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Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 1949
SHOO In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
t ' faff1 ''""'f-St
I j
near Shclton
S E CONNATSER was unani
mously elected president of the
Tourist Promotion Association
Wednesday night.
Tourist Group
Names Connatser
As Their President
Ing, Mr, Shcehan,
ihp road near
familiar color of
a rock in the ui.i-iov Cnnnalser was elected
;cr inestiualion.
kill had washed
president of the Tourist Promotion ConU,st
Association wtiiincdj n.h"v
,m'inilH(Ul! VfitP.
ind hoping (hero 1
Thu. ntnfliftn was held at a joint
Lt the lore bill !..,, f the Association and the
Me wonders if j Wu,..viU. Chamber of Commerce
bud if so. where. ., iiavwood County Court
Jim Kilpatrick. president, and
Mrs. Frank Knutti, secretary, rep
resented the Chamber at the meet
ing. The Association, representing
owners of hotels, tourist courts and
im.risl homes, works to publicize
Waynesville in a way that will at
tract visitors and vacationer to
the area the year round, as well as
(Sec Tourist Group race &
50 Honor
Students In
VNC Contest
A group of Waynesville High
School's classroom wizards and
singers are competing Friday
against other students from west
ern North Carolina high schools in
the Western Carolina Teachers Col
lege Field Day.
Quartets and soloists are entered
in the musical phase of the Field
Day, while honor students are
matching their knowledge of math
ematics. English, Spanish, and oth
er subjects in competitive examin
ations with the best brains from
other hieh schools.
The Waynesville students also
are showing their exhibits in home
economics and other fields in an
other Field Dav contest.
Waynesville is represented by 50
or more students in the contests
in which hundreds of other west
ern North Carolina students are
taking part.
The singers from Waynesville
will compete in Asheville Satur
day for honors in the District Music
Leaders Of Aliens Creek Progrem
I mmmmmi i
. .niMIM,.! -
Chas. Ray inl Agriculture-Bankers
n l f o
rans uroup
Sees Truman!
Natural Resources
ST srx
n walking (low"
dav tliis week
ig board and two
(iinent when ask-
Lid ever taken a
Up Church
ear, the Kev. K.
kf Asheville's Hill
Baptist Church,
Sunday services
Id the rongrega-
pers of their own
building had to
building a new
minister told the
Inesday, but the
hen they got a
foundation, and
work last De-
honey (or finish-
iuilding, the min-
lureh officials are
fslcrn North Car-
F'c Festival at
I The monev from
I go to helninn
N Will Nursing
I folks
ISchofll gym is all
hc sairl, lint II, r
in't hold funerals.
m. . '
IPiisms there
They are among more than 200
Waynesville musicians entered in
the Asheville competition.
The winners will enter the state
contest in Greensboro later this
Clyde Folk Study
Needs Of Section
Fred Allison Head
Of Program On
Jonathan Creek
Citizens of the Jonathan Creek
Community Wednesday night elect
ed Fred Allison chairman of their
community development program.
At the organizational meeting at
Rock Hill School, they also elected
Mrs John Williams vice-chairman;
Claudia Leathcrwood, secretary;
Bill Boyd, treasurer; and Mm.
Roger Ferguson, reporter,
Tom Rainer was named chair
man of the Survey committee, and
Nathan Carver, Mrs. Mary l'lott,
Enos Boyd, and Marvin Leather
wood, members of this group.
Named to the program commit
tee were: Mrs. Dick Moody, chair
man; Mrs. Grady Howell, Robert
Howell, Mrs. Frank Kennedy, Mrs.
Hilly Boyd, Nathan Carver, and
Mrs. Lowery Owen.
Ways and Means Committer:
Mrs. Troy Leatherwood. chair
ing folks of" the mim; Glenn Boyd, Jule Boyd, Eliz-
about hold-i r-nine, ana noy rum.
wiuccrs ami coumiiiiee mcimn'in
will meet at Chairman Fred Alli
sons home April 4.
