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The Waynesville Mountaineer"
Not all silent folkes air deep
thinkers; but no deep-thinker
j is a rattletrap.
Published Twite-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
I 61th YEAH NO. 19 8 PAGES
Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE. N. C, TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 1949
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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lore visitors.
General Trend.
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,unda. February
Wilier, editor i
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Foomr Projieds &t Late Vtesmk
Dorothy Grant Writes A
New Book -"John England
-American Christopher"
Writes Book
relates the
peciTir informa-
loiinri strain. The
are of a reddish
jially came from
hev were used
of boars and
fidoniitablr tour-
cold trail, thP
for liis work.
lan I'lott came
IngiiiK his hounds
d in the moun-
'olina. He rear-
dogs for bear
lesccndanls con-
Sportsmen, ad
aud courage of
ad the strain
(tern part of the
It be expected,
for a particular
jla.v, as a result,
fnl have identi
fy tc Has
Four Feet
now four feet
office than it
J to excavations
f et levels shown
away for the
n office.
Jet was paved.
it of the town
ifi'oiisiderably, in
"e, but Main
F5's been as it
GRANT has just published an
other book, the story of a hunt
ing firsl bishop of Charleston.
161 Attend
A record crowd at'eiid-d the
Baptist Training Union at the High
Street Baptist church in Canton
Sunday afternoon for a leader's
council meeting. According to rec
ords taken by Miss Daphne Boone,
Baptist worker, 161 were present,
with 146 attending the various con
ferences. Twenty-two churches had repre
sentatives present, and 12 pastors
were in attendance, the report
showed. There are only 23 Baptist
churches in the county with train
ing unions, Miss Boone said.
Mrs. Sam Knight, director of Hie
county, presided and the general
theme of the meeting was "Faith
fulness". Among those leading confer
ences included: Mrs. Ned Moody.
Mrs. Emmett Green. Dr. II. I..
Smith, Sam Saunders, Mrs. Albeit
Messer, Miss Boone, Mrs. P. H.
Gentry, Mrs. Earl Reece, and Mrs.
Dave Cabe.
P. H. Gentry was chorister and
Miss Grace Erwin, pianist.
MILWAUKEE - A Catholic
bishop. John England known best
as "father of the Catholic press in
the United Stales" was one of the
outstanding pioneer heroes of
Church and state in the period
just prior to the Civil War. The
story of this fighting first bishop of
Chaileslon is recorded in a newly
published biography by Dorothy
Fremont Grant entitled. "John
England . . . American Christo
pher".. Mrs. Grant is a Waynes
ville resident. She is the wife of
Douglas Grant.
Written as the book is. by a
convert Catholic whose owli con
version occurred in an atmosphere
of bigotry, similar to that in which
Bishop England-himself worked, it
presents a sympathetic approach
to the circumstances under which
the pioneer prelate labored. Under
standing the significance of Bishop
England's episcopate, which singu
larly pioneered in gaining rightful
respect for the Catholic Church in
America. Mrs. Grant has painted
a powerful portrait of a man whose
history has been recorded mostly
through his reforms and countless
(Sep Dorothy Grant Page 8)
Ferguson Feels
Utilities Bill
Will Not Pass
G C. Ferguson, town manager,
feels that the Legislature will not
pass the proposed utilities bill. He
represented Waynesville at a hear
ing Friday, which was attended by
representatives of sixty. towns of
North Carolina, who own their
electric utility system.
The proposed bill would place
towns owning their systems under
I he jurisdiction of the State Utili
ties commission, which in turn
would set rales for power and
services. There was bitter protest
to Hie bill. The proposed measure
started in Wilson, where some dis
satisfaction arose from customers
outside of the town.
