North Carolina Newspapers

    MEMBER 17, 1941
PAGE THREE (Second Section!
already organized
isket to perform
9u this Christmas,
most popular under
fluMi t he boys see
I Yule g'fts. The
fand "aahh" your
& think of all the
e the old standbys:
wit h crochet trim
Ittcd or crocheted
hat and belt sets;
igerie bags; skating
made from three
fhiefs and trimmed
be a five-star suc
bw they are made:
terchief and use it
body of the apron.
c Service
ner with the
When th bag
is full
of dirt . . .
empty itl
f tonlc-typt clanr
4 G-E quality com-
,B-p-ed motor
ieaning tools
iiflion tubes ,
age fan for power-
ent Toe-Tip Switch
Cxible hose. Hfl(Si
Tuow-Away" bass
i ...
H71 .
v $79.95
if r-afcf Mm
STANDING ON A PEDESTAL In Pittsburgh Is the first working model of an
X-ray "telescope," or Image amplifier as it is technically known, con
structed in big research laboratory. Physicians using the apparatus
will be able to view an Image 500 times brighter than is possible with
present fiuoroscopes. Dr. Richard L. Loiigmi is closing the doors of a
ipecial furnace in which the tube will be baked. (International)
Hind il .'ill around null i ililion knit sink, some hand
Willi enough Icll i.u-r on the lop ', li.i mlkci ( hut s ci orhcl or
lo he used to tie ihc apii.u hack j Hero aM iu can gel ;
Take the second liandkei rhiel. cut 1 liniili in exhibit lour I
it in half, pleat eaeli half. hind : In making leather muee.
wilh rilihon. Sew both halves t
bottom of the largo liandkcreliicl
On the remaining handkerchief,
nit il across In form two triangles.
You'll find that if you place the
longest side of this triangle up
against the side of the large hand
kerchief plus the small front wing,
it will bo just about the light
length. Sew these triangles on
either side, bind with the ribbon,
and you have a pretty and colorful
handmade apron
Anybody can Sew from a pattern
today directions are being made
so simple. Why not try your hand
at a housecoat or charming black
panties or nighties? When mak
ing lingerie Christmas gifts
can use ribbons with a gay hand.
Ribbon can make all the difference
between simple petticoats, slips
and panties and the luxurious ones.
Stoles are going to be a big gift
item this Christmas. They are
easy to make, particularly effective
in greens, red, yellows, plaids, with
fringe of contrasting hues. Make
them in wool or gabardine. If you
aren't good at judging width and
length, you can find a pattern at
most yard goods departments
One popular stole easily whip
ped up from some 54-inch rayon
gabardine has three tiers of ruffles
on each end. I ne sioie is win n
with a belt and the tiered ruffles
look as if they are part of the skirl.
A ribbon book cover is a good
gilt for vour favorite book worm.
Make this by sewing wide strips of j
ribbon together and flat, to fit Hie j
size of Hie hook. Add a ribbon !
bookmark of stiff ribbon that will ;
hold its shape. j
Clothes hangers, of course, are .
easy to maw oy i.ikuik i"
lollies hangers, covering them with j
cotton and shirring two pieces ,
ribbon over il to make a mil led
bag cover. The cotton can be per
fumed or sacheted before the rib
bon is put on.
You can box the hangers in sets (
of three, four or six. j
The men in your me
will worship you for some
init ialed
knit tie
n oppor
ins. ash
copper and other man-in-pii
at ion I hi which can
in am hobbi shop or art
First Baptist
Sets Special
Event Sun.
The first Baptist Church will ob
serve the annual White Chrntma
event Sunday morning at 11 o do
when the congregation will be giv
en opportunity to brins gills to
Christ for the building fund Spe
cial Christmas music by the choir
and congregat ipnal singing of car
ols will be a feature of the service
A brier meditation on the Christ
mas Story will be given by the pas
A profiam of Ciui-lm is inn u
will he civiii bv the high scho
cborie.. under the diieilion i t
Charles Islcy. at the r'irt Hapli t
Church. Sunday niglil at 7 ltd Thi .
is a community-wide event keen
ly anticipated alChi islmas lime
and the public 's coidi.illy invited
to attend.
A beautiful kodachronie
deputing the birth of .le
the return of the wise men,
shown at the First Baptist
on Wednesday night. December 2 '.
at 7:30. This is an impressive and
worshipful program of piitiin,
song, and scripture appealing
both young and old The pill
cordially invited to come apart
and worship at this Christinas
midweek service.
The present value of Stradivari
us violins, made by the famous
17th Century Italian violin maker,
ranges from $5,000 to $100,000.
