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Hotel Queen
UNCIA" SAM can now relax.
The Wright brothers" Kitly
Hawk plane' has come home. It
should never Jiave gone away In
the first placeV
The plane is being housed in
Washington's Smithsonian In
stitution where, to every patri
otic American, it is strictly Ex
hibit A.
i ; i
Th Kitty Hawk may look to
the younger generation like a
n-.otcriied boxkite but it's the
h.-nored greot-reot-grondpa of
ail sky canoes. (
iii 4j ears igo tf.e Wii;ht f:
plane look off oti its nrst rlighw,
By Wll U.I4 M RITT
Central I t, ss Writer
from Kitty Hawk hill in North
Carolina ami man had at last
caught up with the birds.
! i i
Only 3 few saw that first
fright. And the rest of the U. S.
wouldn't believe it even after
reading it m the papers.
i i i
It wosn't long though before
even the die-hard dissenters ad
mitted they'd rather be one of
the Wright brother! than presi.
i i i
Mankind has come a long way
since lo;S ami. tlnnks to the
Wright boys .-,n.l their succeas
tul I. rum nil. I. we e made a
iod nit of the trip by air.
miumr i in nr hi phi
Poriable Calf Pens Will Combat v
High Mortality Of Milk - Producers
Newspaper Links Door
After 22-Year Lapse
t AH V III ill' ' - The lr ..
(' l : . ' I lit' office of ; (!c i'.:
H:n i r- I :. ;i weekly i.w. -l J ,
h: ,: Ic k on II tor the Or'-! I n.
in ' - Tln old ! nek '.' .
i k. . !,c iirv, p;ii r told
( ':o.
1 : ' I tt.:t v, i c it in t I riit you
' ! .!; ; ill u-r tin- lock
I'.'- r e ,.,,. II "
!;mI he. n open to al! ,
I ''''. .it'll .1 fell )S-
I -!': ol lipe had ids- 1
i d diirir flint time.
;li..t long ;i!?o.
!i ;-:ir.g lor Hie i r -1 . ! I ." lion Want tls bring quick results.
inetecn-ieur-old Gail Leonard
aliuM'i, room clerl it Hotel Ox
ford in Oxford, has been select
ed as ".Miss North Carolina Ho
tels". She will compete for Un
title of "Miss American Hotels"
tliirins the National Hotel Week
December 12-18. She is Hie
daughter of Mr. and Alls, lva
Leonard of Neuse iAP I'hotoi.
December 24ih
at the
Tff -si n s
waynesvuie armory
mm band
Atfrriission 75c Person
' -1 !iyil idfUW-J. 2af:-J
To That Man
With Beard
AP Newsfi'atures Writer
As ion knou from oilier years,
I'm certainli not a Kirl who has
ier Ihinii. In fact. I 'm one of Hie
v.oincn uho are NOT Christmas
problem children.
I could he made happy if you'd
send me a bunch of single ear
rings to replace the left-eared
pieces I leave in coin telephone
booths. And stockings that would
either match some good singles
1 have or new nylons that would
get runs in both legs at the same
I'd adore to hav I hem Saul:.
but I'll even forego that if you'll
just bring two little items.
In fact, if I can just have these
two. I promise not to ask for a
single thing next year. even.
Santa. I want an electric hair
drier and a tning they call a zip
per repair tool set. If I have just
these two things I'll never need
another thing. Bel ween them,
the can cope at least their
press agents claim they can cope
with just about every single one
of life's problems. Well, maybe
I'd still need an alarm clock, but
that's all.
Sure. I go to the hairdressers
to have my hair done. You missed
the point. If I get a hair-dryer
Associated Press Sciinee Reporter
ALBURN, Ala. - I'orlahle calf
pens -providing ( lean, individual
outdoor room service and a change
of scenery every week- have been
developed here as a means of com
batting high mortality among the
nation's future milk-producers.
ScicntL-ts of the V. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture the mov
able pens- -which allow the ani-
mals'to be moved to "clean" wound
periodically have pn v nted most
of the sickness which bedevils
calves in the important first lew
months of life.
