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Thousands Attend
Funeral Services
For Sen. Broughton
RALEIGH UP Leaders of the
state and nation, together with
hundreds of citizens who consider
ed him their friend, paid final tri
bute Tuesday to Senator .1. Melville
Bioughlon. Both X. C houses ad
journed for the afternoon out of re
spect to the late senator.
Citizens paid their respects by
f".ing past the casket as the body
of their former governor lay in
state tor two hours before funeral
Viie President A ben W. Bark
lev headed the high government
official; who flew from Washington
tor (he last rites of the (iO-year-old
junior North Carolina senator who
lock office only two months ago
sen. Clyde It Hoey. North Caro
iii,. - senior senator, attended with
15 other senators named Monday
L Vice President Barkley.
f inal rites for the Haleigh at
iuiiie and former governor were
held in Haleinh s Tabernacle Bap
tii church where Uroutfhton for
2S years conducted a Bible class.
Bui ial was in Montlawn Memor
ial Paik
Among those from Haywood at
tending the funeral were Mr. and
Mr Bryan Medford. Sam Queen
i.nd Kiehaid Queen, who is a spec
ial stcretaiy in the late senator's
Hazelwood Brownies
At ft SLIT ) w f'tKas v i ttu
xlt 'if'' 1, " Or &
Two Pasture Projects
To Be Shown On Monday
Two phases of pasture work will
be shown in Haywood Monday, by tur., f) Tr.rirA
the county agents office. Much IVLUXICiYi L DOOrd
stress is being placed on" better : ' . n .
pastures at this time, and Mon-1 JYleniDCrS OeKlUy
day's program is part of this plan.
At 10:30 a tour will be made of
the Jack and Hiram McCracken
farm in Pigeon, near Bethel School.
Last July a demonstration was
made on a section of pasture there.
Specialists planted Ladino clover
and orchard grass, and Ladino and
Fescue, according to Experiment
Station recommendations.
Two Made 111 From
Salt Substitutes
Deweese is in his first term on the
board and Keno replaces Lloyd
Sellers who announced business
would prevent him from seeking
Girl Scouts in Uie Hazelwood-Waynesville area are observing the 37th anniversary of the founding of
Girl Scouting with various activities throughout the week. Shown above are Brownie Troops 2 and 3
of Hazelwood Klementary School at a recent party. Leaders of these troops are Mrs. Howard Clapp,
Mrs. C. N. Allen. Mrs. Paul Davis, and Mrs. Noel Phillips.
Mrv Annie Williams Sheeluin.
31. wife of Clay Sheehan of Haz
elwood died at her home Tuesday
after a short illness.
funeral sti vices were held in the
Aliens Creek Baptist church Thurs
day at 11 a in.
The Rev. C L. Allen and the Rev
Thomas Ervin officiated and burial
was in Green Hill cemetery.
Surviving are the Inn-band, two
daughters. Betty and Margaret of
the home: four son. Carol. Chal ks
and Davis of the home: the parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ch,arles Williams of
Hazelwood: two brothers. .lohn and
Will Williams of Hazelwood: four
sisters. Mrs. Hester Whitner and
Miss Isabelle Williams o Hazel
wood: Mrs. MafJiiic -Mehaffey of
Waynesville Route 1 and Mr- Sal
lie Allison of Waynesville.
Garrett Funeral Home a in
Funeral services for JikImiii Os
borne. 52. son of the late George
Osborne of Clyde, who died Tues
day at his home at Sill eveport. La.,
v.ere held Wednesday aitcrnoon at
Burial was in the Masonic Ceme
tery at Shreveport.
Surviving in addition to the
widow are two sisters. Mrs. E E
Holmes of Spartanburg. S C. and
Mrs J A Neal of Canton: four
brothers. Ray of Alexander. Joe
of Evanston. Ill . John of Spartan
burg and James of Hiawassee Dam.
Fred Woody. 51. employed as a
. lumber worker, died at his home
: in tne East Fork section of Hay
j wood county at C: 10 a m. Wednes-
Funeral services will be held Rri
; day at 2 pm in East Fork Metho-
dist church. Burial will be in
j Gwy n cemetery.
