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Waynesville Mountain
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Published Twice-A-Week la The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance 01 The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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pn Legion
miliary To
iday Night
d Post No. 47 of the
m will observe their
'" Friday night
Miliary will meet
f'the social hall of
?h1runest Edw"rds.
8 birthday (.ake has
i and will be served
' .
P Lake To
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k M0n-!ocal "p-
LCarna Power &
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"''-tension ,ines
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f d by the
staff of the
64th YEAR NO.
20 14
1 ii i
Just another happy family and Top.'
31 years service in the Army anil Aii
three-Years. Since 1024, the Sergeant
job and I like I he Air Force, dial's
Sergeant Brown, his wife, ami six children. I.cll lo i d
age 16; Peggy, age 17; Kelly, age 13. i Sealed Lucille,
of Overhills, N. C; Ma.'.ler Serjeant '.Valler I). "Top
Service Is Started
Two Sets Of Twins !
Born Wednesday
Wednesday was "Twin Day
at the Haywood County Hospital,
as two sets were bom during
the day. Of the four new ar'
rivals, only one is a boy.
The experience was nothing
new to Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Ruff,
of the Test Farm. It was their
third set of twins a boy and a
The other set, two girls, of
identical weight, were born to
Mr, and Mrs. William T. Willis,
of Canton, Route one.
Death Claims Mrs.
Sallie Duckett
Mrs. Sallie Lcatherwood Ducket I.
71. of the Jonathan Creek section
of Haywood county, died Thurs
day morning at the Haywood
County Hospital following a long
illness. She was a life-long resi
dent of the county.
Surviving are two sisters, mis.
Alice McCrackcn of Canton and
Mrs. Erastus Medford of Waynes
ville, Route 2; four brothers, Ver
lin Leatherwood of the Pigeon sec
tion, Lucius Leatherwood, Horace
Lcatherwood and Charlie Leather
wood, all of Waynesville, Route 2.
Funeral arrangements, under the
direction of Crawford Funeral
Home, were incomplete Thursday
A Business Man
,-vJ1'' f -mfilJ
"in f . !rL'
CHARLIE BIRCHFIELD. of Hazelwood. is a hardworking carrier
boy for The Mountaineer, having started with a small route, and
now serves 130 'customers twice a week. Charlies two older
brothers are also carriers for this newspaper. -Continued on Page 3).
PAGES Associated Press
Man Spends 31 Years In Army
heller known as Master Sergeant Walter D. Brown wilh nearly
Force, re-enlisted this week at Pope Air Force Base for another
and his family have lived lor 19 years on the base. ' I like my
why I'm staying in.
I he Sergeant
hi islanding)
age II); Mrs.
Blown and
The inaugural ion of two deliv
l ies of mail daily lo all residences
n paved sheets in waynesville
was stalled this wceK.
The project was approved some
weeks ago, and Posljuaster J. H.
Howell, said yesterday that with
ihe heavv increase of mail, he now
finds he will have In put on a third1
carrier on a part time basis to
handle I he mail.
In addition to the two city
deliveries daily. Postmaster Howell
said work had already started to
extend Rural Route one to take
mail lo some of the outlying areas,
and to the new sections included
in the extension of the city limits.
These areas would include Balsam
si reel, and the Sulphur Springs
area, and Atkins development.
This new service on route one is
expected lo begin before too long.
Receipts for February showed an
increase of ten per cent over
February of last year. Postmaster
Howell said, while January's re
ceipts Ibis year were more than ten
per cent ahead of last year.
The two city deliveries are made
daily, except on Saturday, when
only one delivery will be made.
Several large transfer boxes will
have lo be installed at different
points on the routes in order for
the carriers to handle the large
volume of mail, he said.
Mrs. .1. W. Reed, who has spent
the winter in Clearwater, Fla.,
arrived on Wednesday and is re
siding at The Retreat Convales
cent Home. Mr Reed will join Mrs.
Reed here in the near future.
