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64th YEAR No. lfi 14
Bill To Extend Waynesville
City Limits Is Introduced
RALEIGH A hill to extend the town limits of Waynes
ville, but excluding Hazelwood and Allen's Creek sections,
was introduced in the House torltty by Rep. Grover C. Davis
of Haywood County.
Davis had originally planned to offer a measure to an
nex both the Hazelwood and Allen's Creek areas, but he said
today no such bill will be presented by him this session.
The bill introduced today would increase the incorpor
ated area of Waynesville by approximately 25 per cent and
would boost the population from 3,500 to more than 5,000,
Davis said.
Jt would extend the town limits north and south of the
Hazelwood corporate limits and include Belle Meade devel
opment, the Waynesville Country Club building and annex,
the Ninevah section. Shingle Cove, Farmer development, At
kinson subdivision and property on Dellwood Road.
A full description of the bill as introduced by Mr. Davis,
Will be published in the next edition of the Mountaineer.
Haywood's Annual Membership
Red Cross Drive
Starts Tuesday
. The annual Red Cross membership drive will get underway in
Hayywod Tuesday morning, with a large number of workers all set to
launoh the work. The Waynesville area has a quota of $2.S0G, with
Noble W. Oarrett as fund chairman, and Norman Freel, is fund chair
man of the Canton area with a quota of $4,200.
The Waynesville quota is less than last year, while the Canton
quota .Is slightly more, due to surpluses of previous years
chairman for the Waynesville
area for the annual membership
drive of the Red Cross. The drive
Starts Tuesday morning.
Bobby Harry
Wins Annual
D.A.R. Contest
Bobby Harry, son of Mrs. Frank
Kinsey, and member of the senior
class of the Waynesville High
School, won the medal for first
place in the 41st annual declama
tion contest, sponsored by the
Dorcas Bell Chapter of the Daught
ers of the American Revolution at
the high school auditorium Tues
day morning. His subject was
"The Capture of Major Andre "
Jimmy Swanger with Omar
Bradley's Memorial Day Address,''
won second place and a cash prize.
Honorable mention went to Donald
Matney who gave "Jefferson. The
Patriot," and to Danny McClure.
who gave Patrick Henry's "Call to
Other contestants and their sub
jects were: J. D. Staneley was
(See Bobby Harry Page 6)
Handy Soda Shop
Has Opening
The Handy Soda Shop had a
successful opening Tuesday, it was
learned from Joe Massie, manager.
The new place of business is next
to the Park Theatre, and has a
service window opening into the
lobby of the theatre.
'.Modern equipment has been in
Stalled, and the automatic drink
mixer, which dispenses two flavors
of drinks. Is among the modern
pieces of equipment in the shop.
A large stock of confections are
carried, and a complete fountain
service Is featured.
PAGES Associated Press
Mr. Garrett announced that the
drive will be officially opened here
at 9:30 a. m. Tuesday morning when
all committee members will hold
a kick-off meeting at Tony's Grill
on Main Street. . M
Assisting in the drive will be the
following committees.- Advance
Gifts and Movie Trailer, J. E. Mas
sie and Felix Stovall; Industries,
Ben Colkilt. chairman, Joe Stenel
li, Ned Tucker, Ralph Prevost, L.
K. Barber, Johnny Edwards;
Waynesville Business District, Tom
Lee; Hazelwood Business District,
John B. Smith. Dick Bradley, Dr.
Robert Turner.
Mrs. Freida Knopf and Mrs.
Jonathan Woody will serve as co
chairmen for the residential dis
trict and will be assisted by Mrs.
Nora Swift Atkins, Mrs. Harry Lee
Liner, Jr., Mrs. Herbert Buchanan,
Miss Sue Willard Lindsley, Mrs.
Carl Mundy. Mrs. Felix Stovall,
Mrs. Robert Breese, Mrs. Roy Park
man. Mrs. Milliard Atkins, Miss
Helen Ray. Mrs. N. F. Lancaster,
Miss Lou Elva Eller, Mrs. L. N.
Davis. Mrs. Stuart Roberson. Mrs.
Kermit Chapman, Mrs. A. H. Du
Breuil. Mrs. Malcolm Williamson,
Mrs. Robert Turner. Mrs. M. H.
Bowles, Mrs. Jack Messer, Mrs.
Dave Felmet, Mrs. Frank Miller,
Mrs. Howard Hyatt, Mrs. Tom Lee,
Mrs. Ben Colkitt, Mrs. George
Bisehoff, Mrs. L. K. Barber, Mrs.
