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    TS PAGE Of The WaynesVille Mountaineer Friday, January 28, 1949
lagers split a
j visiting Tines
lay night on the
lie Fines Creek
Crabtree lassies
I Crabtree boys
Ireck quint 42 to
pk topped me
s with 11 points
if Crabtree, tooK
he game wltn &
13 points for the
k and Crawlora,
oints respective-
Jrabtree quint to
Fines Creek (23)
Fisher (2)
. Hussell (4)
..... Ledford
i-Bradshaw; Fines
I), Rogers.
Fines Creek (19)
Rogers (13)
Justice (3)
Kirkpatrick (2)
Hayries (1)
t -Caldwell; Fines
antham, B. Rog-
l-Armed, handicap
7, is being readied
ly Calumet general
ones, above.
Some to
hear the dra-'
new derelop-
y Acousticoo,'
Prld's first and
al hearing aids
1st i half a ceo-
service to the
pf hearing i
of performance
not be matched!
Icon Asheville
Jackson Bids.
ville, N. C.
inforraiiioa iboui th
on devdopttcots.
each. i
et yours before the deadline.
Chief of Police, Town of Waynesville
Arguments Rage Over Which Team
Is Seller, Si.
AP Newsfeatures Sports writer
NEW YORK Those baby-faced
kids from St. Louis U. have whiz
ied through the east again, leaving
gasping basketball experts in their
Tiiey also left behind one of
those Michigan-Notre Dame type
kof arguments you hear during the
football season. The "other team"
in this case is Kentucky, which
did a little whizizng of its own in
the east on an earlier occasion this
Now the rhubarbs are really
raffing over which is the better
basketball team. The discus
sions are enhanced by the fart
that the two teams already have
met once and seem almost cer
tain to tangle again before the
season is out.
St. Louis won the first encounter.
42-40, at New Orleans. But instead
of settling the issue, the match only
heated up the controversy. Wild
cat partisans have a raft of ex
planations for the narrow defeat.
Kentucky had a flat second half,
they point out, scoring only 13
points, Wah Wah Jones couldn't
hit the backboard with a handful
of rocks. Jones is oae of the team's
, -i ...
top scorers ana usuany a aeaa snoi
116 made one field goal in the game
L 4 , - I
J 0 - .iff fr w;r:
'",w'"l,M',,"lllIIIMWI m'iiniiwtiiAiini iTi-mrmniMiMMMMiiMiiif - aauMMaa i i n'SllSi
Billiken fans counter with the incomparble six foot, eight string
assertion that a team looks badjDean-
only when it is made to look bad. j The oMicr St. Louis players are
They insist their team was the j only ordinary, they say, even
stronger club under the second half after watching them perform one
pressure. .And they credit Jones'! of their incredibly fast breaks
performance to a fine defensive job with fingertip passing. The Billi
Icebergs frequently are encoun
tered far south of Polar regions.
Hard Of Hearing
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G. Stahle, well known hearing
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Mr. Stable will be at the Le
Faine Hotel Monday, January
31st, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
If you have any hearing prob
lem at all, be sure to 'bring it
to him by attending this free
hearing clinic.
come Early
Acousticon Asheville Co.
905 Jackson Bid?.
Asheville, N. C.
H motor vehicles in Waynesvillc must have a
8 on or before February first, or be subject
p'e tags are on sale at the citv hall for one
Louis Or Kentucky
By Marvin (Kevin) Schatzman.
However, around here most of
the experts, although they hold
both in high esteem, seem to lean
toward Kentucky despite the de
feat. They seem to find it difficult to
rate St. Louis, with its fleet little
new of athletes that look like choir
boys, over the poised, older and
more experienced Kentuckians.
It is believed that even if the
' precocious Billikens hung an
other on the chins of Adolph
Rupp's boys, the experts would j
still consider Kentucky a sounder '
team. j
They're about as hard to con-1
vince as a West coast football coach j
who once had a Rose Bowl bid j
practically in his pocket until his j
team went out and blew a game to !
a small independent school. j
The coach had been warned to ;
watch the small school and he had 1
retorted, "I'll eat my hat of we lose '
!o them." He ate his hat, literally,
and it tasted so lousy he demanded
a return game which he lost, too.
