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ie Waynesville- Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seal of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 17 8 PACES
Associated Press and United Press News
WAYNESVILLeT n. C, TUESDAY, MARCH 1, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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I Drive
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I of people,
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Hmittee re-
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I Week
Bian will be
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gist citizens
te will come
in througii
Eled Cross
Voluii'eer Red Cross workers
will meet this morning at Tony's
Grill at 9:30 o'clock to begin the
1949 Fund Drive.
A quota of $2,806 has been set
for the Haywood Chapter and
Noble W. Garrett is serving as
fund chairman.
The Red Cross makes only one
appeal a year for funds to carry
out the various programs of ser
vice and every person in the com
munity will be given an oppor
tunity to become a member of the
71.6 per cent of funds collected
during the drive remains at home
for local work, and the remaining
28.4 per cent is sent to National
The Haywood Chapter of the Red
Cross employes a full time execu
tive secretary, Mrs. Ethel Hayes
Fisher, and maintains a program
of Home Service for both service
men and veterans and their de
pendents. Mrs. Fisher's report for last
year shows that Red Cross assis
(See Red Cross Page 8)
Clyde Methodist To Move Into New $50,000 Church Sunday
n charge of
Dairy Group To
Meet 7:30 Tonight
In connection with the Commu
nity Development Program for the
different communities in Haywood
County, there will be a meeting of
the Dairy Commission at the
County Agent's office at the court
house Tuesday night, March 1, at
7:30 o'clock.
"As we remember dairying was
one of the six different enterprises
to be pushed in Haywood County
during the coming years, and at the
meeting tonight a long-range dairy
program to assist the different
comunilies will be set up," Wayne
CoiTet$ngti3otnty Ageijt said.. .
Iron Duff Citizens
Meet Wednesday
The people in Iron Duff town
ship have called a meeting of all
the people within the township for
Wednesday night, March 2. at 7:3(1
o'clock, at the Iron Duff Methodist
church. The County Farm and
Home Agents will meet with the
Iron Duff community and discuss
with them the Community Organi
zation plans which are being set
up in the county.
Iron Duff is the first community
which has asked Extension person
nel to explain the Community De
velopment Program to them. It is
expected that many of the other
communities will do the same
thing soon.
"CiV", v '"' it Jf " J
lib " jfr$3$k I
Ik i;fm I
miiiiiiitiiti-niiiiliiiiiiiiiliilniiiilrt-tiiiriiiinii'i'iiiimiiiiiiiiii i' 'T 1 " . i.i.inii"iiii
' $86,000 Crabtree-Iron Duff
KMirai Phone Project
Is Hearing CooipDetDomi
Bids Sought For Work
On The Memorial Plot
i Photo by Ingncii's Studio)
Workmen are pushing completion of the buildings and grounds ol the new Clyde Methodist church,
and services will be held in the new building Sunday morning. The new building is modern in every
detail, a drepresents an expenditure of some $50,000.
Clyde Pastor
RF.V. VV. T. MEDUN, JR., pastor
of the Clyde Methodist church,
announced yesterday that the
Clyde Baptist congregation would
meet with the Methodist Sunday
at II o'clock as the new church
building is used for the first
Clyde Methodists Will
Worship Next Sunday In
Their New $50,000 Church
Idle Inspection
Lane Equipment
On Street Here
The new Clyde Methodist church,
valued at approximately $50.0(10.
is nearing completion as plans are
announced for holding the
County's 72 High
Peaks Get Nation
wide Publicity
By now, millions of people
know that Haywood has 72 moun
tain peaks morehan 5,000 feet
The fact was sent out by the
State News Bureau, and to date,
Bill Sharpe, director, has re
ceived clippings to show that the
news was published in news
papers having a total of 18,000,
000 circulation.
The clippings are from papers
in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas,
Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Min
nesota, Montana, Missouri, Neb
raska, North Dakota, New Jersey,
New Mexico, New York, Okla
homa, Tennessee and Texas.
No doubt there are other
slates that will be heard from
Plot in
service in the sanctuary Sunday
at 11 a. m. I
Snprial worshrj ceremonies will '
be conducted with Dr. C. N. Clark
of Waynesville, superintendent of
Waynesville District Methodist
Church, delivering the sermon.
