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m-i-a at hie uost office al Waynesville. N C, as Scr
oua fioLs Mini Mutter, as provided under the Act of
M:,nh I IB'iil, November 2U. 1914.
iMjiiuaiy not ires, resolutions f respec1 ard of tnanks,
n.a all i.uii..-.-: .,1 .r.tertainipent ti.r pi. 'lit. will be churtrro
jor .1 u,r i ale ! two itn's pe- word
Associated I 'less Cnil.u l're-s hi e entitled ex-,-lu-e.ti.
I.. 11. e w-e f..r i.- . !,!. -..ti-.n of ail I the low
nev.- n. i..-wsi a,er. as w. :l .is a!l A1J ai.o Uf
aev. s d'.saKTtts
'ITIiSDAY. -MAKCII 22. 1949
The Right Approach
V.'ednestlav momiiv-; ;) lnr.Lie number of
bankets ant! pn.fesMonul aurieultural work
er hum live counties will wither here anil
liM.-n to leaders m the two fields discuss
business trends of tlie day.
It is si-nifieant that bankers and farm
lea. li t -, m". tn:. ether, as the old savinu still
applies. -As the prospers, so prospers
the nation.
These two -roups have a part in dv
terminin.: the general economic welfare ol
this nation. The problems of each tn'oup is
.1 vital concern to the other. And for that
reason, the leaders are bein.u brought to
: ether to discuss their problems, and to hear
reactions, and stimestions for the other side.
This newspapi r teels :hat it is littnm that
sue:! conferences be held, and present prob
lems be tackled from a practical standpoint,
as well as on a down-to-earth basis.
There are but few national economic prob
lems that can be solved by theory - thev are
solved more satisfactorily hy those who have
the experience, and the know-how.
No doubt the results of this conference
here Wednesday will have a far-reachirr;
t fleet on the economic trends in the fields of
r.iM iculture and banking, as well as business
in ecneral throughout the five counties that
will be represented.
A Grow ins; Denomination
Ma. ie
tit; o!
t'ial mon'r" a
s newspaper i
bv the Batdi
l:') wo carried a repoi't
.1 the substantial ..ins
-ts in Havwood. Now
1) l :
Haywood Churches Are Active
The Friday edition of The Mountaineer
carried two pat;es of church news of Hay
wood churches. This news was about the
activities of churches in every section of the
countv. and their programs for the coming
In rcaclin- a'l the church news, we had
a feeling that Haywood churches are far
more active than a lot of people want to give
them credit for being. We believe part of
this feeling is due to the fact that too many
churches have been keeping their activities
too quiet -or in Biblical language. "Hiding
their light under a bushel."
Among the many interesting items, was
the f;.cl that Btirnette Cove Baptist church
has bought a bus. This is another of several
churches in the countv that operate buses
lor the benefit of their congregation. We
believe's Chapel owned. a bus at one
time, perhaps still do. Then we have seen
a B:::bersville Baptist church bus operating
i: Kimdavs. No doubt there are many
ether;-. Facts such as these should be made
known to the public at large it adds to the
prestige of the churches, and the church pro
gram as a whole.
We are encouraged over the work and
accomplishments of Haywood churches. We
shall continue to contribute all the space in
this newspaper necessary to carry their ac
tivities. Worthy Of Appointment
We trust that Governor Scott will name
Thomas W. Alexander to the Board of Con
servation and Development. We feel that i
Mr. Alexander would be an asset to rtie State
board, as well as to this area. j
Not onlv is he in the tourist business, but
They'll Do It Every Time
Ugnierao U 1 f- OAm
By Jimmy Hatlo
I V 111 "tfti M X - , ,r- ,i ,eirv bk, . iZZT
1 jT ., t JTuiiN W I VA LJ IJNZ. IINOil-'i--- VS. ,6ZA
W SHOVIN ' DVA M I M . I mfpfi H :
t HEAR? BACK imWlm ,KEoEou,r1
SOME-THIN ..J mPgZZfc tZZJSTop SHOV,-46 )( yod THIS 4 I
! Bits Of Human Interest News Picked l!