: Surviving are the widow. Mrs
Lve Knight Woody: three sons.
Thomas Woody of Gastonia. Henry
of Canton. Route 2. and Paul
Woody of Columbus. Ga.: one
: biother. Ed of Hartford. Tenn :
; five grandchildren.
r Garrett Funeral Home is in
" charge
; Gladys Irene Frizzell. three-months-old
daughter of Mr and
J Mrs. T ft. Frizzell of the Pigeon 1
j action of Haywood county, died in
J the Haywood County Hospital Wed- i
: nesday. j
: Funeral services were held at !
. in a. m Thursday in the home at
. Pigeon, with the Rev Thomas Er-
win officiating. Surviving are the
: parents.
John Justice. Ofi. retired farmer
of the Sandy Mush section of Bun
! "" be county, died Friday morn
ing at his home after a long ill
j ness.
Funeral services were held Sun-
day afternoon in the Sandy Mush
; Methodist church with the Rev.
' Vinson Pleinmons and the Rev. J.
: B. Huggins, officiating. Burial wa
: in the church cemetery.
: The following grandsons served
as pallbearers: Clyde and William
O'Neal, Bud and James Justice,
.and Willie Clinton.
Surviving are the widow. Mrs.
. Amy Wright Justice; five sons,
j Raymond and Wllburn of the home!
3 Albert, Lester, Richard and Jesse
; of Haywood county; five daughters,
SMrs. Maggie Wright of Craggy!
jMr, Millie Lusk and Mr. Gladys
;Surt-ett of Leicester, Mrs. Ula Sut
tle and Mrs. Ethel Hudgins of
Black Mountain.
I Crawford Funeral Horn was in
: charge.
Little Symphony
To Play Two
Concerts Here
The Little Symphony of the
North Carolina Symphony Orches
tra, under the direction of Dr.
Benjamin Swalin. will appear at
the Waynesville High School audi
torium in two concerts on Thurs
day. March 17.
A free afternoon conceit will
be given at 2 o'clock for high
school children, and will be broad
cast over WI1CC for the benefit of
children in the elementary schools.
This program will include:
Intermezzo No. 11 from "The
Jewels of the Madonna." by Wolf
Fcrrari. Excerpts from Symphony No. 40
in G Minor, by Moart.
Original composition by a young
North Carolinian.
Musical quiz and demonstration
ol instruments, based on familiar
On the Trail from the "Grand
Canyon Suite," by Grofe.
Children's Corner Suite, by De
bussy. Soirees Musicales. by Britten.
Parade ol the Wooden Soldiers,
by Jcssel.
Hungarian Danic No. 5 by
For tin past two weeks children
in the community have been learn
ing about the orchestral instru
iiieiilsxiuid the numbers to be play
ed. Mrs. Jonathan Woody and Miss
Betsy Lane Quinlau. who were in
charge of the Symphony Member
ship Drive, have played recordings
of the Symphony selections on a
WHCC program and again at the
Haywood County Library.
The evening concert at 8:30
o'clock will also be directed by Dr.
Swalin and admisison will be by
membership in the Symphony So
ciety or by admission tickets which
may be purchased at the door.
The evening program will be as
fol lows:
1 "Siegfried Idyll," by Wagner
Sy mphony No. 40 in G Minor, by
Concerto No. Ill in G Minor
for Oboe and String Orchestra, bv
Entr'actf from ' Khow antshinn."
by Moussorgsky.
Waltz. from Serenade for
Strings, by Tschaikowsky.
Intermezzo from "The Jewels of
the Madonna," by Wolf-Ferrari.
"Dance of the Buffoons," by Rim-
i Overture to "The Gypsy Baron."
I by Strauss.
St. Patrick's
Benefit Dinner
Will Be Held 15th
Jiggf' corned beef and cabbage
heads the menu lor the St. Pat
rick's dinner to be given Tuesday,
March 15. in St John's auditorium
for the benefit of the school. Irish
potatoes, shamrock salad coffee,
and Hibernian dessert will com
plete Hip meal.
