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Comp220-23U s' fl,
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
A young woman was mail
ing the old family Bible to her
brother in a distant city. The
postal clerk examined the
heavy package and cautiously
inquired whether it contained
anything breakable.
"Only the Ten Command
ments." If-
tm rum
lly Air
'folk hope 11 is
L, I'm n pck piece
5 M. Broughton
f iiu. Farm Bu-
Jheville with her
tor-husband on
Farm Bureau
,ris of Senator
Jnn have bought
jfioin the Smoky
presented Mon-
Ihc hope for a
ha Tax
itcs You
Him . .
Is sending an in-
B lay wood county
ike out their re-
RValston, deputy
at the Clyde
hiary 25. Then
larch 1, 2. 3 and
bn Drug Store.
7th. he will be
Isc Ihrough the
to file.
Inn or married
income of $1,000
le year 1948 and
living with wife
laving an income
must file a state
fctcr Defines
lav a member of
hurch approach-
Jors alter church
y glad to have
y. it you are
arc extremely
p members of a
then we won't
xrept, 'let our
;rr. visitors, and
nit lee. '
Mink TraDs
her Cage'
il you can never
n driver will do,
to a beautiful
v'i sable mink,
fly, owner of the
$Kur Farm missed
Jtifttl minks, and
Icnirh found that
I" an escape proof
"'l gel out. He
from her case
ng about, manag
into the cage
. and some food,
was cither con-
' could not find a
fU'HKly is happy,
tact that the
Change . . .
" lot of fun ho.
iiscsrvprl a knliJ...
(piked in frnni r
flighted in telling
F-nuroed voice,
mm in cash and
IllgCestf.rf l- -I
" :lv" "c urup
P"' nieht dennci.
ISsed nfT n,
f' "lit it was not
111,1 not do that.
;"IKe hy adding,
wL1, Keep tmg
Pocket .'hn i.
. -v. 61111
a fellow feel
p -. 20.00-23.00
: 1.00-25.00
Continued rath.
Pesville tempera.
"v the staff of the
? Min. Rainfall
40 .10
8 .17
1 20c-28c
II, 32C
64th YEAR No. 12 28
All Waynesville
Homes On Paved
Streets Served
The "go-light" has been given I'm-twice-a-day
delivery service of
mail in Waynesville.
The post office department gave
Postmaster J. H. Howell t lit- au
thority to put the program into
effect at once. He said yesterday
that it would probably be March
first before he can arrange all de
tails for the inauguration of the
twice-a-day mail delivery to all
residents on paved streets in Way
nesville. While Postmaster Howell is
working out details for the extra
mail service, the town board has
ordered a map made of Waynes
ville and will soon number all
houses. This will enable the post
office employees to give more effi
cient service, Postmaster Howell
pointed out.
Route one will cover the Dell
wood road. Lee Street, Chest nul
Park Drive, Dolan Hoad, Brook
mont. Assembly Street, Fast Street,
Howell and Oak Streets, and areas
in between.
Route two will include the pres
ent streets in addition lo Hill and
Hospital streets, and all areas
Postmaster Howell pointed out
that patrons wanting this twice-a-day
mail service to their homes
must provide suitable mail recep
tacles or door slots. Mail will
not be delivered ..where one bf
these is not provided, he said. v
The mail delivery service will
be twice daily except Saturday,
when only one delivery will be
made. '
Postmaster Howell has been
working on this project for a long
time, and recently an inspector
was here, and after studying (he
proposal, made a recommendation
for its inauguration. The recom
mendation was granted in complete
Exchange Club
Approves Bonds
For Hospital
The Canton Exchange Clob vot
ed approval of the $200,000 bond
issue for expansion of the Haywood
county hospital, at their recent
meeting. Dr. G. W. Gibbons was
the speaker, and pointed out the
needs of the institution.
The group went on record fav
oring the plan, which calls for the
state and federal government pro
viding 71 cents of every dollar
needed to make necessary expan
sions. The resolution of the club, called
for every citizen to support the
measure when the matter is voted
on February 26th.
Mrs. Yates On
Farm Bureau
Program Monday
Mrs. Oral L. Yates will give the
address of welcome at the Farm
Bureau meeting in Asheville Mon
day morning. Mrs. Yates is presi
dent of the Haywood Farm Bureau
C. B. McCrary is president of
the local unit of the bureau. Oral
L. Yates is also scheduled to have
a part on the program.
A chimney in the Johnson Apart
ments, on Branner Avenue, 'caught
fire and burned late Tuesday. No
damage resulted, according lo
Chief Clem Fitzgerald.
