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    ANUARY 25, 1949
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Baptist Church
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THREE OF THE TWELVE top Communist leaders in the U. S., who face trial lor allegedly plotting to overthrow
the government appear smiling and confident (left) as they arrive at the U. S. Court House in New York.
At right U. S. Attorney F. X. McGohey arrives to head the prosecution. The defendants (1. to r.) are: Benja
min Davis Jr., Communist member of the New York City Council; Gus Hall, once bead of the Ohio Com
munist Party and Henry Winston, former head of the Young Communist League. (international)
Cherokee Indian Pageant
ans Pushed By WMCM
Letters To Editor
Elect Them!
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Iicir lusk is to Keep me ,
am frw ol an ,
The net ol livuiK- li.'e ;
Intly producing whsib
must ri'mcn t. im.ui
d hi'iith i to endure. :
ays lan i -: I
there is u-ie!.. ;
rnliaO bodV-tvillo dlS-
luffer naKKiiiK liacKaHiJ, j
he at tucksol ui.iiifh, :
u. siveirns, u ir,ni bb
feel tired, nervous, all
nty or burnniR ii;s'
further evldenee ol K1U- I
1 and proper i rear mem
iirine tc Help tne K.uneyn
I mis OOU.V VMiiiie.
! 'f'ln v h;ie hail
Cid pulilie approval
Editor 'i'lic Mountaineer:
1 was particularly, interested in
the iealure 'Looking Back Over
Tlie Years." in the Jan. 18 issue of
The Mountaineer, under the head
ing "Ten Years Ago" you mention
Sam Arl ington and James Francis,
ex-liigli school students and FFA
It is of mtit-h interest to me, as
it must be to all who are interest
ed in Vocational Education, to
know from time to time, if our
former "stars" are following even
a related vocation or profession.
I sec these Iwo young men oc
casionally and it is gratifying to
know I hey are in related agricul
ture pcrsuils. James is assistant,
or associate, professor of Horticul
ture at Slate College, Haleigh, and
Sam represents a nationally known
feed company, assisting farmers in
meeting their feed problems and
solving problems in production of
livestock. His headquarters is Mor-
guuton, I believe.
Very truly yours.
J. C. IUtOWN, Ex-Teacher,
Vocational Agriculture,
Mv Millet
Representatives of 14 Western
North Carolina towns re-elected
Percy Ferebee of Andrews to the
presidency of Western North Caro
lina Associated Communities.
Meeting in quarterly session in
the Methodist Church Annex in
Sylva last week, the group named
Ross Caldwell of Cherokee vice
president and re-elected Charles
M. Douglas of Brevard as secretary.
Named to the executive commit
tee are James Kilpatrick and Harry
Buchanan of Hendersonville, and
Felix Pickesimer of Sylva.
The Cherokee Indian historical
pageant was the principal item of
business to come before the group.
A statement of contributions made
by various communities showed
that all but approximately $6,000 of
the $82,000 total pledged to the
project by WNCAC, has been col
Buchanan, president of the
Cherokee Historical Association,
reported that he had presented to
C legislplpsrtoras oaiaooP vbem
WNC legislators a proposal for ap
propriations by the slate legislature
to be, made available this year for
production of the pageant.
A total of $65,000, including the
amount pledged by Western North
Carolina communities, will be
necessary for the first production.
The group left up to olficers and
trustees of the Historical Associa
tion completion of plans for the
It was reporteo (hat the nmpi
theater, including the stage, dress
ing rooms and sealing area, is
azout 70 per cent complete.
Library Notes
County Librarian
Navy Procuring
For Appointment
To Officer Rank
We arc sure the boys and girls
and the Teen-age group will he in- !
(crested in the following list of J
books which have recently been
added to the shelves in their room
at the Haywood County Public Li- ;
brary. !
Chase Grandfather Talcs. j
Maginley Toymaker's book. !
