n III 'ft ill i ! Mrs. Howell Honors Visiting D.A.R. Officials Mrs. Jamt-s Iljiiien Howell. Sr., was hostess of :i dinuiT at her home. 'WiiKliA t i . hist night as a courtesy lo Ilu -.(aie and district offieers of the I). milters of the American Revolution who are her house guests while here to attend the celebration oi the fiftieth an niversary of Hi. founding of the Dorca Hell Low- chapter. The hoii.,r piu-t- uere Miss Ger trude C'arrawav of NV v Bern, state receiit; Mi - Vii j?inid Home of W adtslioi u, -latt- vice regent Mrs. Edanl Boei- oi Henderson- j iile. t3fe i liHirrn.-n ot approved .school.-: diid .Mi; .J t' Jonas ot I Marion rh-tiiii director j The home a def orated through ! out with earl' tWeri. Ar-i range-merits of toi-ttiia jasmine ! and iris weiv n-rJ in the entrance hall and living room; and the! dining table- were lenttred with I vases of japor.ka a.id camellias. I Attending the dinner in addi- : tion to the fetie-t- ot honor ueicj the folii, mpn.Dtr ,;i the Dor- ca; Beil ..,r C l,..,lrr, Ao.eliial, ' Revolution Mi . .1 U . Kiiiian. .Mr-- j James R Eo;.d. Mr . J M i.cjci I Mrs W F Sv. .ft Mi J.,i:ie- E Hendei :on Li C,m.,i, .!:.. Jji;ie ' H. il.i, ::. Jr., Mi--, ( hai-le; E Quir.ian. Mi . S ii Bu-hi,eli. Mr- I J F Abrl. Mr i: N K .. !,. . M; ' W A Hyatt Mi - K J H-a't. Mr - i R. L F'ie-.o t. Mi- .h.t.n Queen, i Mr-' Jaine- Kiv.ood Mi F.ank Kinse. Mi- la. Hi.rld Mm Dan Mooie ol "iv., Mi . C'liarlf-; Ray, Mi Fn t .,!k.n, and Mi--Mar?ai et St. n. i.-!d Henry Fo .,: ri'. cd Wednesday from ('!. n -hi. ( nil. u'c to spend several da - v. ith his mother. Mrs. Henn Fo . Sr . before the opening of the (.-( und seniesier at the col lege. Mi- X. F Lancaster has return ed ,ilur a visit ;o relaties in Kich- liK.inl. i i c 1 1: i :s . Mr- Fi. d I. V.!-r,n and daugh ter. X,u.c. of Black Mountain vere wot k trrl ziie;ts of Mrs. Wil son'- Mr. Cl.c; Mrs L foi a i daughter. Tinpen a M- F.d GIa,;h. and M Kiilian left last week ! to her sun-ln-law and) Mr and Mrs. Harold ; Kuquav Springs. i Misse Amelia and Louise Mac-Fad-, en (,f Waynesville and their si-in. Mrs .) t. Bailey of Canton, left Tuesday for a visit in Orlando. Florida. If Your I Jose Fills Op Spoils Sleep Tonight U your head is bo congested and Btu9ed-up wuh a cold that you can't grt to sleep-put a few dropa ot Viclts Va-lro-nol in ta.cn nostril. Instantly you'll feel your stuffy nose tart to o;jcn up. For Va-tro-nol a ipeciaiued medication works right tthere trouble is to relieve such con gestion. It makes breathing easier. It invites re-tul sleep. Try ic Gtt Vicks Vi-tro-uol Noi Drops! $1.89- $6.95 . ACCORDING TO SIZE AND STYLE ' See What jfm J v 1 1 m LJ Gives You! m acc-conforming h coNFotima j HHItMWTH UCHlt MCflS MSSK S DEPT. STORE "Better Brands Means Better Buys" Clyde Home Club Has Meeting On Tuesday The Clyde Home Demnnstr.il ion Club met on Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Levi Morgan, with Mrs. R eatherwood and Mrs. R. L. Ilennessee as co-hostesses. Mrs. C. E. Brown, Jr. presided during the business session and Miss Mary Margaret Smith gave I he demonstration. Project leaders renorted ,i fnl. 'ows: poultry, Mrs, Gene Med ford; gardens and home beautifi ration, Mrs. J. K. Rogers; food preservation, Mrs Frank Hoh ombe; .rafts Mrs Roy Medtord: health. Mrs. J W Harris; and clothing Mrs Pat Cole Library Notes MARGARET JOHNSTON i County Librarian i Fiftieth Anniversary i The Library would like to con gratulate the Dorcas Bell Love ; Chapter of the Daughters ot the American Revolution on tin- their ; Fiftieth Anniversary. 1 went back in their record at , the Library to see what 1 could find for an exhibit. You will be surprised at how interesting fifty years of an organization can be even to an outsider. 1 found my self wishing that all the records were complete, but unfortunately they aren't and sometimes our memories are not too good. I found the Chattel the first Registrar's Book and many of the Yearbooks dating bat k to 1910 When was the first-. Then, too! there were a few of the Secretary 's books. The record of achievements show many accomplishments, but to me the finding of the Lineage Books of the Daughters of the Am erican Revolution in a place of this size has been very surprising. I am proud that the organization re alized their value for reference and purchased them for our Librarv. I couldn't find when they were start ed but 1 found that by 1924 they had purchased 72 Volumes. Incidentally there arc just 166 volumes and 3 index volumes giv ing informational data on members from 1890-1321. This set is com plete except for volume 40 which we have been unable to replace. Many a larger library would envy us this valuable means of looking up lineage records. Another achievement of interest to me is the Declamation Contest on Washington's Birthday which began in 1909 with Noble Garrett as winner. 