It Is Moving Day For Town And Chamber Of Commerce
' n
1 i :: - IJ i I
III - ' ' V ' )
Our photographer caught this picture of Stanley Henry, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and
G. C. Ferguson, town manager, as they moved into their new offices yesterday. Henry moved almost
everything earlier last week, but here he is shown carrying in a typewriter. Ferguson has an armful of
tax books. The new offices were built in I he Town Hall building, on Main Street. This is a Mountaineer
photograph by Ingram's Studio.
New Sewer
Six Hurt
Wrecks 0 m
Sebe Bryson, who has been a
patient at Moore General Hospital
for the past two weeks, was re
ported to be improving yesterday.
ier Boy Finds
Route Affords
usiness Training
""other car-
aneer. is finrl.
"ier boy is a
"oney and also
M's. Kenneth
route fifty pt,r
Irs old, and the
s S. Shelton,
"e is in the
ivnt-sville high.
r'Jl.e. Kenneth
51 ' Boy Scout
"'wived three
'or carpentry,
; repairs.
! of 'he Barber-
hp w"uld iike
ou,e. he said:
le 11 not only
7e"ce, but I
1 maRe."
Hair and tiot
le 'ernperature
staff of the
Pfi4 kv-.i
' jit sj:
KENNETft SHLTO?l is snown
leaving The Mountaineer office
with his papers. He has increas
ed the number of customers by
fifty per cent. Photo by Ingram's
Two Community
Wide Meetings
Are On Schedule
Two community-wide meetings
on the development program have
been arranged, according to Wayne
Corpening. county agent.
On Friday night Aliens Creek
citizens will meet at the school at
7:30 to discuss organizing a general
program, and then on Wadncsday
the IGlh, the citizens of Crabtree
will meet to formulate their plans
for a development program.
Iron Duff held their meeting
las,t week and organized.
Several other communities arc
discussing the matter and are ex
pected to have meetings at an early
Committees Named For
Two Fox Hunter Groups
Appointment of a membership
committee featured a meeting of
the Haywood-Jackson Fox Hunters
Association Saturday in the Court
house here.
The committee includes: Jack
West of Clyde, Devoe McElfoy of
Iron Duff. Joe Davis of Jackson
County. Tom Davis of Waynesville
and Merritt Parton of Jonathan
Annual election of officers was
postponed until Tuesday. March 23,
at 7:30 p. m. J. W. Killian, presi
dent, presided.
Bbafd Will
Meet Here
Next Week
The board of commissioners will
sit as a board of equalization and
review all next week, it was an
nounced yesterday by George A.
Brown, Jr., chairman.
The board will be in session to
hear any taxpayer in respect to
the valuation of property in the
county, and to correct any errors,
This Is the only time the commis
sioners have the authority to
change the valuation of real estate.
On the 14th the board will hear
those from Ivy Hill, Jonathan
Creek . White Oak and Calaloochee
Tuesday, March 15th. Fines
Creek, Crabtree and Iron Duff
Wednesday, March 16, Pigeon.
East Fork, and Cecil Townships.
Thursday, March 17, Waynesville
Friday. March 18, Beaverdam and
Clyde townships.
To Open Bids on Grading
Memorial Plot Friday
Bids for building the walls and
grading the Memorial Plot in
Green Hill Cemetery will be
opened at noon Friday, at the
Town Hall.
Clayton C. Walker, representing
the service organizations, who are
co-sponsors of the project, said
work would be pushed as rapidly
as possible in order to get shrub
bery planted within the next few
Champion Paper and Fibre
Company are giving the shrubbery
for the plot.
400 Attend Services At
Clyde's New K . Church
Six persons were injured two
seriously when their car left the
Soco Gap Highway, turned over
several times and landed in .lona
than Creek after tumbling down a
20-foot embankment, abou one
o'clock Sunday morning.
The investigating officers marvel
that all six occupants were not in
stantly killed in the wreck which
demolished the car. All passengers
were from Bryson City. The car
was traveling west at the time of
I lie wreck.
Two occupants of the ear remain
in the Haywood Hospital, one in
Mission in Asiieville, and three
have been dismissed.