WHCC Radio Programs
X 4.. 1 1 1 , If S I i V 1 -JO l'h. 1...IIM . - i,.,il, !. .il. flub
I I,,, ,,. M-Lli-a I'"" W.Mld K..Ui..lP ';, ,T. N ,
1. , . .1 xi'ih I ' I r' lo" Ki.riiiii ' . ii ... a,.,l
I, Mr-".M i.' Mm w.v'.. 1 '-;; "' "
. i i .I., c i"-1'1'"1"1 , ; .
i i ,., Mm Khillim '" lti,, o. U-t
11 i. I . i.ln it I -I Hi.--Sat l'i" lrlf ; , ,,.,,.,, H-.UI
I ... I , i. ,hi,. i Mil. lilntluil .'. mi- I Mul- , in ,;, ,,,,
i .... "..ii... 1 1. ' "" r""""t i-a.i.-i nll ,(, , Ml,s.
I . ll I,,, e..r.r s.,ae ' I ' S,,..(hl,l Hi. sv...rl M,,h ,,,,
I ... Ii. l.i, I li.l. - Mll" ', , -, ( Hm.uii
, : imi i ii. o rlul. ,
IL"-,m K".,U ( T.iliiirt M In ' ""V1 ' )A . , ,
;- 1 H",M1 , .k .... MMu.iin K...,.hH. " " ",
1 v ( ;i;r , muimm H.......I..I. " ;n , u
. I.,,..., Mi-sir Mgh on Ut. Lor II
i hunii i - . r
mi i.;n-l -.In J (IU Slrflt Oil
- 1 . .t'.U I Itiit-
i i ,ix ill .i.ii- ..f Mti-i.'
1 .. n.i - M.i- .. tt".i.i llx
I 1 i 1 1 ru .ii.-l l.iilf oiU
II 1 It U.- lUx. It
ii . . win r ews
1 MKIi of( f
fi o.i Sigti On
3 imi Nv.
6 n Y-truitt'm Almtnae
7 mi Take A Number
7 : 5" A'.-curding t& th
l mi Nfx1 a
fi ii;,-rimi and a Tuu
y u-t ivit Hart
i ;.-)rgmi MHodiet
xt titM(niing Uevotiom
9 lnl1e btuiy
1 - i 1 li l.ndit
Hi I .V Uvrt and Marge
in KextxiHnl Urlcxliea
I,,-!.-, , a Vanrtifti
I i uii - Mid Om Melodies
I ' mi vxntld News Hound up
12.1 ,V-Kumi Forum I'rog.
I to ruM.lirta Mn Rhythm
I 1 ,' Trading 1'ost
j ;,u( H.'dina Mtn. Rhythm
1 n't pother rii turc
1 Hitlers of The Purple
1 so lit", tewing Records
;i no-- ('divert Hour
4 mh 1 a p Orcheitra
4 I :. ,in)j rUtm
4 ,'t 1 mil Kequest
i i, smith of the Border
.". I .' ( "in ert
.", -to JmuHiiuii K hoes
ii uo ('itr'diiiu Woihl New
(. I .. SiMt light On S porta
i, :o Ihnix-i Music
r, i;, - Hailio Rithinetie
7 h i i.v ii T.iU
7 1.. I Hi. Cluh
H mi IUmp'h To Vftemiia
is ' -Viniffhii Monroe Oroh.
5 in Sing Time
-mi c,iv;il ade of Moic
I o imi Mtii' to Road liy
II mi - i'8 and Late M porta
! j , If We Have It
i 1 i Tonmrrow'a Newi
1 'i (Hi- -Sign (ff
Special Christmas
Program Set Sunday -.
At Ilazelwood, Church
"The King' Birthday." Christ
mas musical program, under the
leadership of Mr. Paul Throwef,
will be given at the Hazelwood
Presbyterian Church Sunday eve
ning at 7:30 a'clock- The regular
church choir with additional guest
singers will compose the chorua.
The annual Joy Gift offering, (or
aged and disabled minister! and
their dependent, will be received.
On Wednesday. Dec 22 7:00
tn. Knndav school children,
under the leadership of Mra. U
C Davis, will present their pro
gram. "The Gold Star Christmas .
The public is cordially invited to
these and the other regular serv
ices of the church.
Kliubarh has been Used in inedi
ne from very early times; Chi
v e pn scribed il as early as 2700
Tin- IlkihtiiiK weapon of
rhinoceros is a horn on the nose.
Its sight is poor but its hearing
and scent are acute.
Ithetorie, the art of using lan
guage to produce a desired effect,
was taught in encient Greece by
the Sophists.
Walter Brown Gets
Army Promotion
Master Sergeant Walter D.
Brown of Waynesville was appoint
ed warrant officer Junior grade in
the Regular Army, it was an
nounced today by the National
Military Establishment.
Captain Joseph E. Moore, Route
3 Canton, also received an ap
pointment as warrant officer. The
enlisted personnel receiving the
appointments will become 'warrant
officers as soon as they qualify
physically. Appointees holding
temporary officer ranking will con
tinue to serve in their officer
United States life insurance in
force at the end of 1946 totalled
more than $174 billion.
