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"I guess you're pretty mad
because I came home late last
night with this black rye."
the shame-faced husband said.
"Not at all, dear. When you
, came home you didn't have
I that black eye."
64th YEAR No. 10 16 PAGES
Associated Press and United Press News
fro Wash
w by a Moun-
dnesday morn-
jr , one 01 me
rs in the roD-
oin a grout' j
ville, jokingly
would go out
Lth to wash all
titner, tt.enneu
i,n if he would
'Naw, h s a
'Jl :;tay arouna.
broad smile as
Lard his cell.
through the
Mncsday morn-
loundhog to see
hereby causing
winter weather,
U holds true.
lundhog of Joe
(,f Mr. and Mrs.
8r Ridge noaa,
d from his slum
forc groundhog
aity dinner.'
hog ate his last
i. After eating
istlng of candy,
corn-on-t he-cob,
,ted in prepara-
six weeks
A Busy
activity in the
ay morning than
Except during a
Nothing special
gc crowd, just a
: with business,
nR property for
fith highway pa-
kparing for the
fcf court which
)f the two men
,000 robbery in
ed for the sev-
fcgether with of
fal states being
business in the
of Justice.
like Reports
iciai r mas
ood. who served
es in former ses-
latuie, was among
wood officials pay-
brief visit over
is now in the
of their work, and
I are pushing right
d begin making
i the larger corn-
appears to be a
fcup down there."
trig Around
Some Snow"
iDii. contractor on
building, said yes-
mshed my work,
ping around for a
en joy seeing the
to the store.
if all, to see if it
more. My little
fw. but her daddy
ut anything to
Mers my parents
ppaign Is Success
f"-'tion 50c-56c
-. 20c-28c
'0 lbs
p Rain and colder.
f hy the staff of the
. 44
4-H Achievement Day Award
f vf m
t ? nvM Ire f fv
The winners of the awards at the annual 4-H Club Achievement Day event, which attracted 1.50')
4-H club members, are shown above after receiving honors at the courthouse meeting. The county
winners, left to right are: first row Johnnie Mac Ferguson, Bobby Brown, Jimmy McElroy and Ed
gar Messer; second row A. J. Hutchins, Patsy McCracken, Peggy Noland, Burton Wells, Suzie No
land, Claudia Sue Crawford, Betty Medford, Burdell Gorrell, Mary Francis McCracken. and Thad
Medford; third row Nancy Poston, Peggy Bradshaw, Nancy Medford. Wade Francis, David Noland,
Richard Hipps, Judge Gwyn, Edgar McElroy and Jack Messer. A Mountaineer photograph by Ingram's
Demonstration Groups Gather Here
Saturday For Achievement Program
Office Cash
Box! Stolen
The high school office was en
tered grnnetifte Wednesday night
and aiwiut $70 taken from a safety
cash. box.
Wjpynesville police, together
witS fingerprint experts, are
working on the case. Everett E.
Moore, Identification and finger
print expert of Canton, was call
ed in on the case, and made a
check-up of the area early Thurs
day when the robbery was dis
covered. Policemen Hub Ruff and Jerry
Rogers have been assigned to the
Officers would not say whether
they have any clues in the case,
other than to say, "We hope to
have some news before too long."
Oral L. Yates will vote for Jon
athan Daniels as national Demo
cratic committeeman when the
executive committee meets in Ra
leigh the 9th. The vacancy caused
by the death of Senator Joe Blythe
is being filled.
jmfy Is $7,000 Over Goal
IMarket SSw5Si A Victory Smile iDavton Nets
of Dimes officials for their all-out
support of the polio fund-raising
drive as the county quota of $13,
was surpassed by nearly $7,000, an
amount just under the quota last
The announcement that the
county overshot its goal was made
yesterday by Dave Hyatt of Waynes
ville and Beekman Huger of Can
tori, co-chairmen of the drive in
the county, when they reported
that a total of $19,790.08 had been
$10,744 Raised Here
A. P. Ledbetter, March of Dimes
chairman in the Waynesville area,
reported yesterday that the con
tributions in this section amounted
to $10,744.42, with several reports
yet to be filed.
Edwin Keynes, who is serving in
Hie capacity as manager of the
Canton area, said yesterday after
noon that the fund in that district
had reached a total of $9,045.60.
The breakdown of collections in
the Waynesville area as released
by Mr. Ledbetter were is follows:
Schools, $2,093.06; dime board, $1,
271..77; A. C. Lawrence Leather
Company, $166.45; Royle-Pilking-ton
Company, $154; Unagusta
Manufacturing Company, $-r01;
Wcllco Shoe Corporation, $400.04;
Dayton Rubber Company, $1,137.31;
Approximately 700 county home
demonstration women and demon
stration farmers will gather for the
annual Achievement Day program
Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock
in the county court house.