Rev. W. T. Medlin, Jr., pastor, will
introduce the guest minister.
The service will feature music
4recJ!d, bx.JVIi. JL?nicer Sather
and recognition ot the Clyde hhp-
itt-t r,Vtnr.H fftnerrroat ion uhteh has'
accepted an invitation to attend
the opening service in a body.
The church plant, under con
struction since last May, is built
(See Clyde Church Page 8)
ood Men Taking
fing At State
follment in
1ng at N. C.
J8 students
fa survey of
lion figures
neering now
I of 2,609
23 veterans
'neering De-
partment attracted the largest
number of students with an enroll
ment of 743. The Electrical Engin
eering Department drew 505 stu
dents ,and the Civil Engineering
Department registered 470. Other
departments in the College's School
of Engineering show the following
enrollment: Engineering General
301; Industrial, 202; Chemical, 182;
Ceramic, 76; Geological, 26; and
(See 18 Haywood Men Page 8)
W. Bogrow, 65, Is
Claimed By Death
Funeral services will be held thi5
afternoon at three for W. Bogrow,
05, who died early Monday in the
Haywood county hospital. He had
hern ill for some time. He was a
former citizen of Russia, and a
retired lawyer.
He came to America and settled
here about three years ago. He and
Mrs. Bogrow made their home with
their daughter, and son-in-law. Mr.
and Mrs. Heinz Rollman.
He is survived by his widow; Mrs.
Rollman and a brother in Paris,
The services will be held at the
Crawford Funeral Home, with Rev.
Russell L. Young officiating. The
following will serve as pallbearers:
Waller Kaufman. Ernest Rollman.
James T. Noland. Jonathan H.
Woody, John J. Newman, and A.
V.F.W. Club
Room Opens
On Main Street
The new club room of the Vet
erans of Foreign Wars, located in
the basement of the Burgin build
ing on Main Street, was formally
opened yesterday.
The room will be oper daily, ex
cept Sunday, from 3 p.m. until 11
p.m. All members of the organiza
tion and prospective members arc
invited to use the room for recreation.
Farmers To Hear Talk
On Fertilizer On 15th
A special meeting on fertilizer
will be held here at the court
house. Tuesday. March 15. it wa
announced yesterday by Wayne
Corpentng. county agent.
The theme of the program will
be "What Is In a Bag of Fertilizer''"
Dr. E. R. Collins, of State Col
lege, will be present to discuss the
importance of the use of proper
The equipment used in the
auto inspection lane is still on
Boundary Street, hut no inspec
tors are around. The Senate
killed the inspection law last
All inspections slopped at five
o'clock Friday. Crews all over
th State had orders- to . "hold
up" and preparations were be
ing made to introduce a new in
spection act this wrck in the
Assembly. Some observers said
they expected the lanes to be
back in business within 30 days.
lials Salaries Lowered
ity Limit Extension Bill
Max. Mia.
air and con-
e tempera-
staff of the
tin. Rainfall
The bill introduced by Rep.
Grover C. Davis last Thursday in
tne House (BUI No. 491) contained
two sections The first section
dealt with extending the city limits
of Waynesville, and the second
section sets forth the salaries of
the mayor and town board, effec
tive May, 1951. The section ex
tendng the city limits would be in
full force and effect from the day
of Hg ratification.
Until May. 1951, the members, of
the board of aldermen would re
ceive $40 per month, and the mayor
$80. On and after May, 1551, the
board members would receive com
pensation not to exceed $30 per
month, and the mayor a maximum
of $60.
The extension of the new city
limits, as set forth in the bill,
would begin at a stake in Richland
Creek, and follow a :small branch
through Band Mill bottoms and to
the center of the driveway leading
i the Richard Barber residence,
t'ncri across so as to include the
residence of Mrs. Ben Sutton on
the old Dell wood road, following
the ' idge to Dolan road, and then
(Sec City Mmits Page 5)
Baptist Training
Group To Meet In
Canton On Sunday
A large attendance is expected
to the meeting of Baptist training
and leader s council, which will be
held at the High Street Baptist
Church in Canton Sunday after
noon. Mrs. Sam Knight is the director,
and will preside.
