m FRIDAY, JAKUAHY PAGE SEC THE WAYNES VELLE MOUNTAINEER f I "I :;iiit;r 111' M S. '! Mi 1 4 !. I i ti 1 ItSi i w MORE ABOUT County Library (Continued from Pace 1) Library was enabled to start county wide service through the state aid fund, together with appropriations from the county and the town of Waynesville. A total of $500,000 has been asked for state aid to public libraries this year in an ef fort to bring the average up to dtie-half book per capita -Miss Johnston, secretary of the North Carolina Library Associa tion, journeyed to Raleigh last week to appear before a joint ses sion of the General Assembly to testify for passage of the library aid bill . Hospital Branch For the past two years on each Wednesday afternoon the library is' closed, but Miss Johnston and her assistant, Mrs. James Atkins. Jr . do not have the afternoon off. Thi is the afternoon when the library officials deliver book-, and magazines to the Haywood County Hospital. Mrs Ben Colkit has been assisting in distributing the books throughout (he hospital on a book truck which was don.ited bv the nursc for that puiTur a total of 2.27" books were circulat ed at the hospital during the pa-t year. Another bl anc h of I lie Hawnofl County Public Library service i a Nearn branch at Pigeon Street School The branch was establish ed two years ago and the circula tion this past year totaled 2.985 books The library is now begin ning to buy books of its jwn for the Negro branch. Mariun Camp Howell is contributing voluntary service as leader for library serv ice at the Piceon School The advancement in children's work has been one of the outstand ing features during the past five years In 044 litile over 2.000 books were circulated among chil dren Last year the figure soared to 16.000. including all services of the library. Summer Reading Clubs One of the chief reasons for the increased children interest has been the summer vacation reading program. The three reading clubs held last year were: Cherokee Indian Club. Blue Ridge Billy and Travel Reading Clubs. These clubs are based on topics of local inter est and have stimulated more read ing among children of the county. When Miss Johnston took over here as county librarian, the Hay wood County Public Library was open for two hours in the after noon. As soon as county service was started the hours were from 1 to 5 o'clock, five years ago there was no heat or sitting space in the children's room. Back then, per sons desiring to .renew their books must come to the library'. But now they may be renewed by telephone post card or by telling the libra-, MORE ABOUT Ledbetter Says (Continued from Pace 1) area's quota The drive officials i have been pleased with the dirae 1 board results and it will continue to operate through Saturday. Funds are now being collected at the Strand and Park Theaters by members of the Beta Sigma .hi sorority. A repoit this morning from Beekinan Hugcr. general co-chairman in the rountv, indicated that Canton will le.'di its $6,500 quota before the campaign closes Mon day afternoon. January 31. Mr Ledbetter reported that the Lions Cluh fattened the funds by donating a SUM) check. MORE ABOI'T James Kilpatrick (Continued fiom Tage 1) I'r rgu.-on Merchant it Id'ion-, William S Ray Toin i t pi .,H,,,i.,n. Pan Hyatt. ( ;....i-.iill. Im! jthjii Woody. .i.d c. M-t.. W M. Bill" H.'iHiii-t, H i' li it d Mladic y. Xtiditiii. T Ward. Ki'I'M t niat ;vc of public library. H S Ward .National p . i k forest and park w ay , C'hai U. s F. Kay A number of tentative projects were discu-i-d. ,md a general out line of plans for the coming year made by the board. Frankfurter Treat By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor If there's anything that tastes better than frankfurters and sauerkraut on a cold winter nieht. I don't know what it ic' But if you want this good old combination to have extra flavor ll A. . I . 11 . 