Jackson Tenngren's Cowboys
and Indians.
llarshaw What Book Is That? i
Samson Teen-age Aviation
Vance Patsy Jefferson of Mon
tiello. i
Wheeler Frederic Chopin, son
ol Poland. 1
Newcomb Cortez, the Conquer
Lee How to Make Dolls and
Doll Houses.
SchaufTlcr Days Wc Celebrate.
Sauer Radio Roads to Heading
Lofting - Doctor DolittU and the ,
Secret Lake. - '
Chalmers KtttcnVTale.
llowen Lazy Beaver.
Crowcll First Horseman.
Henry King of the Wind.
Flood Pass That Puck!
Fox Cynthia of Bee Tree Hollow.
Vrost Sleigh Bells lor iiiu.n
Foot .
Gag Nothing At All.
McC'loskcy - Blueberries For Sid.
Norling - Pogo's Train Hide.
Rcchnitzcr- - F. F. Keclmilcr's
Hall; story of an English Setter.
Weisgard Down Huckleberry
Wooley I Like Trains.
Association for Childhood Edu
cationTold Under the Christmas
i In.r T . loci e. I in re! a ol the
,.,; , It, fti- imi I a' ' '"ii of
i. ;., ..( el 1. 1 Mi. inr Vehi.'les,
. i-i r.e d ::ll ni;,'f.'-i'-.t-, who
,: !, ,i, o i I a January '!1
' i 1 1 in .ail :i.i- I" Mid until
in ,. i I ,, (r'i"'' ' I d in order
I . 'iii. , , , '.I ) 1 i'.', e lo
tti. i". .hIK.- :.-. .' I'i"ir
;,- i-h ; I I, :
a., i: I l:c had received
, . mi-. ru::i;.;:.ii!ls an I demands
i mi l i,i-i. I : i hid somol Ping be
in order thai vehicles lacing
! adii'u can get their inspec-
! . ' .( Milled 1 l:ai t he laties had
,i i , n'.w'i d all I his year, many
' !i. a v. ii M-hicle, w lilrh hilled
i Hi;','- l!M:; inspections, and
now 1 1 1 Iiiic Id the Lines to
- e liien checks before they are
;a .'la nded by enforcement of
i.d i.
I lie 1 1, -i cc! i"ii Legidal ions slate
il all ehieles'el' the year models
to end including HKitj-must be
,n i led by January lil.
.'oon' stilted that the complaints
had received were from niotor
, v. ho owned vehicles in this
uttp. who had been forced lo
.il ni long lines filled mostly with
' r model ears, w hich do not
".c to in"et a deadline until later
.! ear
ill her in peel ion deadline dates
for the first inspection period,
uliich r.oes through June 30, fol
low :
Model:. IVA7 and l!Ki8 must be
ia-aieele.l ! v Febriuiry 28.
Mod.- VXi'.) and 1910 must be
eh . h i In March 111.
fck- ..ii , ml mi in..
INFANTILE PARALYSIS VICTIM Fred Snite, condemned to live In an Iron
lung, reads a paper held for him by his daughter, Peggy, 7, in Miami,
Fla., where he spends his winters. A resident of Chicago, Snite was
married years after he was forced to use the lune. (International)
Vehicles ol Ihe Near models 1941
id ill 12 are ;o be inspected by
Little Bit Of Trouble
Leads To Big One
Hip Keung Dong went to Oakland
police to recover his auto, that had
been towed away for illegal park
ing, he expected to pay a fine
quietly and drive off. But Hip got
more than he bargained for.
A sergeant recognized him at the
station and Hip found himself
jailed on an outstanding warrant
Parking Meter Wrecks
Tardy Wife's Alibi
GARDNER, Mass. ( U.P.) Police
Chief Cyrille Leblanc says one resi
dent of this chair city is delighted
with the newly-installed parking
It seems the man often meets his
wife downtown but she's always a
few minutes late. Never admits it,
So her husband now meets her
near a parking meter, dropping in
charging three counts of operating ! a few pennies when he reaches the
rendezvous. When his wife arrives
Deaf And Dumb,
Publishes Paper
AP Newsfeatures
DUPREE, S. D. A news
paper publisher who can
neither hear nor speak? Yes,
there's one.