These are the officers for the Aliens Creek Community Develop
ment program, which was recently organized. Standing, left to
right: C. L. Allen, chairman, Mrs. Hiram McCrackcn. vice chair
man; Elmer Hendricks, secretary; Miss l.ou F.lva Filer, treasurer
and Mrs. Blanche Franklin, reporter. This is a Mount, lineer
photograph by Ingram's Studio.
Aliens Creek Baptists
To Start Building Soon
Urge Development Of
WASHINGTON (S p e c i a 1 To
The Mountaineer) President Tru
man met three members of the
North Carolina Park Commission
in his office Wednesday. The group
was presented to the president by-
Representative Monroe M. Kedden.
The Park Commission Commit
tee, headed by Charles E. Ray,
chairman, of Waynesville. came to
Washington Tuesday to confer with
congressional leaders on a plan for
getting a five million dollar in
crease for construction work on the
Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Park Commission, meeting
in Waynesville several weeks ago,
voted to seek the increase in Park
way funds, as they felt it was im
portant that construction of the
Blue Ridge Parkway continue at
I this time.
j Acompanying Mr. Ray here for
ithe series of conferences were
! Francis lleazcl, of Asheville, and
j rr. Kelly Bennett, of Bryson City,
both are on the Park Commission.
' The North Carolina group plan
' to return to their homes on Friday.
Lt. Hugh L. Davis
The representative commission of
the Clyde Recreation and Cultural
Association made plans Monday
night to show a motion picture soon
first activity sponsored by the
Association for public participa
tion. The action was taken at the com
mission's monthly meeting at the
Clyde school.
The commission voted to instruct
ils chairman, Stanly Livingston,
to make the necessary contacts for
submitting plans for various ac
tivities to be held on the school
Mrs. Weaver Chapman, the sec
retary, was authorized to order
bats and balls for the Softball
teams that are being organized.
The Commission's next meeting
will be held April 4 at 7 p. m.
RE A Power Will
Be Off Sunday
Power will be cut off for a
brief period Sunday afternoon
on all Rural FJectrification lines
in Haywood County.
R. C. Sheffield, manager of
the Haywood Electric Member
ship Corporation, explained that
the shut-down is necessary so ad
justments can be made on the
power sub-station.
Power will be suspended from
- p.m. to 49 P.m. t
In the
same place
ere held for the
I that
N by the font
Ias'ng number of
according to
fug heavier, and
i Uere are mr
' cars nascin,.
; thief said'
. amJ Frances
Bett.V Juno M
Nmber nf
P force u.
ro upon ;n .
"i tor
4 Communities
To Hold Meetings
Next, week citizens of at least
four communities will meet their
respective community development
The schedule:
Monday night RatclifT Cove of
ficers and committeemen, home
of Chairman R. C. Francis.
Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Hominy
Creek, home of Hershell Hipps;
Beaverdam Creek, Murray Branch,
home of Mrs. George Worley.
Thursday, 7:30 p. in. Brown and
Bowen Creek, Oak Grove Baptist
Former Resident's
Husband Dies;
Founder Of Lions
Word was received in Waynes
ville this week of the death of
Lyle Ormsbee, founder of Lions In
Mr. Ormsbee, whose wife is the
former Miss Mary Ella Ansley of
Waynesville, died' in Spokane,
Wash., Monday morning following
a heart attack the day before.
He and Mrs. Ormsbee had arriv
ed at Spokane by plane, shortly be
fore he was stricken.
Mrs. Ormsbee revealed the trag
edy in a telegram to her uncle, J.
Rufus Barnes of Waynesville, Mon
day night.
Funeral services and interment
will hp held in Waitesburg. Wash.,
Mr. Ormsbee 's former home town
and the city where a son lives.
Prior to her marriage. Mrs.
Ormsbee served for several years
as a secretary at the Unagusta
Manufacturing Company of Hazel-
Owners Of
Stray Dogs
Are Warned
Are you bothered with stray
Some citizens are, and just by
calling the police, the matter will
be taken care of in short order.
Chief of Police Orville Noland
yesterday said that some sections
of town had "too many" stray
dogs, and they were being a nuis
ance to citizens in the area.
"Owners of stray dogs are suh
i.. ., iin" Hi., chief said, as
A new educational building and
an auditorium will be built for the
Allen's Creek Baptisl Church -but
on a pay-as-you-go basis.
