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The Waynesville Mountaineer"
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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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German nurses.
Carolina farm ex-
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F y 'he staff nf
64th YEAR NO. 23 8
Is He Oldest?
Iff Hi
f .?
served his 77th birthday Friday,
and is believed to have the dis
tinction of having lived in
Waynesville longer than any oth
er citizen. While not the oldest
person as far as years go, he is
believed to hold the record for
having lived here the longest.
Dr. Tom has just about retired
from his medical practice. He
still assists with several opera
tions a week. He is a member
of the board of aldermen, and
divides his time between the
court house, city hall and hos
pital. Firemen Save
4 Canton
CanUin fin men had to work :nst
and efficiently late Saturday lo
save a block of houses on North
Main street.
The fi-room home of Mrs. Ruth
Rhyne was discovered ablaze by
the owner, and before the depart
ment could reach the scene, was
on fire all over.
The high winds sent sparks and
burning embers over awftle ai-ea,
and at different times, four near
by houses caught. Firemen put out
the roof fires, and kept the dam
age to a nearby house to a small
damage of a burned gable, and a
number of burned shingles.
The Rhyne house and furniture
was estimated as a loss of $5,000.
Damage to the nearby houses was
estimated at $25.
Both trucks were used by the
department, which has 4 drivers
and 24 volunteer firemen, all un
der C. Ii. Westmoreland, chief. The
drivers are Ted Cole, Claude Rob
erts, Edwin Smathers and Fred
Earlier last week, the depart
ment saved valuable property just
outside the city Iimils. by extin
guishing a blaze at the home of A.
B. Watts. The fire was confined lo
a small area and slight damage.
fs And Agriculture
Uming Wednesday
Former AP Man
loins News Staff
Of Mountaineer
Bill Lindau, the new Mountain
eer reporter, his wife, and their
four-year-old daughter, Sara, will
make their home this week-end in
m apartment at the residence of
Mrs. S. H. Keller on the Asheville
The Lindaus lived in Charlotte
for the last three years, where the
reporter worked for the Associated
Press bureau there.
Hp started on his new job here
Busy Week-End For
Police Department
Police here hri a hnv wppL
J"", wiui six being arrested for
being drunk. 2 drunken drivers.
a"d the theft of one car.
. "" kept us on the go," Chief Or
ville Noland said.
Bethel FFA Boys Clear
$9,142 On Farm Projects
Mxty-four Bethel Future Farm
ers of America boys produced a
net of $9,H2 worth on farm com.
modities last year, and turned in
some production records their eld
ers would be proud to claim.
Clinton Nix, Bethel High vocai
tional agriculture teacher, gave
io!0figures ln his report 6n the
'48 projects Thursday hlght at
an FFA father and son banqnet.
Associated Press
16 Forest
Fires Burn
161 Acres
I Sixteen forest fires have burned
il612 acres in Haywood since
February first, according to R. E.
Caldwell, county fire warden.
"We hae had a greater number
! of fires but not as much acreage
burned," Mr. Caldwell said.
The fire warden reported that
careless burning of tobacco beds,
and new ground had accounted for
almost every one of the fires.
He warned that farmers wait
until night, and when the woods
are damp, to burn off beds and new
The fire tower atop Chambers
Mountain has been manned since
February first, and two-way radio
now enables the lookout men to
keep in touch with the fire ward
ens. One day last week four fires
broke out, two at the same time.
Through the facilities of radio, the
fire fighters were soon on the job
and had the blaze under control.
Loaded Truck Of
Feed Wrecks; Runs
Into Scotts Creek
Two men narrowly escaped ser
ious injuries when their loaded
feed truck overturned just west of
The vehicle was a tractor-trailer
unit, with a load of feed from
an Asheville mill. The driver of
the truck said he was crowded ofT
the road onto soft shoulders by
another truck. He lost control of
the tractor, and the whole thing
turned over the embankment to
wards Scott's Creek.
The cab of the tractor was badly
smashed, and considerable damage
done lo the trailer. The load of i
feed slid off the trailer and only
a few bags were damaged. J
The accident ;apptned in Jack-'i
son county, near the Rtifus Jones
The wrecked vehicles were
brought to Watkins Chevrolet Com-
pany here.
Junior 4-H Club
Receives Award
The Crabtree Junior 4-H Club
held its regular meeting on Tues
day and was presented a banner as
the outstanding club in Haywood
county. The presentation was made
by Joe Cline.
