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The Waynesville Mountaineer
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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
1st Phot"
64th YEAR NO. 25 8 PAGES
Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1949
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
of preside"!
k vac."
son. '
4 Viiw
a State'-
1 U l. n 1
en says m ;
lr Truman dur
fTh, photo a.s
Ray Optimistic In
Getting Money For
Building Parkway
Services For
Pfc. Warren To
fcconu un - p Un H I hliTS.
hiorani '
Lil of Winslon-
uncas ai
arancc oi
Lnth. ran us
population ."-
boards and mus-
the t s cen'
in May.
All bu' ,hc
Lor of history
slopped in io
any neaniy ios-
hterest he could
Ls told. "1 Here
pot where the
in the War He
ight like to visit
much. Having
over a ycais,
rests me."
kas snown un a
to gel l 'he Funeral services for Pfc. Carl
ulphur hprums m Warren, zo, son oi rar. ana
irdly wait lo get ; Mis Arthur Warren ot Canton,
Houte 3. will he held at the Friend
ly House, near Sunburst, Thurs
day afternoon nt 2 o'clock. The
Rev. Thomas Krwin will officiate
and burial will he in Iiiiti.iii Chapel
Pfc. Warren was n native of Ilay-
mpse of the top j wood county and attended the
and underbrush I Bethel Schools. He entered t he
lor a Southern ! service in April, 1943, and sailed
for the European Theater in Sep
tember, 1943, He was killed in
action in Luxembourg, Germany
on January 25, 1944.
Surviving in addition to the par
(Sce Pvt. Warren-Page H)
?r-7 f "- "
minutes he was
usiastic. j
motional tones,
concern on his
li of the matker
lent out,
to the spot, to
He was dead
ais Week
tent Specialist
he North Cam-
Extension Ser-
p work in llay-
fcek on the Corn-
lent Program'.
lay-wood county
in connection
ter sheds added
Canton Masons To
Confer Degree Friday
The Hoyal Arch degree will be
conferred Friday night at a meet
ing of the Royal Arch Masons Jof
Canton Chapter Number 87.
Secretary Philip B. York an
nounced Monday that the program
at Masonic Hall in Canton would
start with a dinner at 6:30 P.M.
Following the dinner the degree
will be conferred on a class of
Charles Ray of Waynesville,
chairman of the North Carolina
Park Commission, said Saturday,
i prospects "look good" for a $5,
; 000,000 increase in federal funds
! being sought for continuing con
I struction on the Blue Ridge Park
j way.
I He and other members of the
i Commission conferred with Con
gressional leaders Wednesday, and
paid a visit to President Truman
at the White House, which was ar
ranged by Congressman Redden.
In an interview with the Moun
taineer, Mr. Ray said members of
the Tar Heel group were given a
favorable reception by Senator Carl
Hayden, Arirona Democrat, who is
chairman of a subcommittee of
the Senate Appropriations Com
mittee on the Interior Department.
The Commission chairman term
ed as "encouraging" Senator Hay
den's olT-the-record remarks in re
gard to the increased appropriation
being sought.
The group, accompanied by U.
S. Rep. Monroe Redden of Hen
dersonville, also conferred with U.
S. Park Servce officials and U. S.
Senator Clyde R. Hoey, Tar Heel
senior senator.
At a meeting in Waynesville
several weeks ago, the Commission
voted to seek the boost because
the current appropriation of $7,
500,000 proposed in the President's
budget makes no provison for new
Parkway construction.
As the situation now stands, this
appropriation would be divided
among the five U. S. Parkways.
And of the funds, $5,000,000 would
go to cover old construction. The
remaining $2,500,000 would go to
finance administration, mainten
ance and supervision of all the
The increase in appropriation oi
$5,000,000 js being sdugtjt, Mr. Itay
said, partially for completion of
projects out of Soeo Gap into the
Park, in the Pisgah Forest at
Wagon Road Gap, and in the Oteen
area, these being considered vital
to the future development of this
Other members of the group who
(See Ray Optimistic Pae 8)
f Township Has
ommunity Groups
Township was
separate corn
night for the
ken at a meet-
;ly 135 citizens
uniueo. into I
East Pigeon
immunities for
Program, and
Pmittees were 1
;c officers and '
fay Chambers
r Martin, Lou
K. Sellers
iM' Sherill, Van
Vaughn Kuv.
(hn Cathev
Bh K. Win
Mrs- Joe Dev.
""d Howard
A Go-Getter
j F
: the Center Stf UH"! ;
Friday at ,he U
' a"d for East M J
immunities at Hv " X - .
29 - Partly
i fc "... .
Officers For Haywood Demonstration Farmers
MMlMMIlMmlWl:Wi:M1WnWIlllf I"
These men were elected as officers for the Haywood Demonstration Farmers recently. Left to right:
George E. Stanley, president; R. C. Francis, vice president: William Osborne, secretary, and T. C. Davis,
treasurer. Photo by Ingram's Studio.