ui ine moiiniaineer Stuffs
lie wa--. at lcail,
houlil have r. acncil
XhxX To
LI., H.Y
Looking Back Over The Years
seventy and
i should have ivacricu me ye.n.s ui
tliscri linn sunn lime at-!o. His feel
were a hit uncertain and his hrain
, ii,,. nin nf siiiritual" inspira-
Ition. mi the kindly patrolman
ihuni'iii tin' l't i)liJl'1' fl"' lhe 01,1
,..i.i l. was al home. Hut there
Uas a lively difference of opinion
!oii this and the errant one drew
i himself to tin- full extent of ahout
r.v.-iei 1-.- in anil -aid in stentorian
toiii '-: "Y'.n let me hf . I'm a grown
man row ..nil 1 laiow where 1 want
to V."
just a little dog coming
down tile street If his fail ts
held hi'.h. all is rlzht with the
II there is any feclin? on earth
that will hriii!' a fellow down to
the nth dej'iee of emharrasHnient,
it is to breeze up to some one and
i p feel lliern with enthusiastic ac
! claim onK to find that heshe is a
total trar.'.ier.
Two men met as one was just
coming out of the State Income
Itevenue office. "Well, did you
get ..,..
man- "N'." tl,t
sadi.. -n
1 '-v r.o
iiimeinaiih u.
the iuil, i ,.uii
tiemeiM i:,
i"S al ii,., i ,,
ceivin;. .,
WI itilie
addl e-', (-
'' tin f.
some inn- ujj.
KIMIll li,,,h
llae ,,u
dilfei.iii, ,,hl.
for in l.,i, i ;(l
'I'lfl e OUMtj
(lruei r.vd.
can qiuckh ijt-ar
of 1" i'1'li In
'V1AI. Hi - ; V,
'1 lie mind aaj
pitcher and rattU
baseliall sain,-
Haywood State I'rison Camp is
now 'home" ol prisoners servinK
lony term sentences.
countv auditor.
Doris Or; hi and Jane Wyche win
superior rating n junior compel i
live festival ol .North
i army kits to embarkation port.
Miss Sara Louise nei woou
' ,l,,ii,.s as a case worker
Carolina with the Haywood County
Charles Hussi
Forest CoileiJe.
t he Kastef holidav s
. student at Wake
:irries In spend
i lai'd.
It i
n expert in the timber business, he
puahlied for such a place on the
both hy experience, and ability to
real service.
our understanding that at present
-- rot a single member of the board
representing the tourist business. This par
ttcular business has grown rapidly in North
Carolina during the past few years, and since
aid is responsible for the advertising
rain and news bureau of the state, it
m ems logical that a person representing inai
particular field should be a member of the
We fee! that Governor Scott would be
happv in the years to come that he named
Mr. Alexander to the place.
;he 15
Miss Alice Strim-'licld leaxts for
an extended isit to BiriiiiiiL'hain.
Fire Department is called to
home ol L. M. Hicheson when blaze
is discovered m the basement.
Full time county manager is
souuht lor i lay wood.
T. .1. O.dhey i- i c-appointed as
Federation ol Music Clubs.
The Waynesville (oil
Iron)) entertains two toip
Canton al party.
1 Department.
f nun
Janet Abel, ounu daughter of
Mrs. Mabel Univ. ll Abel lue hi"1b
day parly al home.
Junior-senior banquet is held at
Fines Creek School. Miss Hilda
.lames is toast'iii Uess.
5 VKA'.IS A;)
Cross Chapter ship
I.t William Medford. C. S. Navy.
is expected to arrive today from
New York.
! Representatives from 20 to 25
: organizations and churches plan
meeting to form a community coun
cil with the view of establishing
a conununilv -wide recreation cen
ter here.
James Ii. liooric is appointed
squadron leader in the corps of
cadets at Army Air Forces Pre
Fliuht School al Maxwell Field.
Capital Letb
There's Music In The Air
On March 1M, the Mars Hill Glee Club gave
three performances in Haywood.
Then came tlie North Carolina Little Sym
phony for two concerts, both of which were
broadcast ov er VHCC.