Miss Elise DeLozier presented
medals to the following girls who
have completed their record books:
Betty Ruth Ferguson, Bobby May
Welch, Maxine Medford, Mattie
Sue Medford, Doris Jean Kinsland,
Eddie Louise Hill, Frances Emma
Yates, Claudie Sue Crawford and
Polly Kay McElroy.
Crabtree-Iron Duff
School To Have Lockers
Individual lockers for high school
students are under construction at
the Crabtree-Iron DufT school. The
work is being done by members of
the vocational agriculture classes
under the supervision of B. F. Nes
bitt, instructor.
Commissioners Hold
Third Monday Meeting
The board of commissioners held
their regular third Monday meet
ing Monday, with only routine mat
ters coming to their attention. A
number of citizens attended the
meeting lo discuss highway mat
ers with J. M. Knight, highway
engineer, who comes here each
third Monday.
Heavy Traffic On
Highways; No Wrecks
TTitrliurat; Pafrnlman D R Rnh-
i r.fp cnimWori horn? ro(Ti Himnph-
out the county over the weekend,
and especially on Highway No. 19
Sunday afternoon.
As far as could be learned, no
accidents were reported.
The gross value of the crops,
livestock, and livestock products
was $14,193.26. To get this, the
boys spent $5,051.25 in rent and
other expenses, worked 3.023VS
Their labor itself was worth $9,
152.74. Here's wh .jt did, according to
k dnru tr-i' fiuures told his
(Pee BFFA Page 4)
and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1949
Twins Observe
Mrs. John Shoolbred, and her sister. Mrs. II. L. Frost, are identical
twins, observed their 83rd birthdays here Saturday. Both are still
active, with Mrs. Frost doing a lot of painting, while Mrs.
Shoolbred prefers to sew. Mrs. Sboolbied is on the right.
(See Story on page three i
Series Meetings Slated
On Community Programs
It's Spring
Sprins arrived with a smile at
5:4!) p.m. Sunday. The skies were
sunny, and weather pleasantly
But you couldn't tell the dif
ference, since it's been sprinc
all winter.
In fart, if anything, the first
day of sprins was colder than
most of the days of the winter
had been.
700 People
At Appliance
Show Here
More than 71)0 people attended
, the third annual Home Appliance
ynow at (ne Waynesville Armory
before the two-day event closed at
1 p. m. Saturday.
In spite of the cold, wet
weather that kept Friday's opening
day attendance low, the attendance
was greater than last year's show,
according to Haywood County
Agent Wayne Corpcning.
The county agent termed the
1949 event 'a greater success than
last year's also from the standpoint
of program.
The program was sponsored by
the Haywood Electric Membership
Corporation, the Extension Ser
vice, and local appliance dealers.
It was arranged by Corpening, Miss
Mary Margaret Smith, home dem
onstration agent; and REA Man
ager R. C. Sheffield.
The greatest single grou of
spectators was made up of the 500
(See 700 People Page 4)
Paul Miller Hit With
Ball; Hearing Restored
For nearly six years, since the
H;iv he was shot down in an air
raid over Rumania. Sgt. Paul
Miller of Waynesville, had
Last Thursday, St. Patrick's Day,
the proverbial "luck of the Irish
hit Miller, right on the head.
And now he can hear again.
Miller, serving w ith an Air Force
group at the Point Mugu, Cal.,
Naval Base, was playing Softball
when he was struck on the head
Another Hazelwood Carrier
V ' 3
FRANK BIRCHFIELD is another Hazelwood carrier, and serves
85 residents of the area, ne siarieu as . .
and has already made enough to
83rd Birthday
Meetings in connection with the
community development program
have been announced for this week
as follows by citizens of the respec
tive communities:
Monday, 7:30 p.m. Louisa Chap
el at Clyde
Rcavcrdam Creek. Hominy Creek
and Newfound Cap community or
ganization and watershed lest
demon si ration, at Iieaverdam
Tuesday. 7 30 p.m. Ralclifl'c
Cove community organization
meeting at the H.itclill'e Cove
Methodist Church.
Wednesday. 7:30 p.m.-Jonathan
Creek Community organization
meeting at Rock Hill School.
Thursday Aliens Creek cum-
community, already organized, will
meet at Aliens Creek School.
Dellwood steering committee, at
I 'the 'home of Mi and Mrs. Hub
Pigeon and parts of Boavcrdaiii.
at Bethel School, for discussion
(See Meetings Page 4
Car Willi Liquor Is
Nabbed On Highway 276
Patrolman H Dayton caught two
men with a case and a half of
liquor on Highway No. 276 last
The men have been bound over
to court.