For the last five years, members
and other friends of the church
have been contributing to a build
ing fund for a new church plant.
In a letter to the Mountaineer
this week, the Rev. Thomas Erwin.
the pastor, announced the plans. At
a recent conference, the church
voted unanimously lo start work on
the new building.
Thf Educational Building, with
22 Sunday school rooms, a 42 by 30
foot assembly room, will he built
first the auditorium later when
sufficient funds become available.
The two-story educational build
ing will be 92 by 32 feet, of cinder
block construction, surfaced with
brick veneer.
(See Aliens Creek Page 2)
$200 In Goods
Stolen From The
Clyde Pharmacy
Approximately $200 worth of
cameras and cigarettes were stolen
from the Clyde Pharmacy at Clyde
on Saturday night. Devoe Medford.
owner has reported to Clyde
3 Men Pay
$100 Fines
In Court
Mayor J. II. Way felt light at
home handling "big money" at
mayor's court Monday afternoon.
In rapid succession, he collected
three fines of $100 each, plus costs,
from three defendants.
Two were charged with driving
drunk, and paid the $100 fine, plus
cost and had their drivers license
revoked for a year.
Billy Lee Cogdill, of Sylva, was
also fined $100 for reckless driv
ing. He pa-id all damages connected
with his wreck on North Main
Wayne Adams, charged with auto
larceny, was bound over to the
July term of Superior court under
a $500 bond.
Chief of Police Orville Noland
said that six had been arrested for
being drunk since Sunday, and
were slated to be tried Thursday
kit X
Final services for I I Davis, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Davis,
who was killed in action on Oki
nawa on April 2H, l!)4.r. will be
held' at Davis Chapel Methodist
Church Sunday afternoon at 2:30
Services For
Lt. Hugh Davis
Set For Sunday
Funeral Srmoes for 2nd Lt.
Hugh I. DaU, 27,. son of Virgil
K. and Nora Moody Davis of the
Iron DulT sci lion of Haywood
county, will be held Sunday after
noon al 2 30 o'clock at Davis Chap
el Melhodi-t church in Iron Duff
with the Rev. and Mrs. C. O.
Newell officiating.
Pallbearers will he members of
the American Legion Post No. 47
and cousins will serve as flower
Graveside rites at Memorial Plot
(See Lt. Davis Pane 2)
Large Gathering Here
Wednesday, Discuss
Future Development
Of State.
North Carolina's future in agri
culture will be more prosperous
than ever before if her human
and natural resources are used to
the best advantage.
This basic idea was brought out
by speakers Wednesday in Waynes
ville at an area meeting sponsored
by the N. C. Bankers Association
agricultural committee. N. C. State
College, and the Federal He ec e
Bank of Richmond, Va . for fiv
Western North Carolina count ie,.
Jonathan Woody, president ,,t
the First National Bank of Wayne, -ville.
presided at the all-day ses
sion which attracted farmer;.
bankers, agricultural official;,
teachers, and newspapermen from
Haywood, Buncombe, Henderson.
Transylvania, and Madison coun
ties. The five major speeches before
the audience of approximately IL'0
underscored these major factors a-,
essential to the state's agricultural
progress and its inevitable elt'ect
on the state as a whole.
Building and conservation of the
soil putting back the plant food
that is taken out.
Teamwork by the farmer, the
(See Bankers Page 2)
William Osborne
Heads Community
Program At Clyde
Bethel Boy Makes
Good With Chicks
: -i 4i,..i -.11 Atut fiwnrrs I Ihri-f win. mv D.'MU'S KoiM .'1 WNHIOW
should keep their dogs at home. in the hack ol the '.lore lo gam en-
The chief pointed out that i-j trance. Aboul (ill car s l popular
stJ'ces were known where owners brand were missing along
S?n"., h,H .ak,n them with four Eastman kodaks, he
Ol UltWrflllA Vl m,, ... , I
..( (,.,i n anrl ell ' sxiii.1..