Waynesville High
Wins First Place In
District Meeting
Band Wins Top Honors
Truman Interested
In Visiting W.N.C.
Police Arrest 15
Over Week-End
The records show that the
Waynesville police department
had a busy week-end, making 15
arrests. Thirteen were for public
drunkenness, one for reckless
driving and one motorist for op
erating a motor vehicle with
faulty brakes.
No accidents were reported,
according to Chief Orvillc No-land.
Mrs. DeLacey
Dies Following
Long Illness
Mrs. Eilat Barnes DeLacey, 83,
who resided in Waynesville for
nearly forty years, died Saturday
morning in an Asheville nursing
home following a long illness.
Funeral services were held Mon
day afternoon in Hamilton, Ga!
Mrs. DeLacey was a native of
Hamilton and after her marriage
to the late J. F. DeLacey, lived in
Eastman, Ga. She came to Waynes
ville in 1912, following the death
of her husband, and operated the
Georgia Inn until she became ill
in 1946. She was a member of the
First Methodist Church of Waynes
ville. Surviving are a brother, R. N.
Barnes of Waynesville; four nieces,
Mrs. Ruth Derbyshire of New York
City, Mrs. Mary Ella Ormsby of
Spokane, Washington, Mrs. Louise
Barnes Shoolbred of Atlanta, and
Mrs. Elsie Barnes Wilder of Mari
etta, Ga.; and one nephew, Rufus
Ansley of New Hampshire.
Mr. Barnes left Sunday after
noon to attend the services in Hamilton.
First National To Close
At Noon Wednesdays
The First National Bank of Way-
mesville will close at noon each
(Wednesday, starting this week,
ibank officials announced Monday.
They said this policy was in
keeping with the business hours of
Truck Found
Without" Tfie
Sugar Cargo
Somewhere near Walerville,
about two tons of sugar, and two
cases of pork and beans were un
loaded from a stolen wholesale
grocery truck early Saturday.
Thp truck was found in the
woods bv a rabbit hunter, who re- ! b)th a" interest in and familiarity
nnrted it to officers here. Col. ! wit.v. the Park and Parkway pro-
Last Week, President Truman
indicated definitely he would like
to visit Western North Carolina.
Charles Ray of Waynesville,
chairman of the North Carolina
National Park Commission, said
this was Mr. Truman's reply to a
commission invitation extended
Wednesday when the group visited
the White House.
Mr. Ray told the Mountaineer
that the Commission made no at
tempt to set a definite date for the
President's visit because there was
no occasion in immediate sight
that would justify a Presidential
However, he added that one
such occasion would be in connec
tion with a proposed celebration
of the cntnpietion'of the Blue Ridge
Parkway southward into Asheville.
The Commission members, he said,
had in mind such an event when
the Parkway is sufficiently com
plete. Mr. Kay and other North Caro
lina officials were in Washington
last week seeking an increase in
federal appropriations for contin
uing Parkway construction.
He said the President showed
Jones and Patrolman O. R. Roberts
went to Waterville with officials of
the Asheville grocery concern, and
got the truck.
Eight cases of pork and beans
were still on the truck when it was
found. The only damage was a run
down battery, as the lights had
been left on I he truck.
The loaded truck was stolen from
the grocery warehouse early Sat
urday morning.
Officers harl a feeling that the
cargo of sugar was taken into Ten
nessee, and the truck left in this
state, in order to keep F.B.I, from
entering the case.
Mr. Ray quoted the Chief Execu
tive as saying he would "certainly
like" to vacation in Asheville and
that he had enjoyed his previous
visits at the Grove Park Inn. Mr.
Truman also told the group that
he was "well acquainted" with
former Senator Hob Reynolds.
The Commission chairman said
he and the other Tar Heels with
To Compete
In Contests
Waynesville High School's crack
concert band last week-end came
through with top honors in the
Western District Music Contest at
Asheville. earning the right to
enter the State Contest at Greens
boro next month.
The band, led by Carol Under
wood, gained a rating of "superior"
from the judges of the competition
in this division Friday over Let
Edwards High School of Asheville.
It takes a superior rating, high
est award in the contest, to gain
the state-wide finals.
Waynesville, which had more
than 200 musicians and singers
entered in the district contest, was
the only school to gain superior
ratings in mixed chorus and band
k Cardf himself Won the right to
compete in the Greensboro event
by getting the "superior"' appella
tion for his cornet solo.
Sammy Wiggins also made it
with his baritone horn solo, and
Waynesville's Mixed Chorus and
Boys' Glee Club also clinched
berths in the state finals.