1 hope you will join us in honor- i ing this organization by visiting1 the exhibit in the Lihiary to see the Charter. Yearbooks, Li-t of Declamation Winners:. together with other interesting items from their hi.slory and books on the Rev olutionary Periud. eC00A'CAi In children's shoes, Poll Parrots give you wise economy. Make sure your child gets proper fit, smoother styles, longer' wear. See our top quality.. top values., todayj UNVEIL PLAQUE GATHERED IN THE LOBBY ot the Mark Helllnger Theatre In New York, the ridow end-ot tin late newspaper columnist and movie producer stand before a plaque dedicated to his toeinory. Sboitro after the unveiling ceremony (1. to r.) are: Mrs. Arthur Gottlieb, who was Hellinger's wife;olutrinist Walter Winchell, who wrote the Inscription; George Jessel (foreground); Quen tin Reynolds and Mrs. Louise Biter, -wife of the humorist "Bugs" Baer. The New York Heart Association arranged the unveiling. (International) Babson Sees Possibility Of Tree Foods' Coming From New Atomic Findings BABSON PARK. Fla While we all are worrying about Russia and World War 111. we must not forget that at any time some great revo lutionary invention may develop which wiil take everyone's atten tion, for awhile, off of Capitalism. Communism and every other "ism". I have in mind electronic experi ments to ureatly reduce the cosl of canned fruit, vegetable and other juices whereby the new min eralized ekctrically enriched pro duct will be more tasty and health ier than the present commercial products. Photosynthesis Explained Your value is measured by your enrrity, although this may be spiritual energy, mental energy or physical energy. This last shows itself in farm work, road and build ing construction, factory and office jobs and even home cooking or bed making' To develop energy is the reason for eating, drinking and brent hing. Upon this need of food for energy, the agriculture of every nation is based and. in fact exists. But from where does your ener gy come0 It comes from the Sun in a wonderful way. The Sun's electrical energy, supplemented by air, water and minerals, is stored bv photosynthesis in the vegetable products which we eat. After eat ing. h a reverse process, this Sun's enerey is turned back again into human eneigy by electrical forces within our bodies, 'i'hise is the en tile story if you are a vegetarian. In ra-e von eat meat fish pom elf , then there is also another in- tei niKliate process; but even then l 1 our energy i tally comes iiom the Sun. i Sun, water and air are already free. Heme, it will be necessary tonlv to pmd a very little for min eial: and certain electric rays to .ovate human energy. This might inal.H it uiinece-sai v lor us to eat the pioduct--. of the soil except for hulk and a- luxuries. Our appetites would be satisfied electronically and we would need never be hun . gry. I believe that one of the labora toiies of the Atomic Commission is now woiking on such a dream, 'lhe carbon atoms may show the way. With fnch a discovery there would need be no fundamental change in our present physical set-up. We would continue to get jour energy from the Sun; but a i large percentage of the present i cost of raising foods would be eliminated. The first step would be I to apply these experiments to can ned juices of various kinds and later perhaps t dairy products. (SCOTTjCRAP BOOK! Vf I5UMDS Quired RYHt US. FS.OH 6EMA.RK IM WIT HAVE. DENMARK AHD-ftE, UHrftP S-TM'ts. &CQAPS-, THE 19 1 l Fill WEMEI 5'yilY Pots AJt OYSfm SLP IM A SIMtUC f. -..v, ABouf 304oao,ooo v-lrft SIClH IS AMAziucLy uu 1AK1H UP 4o kEAf tMIC,Hl IK AN AIRPLAMt. ItliK-v F. THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER TO MEMORY OF ft i These will exceed in tajte and nu trition certain present products and will give us the Sun's energy in a far cheaper and more efficient manner. What Would Happen to Business? What such a discovery would do to us economically I leave to your imagination! A limited amount of farm lands would be wanted for industrial products. Rayon, pulp, plastic and many other manufac tured materials will always be de pendent upon products of the soil. We. moreover, will continue to de mand certain "whole" vegetables