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The Waynesville
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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Sefat of Ilaywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
64th YEAR No. 15 8 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1949
$3.00 In Advance In Ilaywood and Jackson Counties
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Tennesseeans Help Haywood On Farm Program
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This1 group of Tennessee agricultural leaders, together with TVA and State College specialists, met
with Haywood farmers and business leaders last week to work out tentative plans for a county-wide
community development program. Those shown in the above picture, are left to right: Clifford Seeb
er, educational division. TVA; Ralph C. McDade, University of Tennessee agriculture specialist; Ver
non Sims, county agent, Johnson County iTenn.); Miss Alta Lloyd, secretary Doe Valley Community
Club; Willard Hayes, TVA; Jack Boudurant, chairman Knoxville civic group, sponsor of Eastern Ten
nessee clubs; Archie Dillon, president Doe Valley C lub, winner of first place In Tennessee in 1943; Mrs.
Warren Fleener, leader ot Holston Valley group; R. W. SchofTner, district county agent of this area;
Mr. Fleener, of Holston, and T. K. Jones, farm management specialist of State College. This photo
by Ingram's Studio.
Groundwork Completed For
Community Development Clubs
7i no
Farm Income Wan
Five Million
Mtich Interest Being
Shown In Organizing
Community Clubs
' The groundwork ftal1 been laid
for establishing a community de
velopment organization through
out rural Haywood county.
A group of Tennessee farm lead
ers here last week-end, appeared
before several groups of interested
Haywood citizens and told of their
program which has received nation
wide recognition. Smaller groups of
leaders later met with the Tennes
see representatives and discussed
organization machinery, and a gen
eral program for the development
A temporary steering committee,
under the direction of Wayne
Corpening, has been set up to car
ry out definite ideas of the plan.
The committee is composed of
Kay Allen, Aliens Creek; Frank
Davis, Iron Duff: Nathat Carver,
Jonathan Creek; Hugh Ratcliffc,
Ratcliffe Cove: Lou Singleton,
George Stamey, Mrs. U. O. Kelly
and Mrs. Hugh Terrell, of Pigeon;
Cassius Rogers, and Mrs. Hugh
Noland, Crabtree; D. J. Boyd of
Jonathan Creek, and Mrs. L. L.
Smathers, of Morning Star. Vari
See Community Page 8)
Board Of Elections
Meet Wednesday "
Tentative plans are for the
county commissioners, and the
board of elections to meet Wed
nesday morning, and set a day
for the proposed $200,000 Hos
pital Bond election.
The election was set for Feb
rurary 26th some months ago,
but has been postponed due to
legal technicalities.
Jerry Ropers is chairman of
the board of elections.
Inspection Lane
Opens Today;
Here All Week
The motor vehicle inspection
lane set up here yesterday and
will be open for business this morn
ing. All cars of 1938 models, or
older, have to have an inspection
sticker by February 28th, accord
ing to the law.
The inspection lane, under the
direction of C. P. Sawyer, will be
here until noon Saturday.
On March 1 the lane will open
in Sylva.
jal Cites The
J Of Flying Kites
gh Tension Wires
Flying kites near electric wires
is extremely dangerous, Harry
Burleson, local representative of
Carolina Power & Light Company
said yesterday, after a youth was
kellcd In Piedmont Carolina by the
practice Sunday.
"High tension wires and wet or
damp kite cord makes a mighty
dangerous combination," Mr. Bur
leson continued.
"We have already had some ex
perience of kites and cord getting
tangled in high tension wires dur
ing the past week, but fortunately
no personal Injuries resulted," he
Often the tangled wires mean
heavy losses by blowing fuses, or
other valuable equipment damaged.
"Parents should see that chil
dren get In open fields, away from
(See Kites Page 8)
'Man Of The Year'
To Be Honored At
Lions Club Thurs.
The Lions Club will honor "The
Man of The Year" at their meet
ing Thursday night. The commit
tee said the program would be
broadcast over WHCC from 7:30
to 8. Judges of other civic clubs
who worked on the project will
be guests of the club.
Joe Davis chairman of the pro
gram committee, will be in charge
of the program for the evening.