Scout Adult Membership
Drive Starts In Haywood
The annual Boy Scout adult
membership drive will get under
way in Haywood Monday, w i'h the
Rotary Club in Waynesville, and
the Exchange Club in Canton,
sponsoring the campaign. The
Waynesville area has an assigned
quota of $1,23, while the Canton
area has a quota of $1,750.
Johnny Johnson is heading the
drive here, and announced yester
day that his committee, composed
of Ralph Prevost and M. H. Bowles,
is expecting all business and pro
fessional firms and Individuals to
l'A(;j;s Associated Press
Head Merchants Association
ft 4yiL I V
f4 wmi m i
I ..I "
I I J I .
Merchants Propose To
Open Credit Bureau Soon
Firemen Give
Town 9-Foot
Catch Net
Within a few days, a large
modern nine-foot catch net will
arrive at the Waynesville Fire
T h e Firemen's Association
houcht the net for $375 and are
giving it to the fire department.
The net is designed to take care
of a jump five stories high.
Assistant Ficc Chief Felix
Stovall. in discussing the new
piece of equipment, said, "We
will have it on hand, with the
hopes that we never have to use
it, but if we do, in all probability
it will be the means of saving
Fire Chief Clem Fitzgerald said
that practice periods will be held
later in the spring, with all volun
teer firemen participating in proper
ways to hold the net. and that ac
tual jumps would be made.
Jack Lynn Coming Here
For The Wcek-Knd
Jack Lynn, former county agent
hero, is scheduled to attend the
Farm Bureau meeting in Asheville
I his week-end. Plans are for him
to spend Sunday here with Mr. and
Mrs. Wayne Corpening.
Mr. l.ynn is connected with the
Farm Bureau with offices in Wash
ington. make a minimum $10 contribution
each to the work.
Samuel Abbott is in charge of
the drive in Champion Paper and
Fibre Company, while the solicita
tions in town will be supervised by
Underwood Smathers, president of
the Exchange club. Others taking a
leading part in the campaign, will
be Earnest Anderson. A. W. Prk
er. Vincent Glance, Charles Wor
ley, Neil McKinnish, Joyce Warren,
William Carter and Ruffner Jones.
Mr. Abbott announced that cap
(See Scouts Page R)
and United Press News
7 K
Mail Delivery Starts Soon
in iIIMIi4 , Jg mmuimM
Vice President
Merchants voted to continue
closing at noon Wednesdays, also
to establish a credit bureau, and
elected officers, at their meeting
here Tuesday night
Wilh one of t tic largest attend
ances in many years, the merchants
discussed various problems, spend
ing most of their time on the pro
posed credit bureau.
The executive committee, coin
posed of seven members, was in
structed to proceed with details on j
the bureau and report at the next
meeting the exact cost per member i
per month.
The newly elected president, W. I
M. "Bill" Cobb said the commit
tee would proceed immediately.
Tentative plans are to combine
the office with the Chamber of
Commerce, putting a full time per
son in charge of the credit bureau,
and lo assist with the Chamber of j
Commerce work. 1 nts. However, is
subject to approval by the board
of directors of the Chamber of
Besides electing Mr. Cobb, who
succeeds Dave Felmet. the group
elected J. C. Jennings as vice prcs-
(See Merchants Page 31
- V
W. G. Byers Takes Federal
Position In Washington
W. O. Byers has been named as
sistant sergeant -af-arms of 1he
United States Senate in Washing
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Byers left Wed
nesday morning for the capitol,
where be will assume his new du
ties immediately. They plan to get
an apartment as soon as possible.
Mr. Byers is chairman of the
Haywood Democratic executive
committee, and served for a num
ber of terms as clerk of court. He
also served as moderator of the
Haywood Baptist Association, and
has held several important commit
tee assignments in the State Dem
ocratic organization. He also served
as persidential elector several
Mr. and Mrs. Byers were accom
panied by Richard Queen, special
secretary to Senator Broughton.
9 Homeless
As House Is
Fire of an unknown origin des
troyed the home and all clothing
and furnishings of Mr. and Mrs.
Elbert Mills shortly before noon
Thursday. The home, near the
Aliens Creek church, was burning
briskly when the Waynesville fire
department arrived.
A socond truck was called, and
started pumping water from the
creek, and only through fast work
of the firemen were nearby houses
and the church saved. Due house
caught, but the blaze was quickly
put out. The furniture of the
iccond house was thrown out, and
much broken.
The Mills family has seven chil
dren, and all clothing and furniture
was deslro.ed. Before the large
number of spectators left. Rev.