On the following night the Community
Concerts presi nted a pianist as the second
a similar report covering the activi
all Southern Baptists. The report is
c!!Ca:s aL.itu; as the Haywood record.
almost 27,000 Bantist churches in the
I,, p.,d a cam of .,ver oT2.0''0 members by
thin in 1'J-h".. which pusnes the total mem
. , i . ... . i .
b,p now aijo'. e tlie six minion mai k.
nrolav School enrollment for the ear went
, .'Jjb'.Oim which now means more lhan four
iJlion are enrolled in that phase ot the
lu'ch work.
The Baptists also showed a substantial
gain m -jifts. with more than SI 56.000.000 for
all purposes, which is S2ri.000.000 'more than
last vear.
Such leports as these are hard facts for
those who claim the world is retting worse.
in a series of musical programs. On the same
nr ht a large number of 4-H Club members
gave a pnumam at the Armory, most of it
Last night "0 men of the Davidson Glee
I lib save a concert.
Now that spring, is here, the crickets are
Kkeling. the frogs croaking, and birds are
rising again.
There's music in the air and those who
ill pause to listen, will find life happier.
Would you approve of a small
eharse for use of the city park as
t a means of (reltine funds tor lis
improvement and upkeep?
Mrs. II. G. Ston "Not for gen
eral admittance, but I think a nomi
nal charge could be made when
the mill was usirl. or when the
linhls were used al nifht. And a
harne for the use of the tennis
court s."
Mrs. W. I). Hay "I believe that
-ome other means ol (i nanc I iut
should be prov i'led other lhan front
al entrance fee."
A. I). Harrison "It could hardly
he called a public park it there i
i chaine. Hut thcic could he a
nominal chari'e fur tonne court
ir anv I hinji that entail- additional
,-o-t to the pai k."
Deer Kditur. I reckv lock von al- ."mi" I hen she went an' Kol her
Ins sed vou wanted a halanct up, broom-
paper- an secin' as how a few1 She ti-ded up about the room.
readurs have sed they liked a lit- Sin-in' ' Jesus Lover O' My Soul.
tie poitry alon?. I've put the finish- An " the Mighty Billows
I in" tetches on some verses 1 slob- Holl -
I hel d over awhile back an' mil The sonK unlol !
i'.sendin' 'em in. An' il this makes I .
ennv one sick like the chicken Then Hill said, "Sauy, it aint no
; niblcts made me an' Charlie Davis. use
. -. h..ssi i--l,i 1 1,, ii I'll l.-iv -i Confound'
loll' a-vvliile. 'Setioiislv, I'm alrv-' juiccl
; ,.. , ,l, ih i..s.i, i (his ooo.o 'Call the eoildi'en. start the clock
to im sell i
Fbacker, durn tin
IS UK KICHT'-Governor Scott
is goinn lo net those bond issues
lor road and schools before the
people. Hcfore adjourning, the
Legislature is expected to clear the
way for the people to decide, them
selves, whet lief they want to spend
an extra $20(!.000.000 for roads and
$50.000 .01111 tor school buildings.
The CovoriMir has said all along
the people want them; and lie will
wage a vigorous campaign lor their
adoption. If be ran get these two
projects across, his administration
will likely he recorded as a suc-
'II 1 1: SF.CHF.T In the fall of
1040 a few weeks before he was
to be elected Covernor of North
Carolina J M. Ilroughlon was in
Winston-Salem on a speech-making
tour for himself and the Dem
ocratic I'aily.
A photographer there making a
studio portrait of him inquired
about ;m apparent droop in one of
his eyes, To this, Broughton re
plied Hud l.e had suffered a slight
stroke. Not even members of his
fjimilv l.iii-w ol this attack.
As candidate, gm'crnor .and U.
S. Senator. I y
rieo annual in
brain a ai i or-
greatest i.-l Hint!
the condition uf
cessful noliliiianj
plain ol p!iv sical
ferings. Thty mm
if it is at ail
be the const ;i nt rj
It is -,,i,! i
Hrouuliln!, km iv
heart wa- r.iuitiiv
til al i j i : I : ! lhe i- if
ileal h. w In-i: -In h
taking dmlaj
ten years .1 M 1;
candidate In m
ning for (liiWTiiijr
elected. Then In1 w
and a candidate Hit
ate. Tim- In- ws
Governor. In- was
or." and a man v
i nel to -iim-iil.
Hailev, ciiint- wl,ll
It has liein h
Iialeih Dial J. H
(Continued "
come, kiltee!
oiiel wa bline
bill no'.