In The Making
'. -!. ;
AMI 9 " -j , .
Daily Mail
and United Press News WAYNESVILLE,
said. Shown above are Masler
Walter D. Jr., age 1; Norma Jean,
Brown, the former Pearl L Davis
Bobby, age 8. (U. S. A. F. I'holo).
Walter Brown Has
Served Uncle Sam
j For 31 Years
iSpeeial to The Mountaineer
Wilh nearly 31 years service in
the United States Army and Air
Force. Master Sergeant Waller D
Brown, re-enlisled for another
three years this week al Pope Air
Force Base, Fort Bragg.
A veteran of two wars. Sergeant
Brown enlisted in the. Army Sep
tember 29th, 1917. and was as
(Scc Walter Brown Page 5)
Aliens CreeJk To ,
Discuss Program
Of Community ?
Members of the Aliens Creek
ciimmiiiiilv mel at the Aliens Creek
school on Monday night , March 7,
in riiciic the fnrminp of a Com-
munity Organization under the
Community Development Program
which is being started in Haywood
After much discussion and ex
plaining of this program by Joe
C. Cline. assistant county agent.
it was decided lo hold another
meeting on Friday night, March II.
to formulaic and organize under
the Community Development Pro
The leaders in, Aliens Creek
urged all the pcorrie in that com
munity lo be sure and attend this
meeting, which will be held on
Friday night, March II, al 7:30
o'clock, al the Aliens Creek school.
Concrete Wall
Being Built
At Stadium
Workmen are building a con
crete wall at the high school ;tad
ium to replace a section of wooden
fence. The work is being done
under the GI training program,
under the direction of Charles
Included m the program is the
construction of a cement block
ticket booth near the main en
trance to the s-tadium
The work scheduled to be
completed late this week, or early
next week, according to M. H.
Bowles, district superintendent.
For 4-H Clubs fetarted
An expansion, of 4-H club work
in Haywood was announced yes
terday by the Extension offices.
The exnansion of the present 21
clubs with 1.5o0 members, will in
clude 4 he scope of activities as
well as membership, it was said.
Among the major program tor
Haywood, will be the development
of the 4-H Camp at the State Test
Fiarm for use this summer. The
construction of the camp is al
ready underway, and every effort
is being made to complete the
camp by June.
The announcement of the ex
pansion of 4-H club work in Hay
wood came right in the heart of the
annual National 4-H Club Week,
which started Sunday, and extends
N. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1949
iRflany Major S
Are Be'mg Made A
Talk About
Members of the Haywood Min
isterial Association discussed the
proposed elect ion on abolishing
wine and beer, al their regular
monthly meeting al Longs Chapel
Rev. I! L. Younu. president,
presided at the meeting.
The group disposed of several
mailers of business, and discussed
some of Hie phases of the approach
ing election The consensus of
opinion was lhal the proposed state
wide referendum would not be
called The association had held up
tormal presentation of the petitions
asking for a county election, pend
ing the final decision on the state
wide election,
! "II looks like the proposed
i referendum for the stale has died
in eommitees of the Legislature,"
' Rev. M. li Williamson, chairman
of the eommillee charged with pre
Iscnling the petitions to the board
j of elect ions.
Building Permits
i For February Hit
kn Even $25,000
Building permits issued during
J February totaled an even $25,000,
according lo the records of Hugh
Jolly, building inspector for the
Town of Waynesville.
Mr. Jolly's report showed Ihc
following department of con
struct ion:
Business buildings $ 4,!i00
'nwcl lings' 15,000
Alterations and repairs
I on Main Street 5,500
Tolal $25,000
The reports showed permits
issued to the following: J. E.
Massie, Massie Department Store,
of Waynesville. W. H.
M. D. Brannen and Mrs.
Lyda Holtzclaw.
Wreck Victims
Still In Hospital
Cope, 19, and Aaron
20, both of liryson Cily,
in the Haywood County
Thursday noon, recuper
ating from injuries sustained early-
Sunday morning in an automobile
Four oilier nccupanls of the car
which wrecked on the Soco Cap
road, have been dismissed from
the hospital.