Kay Allen started a collection and
took up SH2 in cash for the family
and asked lor contributions of
clothing, furniture, as well as
money. Many people are expected
to respond lo I he plea.
The flames spread rapidly, and
a washing machine, refrigerator
and sewing machine was all that
could be saved.
Mr. Mills is a mechanic at the
Rogers One-Stop Garage on the
Balsam road.
Fire Chief Fitzgerald said the
fire had made too much headway
when they arrived lo do anything
more than protect adjoining prop
erty. The lack of water mains in
iSLhc area necessitated use of the
mvek water " I he situation looked
bad for a while, and wilh the wind
blowing, I hi' other houses and
church were in danger ol catching,"
the chief said
Town Will
Open Timber
Bids Today
Town oflici.ils will open bids on
city-owned limber at two o'clock
The bids on I oOO.oni) leel of lim
' her from a IIO0-,k i e li .iel of un
, used watershed properly, will he
I opened, as per advertising, set out
! several weeks ago.
j G. C. Ferguson said he had sev-1
en firms or individuals lo ask fori
specifications on the timber. as
surveyed by representatives of the
Slate Forestry Service. TV A for-J
esters and . . Dav is, represent
ing the town.
The person or firm buying the
timber will have to build roads
through the property which will
be maintained as fire roads by the
town after the limber is cut.
Firemen Give $50
To Polio Drive
Among the many organizations
contributing to the March of Dimes,
was the Waynesville fire depart
ment, which gave $50.
The Firemen's Association have
made it a practice throughout the
years of giving at least $50 to this
campaign each year
AY, FEBRUARY 11, 1949
Criminal Term Of Court
Will Adjourn Saturday;
Civil Cases Next Week
Glen Hampton Bryson, 23. was o.dered lo i
$15 per month until $1,250 is paid, under a 7
as an outgrowth of the death of Mr. flavins
accident last fall. The attorney lor liamson (i
the case, is not in town, and his trial was postponed.
Judge Moore announced the case against I he Asheville salesman
for theft of money from Mrs. Ellen Noland ol Clyde would be started
at 9:30 Friday.
The February term of criminal 1 ' "
court is expected to adjourn some
time Saturday, Judge Dan K. Moore
said Thursday.
Judge Moore plans to clear a
lot of old civil cases from the
docket next week, but said there
would not be any jury trials.
Solicitor Thad Bryson lias been
called to Camp Le.leune the first of
next week, he said yesterday.
As court convened Thursday
morning, seals were at a premium,
as it had been announced that the
case involving two young men with
the highway accident death ol
Frank E Haynes, 78, of Clyde last
fall, would be tried. Also a sec
ond case from Clyde, in which an
Asheville salesman is charged with
theft of a large sum of money
from Mrs. Ellen Noland. on New
Year's day.
H was estimated that 150 citizens
of Clyde and immediate vicinity
were 'present' Irl 'Court. "Thursday
morning. Court adjourned at
10:.r)5 until 1:30, awaiting the ar
rival of W. Roy Francis, an at
torney in both cases, who was held
up in Raleigh before the supreme
cou rt.
Jack Franklin was sentenced 3
(See Court Page 81
New Offices Being Built
For Ciiy And Chamber Of
Commerce In Town Hall
Plans Take Shape For
New Vocational Building
Here, Costing $330r500
Plans are taking shape for a
new vocational school building
in Waynesville at an estimated
cost of $330,500, it was reveal
ed recently.
Waynesville will he among the
8fi North Carolina communities
to rrcve new school buildings
or additions under the Advance
Planning program of the Federal
Works agency.
Glenn Palmer Elected
Director Of Carolina
Dairyman's Association
Glenn C Palmer has been re
elected as one of seven directors of
the North Carolina Milk Produc
ers Association. He served as vice
president during the past year.
Within 30 days the1 directors will
meet and elect officers for the
coming year.
Community Development
Program To Be Launched
Every section of Haywood is ex
pected to be represented Thurs
day night, when fornu 1 plans are
presented for the creation of a
community development program
on a county-wide basis. The meet
ing will be held at the court house
at 7:30, it was announced by Wayne
Corpening, county agent.
The program has met with such
success in Tennessee and other
states, that the 99 Haywood
l i
zens on the out-of-state farm tour j
SHI" .
last summer became interested in
what thrv found, thpt they have
?;;.() In Advance In
F. T I N
. ai:k K. Has lies
i peiided senlence.
wl" in a highway
ither defendant in
,l C
ted national Democratic commit
teeman in Raleigh Wednesday
night, lo nil Ihr vacancy created
by the death of Senator Joe
(See Daniels Page 8
Woikiiii-n are pushing lo com
pletion, new quarters for the town
office and Chamber of Commerce.
