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    TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1949
"To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question"
Hon. Grover C. Davis
The People Of Waynesville
waynesville became the County seat of Haywood in the
x08. Ninety-seven years later, in 1905, Hazelwood was
brated. For forty-four years the people of the two Towns
fved peaceably together. We, of Hazelwood, by the sweat
brow, have built our homes, factories, churches and
our children in ways of peace.
ow Mr. Davis (backed by a select group, whose names
brposes will be made known when they are definitely
Red) purposes to disturb the long mutual and peaceful
of both Towns by enacting legislation for Waynesville
brb Hazelwood. Mr. Davis was a candidate in the Demo-
primary and in the general election and was elected as
bod Representative. He did not before the primary, be
ne election or since the election give any indication to
ople of Waynesville and Hazelwood (unless it was to
3ect group) that he intended to attempt such legislation,
ifficials of Hazelwood learned the day before Mr. Davis
Ir Raleigh, in an indirect way, that he was contemplating
action. The Mayor of Hazelwood called Mr. Davis and
him to refrain from passing any act that would affect
wood in this manner and Mr. Davis said that he had not
refrained from discussing it with the officials of Hazel-
but that he had not discussed it with the officials of
We appeal to you, Mr. Davis, and-to the people of Waynes-
or fair treatment. The method you are pursuing is not
ican policy, but a policy exercised by the Europeans and
Scs where the bigger takes over the smaller countries with-
leir consent. Our sons have fought and some died fight
lis principle, and it is now the adopted policy of our State
rtment to prevent this practice. Did they die in vain?
hought we were electing a Representative, our Rep
tative, that would protect our interest in the General As-
ly. We still feel that you will re-consider this matter and
he the position of a Representative of all the people df
VVith charity toward all and malice toward none we want
arly and definitely state our position. "Governments are
uted among men deriving their just powers from the con-
pi the governed." If Mr. Davis secures the passage of an
SlCOmoratincr Hnvolunnrl !nfn Wnvnpsville. it will be in
disregard of the rights of the two Towns and the people
ved. It will remove from office the duly elected officers
two Towns and a governing body will be established in
nanner that Mr. Davis may decide, and the officials would
ade by his appointment. The people of Hazelwood feel
this is nothing less than legalistic invasion of Hazelwood,
taking from our people the rights they posssess.
Mr. Davis is a Lawyer of long experience. He served as
our District Solicitor for eight years and he knows that in all
matters in Courts that no right or property can be taken from
any person, except by due process of law. If a citizen of Hazel
wood should bring an action to take a $75.00 mule from Mr.
Davis, the suit would have to be instituted and tried in Hay
wood and Mr. Davis would be allowed thirty days to file an
answer with the further provision that this time could be ex
tended by the Court. Mr. Davis, you did not give Hazelwood
any notice of this action. You went to Raleigh, and if Hazel
wood has any hearing, apparently it must be before Repre
sentatives of other Counties and not before you, our own Rep
resentative. We must go to Wake County; three hundred miles
away, for a hearing, instead of in our own County of Haywood,
and plead our cause before strangers.
If Waynesville and Hazelwood are to be joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony, shouldn't you ask, Mr. Davis, if there are
any objections; shouldn't you ask Miss Hazel Wood if she ac
cepts Mr. Wayne Ville as her lawful husband, before you pro
nounce them husband and wife? We know that Miss Hazel
Wood has been wronged, but isn't it up to her to ask for a
( redress? If it is to be a "shotgun wedding" are you the proper
one to officiate?
In all seriousness, are we not entitled to be heard? To
have time to study the advantages and disadvantages of the
proposition? We hope that we have "government of the people,
by the people and for the people." Would it not be the wiser
course to let the people of Hazelwood and Waynesville and
their duly elected officers sit down as equals at a Council table
and study the problems of the two Towns, consider what could
be gained and what would be lost, discuss the type and form
of government that we would have in case of a consolidation,
the question of taxation, utilities and other pertinent matters?
And, we think, these discussion's should be free, open and with
out duress so that our people would be familiar with what was
going" on, and so that they could freely express their views.
There are more things to be considered than economic
advantages; the corporate life of Hazelwood is threatened. It
should have a fair chance for a hearing in Haywood County.
Only the execution should take place in Raleigh, if it has to be.
The people of Hazelwood, if the Town is to die, will lose much
that cannot be counted in dollars and cents. We will be losing
our identity and more things that we hold dear. People like
to keep a toy or a shoe in remembrance of a child or to retain
the old homestead with its original name. These things mean
much to us, and if Waynesville was being absorbed by some
other Town, it would feel the same way. The worst injuries
that humanity suffers are those of the heart and the soul.
If this matter is concluded in the way and manner that
it has been started, there will be disturbances among kindred,
friends and business associates. This should never happen.
Near the line between the two Towns is a marker designating
that ridge to be the location of the last battle of the Civil War.
It should ever be a reminder to all our people that that war
was fought because a majority undertook to suppress a minority
and that if the men responsible at the time had calmly and
patiently considered the issues, they could have been settled
without the bloodshed, the destruction of property and the
resulting ill will between two great sections of our country.
If Hazelwood should become a part of Waynesville, then it
should be done in a sane and peaceable manner so that there
will be no aftermath that would be injurious to the people of
either Town, and should be done upon the basis of equality and
We plead with Mr. Davis, and with the people of Way
nesville, that no action be taken at this Legislature as contem
plated, and that the matter be studied in the light of reason,
with all persons represented, so that the matter may be prop
erly determined, and whatever the result may be, that it will
be for the best interest and happiness of all the citizens of both
The Legislature of 1947, realizing that many mistakes had
been made by the enactment of laws enlarging corporate limits,
(this act does not apply as to the consolidation of two towns)
provided by section 160-445 to 453 for the matter to be handled
locally by allowing the people residing in the area to be in
cluded in the incorporation to vote upon the question, and un
less a majority of the people in such area exercising the right
of-vote, vote in favor of the'' proposition, that no annexation,,
could be made. In passing this act the Legislature adopted as
its policy that questions of this kind should be settled at home
and not in Raleigh, and following the policy declared by the
last General Assembly the people of Hazelwood, as a matter
of right, should determine for themselves as to whether they
give up their own Town and be absorbed in Waynesville, or
keep that which they have made and earned for their own.
The people of Hazelwood as a whole have already ex
pressed, in a meeting and in a petition, their opposition to be
come a part of Waynesville at this time Hazelwood has spok
en. We would be pleased to hear from Mr. Davis and the
people in Waynesville.
All we ask is that you do unto us as -you would have us
do unto you.

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