and fruits. Our stomachs require bulk which cannot be satisfied hv juices or nills. When one considers the labor now engaged in the rais ing and processing of products now sold as juices, many rnillion people might be thrown out of work and forced into other occupations. Lands now used for fruit and some other agricultural purposes could decline in value. Railroads which depend lareelv uoon the transportation of certain agricul tural prodcts. fertilizers, farm ma chinery, etc, could suffer. On the other hand, other lines such as building, clothing, fuels, automo biles, recreation and real estate in sunny states could have a great boom. This confirms the need of broad di versification in our invest ments which I have constantly preached in this column. Of c ourse, this change is not coming all at once, hi, i tronic juice and milk may be healthier than present non enrirhed rhiiids, yet no juices can equal piop.ilv ;roun whole fruit and leat vegetables of which we should eat much more. What About World War III? Sudi a di-covery today could romplelelv up-et Russia's plans. Willi hiith control and electronic foods, the arguments for Commun i in would di-appear. Then we could have real world peace and a powerful I nited Nations. In fact, it is reasonable to believe that scientists at Ari'onne, 111., Brook haven, L. I., and Oak Ridge, Tenn., have this thought as their incen tive which keeps them at work. nFI.lI.VFI) IN WORK PHI LA OKI. PHI. A ( IIP. I When the will of Miss Kmelino Maddock was filed for probate, it was dis closed that her two grandnephews would not share in its $25,000 in requests. iMiss Maddock eXDlnineri why. loo many young men." she wrote, "have been ruined by re reiving property for which they never worked. " !By R. j.:$COTf TV.mi tJ Sjr .. r . AfSl.tOUIS, MISSOURI, IM tOS. i.SOLUE. WAS SoJ m ftOCEA KsW- mmjr i-'-. . r -i ... i-t n .iin . j mza ww MARK HELLINGER X )7 BIRTHS jne ionowing oirtns nave oeen announced at the T'mvunni'r r'nnnlv I Hospital during the past week: Mr. and Mrs. William C. Piercy of Canton, a daughter, January 21. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shelton of Waynesville, Route 1, a son, Janu ary 21. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sanson of Waynesville, a daughter, January 22. Mr. and Mrs. William Davis of Waynesville, Route 1, a daughter, January 23. Mr. and Mrs. George Parris of Hazelwood. a daughter, January 24. Dr. and Mrs Thomas KtrinpfiplH of Waynesville, a son, January 24. Mr. and Mrs. Max ThomDso n nf Canton, Route 2, a daughter, Janu ary 25. Mr. and Mrs. Max Lee Stamey of Canton, a son, January 25, Mr. and Mrs. James King of Waynesville, Route 1, a daughter, January 25. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sutton of Hazelwood, a son, January 25. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hannah of Clyde, Route 2, a daughter, Janu ary 27. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harrison of Waynesville, a son, January 27. Mr. and Mrs. Cohen Matthews of Canton, a daughter, January 27. Local Man Featured In Movie Short On Everglades In Florida Lyle Noland, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Noland of Lake Juna luska, will be featured along with his wife, in a movie short entitled, "Adventures of the Everglades" by the Fox-Movietone producers.. The short will be shown at the Park Theatre Tuesday, February Mr. Noland is pilot of a plane at the Orlando Aviation Club and his wife, the former Miss Lula Davis, is navigator. The couple are making their home in Orlando, Fla Tom Lee is snendlno (h; ,ni. in Raleigh on business. FOR SALE Woodworking Machinery ft n:n ri 3 Drill Presses 1 Belt Sander 1 Swing Cut-off Saw 1 12" Multiplex Radial Saw 1 6" Jointer 1 Band Saw 1 Jig Saw 1 Wood Lathe Air Compressors Several Electric Motors Small Amount Lumber Of Various Kinds. Can Be Seen Friday After noon, Saturday and Sunday. High way No. 23, In Front Of E. O. Ens ley's Store In Hazelwood. Wm. F. Slack. Veteran Farmers Make Forestry Field Trip ...:. .... ..i i class ot waynesviue ms" wont nn a forestry held trip at mo Bobbv Howell farm in Jonathan j that counters the activity of Vita Creek Tuesday afternoon. min Bl, it was reported today by Approximately 93 farm trainees i A. P. Ledbetter, Waynesville Chair were present for the tour. John H. i man of t!ie"-March of Dimes. Nesbitt teacher of agriculture at Summarizing the results of polio the high school, is instructor for the group. ! ler said that research conducted at The first part of the