He's E. L. Schetnan of Du-
;pree's West River Progress, a
balding home-iteader in his early
60 s. He done well In his uphill
He came to this country as a
penniless Norwegian immigrant
He was stricken almost immedi
ately after arriving with spinal
meningitis, which deafened him
permanently within 15 minutes.
Thus handicapped and alone in
a strange land, he managed to
learn English while washing dishes
for a livelihood.
He entered a school for the
deaf in the lowest class, and was
graduated two years later at the
head of his class.
For two years he studied journal
ism at St. Olaf's College, North
field, Minn., took one of the first
homesteads in this area, and 27
years ago he acquired his own
Loss of hearing and consequent
impairment in speaking is not so
great an obstacle to newsgathering
as many persons might surmise,
Schetnan scribbled to an Inter
viewer. "I always carry a pen and a
reporter's pad, am not abashed
over asking people for news.
Since everyone knows me and I
know everyone within 50 miles,
newsgathering is a lark."
No one has ever accused him
of misquoting. He has all remarks
down in his sources' own handwriting.
adel .
I) i
ItHii through 1947 must
i !cc ,! by May 31.
de's !!)4:i and 1919 are to be
eii'd by June :;o.
a lottery.
Later, police raided Hip's home
and found many lottery tickets, a
lottery stamp and a machine for
punching holes in lottery tickets.
late there's no argument. He
merely points to the time ticked
off by the meter.
CHICAGO (U.P.) A city ordi
nance makes it illegal to smoke in
retail stores employing 15 or more
persons, or in public elevators. The
fine for violation is $5.
It has recently been released by
the Navy Department, that the
Navy is now procuring certain
highly qualified ex-enlisted men
and women in the Naval Reserve,
Inactive, for appointment to com
missioned rank in the
Reserve. i
This program is being establish
ed primarily to lake care of indi
viduals who through lack ol serv
ice, or of opportunity, were never
eligible for advancement to com-
missioned rank during the war, but ihis program, visit your local Navy
who are otherwise highly qualified Recruiting Station, in Ashevillc.
for commission, and who desire to j jj. C, or contact your traveling
mke no active part in me peace- i Recruiter, win) win ur u int.-
time reserve. office in Way
For further information about day.
! Until laic in Ihe liith CViilury.
I peers attended the English House
Volunteer! of Lords dressed in Parliamentary
robes adorned with inc suns mm
ribbons of their orders. Robes arc
now worn only at the opening ol
i Parliament and a few other special
I occasions.
mesville on every Fri-
Depot Street, Wayncsville
section of Aliens Creek Road, Ilazelwood
PHONE 724 or 493-J
P f..'0'.ft-.Q. fir
il It
'l7iWl' I'M. kiOM I. Sn,l,i..u. Int., W-I.l riim.l
Bcaverdam V. H. Byers
Cataloochee Boyd Hannah
East Fork
White Oak
Ken Browning
Fred Noland
Carter Osborne
Wes Pless
i Venooir. !PID .
All property owners and taxpayers in Haywood County are required to return to the List
Takers for Taxation for the year 1949 all the Real Estate, Personal Property, etc., which
each shall own on the First day of January.
All male persons between the ages of 21 and 50 arc required to list their polls during
the same time.
All persons who own property and fail to list it and all who arc liable for poll tax
and fail to give themselves in will be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
$2.00 Penalty Will Be Charged For Failure To List.
Fines Creek Cauley Rogers
Iron Duff .... J. Manson Medford
Ivy Hill J. E. Ferguson
Jonathan Creek .... N. W. Carver
Pigeon Way Mease
Waynesville D. A. Howell
Robert Williams
4 ' '
V 1 ?
1 A
i f '
i. t
."It's for me, dear.
May I take the message?"
r i

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