The coach was out of headgear,
i but he still wasn't convinced.
The logic of these unbudging ex
perts is that the Kentucky team
has three stars on the quad
Rearrl Alpv Clvma anrl .Tnt
Beard. Alex Groza and Jones. St.
Louis has only Ed-Macauley, the
McGinn Paces WCTC Quint
In Race For League Crown
It's swell to be a Catamount,"
relates little Bob McGinn. "They're
really good to you." By this the
11-Siate forward of the Western
Carolina Teachers Catamounts re
fers to the players, coaches, stu
dents, and John Q. Public in gen
eral. Not only is everyone good to
McGinn, the "Ace" is also good to
'veryone. He gives them the thrills
ind (hills thai they pay their
noney for when they overflow
Bi'ccso gymnasium to see the Cata
mounts in action. The little five-'ool-eighl-ineh
ball hawk is the
sparkplug of Tuck McConncll's
North State Conference dark-
His sparkling antics on the hard
woods take the fans' minds off the
'iall game and causes them to con
centrate on McGinn.
All-State Forward
Al hall'time in the Cats' home
games the crowd swamps the scor
ers' desk inquiring about him.
"How many points has he scored?"
t the end of the game it's the
same way. "What-about McGinn?
What about Tate?" Bob Tate, in
cidentally, is McGinn's running
mate. Combined they make one
of the deadliest sharpshooting com
binations the North State Confer
ence has ever known. They are
feared by coaches and players
alike. Last year the duo was
the lop few scorers of the loop,
both were named to the forward
positions on the All-North State
team and McGinn went on to gain
Mi-Stale honors along with Dick
Dickey of the N. C. State Wolf
pack. The "Ace" hails from Lexington,
where he played high school ball
for Coach Tom Young, now head
roach at Western Carolina. After
iiaduation in 1941 he enrolled in
,'Iigh Point College, where he stay
ed nine months before enlisting in
I lie Coast Guard for four years
during the war.
When hostilities ceased, Mc
Ginn came home, and selected
VV.C.T.C. as the institution in which
o further his education. And that
was a lucky day for W.C.T.C. as
well as for McGinn.
Played In Kansas City
In his first season, 1946-47, he
helped the Cats, then under the
lulorship of wily little Marion Mac-
kens earned tremendous ovations
from the Garden crowd for their
competence as they demolished
But if Kentucky can't pass with
St. Louis, the Wildcats certainly
can shoot rings around the Mis
souri Valley team. The Billikens
lack on outside shot, with the pos
sible exception of Schatzman. who
hasn't been hitting from way out
this season as he did last. Ken
tucky, on the other hand, has five
or six players who are dead shots
from about 25 feet out.
In conjunction with the "best
team" argument, cage fans have
gathered in the respective corners
of the marvelous centers of the
two teams Groza and Macauley.
In this debate, St. Louis has an
edge. No one seems to hold a gripe
against Macauley despite his
cherub-like face.
Easy Ed, which is a rare sports
nickname because it really fits,
calmly perforins the most fantastic
feats on the court. He possesses a
wonderful hook shot and a fine
one-handed set, and can really
score if he wants to. But it is as
! a "quarterback" on the pivot, pass-
ing off and decoying, that he really
! Is the master.
Macauley is usually double
teamed, leaving another player at
least partially open. He is un
canny at spotting this loose team
mate and passing off for a bucket.
uroza aiso nas me snots, is a
fine scorer and passer. Both arc
fine rebounders. Probably no par
tisan will be convinced in this de
bate, either.
Donald, gain the right to represent
the North State Conference in the
N.A.I.B. tourney in Kansas City,
Mo. Although the Cats were elim
inated from the tournament in the
first round, McGinn played a good
game and established himself as a
future Catamount great. Since
then he has started every Cata
mount game and has never let his
teammates down.
Under the present coach, Tuck
MeConnell, McGinn is a mainstay
of the Catamount combination.
Tuck considers McGinn as "the
biggest little man I've ever seen.'