V.'c expect there are more women who
wouid agree with the one who was heard to
com men the other clay: "I feel so much bet
ter, and look younger since I started giving
more attention to mv feet instead of my
Consulting Psychologist
any farther. He should be helped
to accept his limitations and learn
how to make a living ( as he can do
under favorable circumstances)
at work that is not beyond his
powers. But to make bfra feel that
you expect more of him than this
will just make him needlessly un
happy and neurotic.
An' thi-.
n' tho km
lle'de L H
("VM A'l l it STOKM
was a man. hi- name
Well, glory he!
al lived on a Mil'
I i.n ( lever as could
so mad he coia.ln 1
Ine Jack
will mil he
Ihere are c
Atkins "ll certain!'--ru-ailv
as popular il
larges for I lie ti e o!
I he park, except for special
One da" when il w:i i aioin' hard
You ( mild h..l el'. i e la .' .ill t he
OF Kill hi took nnc mi hlv fit
Iiicay he foiled no place to
-pit -
II" hadn't yit!
Hugh I.eathcrwood "If the ,-i'y
owns the pai'k. il near a. Ihough
entrance fees would not he ni ces
sary. 1 have not really he.od
enout-h about the plans to give a
com pi chen-iv e opinion."
Kate Phillips "There -hould be
some means provided for the up
keep and maintenance of the park
for it i- an excellent idea to h-ive
a place of thi- -m t for the colu
mn nit ."
neatii the cookin'
the whole Bill
Tin' cat s run
j stove:
! The eluldren hid
i drove:
' The clack stop! short -st ill
; An' all was (piii t within
1 house
j C'ept Bill the louse
"Vv'!,; ooii t you make a hook of
!''( le Abe':" axl V. C. Allen Colli
er day.
Km -orter tliinl'.in' bout it, per
il - ' .- r ,
kep' up with e vvlwle 1 wuz
in Flo: idy." -i d lluidi Sloan, "glad
vou not over that noi'mous afipv
01. .
And to Miss Kill, ill liui khanon
lie oli- I: Mrs. W. C. Medford and
H L. lac, city: and Joe Willis,
Can'.on. Miss Buckhanon sez she
; reads I'ncle Abe first tiling lo the
lam'lv. Mr. Willis sez he has a lit
tle (rubble with my spei I in' sum-
' limes ,vcmng gincra-shun jisl kaint
spell i. but sez he hoi's rile on till
he makes il out.
Well, I'll have out my Dicksluin
arv for you an' Jim Parmer 1 o'
theze days.
An' yores tru-lee.
Uncle Abe.
z MAK-unrCTcni:-
u.ln..i Decline Threat1 I :! Southern
.... t B-. ! 'h To OutAM
Special to Centttl Press
W7ASHIKGTON Odds are now definitely agatatji
W taxes this year. .The. chM reason Is the thr
j i
Other reasons are conflicts In wtimates of prw
find expenditures and the opposition to a 1
Finance Chairman Walter F. George (D), Georgia
Senator George usually has hi way U lj
f,i ir-
el ai
William Fahrion Ti in
Iv new re-iden! Ik re. 1
hesitancy about nivina an opinion
but I can say this: none of the
parks in Florida have any charce
for enjoyini! the pleasures of 'he
parks. But I can sec where a
reasonable charge for certain pri
vileges would be in order "
Now Mrs. Hill was c,,iie! an' ra'm.
An' docile as a little lain';
Bill." said she. "keip in vour
(ii ill ;
Spit in the slow, jis raise the
lid -'
An' this Hill did!
Fossil Dog Found
BERKELEY, Cal. (LP) A grad
uate student in paleontology at
lhe University of California re
ports finding a new species of
"fossil dog" which died about 7.
000.000 years ago. "
Should a wife smoke If her husband forbid It?
Answer: Either partner in
healthy marriage will think twice
before indulging in a practice
that is seriously distressing to the
other, but to talk about "forbid
ding" puts the issue On a different
basis. An emotionally cmTdish
woman may find a sense of secur
ity in acknowledging her hus
band's right to give her orders,
but with mature-minded people
no uch right Is claimed or exer
cised j either husband or wife.