Both offices are being built in
I he city hall building, just across
from the post office.
The liew olTiees will give the
town clerk, water and light de
partment larger quarters, as well
as the cil.s tax collector.
The rear ol the new offices will
he used by the town board for
their meetings.
Tentative plans ale to convert
the present water and light office
'into headquarters for the police,
and discontinue their second floor
G C Ferguson, town manager,
said the arrangement would give
all departments much needed
space, in addition to providing a
new home lor the Chamber of
"We have been crowded where
we have been all the time, and
by joining in wilh the Chamber
of Commerce, decided to build the
new oil ice for the town at the
same time."
The work is
completed liii'H
the move made.
Cinder blocks
scheduled to be
March first, and
ire being used for
the walls, and these
ereri. boih inside and
ill be plast-
urged that Hie farts be presented
to I lie people here
Mr. Cnrpeimv; h., iiTtinged to
have repres( pt.iir.e., of the Tenn
essee communities come here and
explain the prni-.m. some of the
advantages and results.
The over-all purpose of the pro
gram is to set up an organization
in each rural community, which
will serve as a clearing house for
.. 1 1
ivir improvements and pro-
group is expected to
meeting on Thursday
attend the
1LL I.
Haywood and Jackson Counties
Wayne Franklin
Assumes Duties;
To Work In East
Fork-Cecil Area
Effective February 15. Hay.' ood
county will have four county
Wayne Franklin, former a.s-;Kt-ant
county agent here, is letuin
ing to assume the responsibilil ,i
carrying on special work in Ka.-t
Fork. Cecil. Pigeon and pail., of
fieaverdam townships.
Mr. Franklin is being brought
to Haywood through a roop'i,iir
agreement between the County,
the Slate Extension Servi, ..j,,)
Champion Paper and Fibre (....
pany. with the latter paying a
share of his salary.
The program which Mr Frank
lin will push is similar lo IF' nr:
inaugurated before the war in
same area, with TVA, the -.tale,
county and Extension Sir iip
working on a cooperative ha ,i ..
Wayne Corpening. county af;enl,
said "yesterday in announcing (I
plan, that Mr. Franklin would ( -it -ry
on the same work in tin- Pigeon
River area as is being cured on
in the remainder of the count v.
"Emphasis will be put on .oil
erosion, and forestry work.'' Mr.
Corpening said. "The main iciH of
the program is designed lo io.ho
tain a constant water How, eF- i of
silt, in addition to rehire ,itw,n
and protection of the woodl.m-i '
he continued.
Several checking station. nl lo
maintained for seeing the ,i' ( ,,(,,. -
lislimeiits in keeping sill n ef
the river. Pari of the nn;j mi
calls for roadside beauhfirVion
which will keep the hank , i . i
li;ichinn,. lil..h.w II i, ...
! od out.
Several afternoons each
(See County Agent Page
Polio Fund
Still Grows
Haywood's polio r;iiiiwi:'
linued to steadily rise, and
over $20,750. according lo
Myall, county chairman.
The Waynesville area h.
750 in cash on hand, which
raised under the direct em ol
Ledbetter. campaign chairman
The Canton area has umt
000 in cash on hand, with I'd ,
liuger, and Edwin llaynr-.
chairman in that area.
Haywood's quota was .si:
which means that the quo. i
been oversubscribed le i""i
Haywood is among the f- '
ties in the state to exceed the
ta to date.
'. I'.
I' .
;, -
iHusband Of
j Former Resident
Dies In Virginia
News has been received h '(
I the death of Dr. Hunter M '
I husband of Mrs. Janie l.o- t "
jCuire. on January 22. at hi, ho
in Winchester, Virginia.
Dr. McGuire. a promiei -nt i
i specialist, was a nepherw of i
late Dr. Hunter McGuue. e'
: surgeon of the army of We 1 v
!ginia during the War Between i
1 Mrs. McGuire, a native of V,
nesville. is the sister of Mi f
Mitchell and Mrs. J. F -l.-t
! Waynesville, and Mrs. Gerald W
of Marietta, Georgia.
Jerry Liner, busine s nn
Lake Junaluska. underwent
operation in an Asheville le,ir
Monday. He is getting along,
ly, sccorriing to latest reports
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured .... 1
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol;.
J i
J'f- j4
r i

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