Oh. lucky day! Not only did
McGinn find basketball al Western
Carolina. He also found a wife.
At Its
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problems are over
when you bring your
clothes to us. Every
greeable tints. You
individually, care
fully examined for
spots and stains and
returned to you free
of odors and disa
greable tints. You
will find our deliv
ery service conven
ient and economical.
"Don't Call Any Laundry ..."
- CALL 205 -
Waynesville Laundry
Clyde Girls
Trim Foes;
Boys Lose
The Clyde High baskctccr.s split
a doubleheader with the Warren
Wilson junior college on the
Clyde high gym Tuesday night.
The Clyde lassies took a 22 to 16
win over tile visiting girls while
the Warren Wilson boys downed
the Clyde boys 30 to 20.
Miss Fore with eight and Miss
Evans with six points paced the
winning girls while Miss Drinnon
.allied il for the losers.
The Warren Wilson five was pac
ed by Wood, with 13 and Howell,
with 10 points. Hardin and Mor
gan each hit eight points for Clyde.
Girls' lineup:
Clyde (22) Warren Wilson (16)
F- Fore 181
F Fisher
F Buchanan 4i
G B. Medford
G Collins
G Smith
Ballard ill
Buchanan 1 3 '
Drinnon 1 1 1
Subs: Clyde l.owery, Hayncs.
Green, Evans V. Medford, Jus
tice; Warren Wilson Rhea ill,
Ramsey. Adams, Rice.
Boys' lineup:
Clyde (20) Warren Wilson (30)
F Warren Howell 1 10)
F- -Hardin 181 Taylor i2)
C -Moragn ' R t Stanley (4)
G Spencer A Wood ( 13)
G Haynes Lawson
Subs: Clyde --- Limbo, Shook,
Stevenson, Morgan: Warren Wil
son McKinney ill, Zumcstine,
Women's Bowling
League Proposed;
Urged To Register
The Management of the Wa nes
vilie Bowling Center has request
ed that all women bowlers that
are interested in forming a wo
men's howling league to register
at the Center immediately.
The men's league will start sec
ond half play week after next and
if enough women bowlers regis
ter, a four team women's league
will be formed and play will start
then if possible.
Plans at the present call for a
twelve week schedule of rolling
and the management urges an im
mediate registration of interested
bowlers so plans can be worked
out u soon as possible.
Waxnesville 42. Sylva 17.
Fines Creek 23. Crablreet 14.
Chile 22, Warren Wilson Hi.
Sylva 42. Waynesvillc 32.
Warren Wilson 30, Clyde 20.
Crabtree 42. Fines Creek 19.
Cage Schedule
Jan. 2K
Waynesville at Fines Creek.
Bethel at Canton
WCTC at High Point.
On Jan. 4. 1948 he was married
lo Miss Louise Beck, a fiery Utile
redhead who is now the mother of
another little redehad. Hohert III,
ige three months.
So you see. it works both ways.
McGinn was good to Western Caro
lina, and. in turn. Western Caro
lina was good to McGinn.
Mountaineers, Sylva Split Twin Bill;
Local Cagers Play Fines Greek Tonile
Girls Gain
42-17 Verdict
The Waynesville Mountaineers
journeyed over to Sylva High
Tuesday night and split a double
header with the Golden Hurri
canes. The Wayne'sville girls top
ped the Sylva girls 42 to 17 but
the Sylva boys evened the night's
score by stopping the Mountain
eers 42 to 32. The twinbill was
played before a capacity crowd.
The Waynesville girls continued
their winning ways with an easy
win as they racked up their sev
enth straight victory of the season.
Their passing and shooting coupled
with the defensive play of the
guards proved too much for the
Sylva lassies.
Margie Cogdill paced Hie
Waynesville girls with 17 points
and Betty Sheehan and Peggy Nol
and added 10 each to the total.
Miss Painter hit the loop for 10
points to lead the Sylva lassies.
The boys' game was a close af
fair during the first half which
ended with the Hurricanes leading
by 20 to 15. From there out, the
Mountaineers never caught up as
the Hurricanes maintained their
lead and added an extra five points
to the lead in the last quarter.
