North Carolina Newspapers

    0-2'-'J S ..... k
f The
, Enjoy 'Loafing'
New Year's Eve
Lank Knutti will do
L has not done since
9 i v
,ge lie is lamiig nc
musician, ana in great
. ,,ianlst for dances.
L is not playing just
L New Year's Eve by
feg the ivories. Just
Lars it has been since
ge i noc Kiiu"
ut minors cannot be
Mother Nature
ttiest Trees
hnn.p had beautiful
rees some still have
lot a single one came
xecs nature decorated
1 n4nn
s over in me v-aiiiun
the rain turned to sleet,
Ihe forests silver.
eve night, all day
knd even on Sunday,
ipaikled and glistened
or the sun hit the sn-
jople from here went
h the "Winter Wonder-
a Men To
Tn Rail Game
faynesville boys will
mselves into tne sugai
at New Orleans Satur-
are Joe Morrow anu
t. both members of the
if North Carolina band.
tians played for a num-
irs in the high school
g Money In Your
iocsn't Help Any
of Lions gathered the
to count the hundreds
from the Dime Board.
fas a little more tedious
Ihought, and after work-
wee hours, some of the
lontinued to count in
However, the bank
ept the latter counting
,sil slip the next niorn-
raper Keeps Dog
from Fire Plug
one confused doe in
finity Wednesday morn
g the rain and wind
!irBe piece of red paper,
from a billboard, blew
n Street, and became
mood the fire plug In
flic First National Bank.
keel over to the fire plug.
a-; he was a lew reel
red paper came to life
keel terrifically in the
1p loi! tucked his tall be-
i legs, and with utter
f walked away, keeping
the queerest fire plug
jh-r encountered.
Ian Substitutes
Luck Menu"
our pressmen, a great
Lady Luck, wants to do
t to retain their friend-
ecided that since he can-
black-eyed peas and hog
1 substitute green peas
k chop. Asked how he
rd a pork chop, replied:
here I begin trusting in
ical Market
fed at Noon Thursday)
irent rollertinn fi0e-65c
fns 20c-28c
ns 15c
. 32c-36c
Dcr Itin Ihe 2.75
Wef row 20.00-23.00
Jfcrs 24.50-27.25
s 22 50-24.00
s 28.00-32.00
lbs 24 25-25.50
December 31 Fair and
1 Waynesville tempera-
I rpenrHcrt hnr fh EtJtfT nf
f Test Farm):
Max. Min. Rainfall
jther fiS
I Press fets&S
.:-.": "
The Waynesville
bird LA It No. ki;i
Six Injured, Three Cars
Demolished In Accidents
County Schools Open
Monday After Two-Week
Christmas Vacation
Some 9.000 students in the
county school system will trek
back to school Monday morning
to resume their routine school
duties of 'reading, 'riling and
'rithmatir after enjoying a two
week Christmas vacation.
The schools in the county
closed for the holidays Friday.
December 17 and will open again
Monday, January 3.
Program For
Urged At Fete
Speakers at the annual llael
vvood baseball team baniuet were
unanimous in urging that this com
munity seek a full-time supervised
recreational program, with ade
quate facilities.
George BisholT. president of
the team, in pointing out the ac
complishments of the team for the
past" season, said: "We need a
supervised program for our young
people. There is interest in the
proposal here, and ue need to get
action on the subject."
Mr. Bishoff was followed h ('
E. Wcatherby. principal and coach
of the high school here, who point
ed out the value of sports attribut
ed to clean living, and building up
morale in youth as well as older
people. Hi' cited Ihe definite need
tor a full-time supervised program
and a recreational center.
M. H. Bowles, district superin
tendent of schools, briefly address
rd ft" fvoi'p m; tbr 'aine line
thought He praised the team tor
(heir accomplishments, then point
ed out the lack nf a program for
boys and girls, especially during
the "idle summer" months. A
presldent of the Boosters flub, he
said that organization was Kit) pe r
rent behind such a program
The team was hosl In tin
wives and a few friends at their
annual banquet at The Lodge
lack Smith, manager, th.inl.ed
the players for their "lighiin',
spirit" and cooperation, lie will
not be here for next summer, he
Several of Ihe invited gue-ds
spoke rriefl; before Ihe lenm held
Ihe annual business session and
elected managers for Ihe IfMIl sea
son. (See spoils page for details .