IVJrs. TV. D. Ketner, president of
the home demonstration county
council, and J. L. Westmoreland,
leader of the Haywood County
demonstration farmers, will pre
side over the annual event.
Hutcheson Speaks
The main address for the
Achievement Day program will be
delivered by T. B. Hutcheson, dean '
of agriculture at Virginia Poly- j
technic Institute. Mr. Hutcheson ,
is considered as the South's top
authority on agriculture and should ;
enlighten the county farmers and
farm women on the current agri
cultural problems.
Mrs. Paul Hotchkiss, extension j
service director from State Col
lege, will introduce the guest
The other portions of the pro
gram will consist of the following:
invocation, Dr. C. N. Clark; ex
pression of appreciation. R. C.
Francis; achievements, Mrs. Otis
Cole, home demonstration council,
and George E. Stamey, leader
the demonstration
farmer organi -
zation; and special music by the
Aliens Creek Quartet.
Offcers of the demonstration
(See Farmers Page 8)
A. P. LEDBETTER has a right
to be all smiles, because the polio
campaign has gone far over the
top under his direction ' and
supervision. The area has raised
$10,700 against a quota of $6,500.
benefit basketball game, $181;
singing convention, $307.50; Rocky
Branch Church. $fi0.1B; Strand
(Sec Polio Parte H
ini ii ll1'
Dairy Meets
Open Moru
In County
A series of dairy, meetings will
be conducted throughout the
county, starting Monday, February
7, and will continue through Fri
day, February 11, it w;is revealed
by Wayne Corponing , county
The meetings arc bcina held
assist the dairymen of the county
in the control of mastitis and in
other dairy problems. The meet
ings have been scheduled at dairy
barns over the county w here these
issues will be discussed
(See Dairy Mcefins Paicr K
Legislators will hear a lot about
agriculture on next Tue'lay. w hen
all phases of agricultural work will
be formally presented to the ap
propriations committee. Howard
i Clapp, director in charge of the
! State Test Farm here, will lie
among those appearing before the
committee, asking for funds for
j operation f projects for the next
! two years.
Dayton Nets
Over $U37
In campaign
One of the largest contributions
from the industries in Hay wood ,
county came from the Dayton Huh- j
ber company where the employes
and the United Rubber Workers
local union 277. combined to raise
a total of $1,137.31 in the polio
The planning committee, headed
by Ned Tucker, personnel director
for the company and Sam Killian.
president of local 277. estimated
that around $800 would be raised
in the drive. The collections over
shot the goal by $333.37.
The average contribution per em
ployee at Dayton Rubber company
was approximately $2.50. drive offi
cials estimated. One department
averaged nearly $5 per employe
and several contributions above
$10 were received.
In the millroom where only men
are employed. 60 workers gave
$265 for an average of $4.42 per
employe. This is a Rood example,
company officials said, how stout
hearted working men feel about
(See Dayton Pape 81
Court To
Open 7th
Tin- I" i r 1 1 i ' ' i i m I n.i I session of
Haywood "tiiii!- 'ii pcii'ir court
will conven- lie i Monday morning
it 10 o'clock with Judge Dan K.
Moore of Sylva prcsidinu.
"Indications are t hat we will
have a relatively li(;hl docket this
' term." Solicitor 'I liad Hryson said
'his iiioniiiin He" asserted that
only two bii! cases appear on the
court calendar, with most of the
'others being minor cases.
The I v.
hie ca'cs thai Solicitor
Bryson cave reference to are the I
murder ease against Glenn Hamp
ton Hryson. -il, ol Clyde, and Ran-I
some Given. 22. in connection with!
the death of Frank V.. Haynes. 7il, !
reliicd tanner and former police!
jud.'e and mayor of Clyde, last;
November "I .
Solicitor f'.r.vson said thai the!
Smith man from A Ji"vHlc will he !
tried for n.bhery of $15,000 from
Mrs I. Hen Noland of Clyde on New
Year', Day.
The jurors impanelled to serve
(luring tlie first week of the court
are as follows: Claude Williams.
Ke.ivei dam; .1 V Hay, Waynes
ville; H W. Given Fines Creek;
' W'ess I'less. I'.asl Fork; Mrs. Jim
Jones. Wavncsville Tay lor Fergu
son. Ivy Hill; C. I). Kel ner, Waynes
ville; .1. T ChappeM, I5eaverdam;
Dewey Carver, Ivy Hill; Walker
Brown. I'i.'con; Dr. .!. E. Hair,
tleavei dam: M a i v i n McClure,
Clile; ,! G 'I't i ri ll. Waynesville:
Jack Harris, Heaverdam: Howard
l.c'illerv i,od. Clyde.