A series of conferences will be
held, after the devotional program,
which begin at two o.clock.
Hugh Monteith Says
Adult Leaders
Needed For Scout
Work In District
"Scouting gives boys the things
that keep them on the right road."
Hugh Montieth, president of the
Daniel Boone council, told Rotari
ans here Friday.
"In my 25 years of association
with criminal court in Jackson
county, I have never seen a single
Scout charged with a crime," the
Sylva lawyer said, as he predicted
that, "If every boy in Haywood
were a Scout for four years there
would be less crime, and a better
citizenship here."
Mr. Montieth called for leader
ship in Scouting, as he said, "The
(See Scouts Page 8)
'Kiss And Tell'
Nets $360; Show
Going To Oteen
Reports from the sponsoring or
ganizations show thai over $360
was raised on the two performances
of the comedy, "Kiss and Tell."
The play was presented here in
December and again last Friday
tight by the American Legion Post
ind the Beta Sigma Phi sorority.
The production was received on
both occasions with enthusiasm and
was termed an outstanding en
tertainment. Outstanding perfor
mances were given by Roger Walk
r as "Mr. Archer." Charles Alley
is "Raymond Pringle," Hallett
Ward, Jr., as "Dexter Franklin,"
and Betle Hannah as "Corliss Ar
cher." They were ably supported
oy other members of the cast in--itiding
J T Ittissell, Jr. Mrs.
William Nortis, Mrs. Harry
(See "Kiss And Tell" Pai;e 8)
Safecracker Is
Transferred To
Bryson City Jail
Kenneth Scheetz, 28, who has
been held in jail since late in Jan
uary in connection with a series
of robberies, and having confessed
to entering the Cas Walker Ware
house in Knoxville, December 28.
has been transferred to the jail in
BryMn City. v '
Scheetz is being questioned by
officers for information about oth
er robberies.
Robert Brady. Jr.. who was ar
rested with Scheetz, was released
under $7,000 bond, and is sche
duled to be tried in Macon county
this spring for posession of burg
ularly tools.
A party composed of Dr. N. F.
Lancaster, Dr. N. M. Medford, Al
bert Abel and Harry Lantz, are ex
pected back this Week-end after
spending a week at Lake Wales,
Want Ad Finds
Tenant . . .
A number of newspapers were
used in seeking a tenant for a
farm near Clyde. The small, inex
pensive ad in The Mountaineer was
the one that brought results. Want
ads in The Mountaineer can help
Carter Osborne at Clyde or tele
phone Canton 5292.
Bids for grading and
walls on the Memorial
Green Hill cemetery are being
sought by the committee of the
American Legion and Veterans of
Foreign Wars, sponsoring organiza
tions, in cooperation with the Town
of Waynesville and Haywood County.
C. ('. Walker, general chairman
on grading and the walls, said Mon
day that blue prints and specifica
tions of the work are on file at the
Town Hal! and d- iails can be had
by any contractor from G. C. Fer-gu.-on.
town manager.
All bids must he in hand by noon
March 11th. Mr. Walker pointed
In the meantime, a contract has
been awarded lor the large gran
ite marker which will be erected
on Hie plot, which is designed to
accommodate about 200 graves of
men and women who served their
country in time of war.
Champion Palter and Fibre Com
pany are going to donate and plant
the shrubbery on the plot as soon
as the grading and walls are com
Mrs. Will Medford i in charge
of funds for the marker.
Jimmy Swanger
Wins Oratorical
Contest Here
Jimmy Swanger, senior at the
WaynesvMe Mig-h. School, won first
place in the county-wide oratorical
contest held at the Court House
Thursday night, under the spon
sorship of the American Legion.
He was awarded a $25 00 cash
prize and an opportunity to com
pete in the district contest to be
held this month in Asheville.