The Club's civic improvement com
mittee, who sponsored the project,
is composed of C. D. Ketner,
Charles Reed, Earl Messer and
Ernest Edwards.
Rev. R. L. Young will be the
speaker. Judges representing other
organizations include: M. H. Bowl
es, Rev. M. R. Williamson, James
L. Kilpatrick and William Dover.
I Ml
In an editorial in the Friday
edition of The Mountaineer, we
said Haywood would get about
$200,000 from the proposed $200
million road program. Somewhere
along the production line the zeroes
got lost. The correct figure should
have read l"Almost $2,000,000
two million."
Five Local
Play In All
State Band
Five members of the Waynes
ville High School Concert Band
accompanied by their director,
Charles Isley, spent the week-end
in Salisbury and played with the
All-State band in a concert given
at the Boyden High School on
Saturday night.
The all-state band was directed
by James Christian Pfohl, head of
the music department of Davidson
College and head of the Transyl
vania Music Camp.
Members of the band were chos
en from 28 high school bands
throughout the stale. Those from
Waynesville and their instruments
were: Carol Underwood, cornet;
Jimmy Galloway, clarinet; Joe
Fortncr, flute; Sammy Wiggins,
baritone horn; and Betty Noland,
French horn.
The group rehearsed all day
Friday and Saturday and was as
sisted by band directors from high
schools all over the state as well
as directors from the universities
and colleges.
The visitors were entertained in
the homes of members of the Boy
den High School Band and were
honor guests at a banquet and
dance given at the school Friday
night. They were also entertained
at a concert given by the Davidson
College band.
Mrs. Grant Will
Address Group
Mrs. Dorothy Fremont Grant,
nationally known author and lec
turer, of Waynesville. will address
the special Parent Teachers study
group to the Morning Star school
on March second.
Plans are to have representatives
of all the schools in the Canton
area to attend this meeting.
j Occasional
fille tempera-
f the Staff of
Mln. Rainfall
39 .83
Mountaineer Circulation
Hits A New High Record
The addition of 391 new subscribers to The Moun
taineer in the past 45 days, brings the total number of
readers of this newspaper to 20,000, according to Mrs.
R. L. McKittrick. circulation manager.
The report on the 391 new subscribers is for the
period from January first to February 15th, Mrs. Mc
Kittrick said.
In addition to the large number of papers delivered
by mail, there are nine carrier boys in the department.
Mrs. McKittrick said that pictures and feature articles
about each of the carrier boys would be started soon.
Burley Tobacco Leads
In Total Cash In
come For Haywood
Haywood's farm income for 1948
was five million dollars, R. W.
SchofTner, district county agent,
announced here.
In presenting a break-down to
show how much each crop or com
modity brought during 1948, Mr.
Shoffner pointed out that forests
needed more attention, since 38'
per cent of Haywood was forests,
yet produced only five per cent of
the total farm income.
Beef cattle led the field, with
tobacco second, and dairying show
ing a steady increase for third
The break-down in dollars, were
as follows:
Beef cattle
The percentages of the $5,000.00
income for each of these are as
Beef cattle
Tobacco j,.
Dairying p-..
Forest products
40 per cent
20 per cent
15 per cent
14 per cent
6 per cent
5 per cent
Mr. SchofTner also gave Interest
ing information on the amount of
land that is devoted to each unit
of agriculture:
Pastures . 40 per cent
Idle 5 per cent
Under cultivation 16'i per cent
Woods 38'! per cent
Mr. SchofTner called for unity
through the organization of com
munity clubs. "This is one of the
best means of developing our na
tural resources, and our forests
are just one of many examples of
this phase of our farm income that
can, and should be increased."
"One thing always leads to the
development of another, and we
would look for new enterprises,
improvements t o schools and
churches," he continued.
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MW t7Pmm ifm
Return From Buying
Trip In New York
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Massie have
returned from a week's buying trip
in New York, where they bought
spring merchandise for The Tog
gery. They report but few major
changes in styles for the current
National Loan Is
Approved For Unit
Here To Expand
Work will begin immediately to
provide service for 690 new mem
bers of the Haywood Electric
Membership Corporation.
The announcement came upon
receipt of news from Washington
of the approval of a $212,000 loan
by the Rural Electrical Administra
tion in Washington.