.lack l eii;nson, Fines Creek; As
lierrv Bradley. Ivy Hill: Kenneth
Brinming, Cecil:
Jonathan; Lucius
Gordon Reeves,
Caldwell Cala -
loochee: Bill Franklin. Beaverdam;
.t. M Caldwell. Calaloochee; Mark
FerUKin, Fines Creek; Marvin
I .(.mi!. Pigeon; Dave Brown, Jona
Mhan; S. K. Clark. Crablree; C. T.
I . y ... ...UM f'omt PaiieJ)
Former Resident's
Husband Dies
In Washington
, (I Krotjel, husband of Mrs.
U'iNie Huberts Kroyel, died at his
home in Auburn. Washington on
January 22 He was a retired loco
motive cneineer on the Northern
Pacific Kailuay and was a Shriller.
Funeral services were held in
Auburn on January 2'i.
Mr-. Kroiiel. who is a native of
Haywood County, i. a sister of Mrs.
Th. id Howell and Mr-. James 1!
Loral Hospital (lets
Full Approval IJy
College Of Surgeons
The Haywood County Hospital
has been awarded full approval
by the American Cnllrce of Sur
Rpons for the year l!)48, it was
revralcd by the annual survey
released recently.
The local hospital was annum
the .1,150 approved hospitals in
the I nitcd States and Canada at
the end of last year.
Thr survey showed that the
county hospital has a 72-bed
capacity and 15 bassinets. The
cneral county hospital is con
trolled by hoard of trusters
and Is owned hy Haywood Coun
ty, the survey indicated.
Two Men Held Here Confess To $58,000 Robbery
1 a a. A JWMUM.wriaUiaB lftl ilii luiMftMIMimr'--'-'-- iriir I
Kenneth Scheetz. left and Robert Brady, Jr., Virginia ex-convicts
confessed Tuesday night in the Haywood county jail to a $58,000
warehouse robbery at Knoxville Christmas night. The two men
have been lodged in jail here since they were arrested near Frank
lin by fatrolman Richard Smith. Picture by Ingram's Studio.
New Store Ready
J. C. JENNINGS, manager
Belk-Hudson, is announcing
day the formal opening of
new enlarged store, which
has three floors, and more than
22,000 square feet of floor space.
Photo by Ingram's Studio.
New Building
Opens Today
The doors to the new and enlarged
Belk-Hudson store will formally
swing open today to the public,
with top officials of the organiza
tion present to participate in the
Friday will mark five months to
the day that work got underway on
j the expansion program of the Belk
Hudson building. The firm now
: boasts of the largest floor space of
i any retail store in this entire area.
IThe store is 42 feet wide and !(!
i feet deep. The three floors are
1 modern in every detail, and accom
modates 25 departments.
The store opened 10 years ago
with 2,250 square feet of floor
space, and has gradually enlarged
until todav th-re are 22.436 square
! I -M 'OfUiopraee, U UiUrtin
in me ,en ers me ....... r.. -
larcen exaciiy ten limes uie viin
inal size. When the store opened
there were three clerks and a man
ager, today there are 35 regular
clerks, with 14 extras for week
ends, besides two janitors, and
Specially designed, and new fix
tures have bee i used throughout
the first and second floors of the
firm. Modern fluorescent lighting
extends over each counter against
the walls, as well as three rows of
lights down the full length of the
building The fixtures were made
for special use in every depart
ment. The front exterior of (he store
(See i;elk-Huds,on Paffe 8
Civic Groups Will
Name 'Man Of The
Year' This Month
! Within a short time, the "man of
ithe year" will be officially named
I for this community.
The project is being sponsored by
Hie Civic Improvement Committee
of the Lions Club, in cooperation
with oilier civic groups of the com
munity. Those in charge of the project
announced that members of each
club would have an opportunity to
cast a secret ballot for the candi
date of their choice.
The announcement of the winner
is expected to be made late in
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Noland Gravels Roads
Of District; In Good
Shape For
Thousands Of Tons Of
Stone And Gravel
Put On Roads In
This District.
The Tenth Highway Division is
in a position lo lienefil more than
any area in the stale from the high
way program of Governor Kerr
Scott, according to D Reeves No
land, highway commissioner of this
Mr. Noland qualified his state
ment, by pointing out thai he has
' majored" on rural roads by put
ting down crushed stone lo get
people out of the mud, and that this
base is all ready for black lopping,
if the rural road program is voted
by the people of the stale.