I 1 ill s III
size iMlls
lie lnond
Kven il urn are only
painter, vour art nia
elated In that best
talents veer Ion aid
copy a photograph ol
is inlere:
in amateur
be apprc
u. It your
trail work,
him. II he
led in I he sea give him a
Try to give vour paint-
nig :i personal
touch if il is at all
j Including
I Grimes Golden
f Starks Delicious
Golden Delicious
f Stayman Winesap
Fancy Apples now available for shipment in
bushels and k bushel quantities
ock Apple Service
Highway 19A-23
Shine up 1 hose Christinas bells,
pick the holly, sweep the chimney,
and get set to help Santa shake the
soot out of his ihiskers. Gather
you j up the nicest gals and guvs you
know and stage a Christmas party.
The best time lor this holiday
revelry is the night before Chri .t
mas when evcrvone is in I hat
mellow pcace-to-all mood. Invite
the gang to your house for a trop
trimmin' partv This is lots ol fun,
marks the beginning of the Yule
season and gels the ornament-, on
the tree before vuu can say Don
ner and Hlitzen
You don't really have lo hurry
Hie project. Hut il there are small
fry in the house, vuu villi have lo
wail until Ihev are salely tucked
in bed with "dreams of sugar
plums" in dreamland.
Sing the carols early. You
might do this while wreaths are
being hung in the windows or
ouside the door Thi n the lusty
voices will not viake sleeping
If you live ill the country and
the bins in vour crowd are am
bitious, perhaps ou will no! cut
the tree down nn'il ( 'hisl ma;
eve. The gang can hop in a car
nr walk to the lir grove, wield the
ax. and all help lo cart the tree
You should have some snacks
piepared lo serve (luring the
trimming period Warm spiced
cider, or hot chocolate, carrot sticks
and cracke('s and cheese are good
to still e o(T hunger. After the tree
is bedecked break out viith some
food thiil can be prepared in ad
vance and reheated. Spaghetti,
chicken ala king and chili con
cirne are period for this. Chili
alwais is Tine food for a parti be-i
cause il is filling and inexpensive. 1
To every can of chili, add an ex- j
tea can of beans. Serve it with
saltine crackers or over spaghetti. '
for that Southern favorite. Chili
Mac. I
If ion plan lo Use cranberry and
popcorn decorations on the tree.
why not let the girls string them
while the boys gel the tree in '
shape'' I like alternating the cran
berries and popcorn for a prettier
The crowd may not pair off, and !
if this is the case, the small present :
which is brought by each should
be put in a grab bag and fished
out. Girls can bring something
for bovs and boys for girls. These j
should be inexpensive, perhaps
from the dime store If any of
the crowd is especially chummy,
their main presents should be re
served for Christmas day giving.
This way kids who are not on a
"big gift" list will not be embar
rassed. Dress up for this occasion if you
like. Wear one red and one green
sock, small jingle bells in your
hair, holly berries on yrrtir dress.
Put the mislletie in a prominent
i place. Christmas Eve is not an
evening for games but you can
find plenty of amusement just sit
ing around the fireplace and wait
ing for Sanla Claus!
. Artificial limbs are called cork
legs because at one time such
limbs were made of solid substance
covered' with layers of cork.
See them all I
Make your choice I
Here's a complete line of the refrigerator
mo$t women want most.
Come in and tee them. There's a model which
will exactly fit your kitchen and your purse.
Every one of these new General Electric Refrig
erators gives you one-third more refrigerated food
storage space, in the same kitchen floor space at ,
previous models.
This General Electric Space Maker design is the
greatest advance in G-E home refrigerators in 20
years--made possible ly improvements in the fa
mous G-E sealed-in refrigerating system.
The system has been made more compact to
give von extra space and it has been improved
to freeze ice one-third faster and consume less elec
tridly than the latest G-E prewar refrigerators.
When you buy a G-E, you buy dependability.
More than 1,700.(100 G-E Refrigerators have been
in use ten )ears or longer.
Come in ami pick out your new refrigerator.
Refrigerator Home Freezer Combination
nine vpp7pt in nnf !
rnn;irt rnont qui k
of fo'iil . . . snnip fur
Ynnr n"w rf r'cfrntnr and
Hnmp rrr?r ";prn 7 f t n
frpz bimI tri t pound
as l'ng a ov.p rnr,
JTas its nun donr lo prrvnl "mid w,vtr." FrfriR
frator frfdi-fnod zenr pip- as much pace as mot
8-rbir-font rpfripfratnre.
Aerer needs defrosting! Ao need to cover dishes!
-'IHII HI! t
a 1 f
D lit Spies
Maker NF-S
On of the TMtet rffrlyprato.
rrt huill. 8-ruliic-fnot caparitT.
ETtr lar Irwwr. Pakd with
tpeciai convenience fciruret.
$329.00 p.pir sp.c. $279.00
Maker NC-8
I.ef. fxppn'ivr rprinn of the D
Lnni- ?pace Maker. R-rubirfoot
capariiv. Ha manv nf th? rnnvprn
ieuce features of De Luxe model.
Lew Priced Space
Maker NB-I
A bif refrigerator velne t I min
imum price. 8-rubie-foot capacity.
Built to tame riafid upecificatioiU
ai highest-priced modeL
Phone 45-1
Main Street, Hazelwood

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