Harrold Cope. 19. remained un
conscious at noon Monday, al
though attendants at the Hospital
said his condition was "gradually
improving". Aaron Hohinson, 20.
was feeling in in li improved Mon
day noon, all hough suffering from
being shaken up and bruises.
Miss Frances Johnston, 20. wa,,
removed to t In- Mission hospital in
Asiieville on Sunday. following
firsl aid I real merit at Hie
Joseph Ellis I'Me.s. 21). owner and
driver of I he 1041 Chrysler, was
dismissed from the hospital Sun
day. Estes is under $500 bond,
(See Siy Hurt PaRf 8)
Boosters Club Meets
Thursday Nifjht At 7
The Hazel wood Boosters Club
will meet al I he Presby terian
church for I heir regular monthly
dinner meeting Thursday night at
seven o'clock
The Boy Scout troop, sponsored
byjhe club, uill he honored. M.
II. Bowles is president of the club,
and D E. Tichenor is secretary.
eon Car
oca ioad
City Limits
Bill Meets
House OK
House Bill No. 491 1 which calls
for the extension of the city limits
of Waynesville, and a reduction in
the salaries of town officials ef
fective in May, 1951, has been
passed by the House and is now in
the Senate.
The measure will go to the Sen
ate Committee on cities, towns and
counties, of which Senator W. B.
Hodges, of Hendersonville, is
The measure was introduced in
the General Assembly by Hep
Grover C. Davis on February 24th.
The city limits of Waynesville
would lie extended by the bill out
the Dellwood road, Sulphur Springs
area, and the section about the
Country Club, and Farmer development.
Line Almost
Ready; Other
Work Pushed!
At least four different crews of
workmen are pusliina as many pro
jects at Lake .linuiluska to comple
tion, it was learned from Dr. Frank
S. I.ove. superintendent this week.
The crew installing (lie $50,000
sewer system is e -peeled to com
plete ils woi'k wi'liin 20 (o 30
days. Dr. i.ove said. This will give
the Lake a modern ;z."d sewer sys
tem throughout. The system emp
ties into (he main Waynesvillc
Hazelwood line just below the dam.
Anot htr crew is pushing the
work on Hie west gale, on High
way No. 10. near Hie Junaluska
School. The entrance- will be of all
rock construction, including the
ticket seller's itii.iilers, (lie gate
posts, and curved wall. The entire
project will lie well lighted. Dr.
Love said thai liiis season he would
use both eel ranees, both the east
and west gales
Present pi ins are to have the
$75,000 ni" chapel ready by
the lime die Lake season formally
opens on June 51 b Workmen are
installing window frames this
week, and I lie roof is expected to
be put on next week. The healing
plant is also ready for installation.
The interior walls of the all-rock
building will In' of tinted sand, to
give an artistic allott.
Workmen are planting hundreds
of nat i e shrubs about the Lake
grounds. Many places along the
shore line are being planted in
rhododendron and laurel. The
area between the olfiee and audi
torium is being landscaped.
Dr. Love said thai a quantity of
new equipment was being placed in
(See Lake Project Pane 8)
Income Tax Man At
Court House Until 15th
Fred I U'alston. deputy tax
collector, will he :it (he court
house from today until (he 15th.
lo assist eilieiis vvi(h income lax
Mr. W'alslon is I mm the State
Revenue Department.
Funeral Set Today
fc' , t. .
3 ndf?X-
died early Sunday in a Nov,. I
Hospital, near Washington, of u
heart attack. His untimely death
cut short a Senate career befcuu
only nine weeks ago.
Senate Career Of
Senator Broughton
Cut Short Sunday
By Sudden End
Official Washington and Not Hi
Carolinians from all walks of lif"
mourned the untimely ileal h of
Senator J. Melville Broughton. ('''.
w ho died early Sunday of a lie.o i.
attack at Naval hospital, Betliesdi.