The Boys' group of 32 voices
won out over Valdese High among
the Class B schools, while the
mixed chorus of some 80 members
outrated similar groups from Val
(See Band Wins Page K
Petitions Calling
For Election On
Beer Given Rogers
The Haywood Ministerial As
sociation have formally present
ed petitions containing more
than 1.700 names to Jerry Rog
ers, chairman of the Haywood
board of elections, asking that an
election be called to ban the sale
of uine and beer in Haywood.
Mr. Rogers, who has been ill at
his home for several weeks, said
yesterday, that he planned to be
gin checking the names against
poll hooks to verify them as soon
as possible. He said "it is going
to take a long time to check all
the names on the petitions."
No indication was given as to
when such an election would be
held, in view of the pending bond
election for the hospital, the city
election in Canton, and the road
and school bond elections pro
posed by Governor Scott. No
election can he held within 60
days of another, the law provides.
Pfc. Singleton
Rites Are Set
For Wednesday
Five Community
Program Groups
Meet This Week
' vvl'.
More Community Development
meets were scheduled this week
him wore tremendously impressed j aK the program continued spread-
wilh Mr. Truman's personality
and that the President "looks the
picture of health."
Also impressive was the Presi
(See Truman Page 8)
Committee Heads Named
For Dellwood Program
Dairy Specialists To
Work In This County
F. R. Farnham. North Carolina
State College Extension Dairy
Specialist, is to work this week
with Haywood county farm agents
on the dairy program under the
county's Community Development
Mr. Farnham and the county
agents also are working to get
Grade A dairy barns built for
Grade C producers.
e tpm-.
the staff of tho
Photo by Ingram's Studio
Less than a month after he start
pa as a carrier for The Moun
taineer, Carl Mundy had added
ten new subscribers to his route.
Carl is the 13-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Mundy, Sr., of East
&tteet, and started work the first
Sp Go-Getter Pate 8)
Town Extending Garbage
Collection To New Areas
The collection of garbage i" the
new areas just added to Waynes
ville will begin Friday, it was an
nounced yesterday by G. C. Fer
guson, town manager.
For the present, the collections
will be made every Friday until
June first, and then twice-a-week
schedule will be inaugurated with
collections on Tuesday and Fri
day, the town manager said.
A survey is being made of the
new areas, and a map will be com
pleted soon. A number of streets
will probably he built, Mr. Fergu
son said, and water lines added in
the due course of time.
Nathan Rogers is making the
survey, and John Taylor is making
the map of the added areas, which
include the section on the Dell
wood road, Sulphur Springs, Belle
Meade, Country Club, and Ninevah
Mr. Ferguson requested that all
citizens living in the recently ac
quired areas, have garbage con
tainers with lids, and place the
containers on the street each Fri
day morning.
Members of the Dellwood ("om
munity Development. Program
steering committee Thursday night
organized other committees to help
work out the program.
ing through Haywood county
On Monday night, ofTicers and
committee members of the Louisa
Chapel community program met in
Clyde, while a similar session was
held for RatclifTe Cove leaders at
the home of Chairman R. C. Fran
cis. The remainder of the week's
Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Hominy
Creek officers and committeemen,
at the home of Hershel Hipps;
Beaverdam Creek, Mrs. George
Worley's home.
Mrs. Francis Rogers announced
there would be an organization
At a meeting held the previous , mcctinK at the Fines Creek School
week, J. A. Singleton was named building Thursday night for the
chairman for the program. rines Creek Community Develop-
Ai I lie steering couumncc int-ei-, pn, proeram
ing at the Old Dellwood School
last week, Mrs. Henry Campebll
and Sam Queen were elected co
chairmen of the Community Im
provement Committee.
Other commiUees, with their
chairmen or co-chairmen were
chosen as follows:
Home Development Mrs. W. D.
Ketncr: Arts and Crafts Mrs. J.
A. Singleton: Clothing and Textiles
Mrs. Glen James; Family Life
(See Dellwood Page 8)
On Thursday night, also, there
will he an organization meeting
,at Oak Grove Baptist church for
the Brown and.Bowen community.
The same night at the Crabtree
Iron Duff School, committees and
ofTicers of the Hyder Mountain
Riverside Community Development
Program will meet at 7:30 o'clock.
Want Ad Rents
Two Houses . . .
Within 50 minutes after The
Mountaineer appeared on the
streets Monday afternoon, Jer
ry Liner had rented a house,
and the next morning by seven
o'clock the other house had
been rented.
"My want ad gave fast and
satisfactory results," said Mr.
Liner, as he called to say to
stop the ad, as he was "out of
houses to rent".
Last rites for Pfc John W. Sin
gleton, 23, son of Mrs. Ella Kuy
kendall Singleton and the late Ben
F. Singleton, will be held Wed
nesday at 2:30 p. in. at the River
side Baptist church near Bethel.
