 174 points in ten games
with only 34 being scored against
them. The Marion Rippers were the
only team able to score more than
one touchdown against the Moun
taineers, but the Rippers found
the Mountaineer forward wall too
much to cope with and could not
break through the strong defense
that the team threw at them. Ma
rion went down to a 19 to 14 de
feat at the hands of the Mountain
eers in the first annual Paper Bowl
game at Canton.
William & Mary 77, VMI 54.
Appalachian 58. Guilford 56.
West Virginia 62, Wake Forest 49
Clemson 49, Wofford 44.
Hanes Hosiery 58, High Point 56.
Ecuadorean hatmakers claim that
a perfect Panama hat can be pulled
through an ordinary finger ring
without damaging It.'
Reynolds School To
Play Strong S. C. Team
The Reynolds High School, col
ored school of Canton will play
host to a strong aggregation from
Wlldhollow, S. C. Friday night at
7:30 o'clock on Reynolds High's
--14 1 few
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