Small Fire On Balsam
Road Home Saturday
Fire did about $25 damage to the
Harry Swanger home on Balsam
road near Skyland Cottages Sat
urday morning.
The Waynesville Fire Depart
ment answered the call. Chief Clem
Fitzgerald reported the blaze start
ed from a flue.
by the ball.
The story was told by the Asso
ciated Press, quoting official Navy
Miller was
tail gunner on a
IB-24 bomber when his plane was
shot down Aug. 1. 1943 during a
raid on the Ploesti oil fields.
After his discharge from the
army, he served with the Way
nesville Post Office as a city mail
carrier and clerk before re-enlisting.
buy two
(Continued on Page 3'
Entered In
More than 200 of Waynesville
High School's crack musicians and
singers will compete this week
end in the District Music Contest
at Asheville.
The winners will compete in the
stat, contest which will be held
later this spring at Greensboro.
Waynesville High School Band
Director Charles lsley announced
Monday he has entered two bands
in the Asheville contest, where this
year s grading will range from one
to six (easiest to hardest).
One Waynesville band is entered
in Grade 5 and will compete
against Lee Edwards High of
Asheville. The other, in Grade 3.
will compete against Hickory and
The Marion High band is the
only one entered in Grade 4.
The instrumental group compet
ition will be staged Friday, with
the choral groups to compete Sat
urday. Mr. Isley also announced he was
(See Musicians Page 4
Services Will
Be Held Today
For C. B. Russell
Charles B. Russell, 70. well
known Haywood County resident,
died Sunday in the Haywood
County Hospital as a result of a
stroke suffered last Monday.
Funeral services will be conduct
e d at the First Presbyterian
Church, Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock, with the pastor, the Rev.
Malcolm Williamson, and the Rev.
L. G. Elliott, pastor of the First
Baptist Church, ofliciating. Intern
will be in Green Hill Cemetery.
Pallbearers wil be nephews as
follows: Woodrow Frazier, Robert
Russell. Jack Paxton, Thomas
Edwards, and Charles Russell.
Mr. Russell, son of Marion and
Elizabeth Stratton Russell, was
born January 14, 1870 in Haywood
County and spent his entire life
here. He was a retired painter anrf
a member of the First Presbyter
ian Chucch, a Woodman, an Odd
Fellow, and a member of the
Knights of Pythias.
The body will remain at Garrett
Funeral Home until 2 o'clock this
afternoon when it will be taken to
the church and lie in state until the
hour of the service.
Lake Silt Equals
Cheap Fertilizer,
Experts Found
Technicians of TVA are here
checking the content of the deep
deposit of silt in the bed of Lake
Junaluska. Analysis show it equal
to low grade fertilizer.
Dr. F. S. Love, superintendent,
said that the flood gates would
probably be closed this week, or
just as soon as the technicians
completed their checking of the
The water level of the Lake was
lowered some months ago in order
that workmen could install the
large sewer line for the Assembly.
jRotarians Hear
j Contest Winner
, Miss Cenie Ferguson gave her
'address on soil conservation at the
! Rotary meeting last Friday. She
recently won the county contest,
and also in the district contest.
W. M. "Bill" CoBb was received
as a new member.
Among the guests present were,
Dr. J. Henry Highsmith of Ral
eigh, Charles G. Tennent of Ashe
ville and Max Rogers, Waynesville.
Haywood Masons Hold
District Meet At Bethel
Between 125 and 150 Haywood
Masons and their wives attended
the banquet of the four lodges of
the county at the Somona Lodge,
in Bethel last week.
The Eastern Star of the Somona
Lodge served the meal.
George Stamey, district grand
master, presided at the banquet,
and Rev. L. E. Mabry, pastor of
the First Methodist church of Can
ton, was the principal speaker. He
discussed the basic principals of
all the Masonic bodies.
Plans are to have a supper meet-
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countie3
sumed her duties as secretary of
the Chamber of Commerce here.
Mrs. Knutli was formerly with
the Lake Wales. Fla . organiza
tion, and moved here last July.
Mr. Kuntti is manager of radio
station WIK'C. Photo by In
gram's Studio.
Highway To
Sylva Being
lu about tiO days. U S Highway
19-A between Balsam Gap and
Sylva will he 20 feet wide.
The Asheville Paving Company
of Asheville started work Satur
day morning on the $120,000 State
highway project to add four feet to
the width of the 10. 6-mile stretch.