Four contestants, winners in pre
liminary contests held in four high
schools of the county, participated
in the piogram, which was a part of
the annual national high school
oratorical contest sponsored by the
Legion. They were, in addition to
the winner. Wendell Davis, of the
Bethel High School. Mary Rose
Morgan of the Clyde High School,
and Barbara Medford of the Can
ton High School. Each of these pre
liminary winners was presented a
All speakers used some phase of
the Constitution of the United
Slates as a subject and the Waynes
ville representative was chosen in
a preliminary contest in which all
seniors wrote an oration on The
W. F. Fender of the Canton Post,
chairman of the county oratorical
contest, was in charge of the pro
gram Thursday night and made the
awards, .lack Mcsscr. county super
intendent of schools, introduced
the speakers.
Cable Strung To
Crabtree School; 31
Phones Already
Installation of telephones in the
Crabtree-Iron Duff area are going
in at the rate of four each a day,
it was learned Monday morning
from J. Lovell SniRh. district man
ager of The Southern Bell Tele
phone Company.
The cable work is completed to
the Crabtree school, and phones
are being installed in homes by a
crew of 12 men. There are 31
phones already in use in the area,
and about 130 more to be connect
ed, Mr. Smith said. "At the pres
ent rate, we will be finished in the
area in 40 more days," he con
tinued. Applications are being accepted
at the office in Waynesville for
additional telephones along the
route, it was explained.
The large cable which was
strung from Lake Junaluska to the
Crabtree school, is large enough to
handle all of the Crabtree-Iron
Duff area, and with the view ot
carrying the Fines Creek load, Mr.
Smith said, as he hastened to add.
"The Fines Creek project is yet
The service as now planned, will
terminate at the Glenn Palmer
farm, on highway No. 209.
In many instances, extra lines
are having to be run from the cable
to the homes, which slows down
some of the installation work, he
When work started on I he pro
ject last fall, the estimate of co l
was set at $86,000. Mr. Smith said
that while the job was not complet
ed, it appeared Uiat-Uu-' co:;!s.-would
be at least the estimated figure.
N. C. Park Commission Seeks 5 Millions For Parkway
E?iTf (Si iy- W 11
1 V fig '-
l V w ? , ,Vf, .M i.. 1
(Photo by Ingram's Studioi
This photograph was made as members of the North Carolina Park Commission met here to make
plans for asking Congress for an additional appropriation of five millions for construction work on
the Blue Ridge Parkway. The picture was made in the commission office in the Masonic Temple.
Seated left to right, are: Dr Kelley Bennett, Bryson City; R. Getty Browning, chief locating engineer
State Highway Commission; Charles E. Ray. chairman of the commission: Sam P. Weems, supenn-
tendent, Blue Ridge Parkway. Standing, leu 10 rigm: xvaymunu cunu...
E. C. Guy, Newland; Francis Heazel, Asheville;. William Medford, attorney, waynesvuie; v
las Brevard, secretary of the commission, and Mrs. Edith P. Alley, office secretary.
Services For
Hamilton Akers
Set For Today
Hamilton M. Akers, 37, died at
has home on East Street Monday
at 2 a. m. following an extended
A service will be conducted at
the Waynesville Presbyterian
church at 11 o'clock this mnrniilg
(Tuesday) with the Rev. M K
Williamson, pastor, and the Rev.
L, G. Elliott, pastor of the Fust
Baptist church, officiating.
Pallbearers will be Monty Gib
son, Billy Howell, Frank James.
Roy Callahan, Frank Brown and
John Boyd. Honorary pallbearers
will be members of tho Laymen's
Club of the Presbyterian church.
Following the service here Hi?
body will be taken to the home of
an aunt, Miss Nener Hill, in Mead
ow View. Virginia.
Services will be held Wednes
day at 11 a. in. at the Meadow
View Methodist church with the
pastor, Rev. Rabbins, officiating.
Interment will be in the St. James
(See Akers Page 8 1
Grace Church To
Have Service On
Ash Wednesday
A special Ash-Wednesday ser
vice will be held at Grace Episco
pal Church on Wednesday. March
2, at 8 p. m.
The service will be conducted by .
the rector, the Rev. Edgar H.
On Thursday evening at eight
o'clock tjie first meeting of the
Men's Lenten Study Group win be
held at the Rectory. The study
topic will be, "Some Aspects of
Church History."
M. Doug
Record For
(To Dt)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured .... 3
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol). ,

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