Within limits, each will defer to
the other's tastes and wishes, but
out of afTecfioia, not compulsion.
Can a moron be made normal?
Answer: Certainly not after he
is past his childhood. It is claimed
that the intelligence of children
sometimes improves under wise
and loving guidance, but an adult
with the "I.Q." ol a child of ten
(the typical moron) won't develop
iCavrriebtk I. Kill Fmtura Brndieau. inc.)
(Are childish people more
subject to illness?
Answer: Yes, writes Dr. Jurgen
Ruesch of San Francisco In Psy
chosomatic Medicine. Physically
mature people with "infantile
personalities" are the central
problems in the field of the effect
of emotional disturbances on bod
ily health. One main reason Is that
such a person does not plan his
life so as to satisfy his heeds. If
he docs not get what he wants by
the flrst'method he tries, he will
not look for a better method, but
will rage or sulk, 'and usually end
by getting til as the one release
for his nervoUs tensions.
Clyde JBeta Club j
To Sponsor Talent j
Show March 25th j
'Special lo The Mountaineer) j
The Beta Club of Clyde .school j
will sponsor a talent show March
25 In the school auditorium, it has
been announced by club officers.
Students from the different
grades wdll sing, dance and do
other performances, A prize will
be offered to the person 'whose act
is chosen best.
Proceeds are to go toward pay
ing for the new time clock recently
installed in the school gymnasium.
One Clue Certain
ST. LOUS. (UP) A man cnler
ed Sam Llberman's shoe store,
bought a pair i of shoes and then
robbed the proprietor of $25. Ask
ed by police to describe the bandit,
Lieberman said he was certain of
at least one thing: "He wears siie
8V shoes."
Senator Walter
F. George
Individual, the quiet-mannered ml
tremendous power. J
m.finr rinst sn lttoiH
and Colin Stem, cni" i
Stam has been feeding out eM
billion dollars higher than ua-j
. .... . . are incim
MemDers oi w6""-- ..
Stam's figures as more rebs
- ,su there "w
it seems saie i "j
. ... ... -n povernnt!11
crease d.ii ac " th,D ,
appear to De gomg . . j
nLs poinU upward instead of 1
the government is -".
in the next fiscal year.)
- . sn)i i.AWCan there M
m uv. - ... -wl ai
.. . . .iinfli nn : o,u
"balance of power' in a given tht fet
Democratic and Republican leaders ssk as j
i - 1 t..r
ultimate action on a new laDor iw.
' Senators Wayne Morse (R). Orego in tnj 1
New York, figure that they will wield the m
.... ,, i, .hii .nuthurn Democrats
ing uie iiiwi iavv, ... ws.
same role. .nnilii
If Morse and Ives can agree on a " 'PanVotejfi
hpiicve thev can snare a number of RePu lMd
of Senator Robert A. Taft (R), Ohio, ana n
retain most of the Taft-Hartley Act. to'i
On the other hand, southern Democrat
ministration and vote with Taft. -.note: twfl
The Republicans have il votes in ine
iifilllH. r anr (Rl. U
counting oenaior niuum ci-t)- -often
than not votes Democratic. 1
Should Taft be able to keep the cur
away a dozen southern Democrat voi,
the new labor law. n(.nubli'n "
However, If Morse and Ives split the ' u,i
. t . -i ii,. motion
is deciaeaiy up in ine air. su i
what balance of power? ,
' 'Tit"
raicninET In Ohio, has goals beyond his
These are: nmlnation,n
1 Capturing the ir presiaeiiL... ; ,dentii J
2 That accomplished, winning the nt on
and becoming the first man eiecicu r- in m
ticket since Herbert Hoover turned the in ,m
Taft Is determined not to compromise
Truman's No. 1 congressional opponetv i.
u .i u ...ill win on his cn
IUIU tllCllUiS I1C Win ciuivi .....
go down fighting.
Hb far ht hlir hurdle next year. La fc.
. " . 7 . . . t t Taft. II " .J
111 yiUU; 13 UCLC1 llllllu w . jtrlU'B
overcome that opposition, he will be
GOP contender for the 1952 nomination
Taft believes his position will be strc 6 H
convinced labor lUelf WU1 get around
Hot so bad as it Uas "Wen "yalnMi.

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