Miss Gertrude C. Flanagan, of
Cherokee, will 1r chairman of the
dinner, which will be served under
the auspices of the St John's Lay
men's association Serving will he
gin at 6:00 p.m and continue un
til 7 30.
After the dinner games will be
played. Game prizes will be given
throughout The evening.
Monday, March 14th
Burgin s Store 9:35- 9:50
Mrs. Dave Plolt 10:00-10:15
Siler Service Station 10:25-10:45
Smoky Mt. Gift Shop 11:05-11:20
Maggie School 11:30- 1:00
Mrs. F. O. Dry man 1:20-1:40
Mrs. L. J. Ballad 1:50- 2:10
Reeves & Carver
Filling Station 2.20- 2:36 pointed.
Girl Scout Week
To Close Sunday
At Church Service
Girl Scout Week will come to
an end on' Sunday when all
Brownies and Scouts in the Hazel-wood-Waynesville
area will attend
the eleven o'clock services at the
First Methodist Church. Members
of the Scout Council will accom
pany the girls.
On Saturday morning at 11
o'clock the girls will be guests of
the management of the Park
Theatre at a movie. Pop-corn will
be served by the Council.
Special programs have been
held by the various troops through
out the week in observance of the
37th anniversary of Girl Scouting.
On Wednesday afternoon the two
Brownie troops of the Hazelwood
Elementary School held a joint in
vestiture service, with the leaders,
Mrs. Howard Clapp. Mrs. C. N.
Al It'll. Mrs. Paul Davis, and Mrs.
Noel Phillips, in charge.
Following the service Mrs. Ray
mond Lane talked to Hie girls on
the condition of refugee children
in Germany. The talk was in line
with the troops' program of filling
clothing kits for overseas relief.
The Girl Scout program is
planned and directed by a council
ol volunteers lrom Hazelwood and
Waynesville and is sponsored by
the Waynesville Lions Club. Each
troop also has an individual spon
sor and a committee to help carry
out the work.
A list ol troops with their lead
ers, sponsors, and committees fol
lows: Troop No. 1, 16 intermediate
girls, sponsored by Circle No. 2 of
the Waynesville Presbyterian
Church with Mrs. William Medford
as leader: Mrs. Miller Ingram. Miss
Tillie Rotha and Mrs Hugh Palm
er, committee.
Troop No. 2. 13 Brownies, spon
sored by the BoosteV's Club with
Mrs. Claude Allen and Mrs. How
ard Clapp as leaders, and Mrs.
Paul P. Thrower. Mrs. L N. Davis,
and Mrs Wayne Franklin as com
mittee members.
Troop No. 3. 13 Brownies, spon
sored by the Booster's Club with
Mrs. Noel Phillips and Mrs. Paul
Davis as leaders and Mrs. R. Stu
art Roberson. Mrs. Aaron Prevost.
and Mrs. C E Grace as commit- '
tee members.
Troop No. 4. 15 senior girls,
sponsored by Circle No. 4 of the
First Methodist Church with Miss
Dorothy Richeson and Miss Mary ,
Lou Elwood as leaders and Mrs.
Hugh Massie. Mrs. T. C. Norris. :
and Airs. Claude Rogers as com
mittee members.
Troop No 5. 12 intermediate
girls, sponsored by the Hazelwood
P.T.A. with Miss Alice Fincher '
and Mrs. William Ray as leaders
and Miss Daisy Boyd. Mrs. W. A.
Rector, and Mrs. Grady Farmer as
committee members.
Troop No. fi. 20 senior girls.
sponsored by Galloway's Lumber '
Yard with Mrs. Myrtle E. Tappan
and Mrs. Alberta G. Williams as
leaders and Mrs Jack Felmet, Mrs
Hobert Gibson, and Mrs. J. C.
Crouser as committee members.
Troop No. 7, 12 intermediate
girls, sponsored by the Centra!