The records show thaal in the
past three years, the State High
way and Public Works Commission
has placed 2.13B.(il 4 tons of crush
ed stone and gravel on the roads
of the Tenth Division. This amount
of materials would require a train
approximately 427 miles long to
haul it, Mr. Noland said.
In Haywood County, there have
been 214,173 tons of crushed gravel
and stone placed on rural roads.
A train 82 miles long would have
been required to haul this amount,
il was pointed out. Other counties
i in the division had stone placed I
i on their rural roads in the same;
proportion lo Haywood. j
Mr. Noland pointed out: "With ;
I ill!" oase l" iiov iirtvi- uu iuicti
i roads, we are in a position to make
great progress in surface treating
.when funds are available. This
i division should lead all the divi
sions in the state in tins type ol
work iit.toMmrney is in 'fund.-
, Commjssj(,nrl. Noland also point
ed out: "It has been the policy of
the Tenth Division to get as many
people as we could out of the mud,
before we .started on a surface
treating program on roads having
less than 200 persons per day."
The Tenth District was compli
mented in a recent report by
Charles Ross, former highway
chairman, who made a survey of
the conditions of roads over the
state, when he pointed out the
Tenth District's rural roads had
been given more attention than in
anv other district.
Seaman Chosen
President Of
State Alumni
Henry Seaman of Canton was
elected president of the Haywood
County alumni chapter of N. C.
Stale College at a meeting of the
group in Canton Monday night.
Other newly elected officers of
the association are: Wayne' Cor
pening, first vice-president; Henry
Michals, second vice-president:
Howard Clapp. secretary and treas
urer: and
Claun was
Joe Cline, reporter,
re-elected as a chapter
offieer. !
The group discussed the legisla- ;
tive program and general matters
pertaining to State College. j
Paul Davis of Waynesville is re-
tiring president. A large group of!
State College alumni from the
county attended the meeting.
A pair of former Virginia convicts sat nonchalant! m
the Haywood County jail Wednesday morning and iHrfl
their Soo.OOO robbery of the Cas Walker Grocery Wnvi'.'-H
safe on December 26 after confessing to officers here Tlic- -day
night around 10 o'clock.
The confession by Kenneth Scheetz, 28, and Robert
Brady. Jr.. 28. climaxed 10 days of pBnMHHMMMMMHHaKHBBH
grilling and an
1-day questioning-!
session luesoay ny ouiceis nuin
three stales. A marked $100 bill
found in possession of one of the
two suspects was the "final con- '
vincer" which brought full confes- ,
sion from the pair, according to!
officers. '
Trial Set Here
Brady will be tried at the April '
term of Haywood County superior
court on charges of possession of j
burglary tools and firearms, it was 1
understood by lhad Bryson, so
licit of this district.
Scheetz will be returned to the
Virginia state penitentiary to com
pete the serving of a 20-year term
for burgary imposed in 1939. A
warrant charging violation of pa
role against Scheetz was received
here Wednesday from Virginia au
(See Safe Crackers Page 8)
Fights Mud
commisisoner of the Tenth Dis
trict, has consistently led f'o
fight against mud in this di ;hi"t
by putting crushed stone and
gravel by the "train load'' on ru
ral roads.
To Discuss
j T)ffVi Jfl
The Merchants Association will.-,
meet next Tuesday night to rb
cuss three matters, it war, an
nounced by Dave Feltnet. president
of the organization.
The meeting will be held a!
court house at 7:30 and the thro
matters of particular business will
First, a discussion ' ilioua
(See Merchants Pase R)
Two In Jail For
Setting Fire To
Large Hay Stack
The bright light in !!" M..',;.: '
section about one o'clock VVedn' -day
morning was not northfni
lights, but a burning w s'-ick
Deputies Wade McDau'el nd
Cal Kabb, with bloodhound., vent
j lo the scene, and after an hour s
race over the frozen ground, sno-v
and frost, soon had l.eon foHpi
in custody, Bolden said Can.--Evans
was a companion, and ld
set the stack on fire when he duo,
out a hole to go to sleep
Evans was arrested later in 'be
day. and lodged in jail with Bolden
j where both
! Thursday.
remained af irvm
Bolden said he lett r.vain i" : -
paring to go to sleep, and vbn
down the road a half mile or more.
looked back and saw the smoke
rolling up.
The hay stack belonged to C'-f-
ford Rich, and was valued at
officers said.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured .... 1
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).
iLnliiMHii wwiinniiiwnr n mwwianiiannninrnminriniiiiirri" iii 1 ""'

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