Hugh Massie. Mrs. Francis Massie,
Mrs. Roger Walker, Mrs. Aaron
Prevost, Mrs. William Medford,
Mrs. Everett Camp, and Mrs. Lily
Oral Yates Is chairman of the
rural area and his workers include:
Lake Junaluska, Miss Pearl John
son, Mrs. Hallett Ward, and Shir
ley Connatser; Crabtree, Mrs. G.
C. Palmer. Mrs. Frank Medford,
Mrs. Mary Hawkins; Hyder Moun
tain, Marshall Kirkpatrick; Iron
Duff. Thurman Davis, Mrs. Ray
mond Caldwell. Mrs. H. R. Cald
well; Panther Creek Section, Mrs.
Floyd Fulbright; Fines Creek. Mrs.
F. C. Green, Charlie McCrary, and
Mrs. Frank Rathbone; Fairview
Road. Mrs. W. A. Hyatt; Francis
Cove, Mrs. Frank Kinsey and Mrs.
B. L. York; Ratcliffe Cove, Mrs.
Reeves Noland: and Rogers Cove.
Miss Ray Ballard.
Jack Messer is chairman for the
(See Red Cross Pa?e 6)
Teachers Meet
The Haywood County Classroom
Teachers met Wednesday night at
the East Waynesville School with
Mrs. Claude Rogers, president,
Speakers for the evening were
M. H. Bowles, superintendent of
the Waynesville Schools, and Jack
Messer, county superintendent.
Mr. Bowles discussed the prob
lems and responsibilities of the
classroom teacher and Mr. Messer
spoke on the school legislative
and United Press News WAYNLSVILLE, N. C, FRIDAY,
Observes 94th Birthday
MRS. ROBERT II. PLOTT, a life-long resident of Haywood county,
recently observed her 94lh birthday at her home on the Soeo Gap
road. She is the former Miss Matlle Moody, and married Mr. I'lolt
in January 1873. She is the mother ol eleven children, live are
dead. Mrs. Plott has lived through five wars. Detailed story of
Mrs. Plott on page two, I his issue.
Proposed Education
Measure Would Save
Haywood $100,000
Parkway Section
In Pisgah Will
Be Opened Again
Present plans are to open the
five-mile section of the Blue
Ridpe Parkway from Wagon Road
Gap to Bennett's Gap during the
flowering season this spring, ac
cording to Sam P. Weems, super
intendent of the Parkway, who
rwas here Wednesday.
. Mr. Weems said that the pub
lic. had seemed to enjoy that sec
tion of the Parkway, which over-
looks Pisgah Forest. For the past
several years tlie section ha
been opened during the. flower
ing season in the spring, and
during the fail while the foliage
was in color.
Inspection Lane
Here Until Noon
Saturday, Feb. 26
The inspection lane will remain
here until noon Saturday, it was
announced by C. P. Sawyer,
director in charge.
All cars of I'JES models and
older have until the 26th of this
month to get an inspection sticker.
All 1939 and 1940 models have to
be inspected on or before March
31. it was pointed out.
The inspection outfit leaves here
Monday and begins operation in
Mr. and Mrs James Luckadoo
have returned to their home in
Parris Island after a visit to the
latter's mother. Mrs. G. C. Plott.
Clyde Groups Organizing
Recreation Association
Need for broadening recreational
opportunities for the youth of
Clyde has lead to the formation
recentlyy of a recreational and
cultural association.
This project, which was instigat
ed by local ministers and church
officials, has gotten off to a suc
cessful beginning with many in
dividuals and organizations pledg
ing their support.
Grover Haynes, Clyde post
master, was ejected temporary
chairman of the association. Of
ficers are to be chosen at a mass
meeting of Clyde township citizens
in July.
Purpose of the association, as
outlined in the constitution which
has been adopted by a number of
(Photo by Ingram s Studio)
"jlayjvood rounty stands to save
$100,000 on school costs if the
proposed education bill is enacted
into law.
Jack Messer, county superinten
dent of education, was in Raleigh
this week, together with George
Brown, chairman of (he hoard of
commissioners, and talked to edu
cational leaders about the proposed
Under the present plan. Hay
wood would have lo put. up $119,
377 for capitol outlay and current
expenses. At present the same
two items are costing Haywood
$219,651. Mr. Messer pointed out.
The stale would allot to the
county schools $()7".3i:5 under the
plan, and an additional sum for
Ihe Canton school system, which is
operated as a separate unit from
the county schools
The bill would also give Hay
wood an increase of 18 teachers.
At present the county system has
180, and under the bill there would
be 198. Canton would tiave 87
under the proposed plan
The salaries of instructors of
the county would be increased from
$342.98r) to $559,152 The bill
would give Canton $245,688 for
The suggested law would allot
to Haywood ? 19 875 for capitol
outlay, with $31 find to the county
and $13. 225 to Canton. This would
be in addition lo the county's
share from the proposed fifty mil
lion bond i-siif for school build
ings and improvements. Under
the fifty million plan, it is figured
that Haywood would get about
All of these proposed allotments
are in addition to the cost of
transportation. Mr. Messer said.