Dan Fuit, company vice presi
dent, gave the information to the
Mountaineer in a telephone inter
view. He said a crew of 15 men were
laying crushed rock first. The
width extension will be surfaced
finally w ith hot asphalt ic concrete.
The company official added that
there would be no more than 25
men on the job at any one time.
Jonathan Creek
Citizens To Meet
Citizens of Jonathan Creek will
meet at the Hock Hill school Wed
nesday night at 7:30 to organize for
carrying out the community de
velopment program in that area.
Nathan Carver i s temporary
Officers will be elected, and
every citizen of the community is
urged lo attend.
Severe Electrical Storm
Hit Haywood Last Friday
Police Here Move
Into New Quarters
The police department is now
occupying the former city hall
office, which was moved last week
end to the new offices just com
pleted. The radio equipment of the de
partment, and all records have
been moved to the new quarters.
Chii-r Orville Noland said that
most police court would be held in
the new offices. Large crowds will
be taken to the second floor court
Rep. Grover Davis
Here On Week-End
Rep Grover C. Davis spent the
week-end at home This was his
first visit since he went to Raleigh
early in January as a member of
the General Assembly.
He told friends he questioned
the General Assembly adjourn
ing by April second, a date often
mentioned by legislative leaders.
ing with each of the four lodges
in the county during the year. The
tour lodges, at Waynesville, Can
ton. Clyde and Bethel, comprise
the 41st district.
R. T. Hargrove is master of the
Somona Lodge, while Ned Clontz
is master of the Canton Lodge,
Sidney Haynes of the Clyde Lodge,
and E. A. Williamson, master of
the Waynesville Lodge.
The next joint meeting be
with the Waynesville lodge in June
or e?rly July.
Get Stolen
Car Back In
13 Minutes
It take a fast car to exceed ra
dio waves, especially if the car ra
diator is dry.
All this was learned Saturday
by Wayne Adams, 25. a one-legged
man of Andrews.
Late Saturday afternoon Adams
slipped under the steering wh l
of Carl Rathbone's car near tii
depot, and started towards An
drews. Rathbone called the police,
and Chief Orville Noland put I he
message on the police radio, and
highway patrol radio system.
In exactly 13 minutes, a call
came back to Chief Noland. "We
have the car, and the man. on the
Balsam Highway. This is Patrol
man Long calling."
Mr. Rathbone, who lives near his
work, drove his ear to work Salur
(See Officers Pane 4i
J. A. Singleton was eled'il
chairman of the Dellwood ((im
munity development program at
the initial meeting Thursday uieJil.
Mrs. T. D. Ketner was elected
vice chairman: Mrs. Ned Moody,
secretary; Bryan Medford, treas
urer: and Mrs. Crews Moody, re
porter. The steering committee will
meet next Thursday night al the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Huh Cald
well to map a program and sehel
additional committees.
Haywood County Agent W.tynr
Corpening outlined the objectives
and plan of the community devel
opment program for the county
These committees for Dellwood
have been selected:
Survey Robert Ferguson, Carl
Setzer. C. A. Campbell. B. C. ru
gate, Hub Caldwell, D. J. Hovel
Lester Burgin, and Shook Fergu
son. Ways and Means Sam Queen.
Mrs. Wells, and Mrs. Huh Caldwell.
Program Mrs. J. E. B. lino. nr.
James Roy Moody, Taylor Fergu
son, and Glenn James.
Lightning struck several place-.- in
the county early Friday mm inn
during the season's first electrical
A tree on Balsam road iie;r
Skyland Cottages was splintered,
and the home of E. G. Hemhree on
Aliens Creek was smoked on the
outside when a bolt struck nearby.
The cap from the electric meter
was knocked 30 feet. The hoine
did not catch on fire.
The lightning burned out sevenl
transformers on the Carolina I 'oner
& Light Company lines, and -.truck
near the sub station throwing Hv
community in darkness for about
55 minutes. Workmen rushed to
the scene, and restored the service.
The teleqhone company reported,
that some 40 to 50 telephones were
knocked out by the lightning
Service had been restored on all
phones at noon Saturday.
REA engineers reported th;.
bolts of lightning threw switches cn
their lines in the Thickety au-1
Crabtree areas of the county.
Mrs. Harley Francis and son.
Jimmy Francis, have returned from
a visit to relatives in Waycros:-, C-a.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed...: 0
Injured .... 9
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway. Patrol).

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