Services For
Mrs. Moss Are
Held In Canton
Funeral services were conducted
at the Canton Baptist Church on
Tuesday afternoon for Mrs Mary
McCrackcn Moss, 46, wife of A B
Moss. Jr.. who died on December
19 in Buenos Aires. Argentina. The
Rev. R. P. McCracken. pastor of
the Lake Junaluska church, offici
ated and interment was in the
family cemetery at Crabtree.
Serving as pallbearers were
Wayne and Hugh Rogers. Paul Mc
Cracken, Mack Rogers, Donald
Medford, and Hugh Noland.
Mrs. Moss, a native of Haywood
County, was the daughter of the
late W. D. and Ellen McCracken
Since her marriage she has lived
in various cities in Alabama and
(See Mrs. Moss Page 8)
Slight Drop In Business, Less Profits,
Mo War Forecast In Sanson's '49 Survey
1. Total volume of business for
1949 will be less than that of 1948
There surely will be many soft
General Business
2. Most industries will show
mailer nei
profits. This
A " means that, in
I ' ' many cases, div-
l -tm W 1 1 idends will be
less in 1949.
3. Military
prepare d
ness will be a
new and power
ful industry
which this coun
try never here
tofore experienced In peace times.
It i destined to bolster employ-
Twice-A-Week In TIim County
ot hi,-h.., . .icc-i-lenN in
I" opl . ,md demolished
and did im- Ham.
"I -1 ii
I hn o
''' '" i dm i-i.; Hi,- wcek
l"i u tie lid. i
"'" 1-Vvi-, ol ll,iehood. is
"i Hi.- Mis lun ulTcring
limn a l iiken l.-g. broken collar
'nr. ai d other injuries sustained
v. la n lus l'l mouth crashed
oil' ilighv..iv i-. ;;j jo a
tree not lai from the HatclitT Cove
road inlei secili.n The crash hap
pened about fi o clock Wednesday.
Wrapped Around Tree
So Is, dls u.iv ihe car wrapped
around the tree that a truck was
used In rescuers to pull the car
oil. and cMracI the diner A re
port at noon Thursda from the
Mission Hospital, in .sheille. gave
Mr l;cis' condition as "fairly
good" He worked on a switch en
gine of the Southern railway at
Canton The tree into which he
crashed is tin- same one that a
lauudrx truck hn about a year ago
and killed a man It was raining
at the time and the highway was
slick The car was completely de
molish",! About six o'clock Wednesday
afternoon a Kurd pick-up truck
crashed into a narked truck in East
W.iv in sv iPe, hurt nig two passen
gers and drmai.'ing the truck about
$21)0 1'oliccnien Noland and
lingers, together wit h Patrolmen
Mays and Woolen, arrested Joe
Parks driver. He will he given a
hearing this afternoon. The two
passengers. Carl Dry son and Hug'i
Chambers, sullcrcd culs about the
lace and head Hot b were released
afcr receiving trea m nt at Ihe
Ilcud-On Crash
Three men suffered njuries
about 2 o'clock ( nioining.
in a be id on ci ash on South Main
Sir. el Ml liner weie treated at
He- ho pllal. one being relea e(!
sev eral lioiii s lalei and I be
other ..ui on lined. -x aflernoon
oll'o t'aidl'.ell
CalH'vrll wa
i -- . i,
... lib .! iviinf w hile drunk
Me; i-i- villi public diunken
oftirrr :.iid Swan Jenkins
was tin- other Injured man in the
collision 1 lie Jenlf in , -car was
dina-i- l between T-7(i0 and $1.0(11)
The Caldwell car w .is . nbl lor junk
A car owned hv I) C Davis
tin lied over three times early
( In i .' ii Li-, morning near Dellwood.
wrb no injinie'. 'iiMcicd liy any
one, it wa. lrpolle-1
Kranl; Davi. in charge of w-reck-i.Ser
Six Hurl Page HI
E, F And G Drivers Must
Obtain Licenses By Today
Christmas Sled Owners
Are Elated Over Fine
Snow Fall Thursday
Owners of new Christmas sleds
were e'ated to find skiffs of snow
Thursday morning, and the tops
of the mountains covered.
Throughout the morning, a few
line Hake's fell, but were blown
away or melted as fast as they
Cars coming from some nf the
higher gaps were covered with
an inch or more of snow.