Elementary P.T.A. with Mrs. Ran
kin Ferguson and Mrs. Osrar Beck ,
as leaders and Mrs. M H. Bowles,
Mrs. Albert Abel, and Mrs. Albert
Reeves as committee members.
Troop No. 8. 24 Brownies, 8pon-!
sored by the Woman's Club, with i
Mrs. C. R. Brown and Mrs. Charles
Parker as leaders and Mrs. Carl
Mundy as a committee member
'others to be appointed).
Troop No. 9, 18 intermediate '
girls, sponsored by the Beta Sigma !
Phi sorority, with Mrs. Joe Mas-1
sie as leader 'additional leader I
needed i and Mrs. Charles Wood
ard. Miss Dorothy Richeson, and
Mrs. Harry Lee Liner as commit- j
tee members. . I
Troop No. 10, Brownie troop, j
sponsored by the East Waynesville
P.T.A., with Mrs. Joel Rothermel
and Mrs. John Hooper is leaders,
and the troop committee to be ap-
Wayne Corpening, in a state
ment yesterday, said: "Now we
want farmers to see wlial Ladino
clover with orchard grass of Fes-
i cue will do. 1 lie results ot the Mc
I Crack n pasture are really lemark-
! At 1:30 the program will shift
to ttie W. P. Harris farm on Beav-
. eiduiii creek, in Beaverdaiu town-
ship, when an acre of old pasture King William II of Britain, an
j that is on thin land will be plant- , unjust and grasping ruler, invoked
j ed. : the wrath of the church hy selling
I For this project. Mr. Corpening church offices or keeping them un
said two pounds of Ladino clover j occupied so he could keep the
and 12 pounds of orchard grass, revenue for himself,
and fertilized with 800 pounds of! ' " ; P
2-12-12 fertilizer. ; holding the seeding demonstrations
"Since this is the time of year ! in the Beaverdani section," Mr.
to renovate old pastures, we are Corpening said.
At least two local people who
used a common table salt substi
tute suffered reaction, it was learn
ed this week. Both people, past
50 years of age, stopped imme
diately, and suffered no serious ill
Several weeks ago the U. 8.
Food and Drug Administration
ordered the substitutes withdrawn
from the market and asked all per
sons who were using it to "stop
using this dangerous poison at
once," according to an Associated
Press dispatch from Washington.
The substance was described by i
the American Medical Association
as lithium chloride. Common table
Ealt is sodium chloride.
Is completing his third term as As far as could be learned, only
mayor, and Robinson his fourth a few people in this area had been
lei in as a member of the board, using the salt substitute, and they
tvere notified immediately when
the discovery was made.
Dr. Paul B. Dunbar, commis
sioner of food and drugs said three
manufacturing firms manufacturing i
the lithium salts have withdrawn !
them from the market. He listed
Bethel lU
Church Grrl
nave So,
Canton Offices
Mayor J. Paul Murray, Albert B.
Robinson, P. D. Deweese, incum
bents, and Albert J. Reno opened
their campaign for election to the
Canton Town Board of Aldermen
in the May 5 elections.
Murray, associated with the
Southern Railway office at Canton,
Bethel t,.u. .
Frid.-.v ,,, "0IN
Will he ,, N
decoidi,,,,,. Ii
Clvd,. r,. ,;. "'
-nu of J
J " 111 IK..
and i.eiv.1.,.. . . "J
.... . """"' U;.
syillpJtli .. 1
Iili.llt,r ,
tUal riui
All- l
ai Sir;
I'M in,, h
SHH......1 .... 1
the trade names of the products as . '"""Mies J
Welsal Fnndsal and Saltisalt i . " " Wuiri
It was learned that local - drug
stores had shipped their supply of
the salt back to the manufacturer.
Dr. Dunbar said symptoms of
the poisoning are drowsiness, weak
ness, loss of appetite, nausea, shak
iness of the limbs, blurred vision
"i t nine iW
salt Mik,,.J
ueeuilje Deltn
FOR s.U.K 7:
I'lMhi. I ' t
vi.ivMiiru. Lake
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