Carter Osborne, chairman of the
corporation, made the announce
ment here Friday.
The new loan will be used to ex
tend electric service to 690 new
members over the entire System
which includes Buncombe, Hay
wood, Jackson, Macon and Transyl
vania counties in North Carolina
and Rabun county, Georgia; for im
proved service to existing mem
bers; and for the installation of 2
way radio communication in the
main office and on trucks of the
As a result of this loan, the
Cooperative will be able to con
tinue its program of bringing elec
tric service to new members along
existing lines, and by installation
of 2-way radio equipment will be
able to render better service to its
members. Construction wifl be
pushed as rapidly as materials and
labor can be obtained. President
Osborne said.
The co-op now has 650 miles of
(See REA Page 8)
Park Commission Meets
Here Wednesday; To Ask
5 Millions For Parkway
Today Is Holiday
Tuesday, February 22.
Washington's birthday.
Just another Vuesday for
everyone except covernment em
ployees, and those who work in
banks and post offices. To them,
it is a holiday.
Cpl. Edward Hickman
Stationed In Japan
Cpl. Edward K. Rickman, son of
Mrs. Rhoda Rickman, of Waynes
ville, is with the 8th food service
squadron, 8th fighter Wing in
Japan. He has been in Japan since
July, 1948. He entered the army
in November, 1946.
Canton Tax Bill
Is Given Approval
The bill introduced by Grover
C. Davis to cancel certain past due
taxas for the Town of Canton, has
met with favorable approval in
both the House and Senate of the
General Assembly. The bill was
sponsored by the town officials of
Ratification of the bill into law
I is expected almost any day.
The North Cirolina Park Com
misison will roll up their sleeves
here Wednesday, as they begin
work on a program to get an addi
tional five millions for construction
work on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The appropriation will have to
come from the federal budget
through Congress.
Charles K Kay. chairman, said
yesterday that Sam Weems, sup
erintendent of the Parkway, had
notified him he would be present
(See Parkway Page 8)
High School
Contest To Be
JHeJd Thursday
A county-wide high school ora
torical contest will be held at thi?
Court House Thursday. February
24, at 9 p.m., under the sponsor
ship of the American Legion.
Five contestants, selected in pre
liminary contests held in five high
schools of the county, will partici
pate. The winner will receive a
$25.00 cash prize and will go to
Asheville later to take part in a
district contest.
These contests are part of the
twelfth annual national high school
oratorical contest sponsored by the
legion. In 1938 eleven states par
ticipated and approximately 4.000
students took part. In the years
following interest has increased
until last year there were 250.000
students in the contest with -15
entering the national competition.
A $4,000 scholarship was present
ed to the winner.
The subject to be used in the
contest this year must be on some
phase of the Constitution of the
United States which will give em
phasis to the attendant duties and
obligations of a citizen of our gov
ernment. The public is invited to hear the
Kotarians To Hear
Their International
President Thursday
A number of Waynesville Ro
tarians will attend the dinner
meeting Thursday night in Ashe
ville. which will feature an ad
dress by International President
Angus, of Australia.
Officers Of Haywood Hereford Breeders
This photograph was made at the annual meeting of the Haywood Hereford Breeders association after
they had elected officers. Seated left to right are: C. T, Francis, secretary; M. O. Galloway, president;
and Glenn Noland, vice-president. Standing left to right are the directors Dwight Williams, David Un
derwood, Roy Haynes, Dr. J. L. Reeves and Dr. A. P. Cline. Paul Swaffer of State College, extreme
right, was the speaker. Photo by Ingram'. Studio,
'Kiss And Tell'
To Be Repeated
Here On Feb. 25
"Kiss and Tell", a three act
comedy, which was presented here
on December 10, will be repeated
on Friday, February 25, at 8 pnv.
at the high school auditorium, by
request of the public.
The play, sponsored jointly fu
tile American Legion Post No J 7
and the Beta Sigma Phi soronty.
proved to be an outstanding en
tertainment and will be preserved
at this time with the same en:'
It is being staged in its origins'
form the scripts being identical
to the ones used on Broadv-av,
(See 'Kiss And Tell' Page 8)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured.... 3
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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