Zene Wells. 1 (i-y ear-old member
i of the Future Farmers of America
I ' J tllUU JI U'I'lll, 1, 1'iwvinfs .-'."i
i 41,. , f'lirHo urn,! :iv mrfllt . .. r.tnl.l.. I,.,t-;
i H...I ....,..,.,. hi ,,k., 1 "'i" ............ .Droller-i aisiim is innuaiK uu.-.-
id Ilia! someone liloKc :.,,. ,.r n, i n,,ic Chin,.!
I ness in Haywood t ouniy.
Ho planned lo send 1,000 roost
ers averaging 2' j to three pounds
each to Asheville lo sell to the
Iiavwood County's community'
' development program was carried ;
w hen eili.ens of the Louisa Chapel
; section met to elect officers and
j plan a program.
William Osborne was elected
rMostlv 0r.,..,..
r-m Fr w ,
rsvi'ic tPm
Judge Smathers' Article
In April Reader's Digest
them, with the hopes mac some
one would provide a home for the
Funeral Sunday
For Two Brothers
Who Died In War
The bodies of two brothers, who
died in World War II, are arriv
ing bark home Friday in Canton.
Joint funeral services for the
boys Navy Lieutenant Logan M.
While, Jr., and Seaman First Class
Charles D. White will he held al
4 p.m. Sunday from Canton's First
Baptist Church.
The sons of Mr. and Mrs. Logan
D. While, Logan was killed when
his plane crashed on Ryukyu Is
land. Japan, in June 1945. He was
23 years old.
old Charles died
Fingerprints were taken by of
ficers from the sheriff's depart
menl. according lo Mr. Medford. Ik
said that he has not been notified if
anv suspects have been arrested in
connection with the hurgaliy.
chairman of the group. Other offic-1 j.-,,,,,. rs Federal ion Ihroiigh Simp
R. C. Francis Is
Head Of Ratcliff e
Cove Project Unit
R. C. Francis was elected chair
man of the RatclifTe Cove Com
munity Development Program
Tuesday night at the organization
al meeting.
Mrs. Frances RatclifTe was named
vice-chairman, Mrs. James Med
ford, secretary, and Mark Gallo
way, treasurer and reporter.
The following committees al.,o
were appointed:
Survey L. Z. Messer, chairman,
Nancy Leopard. Nancy Medford.
Mrs. C. T. Francis, Mrs. Sarah
Kuykendall, Mrs. Lillian Morrow.
Mrs. Selma RatclifTe, Mrs. Thelma
RatclifTe, Peggy Noland and Mo
zelle Liner.
Program Mrs. Way RnlclHTe.
chairman, Jimmy Galloway. Mr-
Walter Francis, Kalherme Jone .;
and Harry Crawford.
Ways and Means - Hugh Haf
cliffe, chairman, Walter Fianei
and Mrs. D. Reeves Noland.
Plans To Build
Boat House At
Lake Pending
Tentative plans are lo build a
boat house with an ornamental roof
for sun bathing at Lake .lunaluska
The project is part of the expans
ion program adopted s ev e r a I
months ago.
The boa. house would hold from
six to eight boats, Dr. F. S. Love
said. The roof would be built so as
lo provide an ideal place for sun
Plans are to have the building
ors named are Mrs. P. C. Mann.
vice-chairman; Miss Lucille Cathcy,
secretary: Hugh Rogers, treasurer,
and Mrs. Henry Osborne, reporter.
Joe Cline, assistant county agent,
presided over the session, which
was attended by 36 persons. He ex
plained the community develop
ment program and laid out plans
for its activities throughout Ihei
county. He pointed out that in the
Clyde locality interest is centered
around the recreational program
which has already been started.
Stanly Livingston. Clyde School
principal, discussed the recreational
program, which has recently been
If was decided that a meeting of
officers and the committees will be
held Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Louisa
(See Clyde Program Page 2)
son Brothers. Asheville seed firm.
Al current market prices. Zone's
flock should bring him $745 to
He has 1.000 olher birds which
he plans to sell in a week or so
after he fallens I hem up a little
IJRO Till K IN i.ah or
m. ii. r.owi is mis
I V ivnnin.lion. brother-in-law
of M II Bowles, died sudden
ly Tuesday al his home in Gordon,
Ga. lie wa; a Chevrolet dealer.