instruction tni children's Hospital of Phlladel and demonstration w;is directed by p,ia with March of Dimes funds Marvin Smith, T V A. Forester and j ,ao made a significant advance in Charles E. Pettit, district forester. ; understanding the relationship of During the visit through tne wooo-, land, the foresters pointed out un HinWt-nl varieties of trees. t reei cuit.'ihlw to loeiition and soil, trees to be left for lumber and material and the diseases ot trees The second portion of the pro gram was lead by Mr. Feliit and R E. Caldwell, county forest warden. The damage that forest fires cause to woodland was ditus-ed at lengrh and proper way s of burn ing brush, fields and woods, under permit from fure-t warden. Performance Reports Must Be Filed In AAA Office By February 15 j The dosing dates for filing all j 1948 neifoimaiue reports ha been set for Tuesday February l.'i. Miss '. Sarah Fullbright, secretary of Hay- j wood County AC A. has announced, j This performance report is for .1. . - c ...... I ine purpose OI l epuillll llliy (U ai-- I i,e c,Hn.jea mlt in the v3 pi 0-; gram year. If the farmers of the county have received through the AAA office any lime, phosphate, seeds, it must be reported by Feb ruary 15. Failure to renort the practices carried out in 1948, the farmer will i be subject to a decrease in govern ment assistance. Miss Fullbright said. Tobacco Allotments For New Land Tracts Must Be Filed Feb. 1 All applications for new hurley to bacco growers allotment must be filed in the AAA office by Febru ary 1, Miss Sara Fullbright, secre tary, said today. Farmers of the county desiring a base for new tracts of land for tne 1949-ou marketing year are urged to come by the AAA office and file applications. THIEF COMPLETES JOB ROCK ISLAND, 111. f U.P.) R. D. Johnston and his wife managed to salvage a few possessions after a fire in their apartment. A few weeks later, a burglar finished the fire's work. He look the Johnston's remaining property: a mattress, four pillows, two coats and a radio. J V TERLING with a TRADITION Borrowing the best of early American, this solid silver sets new traditions. Six-piece place setting costs $23.50 (includ ing Federal Tax). E. J. LIIJTJS JEWELER 1 12" Planor 1 Breakfast Room Suite 1 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Sprays 2 Ironing Boards Clamps Work Tables Electric Drills Electric Carving Set 1 T Polio Research On Mice Shows Noted Results Rue ctanri .TPllltlSt DOllO in miPP 1 hat hoon increased bv feeding the RalHui., st t '. . . , " -mi anunais uj ' w. oi ,-esearch during 1948, Mr. Ledbet- nutrition to polio resistance Scientists have long suspicioned that nutritional factors may be linked with polio. In the past, doc ,0IS nave noted that often the best nourished, the sturdiest child fell victim to polio. Previous laboratory studies have proved that mice which were kept on low vitamin diets were more resistant to polio than others. This new result of research, the March of Dimes chairman pointed out, while not immediately applica ble to control of polio, is of funda mental importance in the search fur a preventive or curative drug. BOSTON CETS LATE TITIAN BOSTON Uif'l-One of the last of Titian's great printings, "St. Catherine of Alexandria," has been acquired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts from a German collector. TLn n.Mnlin.l !..,.. 1,, . , IKtO hiiihh ua none aouui I.JUO by the Italian artist and is praised as a typical example of his rich ness and depth of color and free technique. Says Ray's - Slinky Slush is a villain . . , Trying to mess up children's shoes by weakening stitches; making soles peel away from uppers . . . But he's soundly trounced when kids wear.. mm That The Shoe May Fit Propi We carry the above illuct mtnA nvfnrn1 f mill W in a i-year-old child up to size 6 to fit a rmvi And in widths A - B - C anil D Ready With Children's Spring, Including Several Patent S SHOES f OR BOYS AND 1 frk odverfjjecf in LIFE and J i01 it "your best pWe to buy shoes" Ray-'s Shoe D FRIDAY, j Clyde Bnu TransferJ Tulln AirB? Prival, been tK Z T haoo 10 to Fnl.., 1948. ;, ':' traininti ... . Base. .Ukl wen. . nK Ph., , -lO M, ,UU An n i, r. - eu !i,lllsl ; WAN! MISSINt; i ko While (l,e. b, eye. Ai,-weisI(j; rt.voni ,IUlil1E doe. plea-,. FtiK FOR SAI.K. Eet ing Room slui( In good lunihiiat ably. Si-timj . town. .li y. Street. T,K.ptllj Nicolas Himsitv-vf sian coinpnMT t began his i .,,.,. naval officer. Keep FcJ Defeated by m Ini

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