Sledders were watching the
low leaden clouds with keen an
ticipation as The Mountaineer
went to press.
Wayne Corpening, county farm
agent, returned to his office Tues
day morning following an opera
tion at the local hospital.
By Roger W. Babson
General Business Off 5f
National Income Off
Farm Income Off 15
Bituminous Coal Off 5
Anthracite lr'r
Crude Oil Production Vp Sr
Steel Output ' P
Automobiles lTP
Building - Construction Off 29ri
Lumber off 5''
Foreign Trade Vp 5"t
Airline Passenger Miles Up 10 A
Military Activities
Including Aircraft Up 50
Retail Trade Off 57f to 10
ment for some years ahead, but
not the standard-of-living.
4. Inventories quoted at both
their dollar values and in volume
Seat of Haywood County At
Press and United Press News
Senator's Aid
Queen Chosen
Staff Member
Of Broughton
Sen.itor-eleel .1 Mchille Hrough
lon today aniiounced the appoint
ment of .lames liichard Queen of
W ax die as a member of his
stall The appointee, who had two
years experience with the Veterans
diiiinislration folbrwing his mili
tary serxice in World War 11. will
be classified as secretary and will
have particular charge of all corre
spondence, claims and inquiries
relating to veteran affairs.
The 30-year-old appointee is a
native of Haywood County, gradu
(See Richard Queen Page
$ , - - x-- " sv - ii
!t i
Fire Levels Home Occupied
By Family With 5 Children
Inspection Lane Will
Return To Waynesville
Tuesday For Three Days
The mechanical Inspection
l-'.e -ill rituri'i o Waynesville
for three days next Tuesday
throne h Saturday. January 4 tt.
according tn a schedule released
this morning by the Motor Ve
hicle Department.
All vehicles nf the year model
up to and includinu the year I !:!(
must be inspected hy January
31. I!ll!. t nder (he Inspection
law. all lecislered ehicles in the
state must he Inspected twice a
year after the IS1K inspection.
The inspection lane will make
another appearance here Feb
ruary 11 through 2(1.
Motor vehicle drivers whose sur
j names begin with K, F or (I are re
! minded thai today is the deadline
(or sec uring drivers licenses. W M.
Moore, local examiner, emphasized
this morning.
The local examiners office, lo
cated in the court house, was flood
ed with last minute motorists who
wailed until the final day to gel
their licenses renewed. Mr. Moore
reported ll'.nl it will be impossible
to check all applicants before the
Drivers tests for this group be
gan July J. and will end Friday
I midnight. Additional workers may
I be added to the local office in
order to handle the expected rush.
The E. F and G groups, caught
j operating cars with old drivers
! licenses after Friday are subject
I to arrest and a fine of not less
than $25 for the first offense. This
' misdemeanor is punishable by a
I (See Driver's License Page 8)
will increase during 1949. Both
raw material piles and mamifac
lured good will be in greater sup
ply during 1949.
Commodity Prices
5. Some rationing or priorities
may be attempted in 1949. The
public will make demands for price
controls in the case of certain
products. Beware of installment
purchases in 1949.
6. We expect the peak in whole
sale commodity prices has been
reached for this cycle. We, there
fore, advise going easy on inven
tories. 1949 is a time to get out
of debt and stay out of debt.
7. The retail price of some goods,
other than food products, may be,
higher during 1949, but we believe
that the Cost-of-Living Index has
(See Babson's Report Paffe 8)
The Eastern Entrance Of The
Civil Court
Term Opens
January 10
The civil term of Haywood coun
ty superior com I x. ill convene here
for txo xweks starting Monday.
January 10. wilh Judgt Dan K
Moore of Sxlxa occupying the
A crowded cixil ducket consist
ing of a lengthy list ol divorce
rases and several civil suits will
he tried dining Hie court session
The criminal session of superior
etiii'i will get underway in Feb
ruary The jurors impaneled for tile
fust week ol jury duty are llie fol
low ing:
(Ilenn Clark. Kines Creek: Kred
Wood. W ax iirsx 1 1 1 -; .1 It Users,
lieix erdani; Kruce Sellars. Clyde;
John Tittle, Wax ille; Dewey
Green. Hoax erdani: I. em Sliepard.