I p to now, they say, one in
every five heifer calves born in
the I nited States dies in baby
hood due to diarrhetle condi
tions, pneumonia, stomach and
intestinal worms, and a parasitic
disease called "eoccidiosis" which
involves the intestinal wall.
This high death rule, they say,
has been due to the fact that in
many cases, calves have been
turned loose in large pens with
other calves and adult animals
and have been exposed to con
tamination by diseas'c-laden waste
body products.
Kien when calves are isolated in
individual, stationary pens in a
barn, they said, the still is dan
ger, because the most thorough
cleaning of the pens often fails to
i id the pens of some disease agents.
Hie portable pens were devel
oped at the Dept. of Agriculture's
regional animal disease laboratory
on the grounds of the Alabama
Polytechnic Institute, and directed
by Dr. A. H, Grolh.
The pens are wire-sided affairs.
measuring five by 10 feet. They
have an aluminum cover over one
end to protect the calf from rain
and sun. They can be used in anv
part of the country in the summer
time. For winter use. tliey are suit-
I,, in wwi titxtun . Ofh V- "-"u"ii'ii 7-
FUTURE MILK SUPPLY gets off on the right hoof when calves
are protected in portable pens, moved to fresh ground. The De
partment of Agriculture finds this checks disease.
able only in those parts of the
country where winters are mild. A
burlap bag "door" is provided for
the aluminum-covered end for w in
ter use.
When the calves are a day or
. t
n.-1 i ne point, n i get a hair-dryer I
h1 Lo)U at ;otksaving
C ( )Yi thates J" ' eallylu! out t
JI Lf a price that NXa,feer co And
Gentr gets clothes - J . t0
crr "l .n-aeotly B . er lets jou .
Retirement Pay
For Guardsmen
Is Now Available
Under an act of the 80th Con- j
gress. retirement pay tor officers
and enlisted men of civlian com
ponents, which includes the Na
tional Guard, has been approved.
Retirement pay will be avail
able to officers and enlisted men
of the National Guard who have
leached the age of 60 years and
who have had a minimum of twen
ty years of satisfactory Federal
service in any of the civilian com
ponents of the armed forces and
who have find some lime of active
service during World Wars I or 11.
.Members ol civilian components
of the army who wish to apply for
retirement v. it fi pai may now se
cure application blanks from the
Adjutant General. Department of
Army. Washington 2.1. D. C.
two old, they are placed in in
dividual pens, arranged in rows
along the bottom of a wooded
hillside. The pens are snaced 13
feet apart so the calves can't get
too chummy.
They remain thus lor a week,
when the pens are moved eight
feet to the right or left, to a new
ground location. Thereafter, the
pens are moved gradually up the
hillside at weekly intervals. Mean
while, the scientists sav. rain
helps wash any accumulated germs
down the hillside, away from the
They explained that immediate
ly after birth, the calf can pick up
a few disease-causing agents from
its mother's milk or from contact
with the udder.
Thus, they say, if a calf re
mained in one spot, it would be
subject to further contamination
from such organisms through
contact with its own waste body
products. The idea of "moving"
at weekly intervals is to desert
one spot before the disease or
ganisms present in waste pro
ducts have had an opportunity to
develop to dangerous propor
tions. Covered feeders in the pens pro
vide the animals with food, and
water is placed in buckets bung in
In the station's own experience,
I he incidence of calf diseases has
been kept extremely low. The sci
entists had confirmative reports of
I he efficiency of the pens from the
Florida Slate Mental Hospital's
farm, where mortality among heif
er calves was cut from almost 100
per cent to about one per cent fol
lowing introduction of the portable
pen system.
Working with Dr. Groth on the
Auburn research are Doctors L. R.
Davis and Dale A. Porter. The port
able pens were Davis' idea based
on a tip he got from his mother
during his boyhood in Georgia.