The car was demolished after
leaving the highway and landing
in Jonathan Creek. Joseph Ellis
Esles. also of Bryson City, was the
driver and owner of the car.
Pigeon Farmers
To Meet Monday
P All farmers of the Pigeon River
watershed are being urged to meet
Monday nigh! at 7:30 at the Bethel
school for a forestry meeting. The
program will feature extension
specialists and movies.
A specialist on blister rust will
also be present .
The meeting is being called by
Wayne Corpeuing, county agent,
and W. L. Franklin, assistant coun
ty agent.
through this Sunday.
The other motivating factor in
the expansion program is the re
cently adopted community develop
ment program for Haywood coun
ty The 4-H Clubs of the county
will be called upon to take a defi
nite part in carrying on this pro
gram, according to Joe Cline, as
sistant county agent, who is charg
ed with activities of 4-H Club boys,
and Miss Elise DeLozier. in charge
of the girls.
Mr. Cline said yesterday, "We
have five senior 4-H Clubs, and 17
junior clubs, with a total member
ship of 1,500. The object of these
rlnhc is to work with rural boys
and girls to make them better citi
zens through project work, recrea
(Continued on 1, .section 2)
A Big One That
. r V
, k S, !,,&
tumiti''1- iim A 'r :.,.jitim
Max Rogers is shown holding the 33' -inch trout which he caught
at Glenville Lake Sunday. His two lishing companions. Phil Sutton,
left and Harry Kent, right, look on as proudly us the owner of the
' 14-pound whopper, which was landed alter a 'JO-minute struggle,
near Ihc mouth of fine Creek in Glenvillo Lake not far from the
dam. More than 2.50(1 people have visited Uohci-s Electric on Main
street here and viewed the trout, which is frozen, and kept in a
dee) freeze box. The fish will be mounted in a lew days.
Committees Named For
Iron Duff C.
Hospital Was Busy
Place During 1948
One of th busiest places in
Haywood during 1948 was the
A review of the records yes
terday showed some of the fol-
1 lowing facts, to prove how busy
j the place was:
Patients admitted 3.5."l
Major operations fif2
Minor operations ... 311
White babies born 947
Colored babies born IK
An average of 10 patients ad
mitted daily, and an average of
three babies born each week-day.
STANLEY HENRY, secretary of
the Chamber of Commerce, has
tendered his resignation, effec
tive March 15th. and will re
enter Western Carolina Teachers
College at Cullowhee. majoring
in commercial education. James
L. Kilpatrick. president of the
Chamber of Commerce, said the
matter , of a successor to Mr.
Henry would be taken up by the
board of directors next Tuesday
Lmmiii ! il'rt-n '" '" ' 1
SS.OO In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
t IrQespnta
Stayed Caught
D. Program
iSpcciftl t
The Mountaineer)
: A special n
, commii Ice "I
I nuini'y I lev cl
! iianii-d I u ' I c
h i l i ne of I he steering
the Iron Duff Com-niiiii-iil
program have
imimilloes for the
I work. .Ian i
man ol the
l( ( aldwell is chair-i-oiiii.
and I he meeting
j was held a' his I
'Din .r ii. lined li
feree.l plia-.c-. "I
doveliipnielll pro
i carry on t he dif
Ihe work of Ihc
yram are as fol-
1 lows.
ol I null, and Nutrition. Mrs.
(Jrady DavL. House Furnishing,
Mrs. ( I Medlord; Home Beauli-
(ii at inn. All s T C. Davis; Clolh
: ma. Mi',. -I H ''aldwell; Health,
Mrs. Ned ( 'rau ford
Recreation. O. I, Yates. Chair
man. m.e Caldwell. Helen June
Brad .haw .loan 1 F.lroy. Ouylene
Caldwell, l!a Milivr, Jim Davis,
Helen I i i , :n mi Mrs. Raymond
C aldwell. .1 li Caldwell, Jr.
i Timlin. If-ilph Unison. Mrs. Joe
i iWcdlni d. Mr- lanis Chambers.