Rev. Gay Chambers, pastor, and
the Rev. Doyle Miller will officiate
and interment will be in the In
man Chapel Cemetery near Sun
burst. Members of the Canton
Post of Veterans of Foreign Wars
(See Pfc Singleton Page 8)
Canton Masons To
Honor 10 Members
Wednesday Night
Ten veterans of the Pigeon
River Lodge Number 386, A. F. and
A. M. of Canton will be honored
Wednesday night at an Emergent
Communication, in recognition of
their long, loyal service.
Dr. Maxwell E. Hoffman of Ashe
ville, Grand Master of the North
Carolina Grand Lodge, will pre
sent a gold button symbolic of 50
years' service to Brother Harwell
Craig Crumley.
He also will present certificates
denoting 25 years of service to
Brothers Roy Waldroop, Gene W.
Young, Carey T. Wells, Lloyd
Revis, Charles Jacob Setzer, Joseph
Powell, Carl Thrash, Robert L.
Snyder, and Jake Edward Palmer.
Dr. Hoffman will be principal
speaker at the Communication,
which will open at 7:30 p.m.
All Master Masons are invited
and urged to attend.
Waynesville High School's schol
ars and musicians last Friday suc
cessfully defended their title in the
annual Literary and Athletic Field
Day competition at Western Caro
lina Teachers College.
For the second straight year.
Waynesville's boys and girls
brought home the first place tro
phy after competing in a field of
1.000 western North Carolina
high school students.
Canton High School's girls
meanwhile, came through with vic
tories in three events in the at li
lctic division.
Olene Benfield sank 20 free
throws in 25 attempts in winning
top honors in thu event Gertrude
Hall won tho broad jump. And
Alene Haymie and Nancy Lee Cody
teamed up to win the 50-yaid re
lay swim.
In the Music competition. Fred
Calhoun, Waynesville tenor, plated
first among boys' vocal soloist-,
and helped the Waynesville Buys
Quartet, which included Jack Kel
ly, Donald Matney, and Earl Mot
ion, capture top honors in their
Among tho scholars. Howard
Liner gave Waynesville more
(See Waynesville High Page 8)
Kirkpatrick Heads
Hyder Mountain
Community Group
Marshall Kirkpatrick was named
chairman of the Hyder Mountain
Riverside Community Development
Program at an organizational meet
ing Friday night at Crahtrec-lroii
Duff School.
Mrs. James Kirkpatrick was elec
ted vice-chairman; Mrs. L. O. Fer
guson, secretary; the Rev. (',
Newell, treasurer; and Mrs, B. I'.
Nesbitt, reporter.
The following committees were
Ways and Means Millard Fer
guson, chairman; Willie Green, (J
C. Palmer, Jr., C. M. Massie. and
Mrs. Shiher.
Survey B. F. Nesbitt, chair
man; Buck Ferguson, Jodie M r -sic,
Pete Noland, Stella Fisln r.
Mrs. G. C. Palmer, Jr., Doris Mr
Crary, Mrs. John Ferguson. Witnia
Sanford, and Hubert Wells,
Program Jack Mcsser. chair
man; James Kirkpatrick, Mrs. ('.
O. Newell, Mrs. John Kirkpalri'-k.
Jennings McCrary, Miss Naomi
Massie, and Mrs. II. 11. Holt.
Street Project On
Walnut About Finished
Workmen have about compii-i ' !
the widening of the Walnut I
curve, known as Denton s in-i .
A new curbing, and drain I i - -- Imv-'i
added, as well as widening (Ik
The work will allow water to
drain off the area instead of pond
ing up, it was pointed out.
Haywood Payrolls
Go Over $3,600,000
Did you know there are 263
firms in Haywood County employ
ing 5,836 people?
That these firms have a total tax
able payroll of $3,697,000?
These figures are in a U. S. Com
merce Department book entitled
"Business Establishments, Employ
ment and Taxable Payrolls." These
and other pieces of information
about the county in the booklet
were drawn from data provided
under the Federal Security Agen
cy's old-age and survivors insur
ance program.
Here are other Hay wood County
facts you can find in the publicat
There are 12 firms engaged in
contract construction. They employ
62 people, and have a taxable pay
roll of $22,000.
The county's manufacturing in
dustry is comprised by 21 compan
ies which give work to 4,396 people
who draw $3,171,000 in pay.
Haywood County public utilities
business is conducted by 17 firms
employing 95 people and having a
(?pe l oi'uy I"!yro!ls Fsgn 8)
1 1
iav by following the dote
of procticof uggestion i"
"TOUR HOME" iupplem?nt
section, loom how yoo cin
cenoffiii nd mod yl'J'
horn moro livable. Read
"YOU HOWf." Save copies
for future reference.
(Coming soon in The Monntqinef r)
Record For
(To Date) 1
In Haywood
Killed;::: o
Injured . : : : 9
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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