The ratio of Hie proportions of
the 81 millions In be paid by the
(See Education Page 61
church and civic groups, is; "To
promote wholesome, adequate, and
educational recreation; to provide
and develop cultural influences; to
instill a keener sense of co-operation
and civic pride; to foster public
spirit and to encourage a close knit
citizenry with forward looking,
noble ideals".
The association will be governed
by a body known as the Recrea
tional and Cultural Commission.
Organizations, which will each be
represented on the commission,
include: Parent-Teacher Associa
tion, Baptist Church, Methodist
Church, Wesleyan Methodist
Church, Woman's Club, Home
Demonstration Ciub, Town of
(See Clyde rage 6)
FEBRUARY 25, 1919
Construction if
Camnip IHIeire Weirray
Corpening Is Named
'Man Of The Year'
Wayne Corpening was officially
named the "Man of the Year" at
the Lions Club Thursday night. The
modest, and efficient county agent
accepted the honors amid a round
of applause.
lie was presented with a gold
pen and pencil set in recognition
of his leadership in civic and busi
ness enterprises during 1948.
The naming of Mr. Corpening as
the "man of the year" in the first
event of its kind held here, did
not come as a surprise to those
who have been closely connected
with civic programs in Haywood
during the past year or for the
past several, as far as that goes.
The 30-minute program was
broadcast over WHCC, with Joe
Davjs, chairman of the program
committee, in charge. The pres
entation address was made by Rev.
H. L. Young, pastor of the First
Methodist church. Representatives
of the other clubs in the com
munity were present as special
Last year Mr. Corpening was
president of the Chamber of Com
merce. He headed the work of
staging the second annual Tobacco
Harvest Festival, promoted Apple
Week, as well as the annual Fat
Calf show in Ashcville.
The Junior Dairy show was held
in June, as well as the dairy pro
gram at the Armory. The annual
achievement day, the 4-11 Club
program, including a summer en
campment, were part of the year's
successful program.
Perhaps one of the most im
pressive pieces of work was the
staging of the field day on the
.lack McCracken farm at Bethel.
There special stress was made of
pasture improvement, which is
(See Corpening Page 6)
John Penny Going To
Emory School Of
Dentistry Next Fall
John E. Penny has been accept
ed by the Emory University School
of Dentistry, Penny will be one of
a class of 80 beginning next Sep
tember. The group is made up
entirely of students from the South-
j eastern area.
At present Mr. Penny is a stu
dent at the University of North
Carolina in Chapel Hill.
Rep. Davis Puts In
Special Police Bill
I Rep. Grover C. Davis this week
introduced a bill in the House
which would authorize the govern
or to appoint special police for in
corporated religious assemblies.
A copy of the bill has not been
received by officers here. No one
seemed to know the purpose of the
The special police at Lake Juna
luska have been named by Lake
officials, and deputized by Sheriff
R. V. Welch.
How Long Will It
Take To Complete
Park - Parkway?
This timely question is dis
cussed In the editorial columns
of today's Issue. Turn to the edit
orial page page 2, second sec
tion and you no doubt will be
amazed at the length of time it
is estimated it will take to com
plete these two projects, which
are of such Interest to people of
this county.
Park Commission Will
Ask For Parkway Funds
The, Ni C. Park Commission have
turned their attention to taking
before Congress a request for fivc
millions for Parkway construction
in the next two years.
The commission adopted the sug
gestion of their chairman, Charles
Ray. at a meeting here Wednesday.
Mr. Ray is now engaged in making
a comprehensl report, which will
be accompaned by charts and
maps, to present to- the Tar Heel
Congressmen at an early date. The
plan will be put before the North
Carolina delegation by the entire
commission, and then plans for
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
name d "Man Of The Year"
Thursday night at the Lions
Club. This is the first time any
one has been so honored in this
community. He was given a pen
and pencil set. t Photo by Sher
rill's Studioi.
Two Wreck
Victims Are
Two Havuood men who were re
cently injured in two separate auto
mobile wrecks, were reported
Thursday as improving in Ashe-
jville hospitals.
Charlie Sutton. 25, is still con
sidered critically ill, according to
information given out at Moore
General Hospital. The statement
said further, "his condition is show
ing some improvement, and he is
resting well."
Sutton was injured about the
face and head as he was thrown
from his car as it turned over on
the Jonalhan Creek highway.