Senator Broughton was admit led
to the hospital about seven a in
Sunday morning after a resile ;
night in his apartment in Wanlm .n
park. He had suffered from i
cough, having recently had a i -
(Sec Sen. Broughton Par Ki
Canton's New City Jail,
Court ISoom Now In Use
3 Dairy Meets
Set For Week
Changes Made In Drive
For Blind Couple
Word yesterday from The Times
in Bryson City, was that the drive
to raise money to get a Seeing
Eye dog for a blind couple at
Whittier had been halted for the
present. It seems that further
correspondence with the seeing Eye
organization in New Jersey had
brought about a slight change in
plans for the campaign.
Dairymen v ill unci at Hie court
bouse Tuesday nigh! at 7:?,0 for
another in a .lies f meetings lo
discuss developing I he dairying
program in Haywood. The meeting
is being called by the Dairying
Commission, with Frank M. Davis,
chairman, as part ol the Com
munity Development program
I adopted here recenl ly
The dairy eoiiini ission has set
; as ils goal fitly additional Grade A
dairies in Hay wood during 1949.
A similar meet lug w ill be held
at the Crabtrce-lron Duir school
Wednesday night, and at the Fines
Creek school Thursday night.
Dairymen, feed men. health offi
cials, distributors, financial advis
ors, together with Wayne Corpen
ing, county agent, and F. R. Farn
ham. of State College, who will at
tend all the meetings
Red Cross Workers Here Pushing Campaign
More than 400 persons attended
(he special services Sunday morn
ing which marked the opening of
the new Clyde Methodist church
Dr. C. N. Clark, superintendent
of Waynesville District Methodist
church, was guest minister. Using
the topic. "The Eternal Church,"
he pointed out that the church
which has met human needs down
through the ages will continue as
the world s greatest force for good.
Special music was presented by
Dan Cook, of Canton, soloist, and
the church choir, directed by Miss
Janice Smathers.
Rev. D. D. Gross, pastor of the
Clyde Baptist church, led the morn
ing prayer. His congregation at
tended the service in- a group. Rev.
W. T. Medlin, Jr., pastor, intro
duced Dr. Clark.
The new building, valued at ap
proximately $50,000, is completed
with the exception of landscaping
grounds and minor interior fin
ishing. Gerald Fish is treasurer for the
building fund and has handled all
moneys involved in construction of
the new church.
L 3ce-V P" :fh
i el
-ti r
Canton's newly remodeled
will enable the town lo pio
belter hospitably for a ,:r
number of law-breakers. '
Spectators, as well a- ih liH.
ants, wdio sit in on session, ol iv
town's police court will find mi
proved aceommodal ion , ,1
Canton has a new nnnin i
Mayor J. Paul Murray said
lerday that the program lor com
plete renovation of (he cily hall is
nearing completion.
The new courtroom v,as rradv
for occupancy yesterday and w
used for the first lime when .Ier:,'
Ralph Mease presided m i the
regular 9 a.m. police court hear
ings. Mr. Murray estimated mat I he
new courtroom on second Hotr of
the cily hall will seal I'no pri - .
while the old room look i if of
(See Canton Jail Pace Hi
Time Of Radio Program:;
On Community Develop
ment Program Changed
The special farm radio proi ...
on the community drvrlopn .
plan has been changed to 7 'i
every night on WHCC. afo..i
to Wayne Corpening. count' '
The programs are beard r,;.
night, Monday through rr"Lv
This photograph by Ingram's Studio was made as the group of Red Cross membership solicitors met
at Tony's Grill for the start of the annual drive. On the extreme right is Rev. M. R. Williamson,
chapter chairman, to his right is Mrs. Ethel Fisher, chapter secretary, and next to her is Noble W. Gar
rett, roll call chairman. Reports on the campaign indicate that plans are to bring the drive to a suc
cessful close at an parly date. The Waynesville quota is $2,806 ind the Canton quota is $4,192.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 0
Injured .... 9
(This information com-,
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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