W ay nesx ille. C arl llry son. Iron
Dull; Edgar Hnn,n, Clyde; John
Ciiaslx, Waynesville. Columbus
Uich. Iv v Hill. Marion K i kial rick.
Kines t'reek Kred Mann. Heaver
dam S .1 Moody. Ivy Hill; Andy Itec
loi , Crahlree; Matt Caldwell. Clyde:
It C. Morrow. Clyde; Deity Nor
man. Waynesville: 1) A l'erry.
Heaverdam; Charlie Hranson, Bea
verdam: llernian lihiiu-barl, Clyde;
S E llipps Heaxerdam; Mrs Sam
Arlington, Waynesville: S C.
Wood. Heaverdam; and Mrs Eliza
helh Carver, Jonathan.
Fire of an undetermined origin,
fanned by a In isk wind and fine
snow, leveled a four . room box
bouse in Ille H.n liei sv lib- seclion of
Haywood county aioiind noon
Thill sd.iv, Ihr lire drpat Inn Ml le
poi led
T he Iioiko w as or upied bv Mr.
and Mrs Hubert llrtvle mid live
small children with the oldest he
mp, nine Ve.n-i of are The house
was owned by llutsl Itiiigin and
was valued between $!l(l(l unci
$1(1(10 hv Ibe ownei
Fire eh part niriil official'; report
ed that Hie house was a complete
loss and nothing was saved. not
even Ihe overcoat that Mr llovle
wore home for lunch or the small
h.ibS's bottle. 'Ihe mo, I (ol lunate
tiling, ullicals said, was the far!
dial no person was injured as lire
gulled Ibe homo
The lire wa , completely out of
control when the local fire diparl
menl arrived on Ibe scene shortly
after noon .xesleida.x The file de
partment used Ille Mill gallons of
water on Ihe booster line lo keep
another house nearby from
catching alire. The city's si reel
washer was called to the scene, hut
to no avail.
Mr. Hoxlr is employed by the
Waynesville Lumber compan.v. lb
had just arrived home for lunch
when he found the house going up
in flames His wife and small chil
dren had escaped Ihe blaze which
was said to have started in the kit
chen. At press time eslerdax , Mr.
Iloyle had not iound a place to
lodge his family and were in des
perate need of clothing, food and
furniture that once was available
in the four-room house Only ashes,
smoke, traces of iron materials and
two chimneys were all that re
mained of the Iloyle homestead.
Services Held
Thursday For
R. L. Whitner
Robert L. Wintrier. 78, native of
Hawood County and retired farm
er, died Tuesday morning at his
home at Houle 1. Waynesville.
Funeral services xxere held
Thursday afternoon at Ihe Pleasant
Balsam Church with the Rev.
Thomas Erwin. Rev. Ben Cook, and
Rev. Woodward official ing Burial
was in Green Hill Cemetery.
Serving as active pallbearers
were Fred Tittle. Clarence Moore.
(See R. L. Whitner Page 8)
License Plates
Not Selling Fast
Srles are behind schedule for
1949 license plates, according to
the Canton Chamber of Commerce,
a branch of the Carolina Mo! or
Club, handling sales.
The Canton office said about 1.
500 plates have been sold to date.
The gross sales for 1948 tags hit
the 7,000-mark. Motorists have un
til January 31 to secure their tags,
but unless sales pick up. officials
fear a lafst-minule rush might
necessitate some "parking" their
vehicles about February first.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Be Called
Tennessee Leaders Praise
Cherry For Road Decisiong.ntu Board
Named Scout
Council Head
Hugh Monteith of Sylva was
elected president of Daniel Hoone
Boy Scout Council at the annual
business meeting held in Asheville
Moiii'..i night He succeeds L. Y.
Higgerstall of llendecsonville
Oilier officers named are F. B
Gardner of 1 lendersonville. lirsl
vice president, and Carlton Peyton
ot Canton, second ice president,
liiggri -staff, council commissioner;
11. C .1 oi vis. treasurer and Mun is
l.ipiusky, assistant treasurer, both
ol Asheville.
It .Lee Kills, Harry W. Love and
lliggei staff were re-elected to Ihe
national council. Gardner was
named to the vacancy on the hoard,
to serxe until 1931.
Directors who will serve until
l!l."i2, all of whom were re-elected,
are Line, Lipinsky, .larxis, W. I'
Lawrence of Canton, the Itev. .1
White Idclings of Asheville, W. C.