1 . . men try xne iouowing recipe in wmcii they team up with to matoes and caraway. Fresh tomatc es are called for in the following recine but it's Quite dos-" sibie to use whole canned, drained trmatoes, too. TOMATO SAUERKRAUT SUPREME Ingredients: 3 frankfurters, ' cup diced onion, 3 tablespoons but ter or fortified mai-garine, 2 toma toes, 3 cups sauerkraut, S teaspoon caraway seeds. Method: Cut STUFFED FRANKFURTERS Ingredients: 9 bacon slices. 2 cups soft bread crumbs, 13 cup chopped onion, teaspoon salt, teaspoon pepper, '2 teaspoon sage, a frankfurters. Method: Partly cook bacon; drain on brown paper, re serving fat. Mix together bread crumbs, onion, salt, pepper, sage nan One of the biggest problems facing Hi" county library is the lack of sntTicient space to house the present books on hand. There is not enough adequate space to work v. i'Ii children or c lubs of the county. At present there is no space to unload the bookmobile. During the past five years, the library here has borrowed between 4.000 to 5.000 books from the library commission. The library is now using around 1,000 of these books to assist on the new book mobile service. The first book list that was pub lished by the library in April, 1944 were all borrowed books from the North Carolina Library Commis--lon. Toda most all of the hooks appearing on the reading list are owned bv the county library. The Waynesville Women's Club will give ;i Silver Tea at the library on February 7 and all proceeds will go for new lights in the adult room One cannot read the report of the five years of progress under Miss Margaret Johnston without pointing a Anger of pride to the commendable job which she has so capably accomplished along with her fine staff of assistants. TOMATO SAUERKRAUT SUPREME Winter night fare. DISCOVER A WONDERLAND OF SAVINGS ANN PAGE FOODS Come one . . . come all . . . step 'Ho your A&P today and discover a "wonderland" of fine foods! They'll tempt your taste, yet please your purse. That's because they're nwae in s own modern Ann Page food kitchens and brought directly to you. This eliminates many un necessary in-between expenses and savings are made and shared with you. Ann Page MAYONNAISE rL Ann Page frankfurters into Vi-inch slices. Saute frankfurter slices and onion in the butter or margarine 5 min utes or until lightly browned. Cut each tomato into 8 wedges and saute in the same skillet. Acid sauerkraut and caraway seeds and mix well. Cover and cook over low heat about 15 minutes or until thoroughly heated. and three tablespoons of the bacon fat. Make a lengthwise slit in each frankfurter. Fill slit with bread st 11 fling. Wrap each frank furter with a slice of bacon. Fasten bacon with toothpicks. Arrange frankfurters in a 3-quart heat-resistant glass utility dish. Bake in a moderate (350 F.i oven for 25 minutes. MORE ABOUT 4-H Achievement (Continued from Pace 1 the Crabtree boys' and girls' clubs were selected as the most outstand ing. Achievement Awards The achievement awards pre- pntri In th pirl 4-H Club mem bers by Miss Elise DeLozier, as sistant home agent, were as fol lows: Rnnm imnrnvpmnt Nancv Poston, Bethel senior club, and Mary Frances McCracken, Clyde junior; Blrdell Gorrell, Cruso, savannah sugar canning contest; canning sue Carolyn ivolana, Crabtree senior, and Sara Lee, Cecil junior club; clothing senior j dress revue and clothing achieve- ment, Peggy Noland, Waynesville, ; second place, Nancy Medford, Waynesville; junior dress revue. , Patsy McCracken, Bethel junior; and record, book achievement, Mil- dres Chambers. Fines Creek: cook- ' ing junior winner for county, j Mattle Sue Medford, Crabtree; bet- ; ter methods electric. Peesv Brad-1 shaw, Crabtree; leadership Nancy : Poston, Bethel. I The following boy 4-11 Club members received awards present-; ed by Joe Cline, assistant farm i agent: leadership Jimmy Mc Elroy, East Waynesville; better ', method Jack Chason. Bethel junior club; corn Bobby Brown, Rock Hill; tobacco Edgar McFl- roy, Crabtree senior club; garden Burton Wells, Bethel junior club; baby beef Thad Medford, Crabtree junior club; pig Richard Hipps, Waynesville; poultry Carl Green, Jr , Bethel senior; daily product Peggy Noland and David Noland, Waynesville senior club, dairy calf Johnnie Mac Ferguson, Lake Junaluska; and soil conserva tionEdgar Messcr, Fines Creek junior club. Leaders Receive Pins Leadership pins were presented to three local Icadeis who have served in 4-H Club work ten years. Those receiving this award weie: Margaret Green. Fines Creek; Hugh Rogers. Fast Waynesville; and llershell Hipps. Heaveidam. The five year pin. were awarded to Frank Rogers. Bethel, and Jesse James, Cecil. Each of the following received certificates for leadership i" the county -1 H Club work: 1 lyd Hry- Crabtree. Ctrl Ha'cliff. Way ill" High :( hool. John f'.loan. ' Crmo: Carroll Moneu. Clyde; V. C Dm kett. Morning Star. H. C. AP Club Speaker son nes Cannon, FaMon: W C liickard. Canton High School. Mr. (inr-U-Palmer. H,ipIwi."hI. Nonal Iir.T-, Rock Hill: Toniei C'aili" . I'eiin .;ylvania Aw-mie ..'.-liool. Mi Ldna Huires., Iike .lun 011 ka; W. I'. Bat bee, NoiMi Canton. Miss Moelie Liner. n .irlenl o1 Haywood County 1 11 Club (Y.iiih ii. presided uxor the program. Itev. L. G. Klbo't pronounced the in vocation The weleome delivered by Jimmy McKlroy and 1'ete No land recognized the )u-.ls inesenl. All 21 4-11 Clubs in Haywood ( if . vll MORE AbOli Dance Pro 'Continued Company, 1 Iron pany. Auto fnrri ana le. ' "-Hi Hel.v V..ruri Service 1 nr.r ford; Moody r 1" - gun and 1 from Canton u, .. t - ' I IM I- Pat (e, Shoiv Mr, ',Utl r' equip u WOClrt ('inn, 1 1, . Palmer h, 3 Einia CI ,. , (1 Hi, .. Eleanor I'.ok,, r- 1., ' ""'( vaiiuj v.onii;in Icy; Man HAL UOVLK labovei, As.ociated I'., . ei biMinil and former war i 01 1 e .0011 b-nt, y ill be tin- prin- 1 1 , 1 1 -.peak' r January 27 at the .'niiu il iii't,'l in.' of the North Car olina Associated Press Club. The County were presented charters by Way no, ('01 pening, county agent. Want Ads bring quick results. r'h-.,..... : "'""Ml 'II I ',. n ... ... ... ' l' v-olci ivine J nil hi, r r- "tt VUllipailV, Ai r,, . Medford-De.iti 1.,,. Robinson, siiifl. i- r h:ira ly,,, o . serv.ee, Jackie s. d unji a jjiuc; :-,ini pal. inn; ann ity ,, I'onj, june .'o.i r, . ..,...,,,e, M.IURujiI ern union Da . 1 sun),! o'cunir TlOOKIcl to hfl. wjuc- leiegraiiis ln k woras. im.TeliWJ nun 10 givmi; advi money on telegraim message to semi for how uas a no oiner specia' m Dixie Crystal FINE SUGAR 10 lb. Bag gQc Scoto Sweetened Grapefruit Juice 6 No. 2 Cans 9 4Ib.Crtn, g0c STUFFED FRANKFURTERS For a party or family. KETCHUP Ann Page Preserves STRAWBERRY BEANS ANN PAGE With Pork and Tomato Sauce 16-Oz. Can Ann Page Gelatin Dessert SPARKLE Ann Page Prepared SPAGHETTI Ann Page Salad Style MUSTARD 3 pk-s 2 Cans 1 Ann Page GRAPE JAM . L,b 39c Ann Page " - Salad Dressing Z 29c Ann Page Creamy Smooth Peanut Butter. T 3S ORANGES . . IT39! WINESAP ' " " APPLES . . ,L25c Large Size " " WOMEN'S WORK PEAR PUDDING AND SAUCE DEVISED By FAMED CHEF By ELIZABETH TOOMEY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP) A cookie more than a cookie to Stephen Petrou. It's part of his life's work. Pctrou is a famed nastrv rhef wno Degan his training in a hotel in Cairo, Egypt, then moved to Paris and London and finally to this country. He is concentrating on plum puddings, mince tarts and fancy cookies with holiday decorations in his exclusive New York pastry shop now. His favorite, however, is an English plum pudding topped with an apricot brandy sauce. He refuses to go along with the American custom of using hard sauce on plum pudding. "It's too rich and sweet," he insists. "A sim ple sauce from canned aDrieots which you cook, strain thicken with a little flour and then add brandy that is ideal." Generous With Recipes Petrou has none of the tradi tional chef's reticence about eivine out his recipes. He used to delight in writing out recipes requested by tamous guests when he was the pastry chef at the Rookefcdlr ren ter Rainbow Room. The ne he gave out most often around the Christmas season, he recalled WAC for his specfel baker pears with sanayon