Fore-in. Man .on Medford. Gor
don S.-niliii-d Lawrence Brown,
('omnium' 1 Improvement. Nor
' man Unii'tun Mr-. Clinton Mc
Elroy Dam, nii- I ei enson, chairman,
jo,. M.ii'c wl Joe llayncs, Ray
mond Caldwell. Mrs. Taylor Med
(Sc,. Iron Duff Page 5)
Mars Hill Glee Club To
Give 3 Concerts Sunday
foil- inn,- niii.ieians from Mars
Hill ( nllre, ii ii give three con
ceils in Haywood Sunday. The
Collece Glee club of 42 voices will
he feaiured at I he First Baptist,
church in Canton at 11 o'clock;
at I he Cly de Baptist church at
three, and al lhr First Baptist
in W'ji ncsv.llr at 7:30. The 7:30
coneeri will he broadcast ever
I eai li'T
direelol li i.osan Souther,
i, I vine al the College, is
ol i he group The violinist
fid ward '.elman. of Athens,
., and Me- pianists are Miss
Mat I
Biguers. head of the music
depart menl al Mars Hill; Edward
Collins, of Avon Park, Fla., and
, Bert
Clay Edwards, of Mars Hill.
Patricia Roberts, of Lenoir,
is organist.
Dean R. M. Lee is accompany-(-,.
Mav Hit! Ptge 5)
Operated In
Black For
Past Year
The Haywood County Ho pit j!
operated within its income for
1948. and bad a fair balance left
over, according to the auditor'!- re
port made public yesterdav
R. Lee Davis, admini ,-Jrator for
the institution, presented the 194S
financial report to the board oi
trustees Tuesday night 'I'-pv
were warm in their praise of thp
work done by Mr. Davis, and for
operating the Hospital in the
"black" for 1948.
The auditor's report showed that
a $6,000 deficit of 1947 had been
paid, and a balance of over S8.00')
on hand as of January 1 of this
A number of improvement-- h.:vc
been made, and others are Hear
ing completion. Among them is the
renovation and painting of the en
tire interior of the building. Mam'
organizations and individuals are
contributing to this phase of the
work, Mr. Davis said. There are
yet one or two units lo be re
painted. Among the contributions on the
improvement program in KJ-lR -ss
the $600 set of reception room fm
niture donated by the Champion
Paper and Fibre Company.
The institution has 72 beds, with
68 persons employed full time for
the operation of the place. 'I hero
are 19 registered nurses, four
supervisors, in addition lo man
ager, clerical help, cooks, orderlies
and maintenance men.
Some of the improvements on
the building Include changing of
plumbing in baths, and a remod
eled Jiursery, with a lnrgf- clos
door for the public lo see the
babies. The nursery is one of the
units yet to be painted. New ba-.siii-ets,
and curtains will ue in.slalled
in the room.
Mr. Davis said thai the pljn
now is for "everyone to see the
babies all they want through the
(See Hospital I'aee Kl
Merchants Study
Credit Bureau, To
Make Report Soon
The directors of the Merch-rt.:
Association met this week and ri'i
cussed the proposed credit buvsu.
The mailer was discussed at i't-
recent annual meeting, and t'"s
directors are making a sludv of
the plans.
W. M. "Bill" Cobb, president of
the organization, said that seeer-il
plans have been studied, ami Mv
directors are now working on
definite details to present to the
organization at an early date.
No action has been taken b'
Senate committee on Hon
No. 491 to extend the city limit.-,
of Waynesville. The bill passer!
the House and went to the Senate
several days ago. The measure
was introduced by Rep. Grocer C.
Mr and Mrs. J, C Gahiiha have
returned from Atlanta where they
bought merchandise for The Book
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed.... 0
Injured .... 9
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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