Hennessee of Sylva and the Itcv
liiilus Morgan of Franklin.
These leaders of the Daniel
Hoone Council will be installed
at the Scooters Convent inn to be
held ill Asheville. January 1(1
Funeral Services
Are Held For
J. Fred Henry
Funeral services for Joseph
Fred lli-iu x. 47, native of Wavnrs
ville, who flied iii an Asheville
hospital Monday, were held at the
l-'irst Methodisl church here Thurs
day mm uiug.
The Rev W Ci Gregg, pastor of
tin' Svlva Melhodlst Church. nlTi
ended and interment in Green
Mill Ccinelerx
Serving as pallbearers weir Koss
Caldwell .lames Sullon. Simon Da
vis. Lerox Sossman, James Mveiy,
and Jack I.ydax
Mr. Henry was Ibe son of the
; late Mr and Mrs .1 H llenrx o!
i Wax nesville He had operated a
dry cleaning business at Bryson
City for the past eight years and
was a member of the Bryson City
Rotary Club. Before going to Bry
son City he was connected wilh the
! Wax nesx ille Laundry, and a! one
period lived in Sxlxa.
Surviving are Ihe widow. Mrs
Mary Geisler Henry: a son, Joseph
Henry; a daughter. Mary Bess Hen
ry: two brothers. James Henry of
(See Fred Henry Pase 8)
New Year's Eve
Ball Set Friday
Night At Armory
A New Year's F.xe Ball, spon
sored by the Waynesville Junior
Chamber of Commerce, will be
staged Friday, Decem'uer 31. in the
Armory starting at 9 o'clock.
Teddy Martin's popular orches
tra will provide music for the oc
casion A large crowd is expected
to attend to "See the Old Year Out
- The New Year In".
Advance tickets may be pur
chased by members of Ihe Jaycees
and also at the door Friday night.
First Baby Born In County
In 1949 Will Receive Gifts
The first while baby born in
Haywood county in 1949 will be
showered with a number of valua
ble gifts donated by business firms
of Waynesville and Hazclwood.
Haywood's first 1948 baby last
ear was Veda Jo Haney, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Haney of
Several business establishments
in this vicinity are offering special
gifts to the first born white baby
of 1949. Belk-Hudson company
will give a complete baby layette
valued at $14.50; E. J. Lilius Jew
eler is giving a sterling silver fork
and spoon set: Junaluska Supply
company will give an electric bot
tle s-tprili7er: Garrett Furniture
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Of Property May
By Commissioners
Carolinians ar.d Tennesseans are
slill talking .iImiui the recent $450,
0(1(1 appropriation hy Governor
Cherry to build a modern highway
from Cove Creek to the Tennessee
line lo connect with the Newport
Tennessee stale officials have
come forth with elaborate state
men; s of praise of Governor
Cberrv s action, and promised "we
will nieel .vou at the line with our
road al any lime" That, in part,
is the sum and substance of their
attitude towards the .rl-mile water
level, lai in to inai ket road from
Wax nesx ille to New port.
Over in l!;earil. Duncan Mc
Diiim.dd. a leader in getting High
wax No U7li I mm here to Brevard
completed, wind this newspaper:
"Congratulations on the Waynes
ville to Newport farm-to-market
road This is the greatest piece of
news that could happen to North
Carolina. Tennessee, South Caro
lina, and Georgia, as It connects
the Canada lo Key West overseas
; highway through beautiful Hay
I wood county and Waynesville
Thank Governor Cherry and Com
missioner Noland for Ibis wonder
ful piece of w ork "
The Newport Plain Talk and
Tribune gave the story big head
lines across Ihe en! ire front page,
then two columns of reading mai
ler on the front, and also Inside
pages In a Iron! page editorial,
i lie New port paper lermed the
.highway of national importance".
i point i nt out
This road U Tif great national
Importance. It kirts Ihe Kastern
end of Hie Great Sniokv Mountains
i National I'aik. and when all other
loads now planned are completed,
it will give visitors an opportunity
i of seeing Hie park I roll) all sides
'Aside from the national im
portance, it will he a great boost
j (or Fast and of course
nieaii more lor Cnckc and Greene
'counties than anv others. It will
make a more progressive commun
ity on! ol the southeastern par! of
the cou nly
"II is good fo know that Tennes
see lias already approved the road
from Newport via Fdwina and no
lime should ') lost in furl hering
the project so we can meet
Norlh Carolina al the line "
M O Allen, a former Tennessee
highway commissioner, who lias
i (See Tennessee Road Page HI
Stores Will Remain
Open Saturday;
Post Office To Close
Business will go on as usual in
most business establishments in
i Waynesville on Saturday. New
; Year's Day, according to a sur
, vey made this morning.