C. Bumgarner took scoring hon
ors of the game with 14 points and
was followed closely by Ernest
Bumgarner, with 12 and J. Cun
ningham with 10 points. Bill Sut
ton, Mountaineer center, paced the
locals with 12 points.
Girls' lineup:
Sylva (17) Waynesville (42)
F Worley (2) Cogdill (17)
F Bryson (4) Noland 1 10)
F Jacobs (1) Sheehan (10)
G Green Francis
G Dillard P. Sheehan
G Messer ' . Farmer
Subs; Sylva Painter (10. Fin
cannon, Bradley, B. Parris, Moore,
Miller; Waynesville Medford (5i.
Davis, Leopard, Grasty, McClure.
Fisher. !
Boys' lineup:
Sylva (42) Waynesville (32)
F Cooper 4) G. Liner 4 '
F C. Cunningham (2) Davis (fii
C J. Cunningham (10) Sutton (12)
G--E. Bumgarner '12) R. Liner (3)
G-f: Bumgarner (th T'Boyd '(7)
Subs; Waynesville Buchanan,
Yarborough. i
1 "il I L nr
1st AND 2'- ON MARCH 1st. AND i OF 1 f
G. C.
Charles Shaney
Named Berkeley
Baseball Coach
Berkeley Mills of Balfour re
cently announced that Charles
' Bud) Shaney has been named ath
letic director and will have charge
of all of the plant's baseball teams
this season.
Shaney is a former baseball
player, umpire and scout. He play
ed in the old Sally and Piedmont
Leagues and in the Texas League
and Southern Association. He has
umpired in the Tri-Slate and West
ern Carolina leagues recently.
Shaney will replace Gene Brick
lemeyer at the helm of the Berke
ley entry in the Western North
Carolina Industrial League this
season and will have most of last
year's team hack. The team finished
third in the 19411 race and jour
neyed to King's Mountain to take
part in the North Carolina region
al semi-pro tournament only lo
lose out by a one run defeat.
Plans for the 1949 season are al
ready underway at Berkeley with
Hie building of a new field and
club house at the plant. The team
played their games at the fail
grounds and the high school field
last year but the new field w ill be
ready for use before I he 1949 sea
son gets underway.
Mthough motorists aren't supposed
to transport objects such as skis,
birxcles and boats on the outside
of their cars w hile driv ing on West
Chester County parkways, police
usually were lenient until they
spotted a man transporting a bath
tub on top of his car. From now
on, offenders either will be ordered
off the parkway or be given summonses.
Osborne Roofing And Metal Co.
v See Us For
Roofing' of all types. . .
Warm Air Heating. . .
Guttering and general Sheet Metal Work. . .
Phono 2184 Canton, N.C.
i ui vyv
FERGUSON, Tax Collector
Arch Rivals
Lock Horns
In Loop Tilt
The Waynesville High Moun
taineers will journey to Fines
Creek tonight to battle the strong
Fine Creek cagers in a twinbill
starting at seven-thirty o'clock.
The two teams met in a twin
bill earlier in the season oa the
Waynesville" high gym and the
Mountaineers captured two easy
victories. The Waynesville girls
will be out to annex their eighth
straight win and will depend on the
guards to turn in another top
notch performance and on the
sharp shooting of Betty Sheehan
and Margie Cogdill, their crack
The Waynesville boys will be
seeking to get back into the win
column when they tackle the Fines
Creek boys. The Mountaineers
have absorbed two defeats in the
last two outings against Canton and
Sy.'va and will go all out to get
back into the win side of the
The game will pit the high scor
ing Max Rogers, Fines Creek for
ward, against Bill Sutton, Moun
taineer center, who has paced the
Waynesville scorers all season.
The University of Texas' worst
loss at the hands of a college team
in recent times was a 42-6 drub
bing in 1938 by Arkansas. The
Raozrbacks haven't won a game
since from the Longhorns.
Guard Bud McFadin, 240-pound
sophomore member of the Univer
sity of Texas football squad, is
heavyweight wrestling champion of
the school.

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