Charles HatiseM. of Haelwood. is
in the Mission Hospital, and the
hospital report Thursday noon was
"He had a better night Wednesday
than usual. He is cheerful this
Thursdayi morning, and improv
ina steadily."
Hartsell suffered injuries when
his car left the Sulphur Springs
road and turned over in a swollen
'Kiss And Tell'
To Be Presented
At Auditorium
' Kiss a'd Tell. a three-act
comedy, "'hu h a; presented here
in December, will be repeated to
night at (tie High School auditor
ium at R o'clock
The production, directed by Mrs.
Fred Campbell, i- being sponsored
jointly in- the local American Le
git.n J'o-i and the Beta Sigma Phi
soror'ty Proceeds will go to
charitable projects of the two or
ganizations The cast includes. J T. Russell.
Jr.. Mrs William Norris. Miss
Bette Hannah. Charles Alley, Mrs.
Harrv l ee Liner. Jr.. Hallett Ward.
Jr.. linger Walker. Mrs. William
Cobb. Pick Bradley, Paul McElroy,
Jr.. Johnny Johnson. Miss Dorothy
tticheson. Mrs Porter Frady and
Paul Davis
presenting the matter to the proper
committees for the increased ap
propriation will be made.
Mr Kav 'aid yesterday that
work on this program would be
pushed as raDidly as possible.
The commission will not seek
any increase for Park funds, as it
was felt the $498,378 appropriated
for the Park was sufficient at this
time, except for needed funds for
The present appropriation of
$789,000 was found to be totally
inadequate, Mr. Ray pointed out to
S Prkwy Pag 6)
' WW,. - y. y :-. ... Jf
Camp Will Be Ready
For Group Near
State Test Farm
By June First
Construction got underway tbi;
week on five cabins of the 4-H Club
Summer Camp, near the State Test
Farm here.
Plans are to have the carnD ready
by June first for about 120 camp
ers, according to the county agent's
office. The undertaking is a project
of the 4-H Clubs of 19 counties of
Western North Carolina.
The highway department is push
ing work on a road to the property.
and plans are to have the road
ready by the time the camp is com
pleted. Each 4-H Club unit in tl e 19
counties have agreed to pay for one
cabin each, which will cost about
$800 each. The cabins are of wood
construction, and are designed to
accommodate 12 people each.
Plans for development of tb
37-acre tract include a large swim
ming pool, back in the shaded area
of the plot.
A contract is to be awarded soon
tor completion by June first, for a
recreation hall, and a mess hall
and kitchen. Both buildings will be
of sufficient size to take care of
about 200 people.
The construction of the camp is
designed so as to enable large
groups of adults lo use the facili
ties. Many times during the years,
it is planned to have adult meet
ings of the western district at the
State Test Farm, and to use the
The 37-acre tract was bought by
public subscription raised locally
several years ago, and the land do
nated to the state of North Caro
lina. The old western summer camp at
Swannanoa is not available for fur
ther iise, it was pointed out. since
the property was acquired fur part
of Moore General Hospital dunng
the war. Other 4-H Club camps m
the state are at Camp Millstone and
Bladen County camp at White
Lake, Manteo 4-H Club camp
The contract was let to David
Services Are
Held Thursday
For J. T. Russell
Funeral services were held yes
terday afternoon at the First Bap
tist church for Joseph Turner
sell. 74, retired carpenter who
died early Tuesday morning at his
home on East Street following a
long illness.
The Rev. L G Elliott, pastor
assisted by the Rev M R. Wil
liamson, pastor of the First Pres
byterian church, officiated. In
terment was in Green Hill ceme
tery. Active pallbearers were Her.ry
Gaddy, David Underwood. Spadlon
Underwood, Henry Miller, Jack
Edwards and John Norris.
Honorary pallbearers, veterans
of the Spanish-American War and
members of the Men's Bible Clas
of the First Baptist church, were:
Ed McClure. M. O. Galloway. Al
bert Abel. Hugh Campbell. John
L. Davis, Zack Massie, J. R Mor
gan, Frank Leatherwood. Zirr
mery Messer, Harley Francis. H.
C. Wilburn. Hubert Hoglen Joe
Stamey, Hurst Burgin. Joe Wright
Jule Hoyle, John Wright. Jim Boyd.
Jr., Joe Schenk. Dr. Tom Strir.s
field, John E. Barr. Decatur Jus
tice, Zeb Price and J I Green
Mr. Russell was a native of Hay
wood county and a veteran of the
Spanish American War
Surviving are the widow Mr
Helena Stalcup Russell, six daugh
ters. Mrs. R. L. Wilson. Sr of Way
nesville. Mrs. Henry Garner and
(See Russell Page 6'
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured .... 3
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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