I All downtown stores will re
main open Saturday and Monday
Dave Felmet. president of the
j Merchants Association, reported.
J The Post Office will close its
service windows and suspend de
! liveries of mail on Saturday.
January 1. it was announced by
Postmaster .1. Hardin Howell.
The First National Bank will
be open Saturday, according to
an announcement made by Jona
than Woody, president of the
Business in general in Canton,
including downtown stores, will
be closed Saturday. New Year's
Day. it was reported bv officials
of the Merchants Association.
company is dona! ing a nursery
lr;.iner: Firestone will give a baby
tar seal.
Hazrlwnod Pharmay will give
SI 00 worth of baby merchandise
anything in store i; Crawford
Funeral Home will give a free
ambulance service from the hos
pital: Waynesville Laundry will
offer two weeks dry cleaning ser
vice; Pet Dairy will give 15 quarts
of milk; Builders Supply company
will give one gallon of paint, com-,
plete wiih thinner for baby's room
and furnishings: the First State
Bank will give a $? 00 savings ac
count. All details of the baby contest
will be found on. page fixe of this
There's a lot tf men im
this world who started at
the bottom and stayed
Tav T ictinrr
jNot To Start
Meets Mon.
Tax listing in Haywood will not
start until after the meeting of the
Board of Commissioners here Mon
day. The board will then decide
whether to call for a revaluation
of property, make a horizonal
raise, or keep the present valua
lion on property. The Board will
also discuss the possibility of a
cut, ic was learned from George
A Brown, Jr., county manager and
chairman of the board.
The Board in discussing the pos
sibility of a revaluation, met with
Ihe problem of getting qualified
people to handle the work. Most
qualified people are too busy. Ihe
board has learned In fact, the
usual large number of applications
from people to serve as just listers
are lacking this year.
Mr Brown pointed out that so
far the board has only received
appl ications from two people in the
entire county. Usually by this time
the board is loaded down witli ap
plications for the places in each
The regular schedule for tax
listing begins on January firs!, but
due to the lack of listers, and (lend
ing the decision on a revaluation,
llie listing will begin a Utile late.
To have a revaluation at this
time means that appraisers will
have lo check each parcel of land
ind each building and pit! them
down for a current appraisal This
procedure takes time, and rill cost
the county about $12,000, it wa
est intellect
In the meantime. Ihe onmiin.;.
soncrs are Irving lo deride on the
best course, and on Mond will
come to a definite decision.
Lions Club Goes
Over Top In Drive
For Relief Funds
The Lions Club raised a Iriial
of S 1 ,515. 1 I on the dune bo,o d and
I wo radio shows, il wa. revealed
Ibis morning bv Lester liui hiii, Jr.
chairman of Ihe health and welfare
Mr. Hurgin reported Ib.d lh"
Lions Club has clothed around 10:2
needy children in Ihe coim'y
schools and plans are bring made
to cloth 15 or 20 more w hen .c hoed
opens again Monday morning.
The original goal set by the
Lions Club was $1,200 to p u to;
the clothing bought la. I week in
outlining the children
"The Lions Club was very ap
preciative to the people of Wax nes
ville for their fine cooperation in
the dime board and I wo radio
shows." Mr Burgin said.
Father Of Mrs. J.
L. Edwards Passes
Fune ral services were held Tues
day at Rural Hall, near Winston
Salem, for Henry O Hei ..aheck.
father of Mrs J L. Kdwards of
Wax nesville
Mr and Mrs. Kdwards xxere
visiting the latler's parents for the
Christmas holidays when her father
died on Sunday
Mr. Helsabeck was a lifelong
resident nf Rural Hall, and taught
in the Forsythe county schools
laler entering the mercantile field
and then becoming a farmer He
had been seriously ill for about
txxo months.
He is survived by his widow,
five daughters and two sons.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 7
Injured .... 43
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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