"Mother used to keep baby
chicks in a portable wire enclos
ure which she'd move from time
to time, to 'give the chicks a
change of grass' as she put it,"
Davis said. "It turned out that
these chicks were healthier than
some that remained in one spot.
Mother didn't know anything
about coccidiosis, which affects
poultry as well as calves, but
apparently her portable system
was preventing that disease
among her chicks.
So Fast! So Easy! So
If a breeze to v.l.k o-.-pr vo:ir tun
with this strean.Imt-J l1Kl.iwevM r,.g
Cleaner! And how it n. ,;,s.,,,i.
out deep-duwn lut, tcn-ly,
See what conven'tmr rind (
G E experts have 1 .ut n.'u u,
some cleaner.
lu it-iu-y
s l.nd-
ExcWve To -lip Noule Pegjoiof adjusts
, cleaner to any ruy tiii kmss.
, Fowtrlul Sealer and Swetper-1 ,stnj
I deep-down dirt quukly mid nmtly.
foe . lip Till loci e n n 1 ,e 1 . ,. k c J
into position for iKitutunl tdi.
ing of cleaner at my nip-.
Accordion-lop Bag vvidr t up
dustproof easy to u,,tv.
All these and many ,i ) , r 0 F.
features make tiiis n "o ..i , "
Compare before y u i i,,.(,.,
Stop in today ami tiy it i.Jt
Phone 45-.I .11, iin Street, U
can dry dishes v.itli it in a flash.
I can dil ro'-t v. indov. and the
letngeriitor: In at fishbowls in
(old vi-!i!l,e .; blow dusl out of
the u.dio aiK) television set; warm
adhe-i.e tape; Huff Dial raccoon
coal; solidity ti o-1 i n on cake
lliav. fio?en four's: blow loam olf
btr; warm (old tcet, and rill air
Yu probably wonder, Santa,
how you ever managed to get
alorifr without a hair-drver your
self. You could fiufl your beard
with it, for goodness' sake, and
drv Hie reindeer after their
Then about the zipper repair
tool kit. II 1 can only have a ro
tating maehet head tool with four
piongs. a tool mcshor and a tool
Opener tor the slider, then
nothing I can't do because just
about everything nowadays zips
in ann oui. liut mine seem
slide open and it's horrible. And
my psvchialiist said I (wit tli in
ception of my last breakdown dal
ed from the minute I caught that
imported tweed skirt in ils own
zipper winch was quite an
If you just spread ennuah
those two items around this year
l bet you could spend next win.
ter in Florida. Is it a deal?
its'' 9 awi'tiM ' . jni. I
feVJ P . ,m .
Activator washing action Adjusuble wringer
Permidrive mechanism Removable balloon
rolls Full-length skirt Quick-emptying pump
One-year written warranty
Tradnarlr Rig. U. 5 tt. Off
inchei of ironing-shoe turface 22-inch roll
Open end for easy ironing Left- or right,
hand control Thermostat to control tempera
tures Permanently lubricated mechanism
Only 35 pounds One-year writfen warranty
see ms Movey-sMj'ff c0Msvir0 jr
Box 313 Waynesville, f. C.
" Phones 783-R or 2105
Here's Automatic Sleeping Comfort for Couples
who like different sleeping temperalurtsl
Just arrived! A wonderful new addition
to the famous G-E Automatic Blanket!
It's a new, exclusive G-E Automatic
Blanket with Two Controls. One for
husband. One for wife. No more need
to argue about covers needed. Two can
snoo2e under one G-E Blanket, cozy and
warm all night long, at the temperature
each likes best .j
So light, too. One G-E Automatic
Blanket's as warm as three. 72 x Hj
inches. Operating cost only a few pen
nies. night. Lush colorings blue, rose,
o lie Is
Launders "fj
ards. .mo "li
Lahorawi'0' l"c
Only General Electric Offerc ytt r.rfrn Automatic
Also Available For Twin or jDouble Bed With Single O1 -
MM. W Off liECflS I C S EE VIC
'Phono 45-J
Main Street Hazolwood
Phone 45-J

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