sauce. That is a dessert for a trup gourmet," Petrou said. But he also recommended it as a better holiday bet for the averaee housewife than a traditional plum Duddina "A plum pudding is very complicated 10 mane; it s better to buy them," he explained. "But mv hakeri iu,3n you couldn't buy any place." Petrou uses ripe, luicv Dears nH removes the cores rarefutlv rn. the bottom with a potato nutar o the stem is left Intact. The whole ettect is ruined, he insists, if you remove the stem alone with th core. Here's lis recipe for serving oia; Baked Pears MORE ABOUT Large Group (Continued from Page 1) come from this area is around 14 million dollars a year, Mr. Corpen ing reported. Those making the two-day tour were: N. L. Briggs, Charles W. Ed wards, William Charles. R. G. Greene. W. T. Terrell. Marvin G. Morttc.oii. .1. M. LaFtaulla, Jack Rogers, David Boone, Preston Phil lips. ISa;;eoinbe Thompson 7nn Wells, William Burnett. Roger Am nions. L. R. West, EiiKone C Ref ers, Kent Ketner, Ed .lustiee, Hal- lett Ward. A. G. Martin. Glenn Mn Cracken, Elmer Hend-ix. Ma Whitson. Charles M-rfnrH .r.-.o- Cannons, Hicks Bailev. C.pnrcr, Brown, Bill Chuber, G. H. Mc Cracken, Frank Morgan, Wayne Corpening and O. R. Roberts Healthful V8 Cocktail Juice 212-oz. Cans2gc Dole Pineapple Juice No. 2 Can JQc paste. Fill the centers of the pears and place pears lying down in bak ing dish. Add one-half rim Uninr and sprinkle one-half cup sugar over the pears. Rake in moderate oven Hhout one-half hour, or until done. If pears seem to be loo slow necoming tender, cover pan for a few minutes and steam. Sabayon Sauce 4 egg yolks 2 whole eggs '2 cup sugar 1 cup sherry wine Combine ingredents and mix thoroughly. Then strain into the top pan of a double boiler. Sauce should be cooked slowly over hot, but not boiling water stir stantly until sauce begins to thick en. Looking time should be around five minutes. Removn frnm ht ... soon as thickening heeins anri Ht well with a hand heater. The sauce should be poured over nears on,i served while both aw still k Sprinkle a little nutmeg over the i P or me pears Just before serving. Petrou terms the sau CP "I ho hoe the culinary profession ever cre ated, u can be served, he added with any hot pudding. Realemon LEMON JUICE 8-oz. Bot. 20c Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour 20-oz. Pkg. I gc Cliiisc & Sanborn COFFEE Pound Tin ggc Fresh Tasty Lb. 49c Sliced BEEF LIVER 49c lb- 12-Oz. Bottle Log Cabin Syrup 27c Kconomv C"t PORK CHOPS lOc lb. m Swift's Pard Dog Food 2 Cans 29c Large ALL BRAN 25 5-Lb. Tin 65' Cello Pkg. i .'5-Lb. I Gallon SANTO COFFEE TABLE 5f a.is 38: I Quart I'illsbury ! WESSON OIL FLOUI "7Jc 5 lb. Bag Tbick White I Drotnedari FAT BACK I Devil's Foci Jclb. 14-oz.Pkg. Western 1 CHUCK ROAST 4Qc lb. FUDGEI 12-oz. 1 Minute Steaks o Free Rttnnii 3JA75c MORTON'S d Lb. 2 Pkgs. Berber's H,c New " BABY FOOD MINUTE ! 4 Jars 25foz.Pkgs, PINTO BEANS , WHITE CREAM CORN 2 lbs. Long Grain 29 17 Pride O' Vallev CREAM STYLE CORN 2 No FANCY COMET RICE 1-o15c : BEANS Maxwell House Coff o ,o !f nJ j -ZZ2Z:L JOC (jKKKlM Rr H MP nM . AJijrmo .... .. L i'W Klnkl.'. f : . r i n J csl iQroz- 10f SELEdrm TOMATOES I Monarch GRAPEFRUIT 6 1 2 For whole pears doz. maraschino cherries oz. lemon or citron candied peel 6 macaroon Core Pears. Chon rhorrto. n,t candled peel finely and mix with crushed macaroons, making into a STUDY MADE REALISTIC JEANNETTE, Pa. (U.P.) James McLean's biology class in Jean nette High School studied boa con strictors, and a live one was used as exhibit A. The boa constrictor 2V4 feet long was found In a railroad shipment of bananas. lc Sale Sweetheart Soap 4 Bars 28 Face Cloth Included SILVER DUST 34c No No.: Peter Cooper, inventor of a num ber of varied items inelnrll ncr fi tin. locomotive, in 1845 obtained tho first patent for a gelatin dessert oui aia notning about it. mom PARK SHOP - SAVE sum ' MARKfT Johnson's "I Large"" GLO COAT RINSO THE !F(fl iJ SUPER MARKET (01 - i

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