Survivors include the widow and
a son and a daunhler
Mr. and Mis. Bowles and daugh
ter, Florence Ann Bowles, left
Wednesday morning to attend the
funeral services.
in a hospital in England after con- completed by I lie opening of the
trading rheumatic fever. season in June.
Bob Gibson Gets Scout
Award After Five Years
. "Prors'' ji'-,wwr'n-f!
I cjci! i-
I 9 I 9 ' ' I 1 'V. J P
-f.T 1 - " W' v'? -
nam -.n.f 7-. :,-
1 11 ' HVS '
i -v . -
1 1 j. i i
At 1 : f 'W. M
At 37 Frank Smathers, a native
W' t wnviiie. was a New Jersey
District Court judge when he was
stricken by the crippling disease,
Twelve vears ago, the torturing
'ailment forced him to retire com
But he says he is learning
live again, though arthritis nds
made him an invalid.
iio Kniatliprs. who spent his
I summers in his native town, told
his story in Argosy magazine, anu
it was condensed and reprinted in
I the April issue of Reader's Digest.
"For ten years," the juage wiuic
"rfnrtnrs waged futile war against
L t nnwr had. Diagnosing
i a ui.iLn.n. - - -
pains in my back, leg and shoulder
as neuritis, they prescrioea meu
cine and diets." . ...
He learned that he had artnnus
(See .Indee Smother PK" "
Uses Railroad As A
Highway, Pays $112
The long, sleek, smooth-running
diesel locomotives of the South
ern Railway skimming along the
Murphv Branch must have put
ideas into the head of a Haywood
He decided to play the part of
an engineer, and while he did not
own a diesel locomotive, he did
have an old Ford. With his Eord
and a drink or two of "joy water'
he struck out for Saunook, to take
to the tracks. Since Saunook is
just east of the Balsam grade, it
was all down hill towards Waynesville,
While it was not as smooth a
r-iria q Hioccl uniitd have been.
l lUt 00 a .i..'v . -- - ,
he did manage lo stay on (he ties, j had lo wait until Monday night
(See other Scout news on page
1, third section).
II would have happened live
years before.
But the war was going on then,
I so Bob Gibson, Jr., of Waynesville
enlisted as soon as he could after
he turned 17.
! The Eaele Scout award, the high
est honor a Boy Scout can receive,
until he got almost to the Dayton
Rubber Company.
Then and there, an axle of the
make-believe locomotive broke.
But such a mishap did not worry
the "engineer" as he just curled
up in the "cab" of his locomotive
and went to sleep, no doubt dream
ing of speeding along the silvery
rails, as if riding on a cloud.
In a short time his dreams and
slumbers were interrupted as Pa
trolman Jeff May entered upon the
(S- Railroader PaR 6)
Everything comes to him who
waits," said Bob's father.
He spoke quietly, but his words
carried to the farthest reaches of
the Hazelwood School auditorium.
For there were not even the
normal sounds 200 people would
make, just shifting in their seats.
Bob's mother pinned the Eagle
Scout medal on him, and then she
recieved from her son the medal
showing she was the mother of an
Eagle Scout. Bob's father gave him
(He Rob Gibson Pase 2)
- L -
Red Cross Drive
Well Underway
Noble W. Garrett, chairman of
the 1949 Red Cross Fund Campiirn
reported Wednesday that more thin
half the quota of $2.80'i ha., been
raised in the Waynesville airs Ho
also urged all committee rhairmen
lo complete their work and loin i'i
their reports this week. Reports
to be made to Mr. Garrett, lo Mi
Ethel Hayes Fisher, executive sec
retary, or lo Joe Davis, treasurer of
the Haywood Chapter of the Red
Reports made lo dale show that
excellent response has been given
to the drive in the rural and res
idential communities. All businec;,
firms, reporting to date, have a'.so
shown a hundred percent contribu
tion by employees.
The recently organized Elk;
Lodge No. 1716 collected $180 0'.
for the Red Cross Fund and a
check for this amount was turned
over to Mrs. Fisher.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed.;:: o I
Injured . : : . 9
(This information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).
1- . ; .

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